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Talk:Transformers (2007)

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For the convenience of the site-going public, this is a visual guide of the main Transformers of the film, in both vehicle and robot form. The following Transformers seen in the film are:

The Autobots

  • The Autobots, or Autonomous Robotic Organisms in full, are sentient robots from the planet Cybertron, sent to Earth to locate the All Spark, before the Decepticons can find it. They are the protagonists of the film.
The Autobots all together in diguise form, poorly attempting to look inconspicuous on the Witwickys' front lawn.

Optimus Prime

  • Optimus Prime, voiced by Peter Cullen as in the original Gen 1 series, is the leader of the Autobots. In the film, his disguise form is a custom refinished Peterbilt Model-379 long nosed truck, three of which were built for production. Originally a flat nosed truck had been selected, but the long nose truck gave greater size to Prime, so was ultimately selected. The truck's paint scheme is loosely based on the paint-scheme used on NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon's car. Originally Optimus Prime was mainly red, but red is among the worst colors to photograph, so blue with red flames was used instead. In robot form, Optimus Prime stands 32' tall, and is composed of 10,108 parts.
One of the three Peterbilt Model-379 trucks used to build Optimus Prime's vehicle form.
The finished result after the truck was refinished, repainted, and restored.
Optimus Prime in animated series form left, and film form right.
Concept art of how Optimus Prime's "ears" where designed to give him more of a Japanese Samurai look.
Optimus Prime takes the diguise of a custom built Peterbilt Model-379 when he first arrives on Earth.
Close up on Optimus Prime's face. The amount of parts added to the face helped to give the robots more emotion, at Michael Bay's request. When engaged in combat, Optimus has a pair of plates that slide over his mouth from the sides, giving his face the classic Gen 1 appearance.
A good shot of the long nose and blue/red flame paint job.
Optimus Prime drifts on the highway.
Optimus Prime extends his energy sword during his battle with Bonecrusher on the freeway. In the sequel, Revenge of the Fallen, Optimus is shown to have a second energy sword in his other arm, and uses both when he engages in a melee battle with Megatron, Starscream, and Grindor. This weapon is an homage to the energon axe weapon wielded by the Gen 1 Optimus Prime.
Optimus Prime, ready to fight during the final battle in Mission City.


  • Bumblebee is the first of the Autobots to land on planet Earth, as a scout for the team. When he first arrives, he takes the disguise of a rather undesirable and broken down Chevy Camaro 1976 with a fading yellow paint job and black racing stripes. His voice box was damaged in a previous battle, forcing him to use the car radio as his main means of communication in the film. He is found by Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) at a used auto retailer, and is bought for $4,000. After Mikaela Banes (Megan Fox) questions why he chose to disguise himself as a piece of crap Camaro, he re-scans and takes the new form of a 5th-generation Camaro 2009 model, in reality a mocked up Pontiac GTO with the Camaro Concept's exterior and interior design. Bumblebee in robot form stands between 16-18' tall, and is composed of an unknown number of parts.
A concept art rendition of the Camaro 1976 model, Bumblebee's first disguise.
Bumblebee, in Gen 1 form left, film form right.
Bumblebee's CGI model, based on Camaro 1976 disguise.
Bumblebee in disguise at the used auto dealer.
In the original Gen 1 show, Bumblebee was a yellow Volkswagon Bug. In the new film, this model car was placed next to Bumblebee as a joke. He also shows his defiance towards the old design by smashing it with his door.
A good shot of Bumblebee as Sam uses him to drive Mikaela home.
Bumblebee pulls up to Mikaela's driveway.
Bumblebee strikes a Superman pose after saving Sam and Mikaela from Barricade.
Bumblebee returns as a Camaro 2009.
Bumblebee's new robot form, based on the 2009 model.
Bumblebee races down the storm drains while being pursued by Sector 7 agents. Note the "rims" - in this case, actually wheel covers slapped over steel wheels. At the time of production, the 5th-gen Camaro hadn't moved past the concept stage, so obtaining multiple sets of the car's distinctive rims would have been incredibly difficult, if not downright impossible. Thus, Saleen (who built the movie car, as well as Barricade) molded plastic covers from the concept's rims and went down that route.
Bumblebee driving down the highway. Again, look at the "rims", and marvel at how the car has NO BRAKE CALIPERS.


