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Strike Witches 2

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Strike Witches 2 (2010)

March, 1945; six months have passed since the destruction of the Neuroi hive over Gallia by the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, the Strike Witches. Semi-retired Imperial Fuso Navy Sergeant Yoshika Miyafuji is living peacefully back home in Fuso when she receives another letter from her late father, Ichiro Miyafuji, an engineer who specialized in the striker units that witches use to fly and fight against the invading aliens known as the Neuroi.

Meanwhile, in the skies over Venezia the 504th Joint Fighter Wing, the Ardor Witches, are undertaking an operation with the goal of attempting to communicate with a witch-like Neuroi, similar to one that had tried to communicate peacefully with Yoshika the previous year. However, before contact could be made a new, far larger Neuroi hive formed over Venezia, killing the Witch-Neuroi and entirely obliterating the existing hive. Back in Fuso, Yoshika, now with Squadron Leader Mio Sakamoto, overhears a desperate radio transmission from Flight Sergeant Lynette Bishop of Britannia, another former Strike Witches member. Despite Mio's initial objections, Yoshika ends up accompanying Mio back to Europe, where the 501st is reassembled to combat this sinister new threat.

Brave Witches (released in 2016) and Luminous Witches (2022) take place before Strike Witches 2, as does the The Sky That Connects Us manga, which follows the Strike Witches' lives between the two seasons. In chronological order, Strike Witches 2 is followed by Strike Witches: Operation Victory Arrow.

For more in-depth explanations of the lore and setting of the World Witches universe, see the first season's page.

Warning: Some descriptions and images are spoilers for the series, read at your own risk.

The following weapons were used in the anime series Strike Witches 2:


Nambu Type 14

In a flashback, Mio Sakamoto, nearing the end of her days as a witch, has Petty Officer Keisuke Hijikata use a Nambu Type 14 to test Mio's weakening shield.

Nambu Type 14 - 8x22mm Nambu
Petty Officer Hijikata hesitantly fires his Nambu. (Ep.2)
Mio's shield blocks the 8mm bullet, but with considerable strain. (Ep.2)
Hijikata aims his Type 14 again... (Ep.2)
...and fires. (Ep.2)
Shield failing completely, the bullet takes a few of Mio's hairs as it sails by. (Ep.2)
A dejected Mio looks down at the first bullet, lying on the sand. (Ep.2)

Beretta Modello 1934

Pilot Officer Francesca Lucchini of Romagna uses a stainless Beretta Modello 1934 customized with black controls, the 501st JFW emblem on the grips, as well as her personal emblem and a gold banner with her name on the slide. Under the gold banner is marked ~Gratitudine di Maria~ (Gratitude of Maria). In the fifth episode, Princess Maria Pia di Romagna encountered Francesca in Roma and the two spent the day together (including numerous homages to the film Roman Holiday), unaware who the other actually was (a princess and a witch). After Francesca, Charlotte, and Yoshika defend Roma from a Neuroi attack, later the same day Maria ascends to the position of Duchess. Soon after, she sends the Strike Witches an airdrop of supplies; Francesca and Charlotte's matching pistols were likely in these crates, though they aren't seen on-screen.

As promotional material for Strike Witches 2, Francesca and Charlotte had their respective sidearms released as airsoft replicas.

Western Arms airsoft replica of Francesca's Modello 1934 - 6mm BB
Francesca holds her gift from Maria. (Art)
Francesca watches a Romagnan Ju 52 fly over the 501st's base in Pescara, preparing to drop its supplies. (Ep.5)

Colt M1911A1

Flight Lieutenant Charlotte Elwyn "Shirley" Yeager of the United States of Liberion also receives a custom pistol from Maria, an M1911A1 built to match Francesca's customized Beretta. The trademarks on the gun read Colette's PT.F.A.MFG.CO. (rather than "Colt's"), since, as with most country names, most manufacturer names are also variations of their real versions in the World Witches universe.

Western Arms airsoft replica of Charlotte's M1911A1 - 6mm BB
Charlotte poses with her custom M1911A1. (Art)
A confused Francesca wonders why the plane dropped a bunch of supply crates right on top of her. (Ep.5)


Boys Mk I*

The Strike Witches' designated marksman, Lynette Bishop, continues to use a Boys Mk I* with its bipod removed as her signature weapon. Flying Officer Ángela Salas Larrazábal of the Kingdom of Hispania and Pilot Officer Luciana Mazzei of Romanga, members of the 504th Joint Fighter Wing, the Ardor Witches, also use Boys rifles. Before becoming a member of the Ardor Witches in Romagna, Ángela used a Panzerbüchse 39 as her weapon of choice. While Luciana uses a Boys as standard, when the situation demands it she also uses the gigantic Solothurn S-18/1000, as seen in the Streghe Rosse (Red Witches) manga, which follows the 504th JFW before, during, and after this incident.

