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The Beekeeper

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The Beekeeper
The Beekeeper 2024 Poster.jpg
Theatrical release pover
Country Flag of the United States.jpg United States
Directed by David Ayer
Release Date 2024
Language English
Studio Miramax
Distributor Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Main Cast
Character Actor
Adam Clay Jason Statham
Agent Verona Parker Emmy Raver-Lampman
Agent Matt Wiley Bobby Naderi
Derek Danforth Josh Hutcherson
Pettis Michael Epp

The Beekeeper is an American action thriller film directed by David Ayer and written by Kurt Wimmer about a former government operative (Jason Statham) who seeks revenge against the individuals responsible for the death of his friend. The Beekeeper was released in the United States on January 12, 2024.

The following weapons were used in the film The Beekeeper:



Beretta M1934

A Beretta M1934 is seen on the floor.

Beretta M1934 - .380 ACP
Beekeeper 2024 02.jpg

Glock 17

Glock 17s are used by multiple characters, including FBI Agent Verona Parker (Emily Raver-Lampman), security guards and Adam Clay (Jason Statham).

Glock 17 (3rd Gen) - 9x19mm Parabellum
A security guard at a call center attempts to draw his Glock 17.
Clay disassembles the security guard's Glock.
Clay unloads a Glock 17 taken from a guard.
FBI Agent Verona Parker (Emily Raver-Lampman) and her partner Agent Matt Wiley (Bobby Naderi) point Glock 17s at Clay.

Glock 17 (TTI Combat Master Package)

A Taran Tactical Innovations Glock 17 is used by Lazarus (Taylor James) and later taken by Adam Clay (Jason Statham).

Taran Tactical Innovations Glock 17 Combat Master Package - 9x19 Parabellum
Lazarus holds Clay at gunpoint with his TTI Glock 17.
Lazarus prepares to shoot Clay.
Clay opens fire with the TTI Glock 17.
Clay makes his way through the Danforth compound while holding the TTI Glock 17.

Glock 26

Beekeeper Anisette (Megan Le) draws a Glock 26 when she ambushes Clay at a gas station.

Glock 26 (3rd Generation) - 9x19mm
Anisette draws a Glock 26.

Kimber Custom TLE/RL II

Mickey Garnett (David Witts) is armed with a Kimber Custom TLE/RL II when he confronts Adam Clay at his farm.

Kimber Custom TLE/RL II (TFS) - 9x19mm
Garnett and his henchmen open fire with their weapons.
Garnett watches as one of his henchmen is killed by Clay.
Garnett gets surprised by Clay.

SIG-Sauer P226R

A SIG-Sauer P226R is used by Adam Clay (Jason Statham) during the finale.

SIG-Sauer P226R - 9x19mm Parabellum
Clay fires a SIG-Sauer P226R while holding a Secret Service agent hostage.

Unknown Revolver

Derrick Danforth (Josh Hutcherson) uses a revolver during the finale.

Derrick pulls the revolver out of a drawer.



M4A1 carbines are used by various law enforcement officers throughout the film, including FBI agents, Boston Police Department SWAT, and Secret Service Counter Assault Team agents. Adam Clay (Jason Statham) uses M4A1 carbines taken from Secret Service agents during the finale. All the M4A1 carbines seen in the film have Magpul MOE furniture, Magpul P-Mags and EOTech sights.

Colt M4A1 with RIS foregrip and ACOG scope - 5.56x45mm NATO
FBI SWAT agents hold M4A1 carbines as they prepare to secure a building in Boston.
Clay holds a Secret Service agent hostage while firing a M4A1 carbine into the air.
Clay grabs a M4A1 carbine while subduing a Secret Service agent.
Clay fires a M4A1 carbine.
A M4A1 carbine lies next to an injured Secret Service agent.
Agent Wiley holds a M4A1 carbine during the finale.