  • Ironhide is the weapons specialist of the team (our kind of guy), and said to be Optimus Prime's oldest friend. He is a battle hardened soldier, and one of the oldest of the Autobots, succeeded only by Prime. According the to CGI animators at ILM, Ironhide's arm cannons had over 10,000 parts each, more than some of the other Transformers in total. In disguise form, Ironhide is a black GMC Topkick C4500-series pickup truck. In robot form, Ironhide stands 26' tall, and is composed of ~ 30,000 parts.
The GMC Topkick C4500-series pickup used in the film.
Comparison of Ironhide in Gen 1 series (he was a Japanese based ambulance) to him in the film.
Ironhide disguises himself as a GMC Topkick C4500 in a family's drive-way.
"Feeling lucky, punk?"
Ironhide looks at his arm cannons.
Ironhide drives down the streets of Mission City.
Ironhide gives Cpt. Lennox (Josh Duhamel) a ride home.


  • Ratchet is the team medic, and has enhanced senses for use on all species. His disguise on Earth is a fictional build up on a GM Hummer H2 passed off as a "Search and Rescue" vehicle.
The custom built Hummer H2 used in the film to play Ratchet.
The frame built on the rear of the vehicle to make it a Search and Rescue van.
Ratchet pulls out after taking the disguise form of a Hummer H2 Search and Rescue vehicle.
Ratchet in robot form.
Close up on Ratchet's face.
Ratchet drives away from the Sector 7 agents.
Ratchet sits under the sunset at the film's end.


  • Jazz is Optimus Prime's 1st Lieutenant as he was in the Gen 1 series. His fighting style and transformation movements are based on the fighting style of capoeira. His diguise form on Earth is a Pontiac Solstice GXP with a silver paint job. He is the smallest Autobot, standing 15' tall. He is composed of an unknown number of parts, though Megatron believes the number to be two.
The CGI model for Jazz.
The Pontiac Solstice used in the film to play as Jazz. Note hardtop, rear spoiler, and hood louvers.
Jazz in the Gen 1 series left (as a Porsche 935 Turbo) and left in the film.
Jazz driving through the alleyway.
Jazz in robot form.
Jazz drives down the road.
Jazz hits the E-Brake and turns.
Jazz fights with Megatron during the final battle in Mission City.

The Decepticons

  • The Decepticons are the antagonists of the film, seeking the All Spark on Earth to form an army of Decepticons from its life-giving power. Michael Bay decided to make the Decepticon's disguises based on Military/Police vehicles, based mainly on their looks, hardware, and sheer coolness.
Brawl, Barricade, and Bonecrusher driving down the road. Missing from this picture is Megatron, Starscream (who is high up in the sky), Blackout, Scorponok, and Frenzy. This is due mainly because of the Decepticon's lack of team work, as they ineffectively believe more in deception and overpowering their opponents as their main fighting technique.


  • Megatron is the leader of the Decepticons, and brother to Optimus Prime. He is responsible for the destruction of Cybertron due to his selfish wishes to dictate the planet. In the original Gen 1 series, Megatron's transformation form was a gun (A "Man from U.N.C.L.E. Walther P38), as nothing was more sinister for the role of an '80s villain than a firearm; or, more mildly, because kids love toy guns as much as they love toy trucks. Due to obvious size issues, Megatron was chosen to take the form of a Cybertronian jet. Instead of disguising himself like the rest of the Transformers, Megatron is too ignorant to care about being discovered, as his loathing of humankind is too great after being frozen at the Sector 7 base for over 100 years. Regardless, we still see Megatron form a large cannon from his two arms during the battle in Mission City, as a possible homage to this. Megatron is the largest of the Transformers, standing ~35' tall. Hugo Weaving was selected as the voice actor for Megatron, as he sounded far more sinister than original voice actor Frank Welker, who was also busy at the time.
Megatron's CGI model.
Megatron in Gen 1 form and film form.
1984 "Megatron" toy, in gun form.
Megatron's original Gen 1 form.
Megatron on the planet Cybertron.
Megatron frozen at the Sector 7 base in the "Iceman" project.
"You fail me yet again, Starscream."
A close up on Megatron's face. Note red eyes.
Megatron's Cybertronian jet form in flight.
"Join them in extinction!" Megatron's arms combine to build his fusion cannon.
Megatron corners Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) on top of a building.