Boys Mk I* - .55 Boys
Boys Mk I* design artwork
Luciana Mazzei and Ángela Larrazábal, both armed with Boys rifles. Although from Hispania, Ángela became an honorary member of the Romagnan Pantaloni Rossi (Red Pants) unit, and as such wears their uniform. (Ep.1)
On the left, Luciana hovers alongside fellow Ardor Witches Junko Takei, Fernandia Malvezzi, and Martina Crespi as Venezia falls to the new Neuroi hive. (Ep.1)
Lynette zooms in to glomp Yoshika, after punching a sizable hole straight through the Neuroi they've been fighting. (Ep.2)
A reverse view down the rifle's sights. (Ep.2)
Both being out of practice, Yoshika crashes into Lynette during training. (Ep.3)
Lynette fires her Boys at an exceptionally hard-armoured Neuroi. (Ep.3)
Lynette, Yoshika, and Pierrette-Henriette Clostermann locate the same Neuroi's core. (Ep.3)
After a beam damages one of her Spitfire Mk 22 striker halves, Lynette gets some support from Yoshika. (Ep.3)
Lynette hesitantly aims her Boys at Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen, so the latter can practice using a shield, something she never does thanks to her precognition. (Ep.6)
However, Eila stubbornly believes herself unable to raise a shield and simply dodges as usual, leaving an understandably distraught Perrine (who was standing in for Aleksandra Litvyak, who Eila needs to protect in their planned mission) blocking the massive 13.9mm bullet with her own shield at the last moment. This continues to happen until Lynette is out of ammo. (Ep.6)
Perrine accuses Yoshika of not trying her hardest in a training match, as Lynette serves as referee. Note the paintball/simunition-style training weapons, painted orange. (Ep.8)
Lynette takes on an absolutely enormous nuclear-bomb-inspired Neuroi all by herself. (Ep.8)
Lynette comes to terms with her situation as she stares down the behemoth. (Ep.8)
Utterly exhausted, an unconscious Lynette falls towards the sea, as Yoshika desperately races to catch her. (Ep.8)
Lynette watches as Yoshika and Perrine speed towards a Neuroi. (Ep.9)
Yoshika protects the battleship Yamato and carrier Amagi during Operation Mars, as Lynette in turn covers Yoshika. (Ep.11)
Perrine and Lynette fight back to back as the battle drags out. (Ep.11)
Lynette clears the last of the small-type Neuroi blocking Yoshika's path, and cheers her on with the rest of the 501st. (Ep.12)
Official artwork of Ángela with her PzB 39, alongside Flying Officer Wendelin Schröer in North Africa. The witch in the tent appears to be Pilot Officer Raisa Pöttgen, who has a cameo near the end of this season. (Art)
Luciana aims her S-18/1000 in official artwork, complete with scope. This is among the largest weapons used by any witch, certainly the largest that can still be considered a shoulderable rifle. (Art)

PU scope for Mosin rifle

A PU scope, in its mount for the Mosin Mod. 1891/30 (often colloquially called "Mosin-Nagant" in the West) is seen quite inexplicably mounted to a fire hose, together with a pistol grip assembly.

Mosin Mod. 1891/30 - 7.62x54mmR
Francesca takes aim at Perrine, the scope featuring a rather authentic reticle. (Ep.7)
Having an excellent view of her target, Francesca prepares to fire the pistol grip equipped, scoped fire hose. (Ep.7)

Machine Guns

Bren Mk 1 (M)

Despite the liberation of Gallia, Flying Officer Pierrette-Henriette "Perrine" Clostermann continues to use the Britannian-made Bren Mk 1 (M) as her weapon of choice, likely for a combination of having become very familiar with the weapon type, and (though Perrine would never admit to such sentimentality) an attachment to Britannia after serving there as part of the 501st.

Bren Mk 1 (M) - .303 British
Bren Mk 1 (M) design artwork; note the detailed cross-section of the rear sight aperture
Pierrette unleashes her Tonnerre special ability during the first battle. (Ep.2)
Perrine clutches her Bren to her chest as she watches her beloved Squadron Leader Sakamoto charge a Neuroi with nothing but her newly forged katana, Reppuumaru. (Ep.2)
Perrine instinctively levels her Bren at a mysterious bucket of water that fell out of the sky. (Ep.3)
As Lynette rides Yoshika for support, Perrine provides additional fire with her Bren gun. (Ep.3)
A view down the sights of a training Bren as Perrine and Yoshika engage in a mock battle. (Ep.8)
Perrine wins her first of three matches against Yoshika, giving a good view of the underside of her VG.39bis striker. (Ep.8)
Lynette, Yoshika, and Perrine break formation to avoid a Neuroi beam. (Ep.9)
Perrine is impressed with the performance of Yoshika's new striker unit. (Ep.9)
As Perrine and Yoshika engage a Neuroi, Perrine advises Yoshika to not get too far away on her own. (Ep.9)
Yoshika and Perrine continue spearheading the attack, moments before Lynette punches a hole in the Neuroi's right "wing". (Ep.9)
A good side-view of Perrine's Bren moments before she gets incredibly mad at the Neuroi for damaging a bridge. (Ep.9)
"How dare you strike the bridge!" (Ep.9)
Perrine fires her Bren at a large Neuroi inspired by the Horten Ho XIII, revealing its core and allowing Mio to destroy it with her devastatingly powerful Reppuuzan katana attack. (Ep.11)
Perrine and Lynette are suddenly surrounded by a swarm of small-type Neuroi, before Mio charges in attempting to destroy them. (Ep.11)
Perrine gives Yoshika some words of encouragement, while holding her Bren one-handed, supported by its sling. (Ep.12)
Unleashing Tonnerre once again, Perrine obliterates a group of Neuroi. (Ep.12)

Browning M1918A2

Flight Lieutenant Charlotte Yeager continues to use a BAR as her standard weapon. Although holding drastically less ammo than the other witches' weapons, the BAR is well-suited to Shirley's preference for speed, being a far lighter and more compact gun.

