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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018)

The following weapons appear in the video game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate:


"All 4 One"

All 4 One is the collective name for the four signature guns of Jeanne, Bayonetta's enemy in the original Bayonetta game later ally in the second who appears in Ultimate as a Spirit. These guns have traces of features from the Luger P08 evident in them. Despite having an alternate costume based on Jeanne, Bayonetta does not use the All 4 One pistols for she still keeps her Love is Blues instead.

Luger P08 - 9x19mm
Concept art of the All 4 One from the original Bayonetta for comparison.
Jeanne's Spirit with her All 4 Ones.

Beretta 92FS "Samurai Edge"

On November 29th, 2019 four Spirits from the Resident Evil franchise were added to the game with one of the Spirits being Jill Valentine as she was depicted in the 2002 remake of the original game, armed with the iconic S.T.A.R.S "Samurai Edge", a custom version of the Beretta 92FS.

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm
Airsoft Replica of the Beretta 92FS "Samurai Edge" made by Tokyo Marui for comparison.
Jill Valentine's Spirit with the Beretta 92FS "Samurai Edge".

Colt M1911A1

Naked Snake's Spirit depicts him with his iconic highly modified Colt M1911A1 with a silencer attached.

Western Arms Colt Snake Match 1911 with suppressor.
Naked Snake's Spirit with his custom M1911A1.

Desert Eagle Mark XIX

The Desert Eagle Mark XIX with a 10 inch barrel and a scope from Metal Gear Solid 4 is carried by Meryl Silverburgh's Spirit.

IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX with 10 inch barrel - .44 Magnum
Meryl Silverburgh's Spirit with her scoped Desert Eagle.

Heckler & Koch Mark 23

Much like during his previous appearance in Brawl, Snake keeps a Heckler & Koch Mark 23 in his holster but it cannot be used.

Heckler & Koch Mark 23 - .45 ACP
Snake's Heckler & Koch Mark 23 in his holster.

"Love is Blue"

Love is Blue is the collective name of Bayonetta's main pistols from Bayonetta 2 (which takes inspiration from the Mauser C96) and is appropriately featured in her alternate costumes based on her appearance from that game and is used in a number of her attacks.

Mauser C96 "Broomhandle" - 7.63x25mm
Bayonetta 2 concept art of the Love is Blue for comparison.
A loadscreen for a match against a Bayonetta clone in the World of Light mode gives a nice closeup of her character art and the Love is Blue pistol she holds.
Bayonetta firing the Love is Blue pistols on her heels at Simon Belmont, another rather fitting opponent for her.
A closeup on two of the Love is Blue pistols, done with the use of the in-game camera and her being under the effects of a Super Mushroom item.

Norinco Type 54

Joker from Persona 5 was added to the game as DLC on April 17, 2019 as part of the "Challenger Pack 1" and for his neutral special, he wields a gun.

Or more specifically, a Norinco Type 54 with a silver finish (known in Persona 5 as the Makaranov; in that game an airsoft replica operating like a real weapon due to the rules of the Metaverse) that can be fired in alternate directions, never runs out of ammunition or needs to be reloaded. When Joker's Persona Arsene comes out to fight alongside him after filling the Rebellion Gauge, the Type 54 becomes capable of rapid semi-automatic fire, a reference to the "Down Shot" maneuver from his home game.

Silver Norinco Type 54 - 9x19mm
Proving his mother Bayonetta proud by inheriting both her gun-fu skills and her flair for the dramatic, Joker is looking cool while holding his Norinco Type 54 with both Arsene and Morgana getting in on it for good measure.
"Looking cool Joker!" Joker fires his Type 54 while Arsene is unleashed, hence the blue muzzle flash. The spent bullet casings are fully visible here although while firing, the gun's slide does not rack back as expected from an airsoft gun.
In addition to being badass and adorable, Kirby also proves to be quite the one-upsman as the Type 54 proves to be just as deadly in Kirby's hands(?) if not more so as he fires at an offscreen Joker. Look out John Wick.
A closeup on the Type 54, done with the use of the in-game camera and him being under the effects of a Super Mushroom. The lack of a frame safety would denote the pistol as being based on an earlier model of the Type 54 though the cocking serrations prove otherwise.

"Scarborough Fair"

Highly based off of the Remington 1866 Derringer, Scarborough Fair is the collective name of Bayonetta's signature pistols from the first game in her eponymous series and are used in her alternate costumes that come from her appearance in it. In Super Smash Brothers, the difference between these and the Love is Blue are merely cosmetic as both weapons use the same attack animations and do the same amount of damage.

Remington 1866 Derringer - .41 R.F. Caliber
Concept art from the original Bayonetta for comparison.
It's all just another day in the office for Bayonetta as she fires her Scarborough Fairs at Pit.
One trip to space later and now Bayonetta is fighting against Rosalina, a woman who can control the very stars themselves. Probably not all to different to the gods she's faced in the past really.
A closeup on one of Bayonetta's Scarborough Fairs, once again done with the use of the in-game camera and her being under the effects of a Super Mushroom. The engravings mention it being made by Rodin (an ally and weaponsmith in her universe) and read "Sage, ever strong".
Bayonetta's alternate Fighter Spirit with her Scarborough Fair.