Colt Model 933

A Colt Model 933 with a 100 round Beta-C Mag and a Trijicon MRO red dot sight is used by Anisette when she attacks Clay. Later, Verona Parker uses a Model 933 rifle with a EOTech 552 sight when she confronts Clay in Boston.

Colt Model 933 / M4 Commando with a 11.5" barrel - 5.56x45mm
Anisette opens fire with a Colt Model 933 equipped with a 100 round Beta-C magazine and a Trijicon MRO sight.
Anisette fires at Clay with a Colt Model 933.
Anisette encounters a civilian at the gas station.
Verona confronts Clay with a Colt Model 933.
A side profile of Verona's Colt Model 933 shows that the front sight has been removed.
A close up of Verona's Colt Model 933 as she calls on Clay to surrender.
Verona aims the Colt Model 933 during the finale. The shot is a continuity error, as Verona is seen using a M4A1 carbine earlier in the scene.

Heckler & Koch G36C

Some of mercenaries employed by Lazarus during the finale use Heckler & Koch G36C rifles.

Heckler & Koch G36C - 5.56x45mm
A mercenary holds a H&K G36C when Lazarus confronts Clay.
A mercenary with a G36C gets shot.

Leviathan Defense Ragnarök

Pettis (Michael Epp) and his ex-special forces mercenaries are all armed with Leviathan Defence Ragnarok short barreled rifles. The rifles are all equipped with Magpul M-Lok MVG foregrips, EOTech XPS sights and suppressors.

Leviathan Defense Ragnarök with SB Tactical SBA3 brace - 5.56x45mm NATO
Pettis holds a Leviathan Defense Ragnarök.
The mercenaries open fire at Clay.
A closeup of the rifle shows the Leviathan Defense markings on the receiver.
The mercenaries reload after firing into the roof of an elevator.

SIG SG 551

Mercenaries are seen with SIG SG 551 rifles during the finale.

SIG SG 551 - 5.56x45mm
A mercenary holds a SIG SG 551.

SIG SG 552

Mercenaries also use the SIG SG 552 carbine during the finale.

SIG SG 552 with scope rail attached - 5.56x45mm
A mercenary aims a SIG SG 552 at Clay.
Clay grabs a mercenary's SIG SG 552 while shooting him with a TTI Glock 17. The filled in holes on the handguard indicate the rifle is a non-firing prop.
A mercenary fires a SIG SG 552.


Remington 870

Mickey Garnett's henchmen are armed with Remington 870 shotguns when they attack Clay's farm.

Remington Model 870 Wingmaster with non ribbed barrel - 12 gauge
The henchmen open fire on Clay's beehives.
A henchman searches for Clay.
Garnett and his henchmen open fire while searching for Clay inside a barn.
The henchmen fire their Remington 870s at Clay.

Machine Guns

M134 Minigun

An M134 Minigun is used by Anisette while she attempts to kill Clay at a gas station.

Dillon Aero M134 with flash suppressor - 7.62x51mm NATO. These are new model M134 Miniguns or just updated GE Miniguns which are usually seen with a different spade grip mount that were used during the Vietnam War.
Anisette reveals the M134 Minigun that is mounted on her truck.
A close-up of the M134's barrel.
Anisette opens fire.
Anisette wildly fires the M134 at Clay.
Anisette gets knocked off the M134 when Clay throws a jar of honey at her.

Submachine Guns


The Mercenary Lazarus is seen using a Brügger & Thomet APC9.

Brügger & Thomet APC9 K PRO - 9x19mm
Lazarus calls for backup after learning Clay has entered the Danforth compound.
Lazarus is using an APC9 K when confronting Adam Clay.
A clear shot of Lazarus holding an APC9 K.



Clay uses C-4 charges to destroy a call center.

Beekeeper 2024 04.jpg

Beekeeper Weapons Cache

An assortment of weapons can be seen when Clay accesses a Beekeeper cache for equipment.

Various weapons can be seen on a rack at the Beekeeper cache, including the Heckler & Koch MP5K, Heckler & Koch MP7 and Glock 17 handguns.

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