Browning M1918A2 - .30-06 Springfield
M1918A2 design artwork
Flying to meet the supply fleet, unaware it has been attacked, Charlotte and Francesca Lucchini discuss tasty food. Which they agree on, right up until Francesca says "octopus". (Ep.2)
A great shot of the BAR's receiver, as the pair rushes forward upon hearing a distress call. (Ep.2)
Charlotte zooms past Yoshika as she arrives to help, both of them equally surprised to see the other. (Ep.2)
Charlotte fires her BAR, while complaining this Neuroi is unusually tough. (Ep.2)
Getting ready for a load-carrying competition with Gertrud Barkhorn, Charlotte's BAR deploys from the launch unit, while she herself is carrying ten spare magazines. (Ep.4)
Holding her BAR, Shirley gives praise to her ever-reliable P-51 striker. (Ep.4)
Charlotte fires her M1918A2 at the main section of a Vostok-inspired Neuroi. (Ep.4)
Charlotte and the Neuroi fly circles around each other, exchanging fire. (Ep.4)
Finally getting a clear shot, Charlotte pulls the trigger... (Ep.4)
...only for the BAR to jam. (Ep.4)
Charlotte and Yoshika join up with a very enthusiastic Francesca in defence of Roma. (Ep.5)
The Liberian and Fuso witches cover the Romagnan, as she protects her homeland. (Ep.5)
Members of the 501st discover their latest foe: An obelisk-shaped Neuroi that is one-hundred-thousand feet tall, with the core at the very top. None of their guns are going to be of any use here. (Ep.6)
Shirley spins Francesca around, releases her into a group of Neuroi with her shield-stacking ability active, then takes out the disoriented Neuroi with her BAR. (Ep.11)
"Hang in there, Lucchini!" (Ep.11)
The rest of the Strike Witches return to help Yoshika, as Shirley rests her BAR on her hip like a badass. (Ep.12)

Browning M1919A6

Pilot Officer Francesca Lucchini continues to use the Liberian-made Browning M1919A6 as her primary armament.

Browning M1919A6 - .30-06 Springfield
M1919A6 design artwork
Francesca's M1919A6 strapped to her back as she imagines eating octopus. A very different reaction to Shirley's. (Ep.2)
Francesca greets her old squadron member, M1919A6 in hand. (Ep.2)
And the family reunion keeps getting bigger! (Ep.2)
A fantastic formation shot of all of the Strike Witches (sans Mio) back together, fully armed and ready to take names. (Ep.2)
Francesca readies her signature shield stacking move, with her Browning hanging by its sling. (Ep.2)
Francesca trades fire with one of the four booster sections of the Vostok Neuroi, giving a good look at her M1919A6 and G.55S Strega striker. (Ep.4)
Launching from St. Peter's Square, where she was visiting with Maria, Francesca heads up to engage a Neuroi over Roma. (Ep.5)
Readying her shield attack, Francesca prepares to ram the enemy. (Ep.5)
Yoshika provides cover fire with her Type 99 as Francesca speeds past... (Ep.5)
...straight through the Neuroi. Francesca's M1919A6 and upper torso can be seen emerging from the alien being/craft, which is surprisingly small by Neuroi standards. (Ep.5)
The Neuroi shatters into fragments, as the proud Romagnan flies over her capital city. (Ep.5)
Needing to get back to her date with Maria, Francesca tosses her Browning to Yoshika for safekeeping. (Ep.5)
With the rest of the 501st, Francesca hovers over the large Neuroi dome encapsulating Valletta, Malta. (Ep.10)
That... is another Halo hive. (Ep.11)
Francesca plows through a bunch of flying saucer Neuroi with her shields, setting Shirley up to mow them down. These seem to be inspired by the Haunebu "Wunderwaffe" concept. (Ep.11)
Helping clear a path for Yoshika, Francesca gives her a cheer. (Ep.12)

MG 34

Flight Lieutenant Hanna-Justina Wallia Rosalind Sieglinde Marseille of the 31st Joint Fighter Squadron Afrika, the Storm Witches, uses an MG 34. Having earned quite a fan-following and called the "Star of Africa", Hanna is also known to own a Beretta Modello 1934 with a tan finish, which was presented to her as a gift. Unlike nearly every other weapon used by witches, the bipod is retained on the MG 34, in order to use it as a foregrip.

MG 34 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Erica Hartmann and Hanna Marseille race to see who can destroy the most target balloons. Being stationed in North Africa, Hanna uses a Bf 109 G-2/trop striker, with its distinctive sand filter over the supercharger intake visible here. (Ep.10)
Unsatisfied with a tie, Hanna aims her loaded MG 34 at Erica and claims victory. Minna is furious. (Ep.10)
Having entered the Neuroi dome covering Malta via I-400-class submarine, Erica and Hanna launch from the sub's aircraft hangar. (Ep.10)
Erica and Hanna fight back to back, lighting up the air with their machine guns. (Ep.10)
The Karlslanders fly higher in the dome; Hanna's use of the bipod as a grip can be seen here. (Ep.10)
Racing each other to destroy the core, the two lay down fire with their weapons. (Ep.10)
Still tied, Hanna and Erica decide to settle their score with a live-fire duel. The first to use a shield or run out of ammo loses. (Ep.10)
Hanna rolls while firing her MG 34. (Ep.10)
"You're empty." (Ep.10)
"So are you." (Ep.10)

MG 42

The Karlsland trio, Wing Commander Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke, Flight Lieutenant Gertrud Barkhorn, and Flying Officer Erica Hartmann, along with Flying Officer Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen of Suomus, all continue to equip MG 42s modified to use the Patronentrommel 34 drum magazine. The MG 42 is also used by Romagnan witches Flying Officer Fernandia Malvezzi and Flight Sergeant Martina Crespi, of the Ardor Witches.