Shansi Type 17

EVA from Metal Gear Solid 3 appears in the game as a Spirit with her Shansi Type 17 drawn.

Shansi Type 17 - .45 ACP
EVA's Spirit with her Type 17.

"Silver Ghost"

One of the other Resident Evil Spirits added into the game is Leon Kennedy; the Spirit is based on Leon as he appears in the original Resident Evil 4, complete with his fictional "Silver Ghost" handgun (a design drawing influence from the Heckler & Koch USP Tactical, the Smith & Wesson Sigma, and the Ruger P85).

A few varied angles of the original Silver Ghost model.
Leon's Spirit with the Silver Ghost. The "Item Throw" buff seems fitting, given how much of RE4 could be beaten with nothing but thrown eggs and hand grenades.

"UAC EMG Sidearm"

The "UAC EMG Sidearm", a pistol from Doom (2016) that fires directed-energy beams instead of bullets, is available as the weapon of choice for the Doom Slayer Mii Fighter, which was released October 18th, 2021 as part of the final batch of DLC for the game. The EMG Sidearm used the Beretta 92FS as a base, a fitting choice due to the 92FS's presence in the Original Doom.

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm
The Doom Slayer Mii Fighter grabbing Mario with his EMG Sidearm in hand. (Un)fortunately, the Mii cosplayer is ill-fitted to commence with any ripping or tearing until the job is done.


Colt Single Action Army

The Spirit of Major Ocelot from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater has his signature Colt Single Action Army drawn.

Colt Single Action Army - .45 Long Colt
Ocelot's Spirit with his Single Action Army.


Enhancing Major Ocelot's Spirit after leveling it up to Level 99 will turn the Spirit into the Phantom Pain incarnation of Revolver Ocelot with his "Tornado-6" drawn. In Phantom Pain, the Tornado-6 is actually an altered Uragan-5 which in turn takes influence from Mateba series revolvers, while having the hexagonal cylinder design of the Chiappa Rhino series, and a break-action design similar to the MP-412 REX. Curiously, the Tornado-6 here seems to have a nickel finish in contrast to its appearance in Phantom Pain. The vector used by the Spirit is also used in an icon you can place on your Smash Tag as well.

Mateba 2006M - .357 Magnum
Chiappa Rhino 40DS - .357 Magnum
Revolver Ocelot's Spirit with the Tornado-6.



Newcomer King K. Rool's neutral special has him using a Blunderbuss with a comically oversized muzzle, the weapon being a callback to the Kaptain K. Rool boss fight in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. The Blunderbuss can not only fire cannonballs but can vacuum up either the cannonball or other opponents and shoot them back out in different directions.

Modern replica of English 1766 Blunderbuss Flintlock
Proving to be quicker on the draw than Lucina, King K. Rool fires a cannonball from his Blunderbuss.
A few moments later, K. Rool gives the Ylissean Princess a first hand demonstration of his Blunderbuss' secondary ability by launching her out of it.

Sawed Off Shotgun

A Spirit featuring The Turks & Rufus Shinra from Final Fantasy VII is added into the game upon downloading Challenger Pack 8 featuring Sephiroth shows Rufus Shinra with his regular Sawn-off Double Barreled Shotgun.

Remington Spartan Sawed Off shotgun - 12 gauge
Rufus Shinra front and center with his Sawed Off Shotgun.

Submachine Guns

"Hero Shot"

A Mii Gunner outfit of the character Marie from Splatoon 2 was made available on June 29th, 2020 to coincide with the release of DLC fighter Min Min from the ARMS series. Unlike many of the other outfits for the Mii Gunner where they use a blaster attached to their right arm, the weapon used for the Marie costume is a handheld weapon called the Hero Shot, a weapon from Splatoon 2 that is a dead ringer for the FN P90. Unlike the Splattershot used by the Inkling fighter, the Hero Shot cannot fire paint or cover other fighters in it, instead firing laser beams like all other blasters in the game.

FN P90 - FN 5.7x28mm
The Mii Gunner firing the Hero Shot.



Among the other Resident Evil Spirits is Chris Redfield as he appeared in Resident Evil 6, armed with an ACR with a FAMAS style carrying handle. In Resident Evil 6, the ACR was called the "Assault Rifle For Special Tactics".

Bushmaster ACR - 5.56x45mm NATO
Chris Redfield's Spirit with the ACR.

AR-15 Variant

Snake's Fighter Spirit, which is unlocked after you complete his Classic campaign for the first time, depicts him holding an AR-15 style rifle with an M16A2 style handguard and aftermarket sights. The angle the rifle is being held at makes it admittedly difficult for a more positive identification. Cartoonish M16s also appear in the Tank & Infantry Spirit from the Famicon Wars series.

Colt M16A2 - 5.56x45mm
Snake's Fighter Spirit with the AR-15 pattern rifle.
A bit of a closer look at the AR-15 in question from a promotional image posted by the official Japanese Metal Gear Twitter account.
Modern M16A1 replica - 5.56x45mm NATO
The cartoonish M16s in the Tank & Infantry Spirit.