  • Starscream is Megatron's right hand man, and is secretively deceptive in his desires to overthrow Megatron as leader. Starscream's disguise form is a Lockheed Martin/Boeing F-22 Raptor jet, which is currently the best jet available. In the original Gen 1 series, he was an F-15 Eagle, which was the best jet available at that time as well. He is very acrobatic, using his jet boosters like a jet pack to increase jumps, decents, and flight. His feet were purposely designs to be thin and birdlike to make landing on small structures easier, allowing him to "perch". Starscream stands 31' tall and is composed of an unknown number of parts.
Starscream's CGI model. The broad, apelike figure is due to scale issues; Megatron had to be bigger than Starscream but scale reasonably to Optimus Prime, who was limited by his truck form to thirty or so feet. The usual transformation scheme for aircraft would have made Starscream around fifty feet tall.
Starscream takes off as an F22 Raptor.
Starscream in Gen 1 form and film form.
Starscream's cockpit, being piloted by the holographic image of the "Mustache Man".
Starscream fires off six rockets while perched on a bridge of the Hoover Dam.
Close up on Starscream's face.


  • Blackout is the first Transformer we see in the film, wreaking havoc on a SOCCENT base after returning under the numbers of a helicopter said to be shot down weeks before. Blackout is capable of carrying large loads, including other Decepticons. We see him carry Scorponok on his back during his first assault. Blackout's disguise form is a Sikorsky MH-53 Pave Low helicopter. Blackout stands 33' tall, which seems contradictory in retrospect to his vehicle form's size, which would place him as being much taller (around 55' tall). This would make him much larger than Megatron though, which seems out of place.
The Sikorsky MH-53 Pave Low helicopter used to play Blackout takes off.
The MH-53 Pave Low lands at dusk.
Blackout flies across the sands of Qatar.
"4500X" is the number on Michael Bay's private jet.
Blackout lands on the platform of the SOCCENT base.
Blackout's main rotors fold up like wings.
Blackout uses his tail-rotor as a deadly weapon.
Blackout during the final battle in Mission City.


  • Scorponok in the film is more heavily based on a character from the Beast Wars series in the Transformers genre rather than his Gen 1 form. His disguise and robot form are up to some debate, as in the prequel novel Transformers: Ghosts of Yesterday, he is depicted as being in robot form. Yet in the film, we see serial numbers on his chassis indicating the scorpion form is his robot form; his disguise in the movie is actually one of Blackout's T-64 Turboshaft engines with parts from the other, with markings taken from all over the Pave Low on parts of his body.
Close up on Scorponok's eyes as he watches Cpt. Lennox (Josh Duhamel) and his men. Note the markings and bolts on his chassis, indicating his disguise form is a part of Blackout's helicopter form.
Scorponok bursts from the sand.
Scorponok battles with Lennox and his men in Qatar.
Scorponok fires his cannons.


  • Bonecrusher is a misanthropist, despising all other robots of his kind, but serves Megatron out of fear alone. He is aggressive and very powerful, and proves to be rather pugnacious during his battle with the Autobots on the freeway where he flips multiple cars and tears a bus in half. Bonecrusher's disguise form is a Force Protection Inc. Buffalo Mine Protected Vehicle (MPV). Bonecrusher makes use of his six wheels by using them like roller skates to bound quick across flat surfaces. He stands 28' tall, and is composed of an unknown number of parts. Bonecrusher is reportedly Michael Bay's favorite Transformer in the film, and he named one of his dogs after him.
Bonecrusher speeding down the freeway.
The Buffalo MPV was originally selected because this image was seen of the vehicle, drastically exaggerating the size of the forked arm.
The real vehicle's arm proved to be much less impressive. To fix this, a larger slip on fork was added to make it look more threatening.
The subtitles say it all...
Bonecrusher drives under a tunnel on the freeway.
A good shot of Bonecrusher's enlarged arm fork as he transforms.
Bonecrusher smashes through a bus to get to Optimus Prime.