MG 42 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
MG 42 design artwork; the text at top-left describes operation of the magazine release, comparing it to the tab on an aluminum drink can
Fernandia Malvezzi holds her MG 42 as the 504th JFW approaches the Neuroi hive; Martina Crespi is off-screen to her left. (Ep.1)
With the whole squadron back together again, Minna orders them forward. Gertrud and Erica can be seen near the bottom of the shot, while Minna's MG 42 is hanging off-screen (though its sling is visible). (Ep.2)
Eila Juutilainen fires her MG 42 one-handed, dragging Sanya Litvyak with her other hand, while dodging Neuroi beams. (Ep.2)
Out of ammo, Gertrud flips her MG 42s around... (Ep.2)
...and proceeds to use them as clubs. Amazingly, this doesn't damage the guns at all. (Ep.2)
Erica fires at one of the booster sections of the Vostok Neuroi, giving a nice close-up of her MG 42. (Ep.4)
Singing a tune in her head, Eila engages a swarm of small-type Neuroi at treetop-level, without a care in the world. (Ep.6)
Gertrud and Erica take off on a commando raid, showing off Gertrud's Fw 190 D-9 Würger striker; the D-9 is the production version of the Dora, as opposed to the D-6 prototype she flew previously. (Ep.7)
As the task force nears Malta, Minna radios Erica and Hanna, asking if they're ready to go. (Ep.10)
Erica and Hanna fight back-to-back inside the Neuroi dome over Malta, though more for necessity than camaraderie. (Ep.10)
Their second duel over, Erica and Hanna point their empty machine guns at each other. Another tie. (Ep.10)
Erica and Gertrud blitz through some Neuroi with their usual tactic of overwhelming firepower. (Ep.11)
Smoke leaves the barrel of Minna's MG 42, having just taken out a Neuroi threatening Mio. (Ep.11)
Making a habit out of this, Eila once again drags Sanya around while firing her MG 42. (Ep.11)
Determined to protect her friends at all costs, Minna levels her MG 42. (Ep.12)
Ready for another round, Gertrud and Erica prepare themselves for takeoff. (Ep.12)
Minna takes out a few dozen Neuroi as she urges Yoshika on. This is also an excellent shot of Minna's Bf 109 K-4 striker; Erica and Eila have also upgraded to the K-4. (Ep.12)
Gertrud spins in a circle while firing her MG 42s, obliterating a wave of Neuroi. (Ep.12)
Holding her MGs, Gertrud cheers on Yoshika. (Ep.12)
Eila reads a tarot card for Yoshika, as her own form of wishing her luck. (Ep.12)

Type 99-2 Model 2 Kai

The mainstay of Fuso witches, a fictional iteration of the Type 99 aircraft cannon, makes its return, once again used by Yoshika Miyafuji and Mio Sakamoto. It is also seen used by Flight Lieutenant Junko Takei of the Ardor Witches, who fought alongside Mio in the Fuso Sea Incident. Covered in the 1937 Fuso Sea Incident manga, this battle was the first major use of Miyafuji-type striker units against the Neuroi, and was a resounding victory for the witches.

For the rather lengthy technical explanation of the witches' Type 99-2 Model 2 Kai variant, see its first season entry.

Type 99 Mark 1, flexible configuration - 20x72mmRB
Type 99-2 Model 2 Kai (13.2x96mm Hotchkiss) design artwork; the text at lower-centre indicates the location of the charging button
Junko's group approaches the Neuroi hive, giving an excellent view of her Type 99 and brand new N1K2-J Shiden Kai striker. Martina Crespi can be seen behind the Type 99. (Ep.1)
Having stolen borrowed Mio's old A6M3a Reisen striker unit (used by Mio during the first season), Yoshika takes on a regenerating Neuroi on her own. (Ep.2)
Semi-conscious, Yoshika spirals towards the sea, her Type 99 hanging from its sling. (Ep.2)
Together with Lynette and Perrine, Yoshika charges the Neuroi that interrupted their training. (Ep.3)
Left-side Spitfire damaged by a Neuroi beam, Lynette reaches for Yoshika. (Ep.3)
Perrine, Mio, and Erica watch as the Vostok Neuroi splits into five. Mio's new N1K5-J Shiden Kai striker can be seen here; the 5 variant is a one-of prototype being field tested by Mio. (Ep.4)
Mio holds her Type 99 as she tells Shirley, master of speed, to pursue the central Vostok section, which contains the core. Due to Mio's preference for using Reppuumaru, her magic-infused sword, she doesn't appear as often on this page compared to the previous season. (Ep.4)
Yoshika draws a Neuroi's fire, as Francesca moves in to take it out. (Ep.5)
Yoshika rests her arms on her training Type 99, as she wonders why she's having trouble flying after losing three mock battles in a row to Perrine. (Ep.8)
Equipped with the never-before-flown Tsukushi J7W1 Shinden, Yoshika launches via catapult from Yamato. To the left is the Akizuki-class destroyer Suzutsuki, with a Chitose-class aircraft carrier to the right. (Ep.8)
Pushing her Magnificent Lightning to the limit, Yoshika speeds past the same Chitose-class carrier, under one of the triple 25mm AA gun mounts. (Ep.8)
Having rescued Lynette, Yoshika turns her attention to the nuclear-bomb-inspired Neuroi. (Ep.8)
Her complete... (Ep.8)
...and total... (Ep.8)
...undivided attention. (Ep.8)
With the first phase of Operation Mars a success, Perrine, Yoshika, Lynette, and the rest of the 501st return to Amagi. A pair of Navigatori-class destroyers are screening the carrier, and notably Amagi's starboard 20cm casemate guns appear to be in use. (Ep.11)
The mid-episode artwork, showcasing Yoshika's Shinden striker (and Type 99). Magnificent Lighting indeed. (Ep.12)
Dodging dozens of beams, Yoshika makes her way towards the hive's core. (Ep.12)
Yoshika flies through the remains of half a dozen small-type Neuroi cleared out by Lynette's Boys rifle. (Ep.12)
Facing one final small-type, Yoshika obliterates it with her Type 99. (Ep.12)



The Fliegerhammer, a fictional multi-barrel rocket launcher, is once again used by Flying Officer Aleksandra Vladimirovna "Sanya" Litvyak. Designed by Erica's twin sister and genius engineer Ursula Hartmann, the Fliegerhammer was inspired by (both in-universe and out) the Fliegerfaust. Ursula also makes her first animated appearance this season.