The FAL-style "MRS-4" from Metal Gear Solid V is seen in the Spirit of Big Boss (or more specifically Venom Snake), which is unlocked after you enhance the Spirit of Naked Snake upon reaching Level 99 with it and is also seen on a Smash Tag icon that uses the same vector for Venom Snake. The rifle in turn is influenced by the Beretta SCP-70/90, the Imbel MD 97, the FN FNC, the SR 88, the Daewoo K2, and the Gwinn Firearms Bushmaster Rifle.

Imbel MD 97 - 5.56x45mm NATO
Beretta SCP-70/90 - 5.56x45mm NATO
Big Boss's Spirit with the MRS-4.

Heavy Weapons/Explosives


The Gekkos from Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots return as a Spirit and as scenery on the Shadow Moses Island stage with their BGM-71 TOWs mounted on it.

BGM-71 TOW - 152mm
A Gekko making an appearance on the Shadow Moses Island stage.
The Gekko Spirit upon being unlocked. The one on the left shows off both the TOWs and the M2 guns.

Browning M2HB

The aforementioned Gekko Spirit/stage scenery also have Browning M2HBs mounted on them.

Browning M2HB - .50 BMG
A Gekko making an appearance on the Shadow Moses Island stage.
The Gekko Spirit upon being unlocked. The one on the left shows off both the TOWs and the M2 guns.


Both the regular and butterfly versions of the C4 return as Snake's down special, the only difference is this time it now has an obvious red light after being placed. Both versions of the C4 do the same amount of damage.

A block of C4.
The C4 planted on the ground.
The detonator used by Snake to set off his C4.
The Butterfly C4 planted on the ground, this version being a reference to a scene in Metal Gear Solid 3. This version also shows up more infrequently than in Brawl.

General Electric M134

The release of "Challenger Pack 8" which includes the famous Final Fantasy VII antagonist Sephiroth also coincides with the release of the Barret Wallace outfit for the Mii Gunner fighter, who uses a weapon that resembles a General Electric M134 just like Barret does. A Spirit of Barret is also added to the game upon downloading Challenger Pack 8.

General Electric M134 - 7.62x51mm NATO
A Mii with the Barret Wallace firing his blaster modeled off of the M134.
Barret's Spirit showing the version of him from the original Final Fantasy VII with his mounted M134.

M18 Smoke Grenade

Snake uses an M18 smoke grenade to signal the beginning of his new Final Smash called Covering Fire, which signals a rocket barrage after Snake marks his location.

M18 smoke grenade
Proving he's not done hurting innocent characters yet, Snake prepares to call in a rocket barrage on Isabelle as part of his Final Smash. The in-game camera is inaccessible during Final Smashes hence the presence of the pause screen in this screenshot.
Another look at Snake tossing an M18, showing the yellow painted top and bottom.

M224 Mortar

The M224 Mortar from Metal Gear Solid 4 returns as Snake's up smash.

M224 Mortar - 60mm
Snake readies his M224.
Snake and Ridley practice their new party trick which involves the Space Pirate leader trying to snatch a live mortar shell from out the air with his mouth.


A Spirit of Ralf Jones and Clark Still from the 1986 video game Ikari Warriors is added into the game upon the purchase of Challenger Pack 4. The Spirit depicts them both armed with short barreled M60E3s.

M60E3 - 7.62x51mm NATO
The Spirit of Ralf & Clark armed with M60E3s.

M67 Hand Grenade

The M67 hand grenades from Brawl return as Snake's neutral special, only this time they seem to be more oversized than in Brawl as the grenades are too big for Snake's hands, although this is likely so they can be more easily seen during gameplay. Snake can only throw two of these grenades at a time before having to wait for one of them to blow up.

M67 High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade
Snake pulling the pin on his M67...
...and is about to toss it at an offscreen Kirby.

Mk 2 Hand Grenade

The aforementioned Spirit of Ralf & Clark also shows Ralf pulling the pin off of a Mk 2 hand grenade with his teeth like the 80's action hero he is.

Mk 2 Hand Grenade
The Spirit of Ralf & Clark with Ralf pulling the pin off his Mk 2.

"Nikita Missile Launcher"

The "Nikita missile launcher" from Metal Gear Solid 2, which in turn resembles a FIM-92 Stinger, returns as Snake's side special.

FIM-92 Stinger - 70mm
A missile fired by the Nikita in flight.
A less obstructed look at the Nikita launcher's model. This was done by merely clipping through Snake's model with the in-game camera.


The RPG-7 with a PGO-7 scope returns from Brawl as Snake's side smash.

RPG-7 with PGO-7 scope and PG-7VM rocket - 40mm
Snake about to fire his RPG-7 point blank at the most adorable member of the roster. Were you to show this image to someone a few years ago, you'd have a hard time convincing them that it's a screenshot from an actual, legitimate, AAA-released game.
A closeup on the RPG-7 on a photo you unlock after clearing Snake's Classic campaign on Intensity 5.0 or higher without any continues.

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