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Talk:Two Mules for Sister Sara

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Deafening Shots

I finally saw this movie (very fun little film) and was cringing during the scenes where Clint was firing off of Shirley's shoulder. Wouldn't that burst your eardrums? Even with the movie blanks that must have been pretty loud for her. - Blokhed, 6/23/10

Questionable PG rating

We all know PG usually ment today's PG-13 rating back in the 60-70s time range, but doesn't this kind of go under R rating? I mean, this is pretty gruesome even by today's standards.

A sword swung into a French soldier's face. Ouch.
We all got emasculated since the 1970s. I remember seeing tons of nudity in Logan's Run (1976) and it was PG. That would rate a hard (R) today. In fact (speaking of Jenny Agutter) the film Walkabout was released as a PG (or GP I think in the day) and it had tons of full frontal nudity. I don't know if people got more 'sensitive' or it just became more politically correct. I know quite a few ADULTS who are uncomfortable with ANY type of screen nudity. WTF? In that aspect we've become the polar opposite of Europe, Japan & Australia as far as being prudes. MPM
Hey MPM, the ratings system in Australia is more fucked up than the american ratings system. I thought you would know that.
When I was in Australia, they had copious amounts of nudity on their broadcast television, so mister smart ass, what are you talking about? If anything has changed recently, I don't follow Aussie TV standard. MPM
Hey MPM, i wasn't trying to offend you ok? I admit that i don't know much about the aussie TV rating system but i do know that full frontal nudity was common in aussie TV during the 1970s but full frontal nudity is less common now due to censorship of gratuitous nudity. I also know that the video game ratings are pretty screwed up thanks to Michael Atkinson.Oliveira 20:15, 22 May 2009 (UTC)

Anyway, the ratings system in America was different back then and the MPAA are biased against sex in movies. Must be the insane conservatives. Oh, read the first sub-section in this wiki article: [1].Oliveira 18:10, 22 May 2009 (UTC)

It was some 'social conservatives' but the liberals tended to shun the violence. We're still more uncomfortable with sex than violence. I know that I am more uncomfortable when I'm sitting watching a film with an 80 year old grandma and some hot and heavy sex scene turns up. I'm way more comfortable with a violent battle or car crash scene when viewing it with others. But in the history of cinema, the filmmakers have always tried to push the envelope as to what was acceptable. You should see some of the B&W silent films and the amount of nudity and violence there. BTW, the first MORAL CODE enforcements against film were pushed by the 'social reformers', i.e. the same folks who were prohibitionists (do gooders who wanted liquor banned) it wasn't really a left/right thing at the time. Also the wikipedia note only lists the origins of the MPAA ratings, NOT the formal codes of censorship that popped up in the early 1900s and 1920s. Also as PARENTS, people wanted the ratings. if you're old enough to be a responsible parent, then you want to know what is appropriate for your kids to watch. As a teen, I never appreciated that until I got much older. MPM
And thats why i think that rating systems shouldn't be able to ban movies. They should only rate movies,videogames and television so the parents could see which movie should be watched by their children. I also find uncomfortable to watch sex scenes with reletives.Oliveira 20:15, 22 May 2009 (UTC)
Nothing sucks more than watching a sex scene with a family member... - Gunmaster45
Come on! It's really fun(!) to be surprised by a hot and heavy nude/sex scene in a film when you're sitting between your parents on the couch! HAHAHAHAHAHA! I was at friend's family gathering (alot of his relatives are Baptists or Quakers) and they were going to put FINDING NEMO on the brand new plasma big screen but the guy forgot to remove the DVD of "Hot Butt Slam Masters & booty Call" he got from the 'adult section'. Sure, the movie only played for a fraction of a second, before it was quickly removed, but I never laughed so hard in my life....... MPM2008

It makes for really akward after movie conversation too.Also, the frencjie with the Springfield looks like he's missing a hand - S&Wshooter

That's because it is a fake arm which is chopped off a dew seconds later. More PG action. - Gunmaster45
Now i want to know how they did the special effects on the french soldier face in picture above.Oliveira 16:40, 23 May 2009 (UTC)


So every gun used in the movie with the exception of the Gatling gun is anachronistic to the time. BTW, the French army left Mexico in 1866, but Maximillian and an imperial army continued on until he was finally captured on May 15, 1867 and then executed.

Eastwood also used anachronistic guns in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (cartridge conversion revolvers in 1864 or so) but his movies seemed to overall be pretty good about that. John Wayne was the worst about it, I mean the constant use of Model 1892 Winchesters decades before they came on the market, etc. In The Undefeated, set in 1865, you see 1873 Colt revolvers and 1873 and 92 Winchester rifles. The Comancheros is the worst offender, the movie is set, by dialogue, in 1840 yet everyone is using Colt SAA's and Winchester rifles. Harleyguy 21 April 2002 04:53

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