For additional details, see its first season entry.

Fliegerfaust (replica) with 9-rocket clip - 20mm
Fliegerhammer design artwork; the text at top-left describes the launch order in volley fire (white tubes first)
Following a volley of rockets, Aleksandra and Eila make their entrance. (Ep.3)
Eila and Sanya combine their predictive foresight and firepower, to great effect. (Ep.3)
Sanya greets Eila and Yoshika as she heads out for night patrol, moments before Mio orders her to return to base with them instead. (Ep.6)
Sanya's Fliegerhammer stows itself on her launch unit, as Yoshika, Lynette, Eila, and Sanya herself discuss her night patrol duties and (very impressive) rocket launcher. (Ep.6)
Needing to take out the core of the 100,000-foot tall Neuroi, the Strike Witches devise a plan that uses rocket boosters and "stages" of witches, as well as Sanya's Fliegerfaust, to reach and take it out in the near-vacuum at that height. The episode as a whole is an homage to the era of rocketry and space exploration that has its roots in WWII. (Ep.6)
Her stubbornness to protect Sanya overcoming her stubbornness to not use a shield, Eila trades places with Yoshika as Sanya's protector for the mission at the last moment. (Ep.6)
Sanya and Eila's song Sweet Duet takes over, while all other sounds become muted in the vacuum of space. The small pad near the rear of the launcher can fold down to become a shoulder stop, as well as housing a folding rear grip. (Ep.6)
The duo approach the tip of the obelisk-Neuroi. Hard to beat a view like this. (Ep.6)
Sanya prepares to fire the Fliegerhammer; note the shoulder stop and rear grip are now folded down for use. (Ep.6)
Sanya holds the trigger, firing all nine rockets in quick succession. The launch order is top, middle, then bottom row, all (from the shooter's perspective) right to left; this is the eighth rocket. (Ep.6)
Sanya carries her Fliegerfaust tucked under her arm, as the 501st waits for Erica and Hanna to finishing clearing the Neuroi dome over Malta. Minna is using her spatial awareness ability to count how many Neuroi remain inside the dome. (Ep.10)
As Eila baits a group of Neuroi into following her, Sanya fires a single rocket. This is also a great shot of Sanya's MiG I-225 striker. (Ep.11)
Sanya's rocket hits the lead Neuroi, causing a massive pile-up that destroys all of them. (Ep.11)
Sanya holds her rocket launcher, as the rest of the 501st surprise Minna by getting ready for another sortie. One of Amagi's two Type 92s can be seen over Lynette's shoulder. (Ep.12)
Sanya fires a volley of four rockets, followed quickly by the other five, to help clear a path for Yoshika. (Ep.12)
The rockets fly past Yoshika, taking out nine small-types. (Ep.12)


MK 108

In addition to the Me 262 V1 Schwalbe prototype jet-powered striker unit developed by Ursula Hartmann and sent to the 501st for testing, they're also given four MK 108 cannons and a BK 5 cannon to use as its armament; four MK 108s was the standard armament of real Me 262s as well.

The modifications for use by witches consist of attaching them together in pairs, with a bar in front and pistol-grip-like assembly in the rear, wires running to the grip for the trigger (these existed in reality, the difference here is they go to the new pistol grip), drum magazines that fit under the pair and feed both guns from the same drum, and one of the pairs being manufactured left-handed so all of the shells eject away from the shooter.

MK 108 - 30x90mmRB
The two pairs of unloaded MK 108s sit on the ground; the connecting parts and wires can be seen here, as well as a single drum magazine on the right. (Ep.4)
Francesca jumps into the Me 262 while the rest of the group argues over who will test fly it first. The MK 108s can be seen sitting under the BK 5 to the left. (Ep.4)
A close-up of the left-hand MK 108s, as Gertrud prepares for a load-carrying competition with Charlotte. This is an excellent shot of the two feed chutes from the single drum. (Ep.4)
Between the four MK 108s, their mounting assemblies, drum magazines, ammo, the BK 5, its magazine, and its ammo, Flight Lieutenant Barkhorn is carrying roughly 2300 pounds of equipment. (Ep.4)
However, the new jet striker has no issue carrying this much weight. (Ep.4)
Gertrud obliterates a target balloon with a salvo from the MK 108s. (Ep.4)

BK 5

The BK 5, a massive anti-bomber cannon that fires 50mm rounds, is part of the Me 262 testing package sent by Ursula. In reality, while these were only tested on Me 262s, they were fielded operationally on Me 410s, and they're credited with over 130 bombers shot down.

Compared to the MK 108s, the BK 5 has few modifications for use by witches, notably a horizontal pistol grip and trigger on the right and horizontal grip for the off-hand on the left; the magazine is also more aggressively curved, so that it doesn't wrap around the whole weapon, staying out of the way on the right side.