  • Barricade (voiced by Jess Harnell) is the first Decepticon to locate Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) on Earth. He is one of the few Decepticons who can succefully blend into the civilian world, unlike the other Decepticons who disguise as bulky military vehicles. Barricade's disguise form is a Saleen S281 Extreme (a modified Ford Mustang 2007) made up as a police car. Barricade stands 16' tall and is composed of an unknown number of parts.
Barricade on the move.
Barricade driving down the road.
Close up on Barricade's front grill, complete with police-issue push bumpers.
"To protect and serve" isn't Decepticon-ish enough.
"Are you Username: Ladiesman217?!"
Barricade pursues Bumblebee.
Barricade fights with Bumblebee.
Subtitles say it all...


  • Frenzy is the recon operative of the group, and is a new creation to the Transformers universe. He is based on the Gen 1 character Soundwave, whose alternate form was a tape recorder. This proved a problem in size (like Megatron's Gen 1 gun form), so a new, smaller character was born. Frenzy is named after one of Soundwave's "cassette-con" minions, a series of ten small Transformers who could turn into cassette tapes which were stored inside the compartment in his chest. Frenzy takes the form of a boombox disc player, the disks being replaced by shuriken style throwing blades. In the sequel, Revenge of the Fallen, a new Decepticon named Soundwave does make an appearance, his main form being a Cybertronian satellite. Frenzy also makes a cameo in the second film; his dismembered head being seen in a bell jar in Reggie Simmons (John Turturro)'s possession. In addition, a version of one of the other cassette minions, Ravage, is deployed by Soundwave.
Soundwave from the Gen 1 series left, Frenzy in the film right.
The animatronic puppet of Frenzy used for scenes where the actors fight with him.
Frenzy as an inconspicuous boombox sitting in the elevator.
Frenzy aims his arm cannon while onboard Air Force One.
Frenzy's shuriken disk flying through the air.
Frenzy flips the "stupid insects" the bird.
After Frenzy is chopped apart by Mikaela Banes (Megan Fox), he is left as less than a full form.
Frenzy takes the disguise of Mikaela's cellphone.


  • In the film, the Decepticon that takes the form of a tank is said to be "Devastator". In reality he is named Brawl, and the name Devastator was accidentally used instead. Michael Bay personally favored the name Devastator though, and it leaked past post-production. In the sequel to the film the same name would be used to depict a much more sinister Decepticon. Brawl's tank form is an extremely large prop rather than a real tank (although based on the M1 Abrams and the Leopard 2 tanks), and was originally built for the movie XXX 2: State of the Union; it was modified for Transformers to carry a replica of the "Venus Fly Trap" MCBS (minus the two forks and "dog bone" magnetic mine detonator) and a pair of quad missile launch tubes on the secondary turret. The hull is a modified truck chassis with the rear shortened and the radiator cut off, using a Freightliner diesel engine and rubber band tracks taken from a construction vehicle. It is noticeably too light for a real Abrams, as can be seen from how high it rides up as it runs over a car in Mission City. In addition, extras in the Mission City sequence don't seem to have been advised that they should be avoiding a 40-foot area surrounding the tank's turbine exhaust; some are standing in positions where they'd be severely burned if the tank was real. The main gun is secured using a non-functional travel lock that has a tendency to disappear and reappear between shots, most likely there to stop the top-heavy prop turret falling off the chassis during the car-crushing sequence, as it has no visible hinge to fold down and is not a component of either the Abrams or the Leopard 2, the two tanks the prop is based on. Indeed, the turret visibly wobbles during this sequence. The main gun noticeably doesn't recoil; barely at all in one shot of the muzzle, and not at all in another; by comparison, when the CGI version of the tank fires shortly afterwards the gun recoils as would be expected.
The tank used to play Brawl. Note front forks and travel lock.
A good shot of the tank.
Brawl rolls out of the tank lot. Note the vehicle to the left is one of Army Trucks Inc's fake Abrams tanks based on a British Chieftain...
...While the one on the right is one of their FV432 APCs, presumably standing in for an M113 APC. Note travel lock on main gun.
The main gun fires, with no recoil following it.
Here we see the tank rides far too high up on the car it is driving over. In reality a vehicle of such weight would crush the car straight down, however, the film's version is a mockup that is much lighter than an actual tank.
This is what should be happening to that car.
Brawl grapples with Jazz.
Brawl firing his quad 37mm arm cannon.

