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Live Free or Die Hard Armorer

Aside from the gun calibers has anybody noticed that this show uses the same guns as Live Free or Die Hard? I'm now thinking that if this is the same armorer that supplied Die Hard 4 and since gunmaster has identified the Glock 22's it's not so hard to believe that 24 may also be using .40S&W compatible firearms. I've only realized this since season 5.

This show does not use the same weapons as Live Free or Die Hard. The weapons for that movie were rented mostly from Stembridge & Cinema Weaponry. I'm pretty sure that 24's weapons come mostly from Independent Studio Services (or at least, they did in the 7th season). Anyway, I've told you before: Unless you have some way of confirming it, you should assume that the Glocks in the show are 9mms. If the propmaster that worked on the show was going for realism (meaning, the correct Glock model for the FBI), then why did they use SIG P228s, which in real life are not used by the Secret Service anymore? -MT2008
Yes I already know about that I just realized that after the 5th season of 24. It has had 13/21 weapons used by Live Free or Die Hard including 2 rare models that are just not seen very much on IMFDB. Especially the Beretta 92G Elite 1A used in Season 7. It was just interesting thing I couldn't get off my head. Thanks for clearing it up I have never heard of Stembridge & Cinema Weaponry before.

Breaking up page by Seasons

How do people feel about breaking up this page by Season (much like Miami Vice)? Being that this show will be beginning its 8th season soon, it might be the time. --Ben41 23:12, 29 December 2009 (UTC)

I support the idea very much. If this page gets polished in near future, 8 seasons worth of guns and screencaps is going to be a bitch to read. - AlkoTanko

Perhaps when someone gets more guns caps. A lot of the guns don't have screen caps Excalibur01
At the moment, seasons 1 and 7 could probably have their own separate pages, but the rest of the seasons are incomplete. --Markit 19:28, 31 December 2009 (UTC)
I own seasons 1-4 so I may start screencapping sometime, however at the moment I'm kinda swamped with schoolwork. --Lews 04:29, 8 January 2010 (UTC)
I'm thinking about doing a re-vamp of Season 1 (though I'm trying to squeeze that and Chuck onto my plate). When I do, I'll probably take it out and make it into its own page. -MT2008 20:23, 9 January 2010 (UTC)
Well I just finished screencapping Season 2, and I think that's pretty much ready to be seperated, and I should be able to start on Season 3 withing a few days. Season 7 is also definitely ready, and I do agree that Season 1 is in need of a bit of a re-vamp. While I'm here, anyone noticed anything I've missed with Season 2? Might as well finish it off while I'm at it... -- BillBuchanan24 16:10, 20 January 2010 (UTC)
Both Tony and Yusef have Beretta 92FS Inox pistols, Jack gives Kate a Beretta 9000s when they're leaving the warehouse with that Coral Snake guy, The Coral Snake guy had a 1911 pistol along with his uzi, and Kingsley used a pistol in an attempt to kill Jack around the end of the finale, that's all I can think of. --Pølaris 03:58, 22 January 2010 (UTC)
Thanks Pølaris! I'll screencap those now... Looking at it now, might need a little help ID'ing Wallace's 1911... Don't seem to be too many clear frames... Thanks again mate.

Kingsley used a Walther P99.

Kiefer Sutherland

How come they never give Kiefer Sutherland any action movies with drama in it?

Maybe he's not a good actor? My only problem with Kiefer is that after 7 seasons of firing guns, he still flinches all the time.--Pølaris 03:47, 14 March 2010 (UTC)
As we've explained before, blanks have far more flash than live rounds. It's pretty hard not to flinch. -MT2008 14:53, 16 March 2010 (UTC)
I noticed his blinking during the first few episodes of this season. I think it has more to do with the loud bang than the muzzle flash. They can't wear a big set of ear muffs, so they have to wear small plugs that barely muffle the sound. Also blinking is different than flinching. Flinching is when you close your eyes before you even fire, at least that's the way I see it. --Predator20 16:59, 16 March 2010 (UTC)
I had no idea blanks produced a bigger flash.--

Pølaris 17:47, 22 March 2010 (UTC) It's my understanding the reason for the bigger flash is to allow the camera to catch the flash in the film frame rather that between the frames. Regards,


After 24 do you think Kiefer Sutherland should do more voice acting?

24 of 24?

Is there gonna be 24 seasons of this show?

Kiefer Sutherland will be close to 60, if there is 24 seasons in this show.

"Is there"? -MT2008

If the show continues to have high ratings, then maybe.

Seriously? 24 seasons? Would be a first. Stargate is one of the only shows I've seen that has 10 seasons. A show is lucky to survive 4 seasons. Let alone 8 (24 now), 9 (Smallville), 10 (Stargate) Excalibur01 19:41, 22 March 2010 (UTC)

10 and it's only SG-1, not counting other shows from Stargate universe.