BK 5 - 50x419mmR
A lover of heavy firepower, Gertrud inspects the new cannons. (Ep.4)
Trude trades taunts with Shirley, as she tries out the 262. (Ep.4)
Panning up, the ridiculous length of the BK 5's barrel can be seen here. (Ep.4)
Disobeying Minna's orders to not use the jet striker (as it drains the user's magic at an alarming rate), Trude takes the Me 262 and BK 5 to rescue Shirley, giving a gorgeous shot of the Strike Witches' base in Pescara. (Ep.4)
Gertrud obliterates the Vostok Neuroi with the BK 5's absurd firepower. (Ep.4)
The absolutely demolished remains of the Me 262 V1 and BK 5, after they fell several thousand feet into the sea. Flying Officer Ursula Hartmann herself appears moments later to collect the remnants, initially confusing the 501st when they think she's Erica. (Ep.4)

Vehicle-Mounted Weapons

Breda-SAFAT 12.7mm machine gun

Romagnan C.202 Folgore fighters are armed with a pair of Breda-SAFAT machine guns chambered in 12.7mm, mounted in the engine cowling.

Breda-SAFAT machine gun - 12.7x81mmSR
Four C.202s, a Ju 52, and members of the 504th JFW approach a Neuroi hive. (Ep.1)
A large flight of Folgores, along with cruisers Zara and Pola, and (out of frame) a Lancaster approach the 100,000-foot tall obelisk-Neuroi. (Ep.6)
Three C.202s fire their guns at the enormous Neuroi. (Ep.6)
The C.202s finish their strafing run, doing no appreciable damage to the monolith. (Ep.6)

Browning .303 Mk II*

A Romagnan Lancaster Mk III (Special), the variant modified to deliver an Upkeep bouncing bomb, is used in an attempt to damage/destroy the obelisk-Neuroi. As the dorsal turret was removed from this variant, it is armed with six Browning .303 Mk II* machine guns, two in the nose turret, four in the rear turret. This Lancaster also features the nose art of The Saint, a real Mk III (Special).

Browning .303 Mk II* - .303 British
The Saint drops its Upkeep bomb. Note that there is a silhouette of a crew member in both the nose turret and bombardier's position; this is accurate, as on this variant the (former) dorsal gunner was moved to the nose turret, allowing the bombardier to focus solely on navigation and bombing. (Ep.6)

Type 99 Mark 1

The Type 99 cannon also appears mounted on the 501st JFW's H8K2 flying boat, mounted in its nose, dorsal, and rear turrets in its flexible configuration. A pair of fixed Type 99s are also used by A6M3 Reisen fighters from carriers Amagi, Chitose, and Chiyoda.

Type 99 Mark 1, flexible configuration - 20x72mmRB
The H8K sits docked, as Mio and Keisuke Hijikata prepare to depart for Romagna; the Type 99 in its nose turret can be seen here. (Ep.1)
Using Mio's old striker unit, Yoshika races to catch Mio's H8K2; the dorsal and rear turrets are visible in this shot. (Ep.2)
Yoshika provides some nice rising sun imagery by blocking a beam. (Ep.2)
Top: Type 99 Mark 1 Model 3 - 20x72mmRB / Bottom: Type 99 Mark 2 Model 3 - 20x101mmRB
Dozens of A6Ms take off from Chitose and Chiyoda to engage the nuclear-bomb-like Neuroi threatening the fleet. (Ep.8)
The Neuroi sweeps a pair of beams across the sky... (Ep.8)
...obliterating a sizable amount of Reisens before they can even get close. Leading the fleet is a Zara-class cruiser (Fiume or Gorizia), a Littorio-class battleship, and a pair of Navigatori-class destroyers. (Ep.8)

Type 97

The same A6M3 Reisen fighters are also armed with a pair of Type 97 aircraft machine guns in the engine cowling. An F1M2 floatplane, also armed with a pair of Type 97s in the cowling, is seen stored in Yamato's hangar.

Type 97 aircraft machine gun - 7.7x56mmR
Zeros fire their Type 97s at the massive Neuroi. (Ep.8)
Several A6M3s plunge into the ocean, as their numbers start to dwindle. The Akizuki-class at far left is Suzutsuki, with one of her sister ships further back. (Ep.8)
Some of the remaining A6Ms provide cover as Yamato prepares to fire her main guns. (Ep.8)
Inside Yamato's hangar, Lynette and Yoshika prepare for takeoff. The F1M floatplane can be seen folded up behind them. (Ep.8)
Engines completely burned out, Yoshika's Zero striker utterly refuses to start. (Ep.8)
The situation growing more desperate by the second, and before Yoshika can protest, Lynette leaves to defend the fleet on her own. (Ep.8)

Type 92

The Type 92, a Japanese copy of the Lewis Gun, is the rear gunner armament of the F1M2 in Yamato's hangar.

Type 92 - 7.7x56mmR
Having hit absolute rock bottom, Yoshika cries for her apparent lost ability to fly. However, Mio's old Reisen isn't the only striker unit in Yamato's hangar... (Ep.8)

Vickers GO No. 1 Mk I

A Willys MB fitted with a machine gun can be seen outside the Storm Witches' camp in North Africa. Although not especially detailed, that it's a Willys MB in North Africa makes it rather obvious that it's intended to be a Vickers GO No. 1 Mk I, and the silhouette does match. Originally an aircraft-mounted gun, in reality the Vickers GO was famously used by the Long Range Desert Group and Special Air Service in improvised mounts on jeeps, generally for raids on Axis airfields and similar.