Robotic Organisms

  • Before either the Autobots or the Decepticons arrived on Earth, their robotic form was more organic and was not influenced by a vehicle design. This was a break from the original Gen 1 idea that even on planet Cybertron the robots had vehicle based forms (which really didn't make much sense). So instead their different forms are space travel pods allowing them to survive the passing of the atmosphere and the crash landing.
Optimus Prime in organic robot form.
Concept art for robot's space travel pod form.
Optimus Prime's pod form crashes into Earth.
Iron Hide hides from a family after crashing in a pool.
Optimus Prime in robot form before taking the disguise of a Peterbilt truck.


Sam Witwicky's (Shia LaBeouf) eBay user name "Ladiesman217" is based on Michael Bay's birthday, which is February 17, 1965 (2/17/65).
Tyrese Gibson dual-wielding an M4A1/Cobray CM203 launcher and a Beretta 92FS in a behind the scenes shot. While not standard practice, there is an account of a U.S. Army soldier, Sgt. Jason Mike, engaging insurgents in Iraq during an ambush while dual-wielding an M4A1 and an M249 SAW in a similar fashion and managing to successfully defend wounded soldiers in his convoy, his actions earning him a Silver Star medal.

Multicam Camouflage

Captain Lennox (Josh Duhamel) and his men are shown wearing Crye Multicam uniforms and gear during the film. This pattern was originally one of two patterns that competed to be used in the US Army's Army Combat Uniform. While the Multicam pattern originally lost out to the pixelized Universal Camouflage Pattern, it has been used by various civilian and paramilitary organizations and was recently been adopted in limited use by the Army, specifically for soldiers being deployed to Afghanistan. It was later adopted as the "Operational Camouflage Pattern" and completely replaced the UCP as the standard camouflage pattern of the US Army and was also adopted by the US Air Force.

One of the actors practicing weapon-handling while wearing a Crye Multicam uniform and gear

Headwear Inaccuracies

There are several times in the film where Captain Lennox's men can be seen wearing berets during combat. this is extremely inaccurate, as current US military regulations dictate that berets are only worn when in garrison or stateside, never during a deployment. This mistake is repeated again in the sequel.

A member of Lennox's team engages the Decepticons in Mission City while wearing a beret, complete with unit insignia. Another inaccuracy is that this character is supposedly a Ranger, yet is wearing a black conventional unit beret instead of the Rangers' tan beret.
TSgt. Epps (Tyrese Gibson) takes cover during the battle of Mission City, a good idea since that scarlet USAF Combat Controller beret would stick out like a sore thumb!

Absent Abrams

Despite the cooperation of the US military in the production, there does not appear to be a single real M1 Abrams tank physically present in the entire movie. All examples are either CG fakes or mock-ups of one kind of another. It is possible this was simply due to the easier availability of alternatives.

Blackout locates the only real Abrams in the movie as he hacks into the SOCCENT base's mainframe.
During the SOCCENT base attack, Blackout emphasises the issue by hurling a CGI Abrams at a line of real M60 "Patton" tanks.
Another shot of the line of Patton tanks.
These decomissioned tanks have the M85 heavy machine gun removed from their commanders' mini-turret, and are kept in this "graveyard" by the US military, mainly used for target practice.
The Decepticon Brawl is actually a fake as detailed above. For this scene, it seems the production contracted California-based Army Trucks Inc for use of their fake Abrams based on a British Chieftain tank; note the "Abrams" gun to the left of the shot has the fume extractor too near the muzzle and a muzzle reference sensor incorrect for an Abrams. This is further cemented by AT Inc's British FV432 APC being present to the right of the shot.



What to say, other than "Wow!" Thanks! --Funkychinaman 04:30, 6 February 2010 (UTC)

Cobray CM203

Since it doesn't seem to appear in the movie itself, is there any real purpose in having it on the page? Spartan198 03:21, 22 February 2010 (UTC)


Amaury Nolasco has a Beretta 92FS in his holster, both in and outside the film.
A Secret Service agent searches the lower deck of Air Force One with his SIG-Sauer P226 drawn.
A militia man fires his pistol during the battle with Skorponok.
An FBI agent with his Heckler & Koch G36C slung as he tackles Glen's cousin (Omar Benson Miller) into a swimming pool.
Actor Brian Stepanek was worried that when the rubber MP5K he was holding was yanked from his hand with a wire to immitate Jazz's high-powered magnet, the gun would hit him in the face. He was assured this would not happen, yet note in these shots how he holds his face in pain after receiving a rubber gun to the face.
ACWO Jorge "Fig" Figueroa (Amaury Nolasco) fires a shot from his Ramo RT-37 grenade launcher at Blackout when he attacked the SOCCENT base.

