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Talk:Parasite Eve II

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Cleaned up the page a bit and removed the unnecessary stuff, I'll add it here if people really want to see it. I'll hunt around for some game-pics if I can. Draco122 01:07, 20 December 2011 (CST)


  • 9mm PB - 9mm caliber full metal jacket round. For handguns and submachine guns.
  • 9mm Hydra - 9mm hollow-point round. Soft tip increases tissue damage.
  • 9mm Spartan - 9mm fragmentation round. Fragments rupture vital organs.
  • .44 Magnum - 44 caliber bullets. High destructive power.
  • .44 Maeda SP - Anti-NMC .44 magnum round. Contains toxic mitochondria.
  • Buckshot - 12-gauge shotgun scatter shot. Spreads 9 lead shots in a burst. (Most likely 00 Buck)
  • R. Slug - 12-gauge shells for rifles. Stable trajectory (one shot).
  • Firefly - 12-gauge shotgun incendiary shot. Ignites flammable targets. (A unrealistic adaptation to exotic shells known as Dragon's Breath)
Not having played the game I can't comment on how it functions, however from it's description it does a little like the Dragon Slug shell instead (Seen here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ievbU3xIYGQ&feature=related).
  • Grenade - 40mm fragmentation grenade. Shoots fragments over a wide area. (Basic Explosive Grenade)
  • RIOT - 40mm special acoustic round. Emits a glaring flash and loud noise. (Stun Grenade, mimics effects of a Flash Bang, briefly stuns enemies)
  • Airburst - 40mm aerial burst grenade. Arcs and explodes in the air. (Grenade with larger splash damage)

Other weapons


A secret weapon given to Aya once she earn's a specific rank on game completetion. It operates like a shotgun but with a secondary sword attack that does massive damage. The Gunblade is aimed at a very odd angle, above Aya's head and fired almost upside down. It seems the Gunblade uses a revolving style system to cycle shells.


The Hypervelocity is actually an experimental Rail Gun and replaces the Rocket Launcher in most games as the one hit killer. It requires a short charge time before firing but it will utterly annihilate anything in front of you. It says it uses 20mm Slugs yet recharges from a battery.


An attachment for the M4A1 Carbine. The Pyke is an under-barrel flamethrower with a relatively short lifespan before needing to re-fuel. It does plenty of damage however but has a short effective range.


An oversized stun gun attached to the M4A1 Carbine. Fire's a burst of electricity, stunning or paralysing certain targets.


An experimental laser cannon. Fire's a straight 3 second beam of energy that can cut through most enemies. It can strike multiple enemies in a row, doing the same damage.

Preserving images

Aya Brea readies her Beretta 93R in one of the CG cutscenes.
Aya takes aim with her Beretta 93R.

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