Vickers GO No. 1 Mk I - .303 British
The jeep, with a Vickers GO mounted in the rear, sits by a tent where Hanna Marseille and Raisa Pöttgen are relaxing between missions. Shortly after this, Hanna is seen reading a newspaper dated July 23, 1945. (Ep.12)

Naval Weapons

Ships from most major nations appear this season, including: One Akagi-class and two Chitose-class aircraft carriers, one Yamato-class battleship, two Takao-class cruisers, six Akizuki-class and one Kagerou-class destroyers, and one I-400-class submarine from Fuso. Two Littorio-class battleships, three Zara-class cruisers, and eight Navigatori-class destroyers from Venezia and Romagna. Four King George V-class battleships from Britannia. Two Bismarck-class battleships from Karlsland. Five Fletcher-class destroyers from Liberion.

The Amagi in this universe is a sister ship to Akagi (she is not the Unryuu-class Amagi) and as such she is identical to her sister ship that appeared in the first season. The carriers Chitose and Chiyoda are equipped with purely AA armament, consisting of four twin 12.7cm/40 Type 89 cannons and ten triple 25mm Type 96 autocannons. The submarine aircraft carrier I-400 is armed with one 14cm/40 11th Year Type cannon on her rear deck, along with three triple 25mm Type 96s atop the aircraft hangar. Battleship Yamato is armed with nine enormous 40cm/45 Type 94 cannons (actually 46cm) in three triple turrets as her primary armament, six 15.5cm/60 3rd Year Type cannons in two triple turrets as her secondary, along with twelve twin 12.7cm/40 Type 89s (six in enclosed turrets) and twenty-eight triple 25mm Type 96s (sixteen in enclosed turrets) for AA defence. Cruisers Takao and Maya feature ten 20cm/50 3rd Year Type No.2 cannons (actually 20.3cm) in five twin turrets, as well as four twin 12.7cm/40 Type 89s and twenty-four 25mm Type 96s, split between six twin and four triple mounts as AA armament. The Akizukis are equipped with eight 10cm/65 Type 98 cannons in four twin turrets, with three triple 25mm Type 96s for additional AA defence. The Kagerou's armament is listed on the first season page.

Battleships Littorio and Doge are equipped with nine Ansaldo 381/50 Modello 1934 cannons in three triple turrets as primary armament, twelve Ansaldo 152/55 Modello 1934 cannons in four triple turrets as secondary, with twelve Ansaldo 90/50 Modello 1939 cannons in single turrets and eighteen Breda 37/54 Modello 1938 twin autocannons for anti-air. Cruisers Zara, Pola, and their third sister ship are armed with eight Ansaldo 203/53 Modello 1927 cannons in four twin turrets, with an AA complement of eight twin OTO 100/47 Modello 1927 cannons and four twin 13.2mm Breda Modello 31 machine guns. The Navigatoris feature three twin Ansaldo 120/50 Modello 1926 cannons, with eleven Breda 20/65 Modello 1935 autocannons for AA defence. Battleships HMS Prince of Wales, HMS Duke of York, HMS Anson, and HMS Howe are seen with eight BL 14-inch Mk VII cannons split between one quadruple turret and two twin turrets (this is a goof, the rear turret should also be quadruple, for ten total guns), with sixteen QF 5.25-inch Mark I cannons in eight twin turrets as secondary armament, and nine QF 2-pounder Mark VIII octuple autocannons for anti-air protection. Battleships Bismarck and Tirpitz are armed with eight 38cm SK C/34 cannons in four twin turrets, twelve 15cm SK C/28 cannons in six twin turrets as secondary armament, along with eight twin 10.5cm SK C/33 cannons, six twin 3.7cm SK C/30 cannons, and six 2cm MG C/30 autocannons as anti-air defence. The Fletchers are equipped with five 5"/38 Mark 12 cannons in single turrets as their main armament, with five 40mm/56 M1 autocannons and seven 20mm/70 Mark 4 autocannons for anti-air.