I was mentioning SG-1. And I hope to God Universe gets cancel before it gets to season 2. Excalibur01

Sadly no. Fox has announced that this current season will be the last. [1] --Crazycrankle 15:53, 27 March 2010 (UTC)

They may also leave a few questions unanswered like what happened to Mandy, where abouts is Chase and what happened to Tony after he was arrested???

I also heard everybody saying that the most useless and pointless character in this current season is Dana Walsh.

Until the last episode, that was the case. Now she's been revealed to be working for the bad guys, things are a bit different now. --Crazycrankle 00:27, 28 March 2010 (UTC)

Well lets all hope she dies or gets arrested at end, and I just hope that they do not copy her character from Nina Myers.

Assault Rifles

Has anyone noticed that the terrorists are starting to use H&K G36Cs more than Ak47s?

What's your point these terrorist's are well financed and have better training than average insurgent's in Afghanistan. I've definitely noticed it, the first time I saw a G36C in this show was in Season 5 Episode 9 and a G36K in the back of a CTU SUV in Season 2. You may be able to ship 20 terrorists to this country but not get a stash of AK47 crates through customs (not that it's ever been done). In a real life scenario your enemies preferred weapon of choice would be america's most popular assault rifle, the AR-15. Think about what assault rifle you would pick if you were supplying blank converted assault rifles to this show. -HKFan 10:23, 26 March 2010 (UTC)

I just want to point things out and I obviously know the Taliban and Al Qadea aren't as well financed compared to the IRA or Colombian FARC. Also I will think about what assault rifles to pick and use against the enemies.

The IRA isn't better financed than the Taliban or Al Qaeda. After the FBI started cracking down on its supporters in the U.S., and after MI-6 and Interpol shut down its connections to Libya, it was pretty much all over for them. -MT2008

Then how come back then American weapons are easily for them to obtain and smuggled compared to the Taliban or Al Qaeda? American weapons aren't cheap you know. Also I've never seen any Taliban or Al Qaeda in real life who are armed with American weapons.

They used AR-15s and AR-18s because their supporters in the U.S. bought those for them at U.S. gun stores and smuggled them to Ireland by boat. For much of its history, buying guns in the U.S. had always been the way the IRA procured arms. And if you read books like Ed Moloney's "A Secret History of the IRA", you'll find that this was not an efficient way to buy/receive weapons - the IRA was almost always short on small arms in the 1970s (there were never enough guns to go around), even though it spent a sizeable amount of its budget on weaponry. The FBI cracked down on the IRA's supporters in the U.S. beginning in the early-80s, and afterwards, the Provos were almost never able to buy guns in the U.S. again. The Libyan regime (and reportedly, the PLO and East Germany as well) became the IRA's new source of arms in the 1980s.
As for the Taliban, why would they need American weapons? Afghanistan and Pakistan are flooded with AKs and RPGs (mostly Chinese-made) that were shipped into the region by the CIA during the 1980s. And it isn't as though the quality of small arms determines the outcome in guerrilla war, let alone how effective or well-funded a particular group happens to be. Although Hezbollah does have enormous quantities of M16s and M4s (which they've been seen brandishing in photos). -MT2008 02:18, 29 March 2010 (UTC)

One more question does the Taliban uses other weapons in general besides the ones we keep seeing in their videoes? I always see TT33s, Makorov PMs, Ak47s and its variants, Dragunov sniper rifles, RPDs, RPKs, Pk machine guns and RPGs in their videoes, but could there possibly be others?

I really don't know. It's possible that they use weapons captured from U.S. or Afghan forces sometimes, though it wouldn't make much sense because ammo would be harder to acquire in the region for NATO weapons than Eastern Bloc/Chinese weapons. Either way, the one thing I know is that you're emphasizing weaponry too much. The types of small arms used by a particular terrorist/insurgent group are not an accurate reflection of its funding, or its capabilities - the only thing those weapons reflect is what's readily available at the arms bazaars in that area of the world. And most militants tend to use what's easiest and cheapest to acquire in their region, which in most of the world means AKs. The average terrorist group doesn't think to itself, "Let's go out and spend $1,000 per unit on H&K G36s because everyone will think we're badass operators if we pose with those guns in our YouTube videos." To them, weapons are tools to get a job done, and in guerrilla warfare, there's not much practical difference between an AK or a G36, anyway.
Also, contrary to what shows like Deadliest Warrior would have you believe, comparing a narco-insurgency like the Taliban or FARC to Al-Qaeda or the PIRA is actually a pretty retarded comparison. -MT2008 18:04, 29 March 2010 (UTC)

The grabs from Hulu tend to be of inferior quality. I know some people are able to grab the episodes off the air in HD, so that would be the preferred format until the DVD comes out. --Ben41 01:07, 14 April 2010 (UTC)

Series Finale

After the series as ended, can someone please update seasons 1-5, and add more screenshots.

