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Talk:Strike Witches: Road to Berlin

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Behind The Scenes

Mie Sonozaki, voice of Gertrud Barkhorn, matches her character's pose with a replica Single Action Army; while the two revolvers in the show feature the short Civilian barrel, this appears to be a standard-length Artillery model. Behind her is Ayuru Ōhashi, voice of Eila Juutilainen. Source is this official Twitter post (with double the resolution).


FSW Neuroi Design

I respectfully disagree that this neuroi is based on the Su-27 or even the Su-47. It has no blended wing, leading edge root extension like the Flanker, the square inlets are placed on the side of the fuselage, with a splitter plate much more like an F-15 variant. This neuroi, from the screencaps provided, also lacks the "droopy" nose angle of the Flanker family. Furthermore, the Su-47 is not the sole forward swept wing design in existence. --Aidoru (talk) 00:53, 6 November 2021 (EDT)

Fair points, however the forward-swept wings are clearly the most distinctive part of the design, and the intakes' rectangular design is common to many fighters of this era, including the Su-27, MiG-29, F-15, F-14, and others; you do have a point about the Neuroi's intakes not being blended, and that's more F-15/F-14. The F-15 has huge/bulky squarish wings, and similarly bulky profile, which this lacks; heck, the fact that the wings are narrower and have variable geometry is far closer to the F-14 (or the fictional F/A-37, which is actually what the folding direction and folded position are closest to). The small canards, though there are four instead of two, really only match the later Su-27 variants, as far as I can think of. The engine exhaust is also spaced out, more like an Su-27 or F-14, and not like an F-15 or Su-47. It also features those small ventral fins on the underside of the engines that the F-14 has. Alright, I'm convinced it's definitely more than just the Sukhoi designs, so how about I simply refer to it as being based on multiple different fourth-gen fighters, mentioning these specifically? Sorry for being a bit quick to undo your edit, it is always nice to see other people interested and contributing. Alex T Snow (talk) 01:31, 6 November 2021 (EDT)

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