Battleship Yamato rests in port, being prepared for her journey to Europe. The people on the dock give a sense of just how massive she is. (Ep.1)
Yoshika Miyafuji and Michiko Yamakawa take in a beautiful view of Yokosuka, as the H8K flying boat touches down. The left-most ship is an Akizuki-class, while the one at centre is a Kagerou-class making a reappearance from the first season. Although her name isn't quite legible, it's four characters/syllables long and the number on the bow appears to be 16 (rather than 17), making her Yukikaze or Hatsukaze. Of the two Yukikaze is most likely, as the real ship is famous for being one of extremely few Japanese ships to survive WWII, and one of even fewer to see further military service. (Ep.1)
Littorio leads the Venezian/Romagnan fleet. Four twin 37mm cannons are mounted in a single-file line at the bow, two more atop one of the primary turrets, and five more along the port side of the superstructure, and thus naturally five more on the opposite side. (Ep.2)
A close-up of the stern of Navigatori "MC", giving a good look at two of the Breda 20mm autocannons, with another partially visible at far-left. In the background, Littorio's two rearmost 37mm cannons can be seen on top of the rear main turret. (Ep.2)
Yoshika flies past one of the Zara-class cruisers. The bridge superstructure extending to the rear and enveloping the forward funnel indicates that the 3D model used Pola as a reference, as this trait is unique to that ship. The text on the main turret is Zara's motto, Tenacemente (Tenaciously), though it's seen on all the ships as they share the same model. (Ep.2)
Yoshika overflies "Venier". Two Navigatoris are named (Federico Nani and "Venier", possibly Sebastiano Venier) while all eight feature unique pennant letters (VE for "Venier", BA, QU, DC, MC, DU, BR, and one unseen for Federico Nani), however what's especially interesting is these are all fictional names/pennants (as is Doge). Seeing as Doge is this universe's name for Vittorio Veneto (as that battle never took place due to the Neuroi interrupting the Great War) it can be assumed that the Navigatoris having alternate names is due to other differences in the region's history, still not unified as single country. (Ep.2)
Zara and Pola (unclear which is which) open fire on the obelisk-Neuroi. Three of the four twin Breda Modello 31s can be seen from this angle, though they are rather low-detail, being just a rectangle and a small cylinder; two are above the bridge, while another is on the rear mast (roughly under the flag here) with one out of view on the opposite side. (Ep.6)
With an Akizuki-class in the background, Yamato fires her primary and secondary turrets at the bomb-Neuroi, a salvo of 460mm shells sailing through the air. (Ep.8)
Takao about to take a hit from a Neuroi beam, with Bismarck to the right. There is a twin Type 96 on either side of the bridge, two on either side of the funnels, with a triple mount on either side between the funnels and aircraft deck, and the other pair of triple mounts way back near the stern. Takao is so badly damaged in this engagement that she is replaced in Operation Mars by her sister ship, Maya. (Ep.8)
Submarine carrier I-400 moves in under cover of the allied fleet. The three triple Type 96s sit on the aircraft hangar, with the 14cm deck gun to the rear. (Ep.10)
The enormous submarine threads the needle through underwater ruins around Malta. Slipping into a besieged Valletta by submarine is most certainly a reference to the real world "Magic Carpet" supply runs by British submarines. (Ep.10)
I-400 surfaces inside the Neuroi dome covering Valletta, showcasing just how incredibly alien the Neuroi are. (Ep.10)
A stitched shot an Akizuki-class, Fletcher-class USS Melvin, Akizuki herself (name visible), and Navigatori-class "MC"; the four destroyers are completely dwarfed by Yamato. USS Melvin appears to be the reference model for the class (like Pola, mentioned above), however she is not one of the four Fletchers named as participating in Operation Mars, and only four are ever seen at a time in the fleet throughout the season. The simplest canonical explanation is that Melvin is only actually present in this specific scene in port. The real ship was nicknamed "Blue Devil" (aoi akuma) and "Merciless Melvin" (mujihina Melvin) by the Japanese. (Ep.11)
Minna with a map of the fleet, naming every ship aside from most of the Akizukis and Navigatoris. The Fletchers are USS Nicholas, USS La Vallette, USS Heywood L. Edwards, and USS Richard P. Leary; the latter two are noteworthy, as in our reality they were among the first ships operated by Japan after the war, renamed JDS Ariake and JDS Yuugure, respectively. Hatsuzuki is erroneously listed twice, though a brief shot of the forward ship shows her to be Akizuki, meaning Hatsuzuki's actual position is screening Maya. (Ep.11)
A shot of the entire fleet, aside from the three lead destroyers. Throughout the season Akizuki, Suzutsuki, and Hatsuzuki can all be identified by name, with their three sister ships most likely being Teruzuki (completing 61st Destroyer Division), Niizuki, and Wakatsuki. (Ep.11)
The three lead destroyers, Federico Nani, USS Nicholas, and Akizuki, with Amagi and Yamato in the foreground. Most of Yamato's AA armament can be seen here, albeit it's very cluttered to look at. Listing the guns on one side, from stern to bow: Two enclosed triple Type 96s sit near the stern, just forward of the catapult (one visible at the bottom edge). One open triple mount sits beside the 155mm turret on the wooden deck, with a diagonal row of four enclosed triple mounts just in front, and two open triple mounts higher up in the superstructure. Beside the funnel are six twin Type 89s, three enclosed and three open mounts, the latter higher up. Forward of these, beside the pagoda mast are two enclosed triple Type 96s in a diagonal row, two open triple mounts slightly higher, and finally one open triple mount on the wooden deck. The opposite side of the ship features the same layout. (Ep.11)
HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Duke of York open fire to port; Prince of Wales features a blue/white/grey camo that distinguishes her from her sister ships. The two rearmost eight-barrel QF 2-pounder Mark VIIIs are visible here, one at the stern and another atop the rear 14-inch turret. In addition, an octuple "pom-pom" is positioned on either side of the rear funnel, two on either side of the forward funnel, and the last is atop the forward twin 14-inch turret. (Ep.11)
Bismarck fires to starboard. The cinematography of these two angles makes it seem as though Bismarck and Prince of Wales are trading salvos, in a very deliberate homage to their famous real world duel, though of course they aren't actually firing at each other here. (Ep.11)
HMS Howe and USS Heywood L. Edwards. The destroyer's three rear Oerlikons sit at the stern in a heart-shaped mount, with a Bofors visible between the third and fourth 5-inch turrets. The other four 20mm/70 Mark 4s sit below the rear torpedo launcher, two aside, with a 40mm/56 M1 just forward of them either side of the rear funnel, and another pair on either side of the bridge. (Ep.11)
Clouds of Neuroi shards rain down after the battleships finish their initial barrage, with Littorio, Doge, and Howe seen here. A full (real world) decade later, Doge would return with a very prominent role in the third season, Road to Berlin. (Ep.11)
Tirpitz in grey dazzle camo, as opposed to her sister ship's blue/white stripes. The twin 37mms can be found on both sides just behind the second primary turret, on the superstructure between the rear mast and third primary turret, as well as just forward of that same turret. The 20mm autocannons sit on the wooden deck below the forward 37mms, between the rear 37mms, and between the third and fourth primary turrets on the wooden deck, on both sides. (Ep.12)
A stitched shot of Amagi, an Akizuki-class, a Chitose-class, and a Takao-class returning to Yokosuka. Within the Witches universe, all four ships originally planned as Amagi-class battlecruisers were converted into aircraft carriers, with two sold to Karlsland in exchange for advanced technology and machinery. In our universe, the incomplete Amagi's hull was damaged beyond repair in an earthquake, leaving Akagi as the sole ship of her class. (Ep.12)

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