Was the final episode of season 7 is really officially the final appearance of Tony Almeida because it doesn't appear he is going to make an appearance in season 8, but I'm not sure if he will be mentioned???


Anybody else notice that Jack Bauer asks for 2 MP5s and an assortment of assault rifles and his contact gets him MP7s? I thought it was kind of odd.--Pølaris 21:54, 27 April 2010 (UTC)

Yes, I caught that too. When he first asked, I thought it was weird that he asked for TWO. Why two? I suppose he could fire two MP7s akimbo, but it'd be a lot harder to do it with MP5s. Maybe it was MP7s in the script, and Kiefer just goofed. --Funkychinaman 22:43, 27 April 2010 (UTC)

-he was expecting cole to help him. Therefore 2. the contact probably got a similar weapon (comapct smg) with the mp7.

-why didnt he use it in the raid, all he was using was pistols...again

-I noticed the exact same thing. Seems odd.

Shotguns on 24

Any ideas why none of the CTUs are issued with pump action shotguns in the entire series? We saw Jack and Cole used a Mossberg, but they weren't issued to them. Shotguns are rarely used by a terrorist or any other character. While the police use Remingtons.

In Season 3 Episode 1 & 2 Jack and maybe his partner Chase Edmunds (James Badge Dale) have grabbed Remington 870's from an miniature lock and key armory in CTU Los Angeles to follow a lead supported by LAPD to go after a armed drug dealer. We also seen one standard issued in a back of a stolen FBI SUV in Season 7 Episode 18. Bottom line is CTU is a fictional agency that will make and armory look like a military grade gun store. They have already adopted the G36C to be the main weapon for most terrorists in the series. And Jack of course can't figure out how to flip his MP7's iron sights up. I think it would be a great idea to try out the new XREP shotgun taser round but the series is over and maybe no use in the upcoming 24 movie. -- HKFan 22:28, 3 May 2010 (UTC)

List of moments that a shotgun issued by CTU is used:

Season 2:

Season 3:

Season 6:

Season 8:

Just felt inclined to add this.--One shot is all it takes. (talk) 21:04, 11 March 2013 (EDT)

Pistols so overused

Why is it that pistols are always used, even when assault rifles/ SMGs are availible? Like jack making a raid with a usp and judge when he had 2 mp7s?

If you're talking about episode 20 I agree Jack could have brought along his MP7 but since he and Cole had to walk across the street in the open acting like pedestrians he probably couldn't conceal it in his jacket or find a appropriate bag. They never had suppressors or had any idea how many guards were inside so I wouldn't call it a raid. Assuming the guards were really private security they probably never brought along anything bigger than a shotgun or a full auto into their arsenal since they are in the state of New York gun laws. But you maybe right the writers never get that specific into weaponry like we do. -- HKFan 18:13, 5 May 2010 (UTC)
They could've easily slung MP7s under their coats. I actually had assumed Jack had done so at first when I saw him crossing the street. And since there were only two of them, against who knows how many bad guys, you'd think he'd err on the side of caution. But then again, we're constantly overthinking it. --Funkychinaman 02:27, 5 May 2010 (UTC)
Put that lack of logic in the forum thread of Movie Gun laws. Pistols are always more awesome than anything else and characters wouldn't pick up a better gun right in front of them Excalibur01

What about revolvers?

Well, video game logic says all revovlers are magnums and they are usaully more powerful than full sized rifles. In movies they dont fire enough bullets and theres to many john woo wannabees who just want to direct a movie showing hundreds of rounds going everywhere.

Does anyone know why the producers/armorer/Kiefer Sutherland decided to make the switch from a Sig P228 to the USP Compact? Realistically speaking I think a federal agent would be much more likely to carry the Sig. (Although 24 has never been too concerned with what someone would realistically do!)

I always assumed that it was because pistols are more easily concealed than a larger weapon. Also about the switch from SIG Sauer P228 to the H&K USP Compact, the USP is smaller while still retaining the same capacity of 13 rounds, but the biggest reason I could think of, was that it was to give Jack a unique sidearm that isn't the typical SIG, GLOCK, Or Beretta. No one else in the series uses it as a personal sidearm and few use it other than Jack.--One shot is all it takes. (talk) 21:38, 11 March 2013 (EDT)

Useful Links

Here are some links that may be helpful for the people that are working on updating these pages:



Some of it is incorrrect, because it says that Jack used an Uzi against Bazhaev in Episode 8, but he used a Steyr SPP.

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