Redoing screenshots and categorizing

I just uploaded high quality replacements for the first couple of screenshots. I will redo all of them (hopefully this night already, tomorrow I´ll categorize this crap correctly so it´s not such a pain in the butt to browse through). Btw.: The database replaces the thumbnails first. It takes a while for the pictures themselves to be replaced. --Milkovich 19:31, 17 July 2010 (UTC)

Alright, this is it for today. My neck is stiff as hell and the coffee has finally worn off. I´ll finish redecorating this article tomorrow. --Milkovich 21:23, 17 July 2010 (UTC)
Done. Some of the old ones look good enough to stay and I dont have any special features on my Disc except for the audio commentary. --Milkovich 09:28, 18 July 2010 (UTC)

SA80 prop

I'm not sure if this should be added to the list of in movie weapons but: I was searching the net, and US-online based auction house was selling (one of three) SA80 rubber prop guns that appeared both TF1 and RoTF, including a shot from one of the desert battles where it was used. However - this was about a month ago, and I can no-longer find the page. I do remember what it looked like though - L85A1 type reciever (round charging handle) with holographic optic on it (looked like a 552 or similar). The foreguard had been modified to have an olive-drab M4 foreguard on (it was round, and in 4 parts top and bottom rails) with a foregrip. If anyone can back me up on this, and find the relevant pictures, I'd be greatful.

Vektor Y3 AGL

If y'all get a good look at the caravan of vehicles going from the bunker to the city at the end look on the Chenowth DR2 FAVs and you can see the South African Vektor Y3 automatic grenade launcher mounted on them. The muzzle tipped it off: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/5c/Y3_AGL.JPG/800px-Y3_AGL.JPG

None of the pictures on imcbd.org show a good picture.

Optimus Primes logic

When the sector 7 people are closing in on the Autobots, Sam and Mikeala, all the Autobots transform and drive away, except optimus who takes the two humans up on his back and runs away, which is pretty stupid because if he had just transformed into the truck, sam and mikeala could have climbed into the him and they could just drive away, if he had done that Bumblebee wouldn't have had to transform out of car mode to save them and he wouldn't have been captured by S7... T.H.M.Christensen

  • Ah, you see your mistake there was going into a Michael Bay movie with your brain still switched on. :P Vangelis2 09:08, 3 April 2011 (CDT)
The storyline as a whole has a lot of points that make absolutely no sense at all. Just look at the whole "Mission City" thing. Hiding an alien artefact from a race of biotechnological beings that will happily wipe out anyone they see in a city full of civilians is probably the most moronic move in any Michael Bay movie yet. But then, Vangelis is right, his movies are meant to be purely entertaining. --Milkovich Milkovich Signature.jpg 03:20, 4 April 2011 (CDT)

"Bofors 40mm L/60" and "M102 105mm Howitzer"?

How can we be certain that the guns the AC-130 used were the Bofors 40mm L/60 and M102 105mm Howitzer? Because clearly, when the plane was shooting/firing, the guns we're hidden from view of the camera.--Gunnerboy (talk) 21:04, 18 October 2012 (EDT)

This is based on the armaments normally carried by AC-130 and the amount of fire seen coming from the aircraft. A lot of users base their assertions on research of what armaments are normally carried by the vehicles or aircraft are seen. --Ben41 (talk) 23:11, 18 October 2012 (EDT)

Brawl's missile launchers

Hey guys, heres something that caught my attention while watching this movie. During the transformation of Deceptacon Brawl, it shows he has shoulder mounted missile launchers. Do missile launchers count as firearms? Because if they do, then it should be posted on the main page.--Gunnerboy (talk) 23:36, 14 July 2013 (EDT)

They can be mentioned on the page, but only if they can be IDed. --Funkychinaman (talk) 00:16, 15 July 2013 (EDT)

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