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Strike Back - Season 5

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Strike Back - Season 5
SB S05 DVD.jpg
Country UKD.jpg UK
Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Language English
Channel Sky1
Genre Action
Broadcast 2015
No. of Episodes 10
Main Cast
Character Actor
Sgt. Michael Stonebridge Philip Winchester
Sgt. Damien Scott Sullivan Stapleton
Sgt. Julia Richmond Michelle Lukes
Lt. Col. Philip Locke Robson Green
Kim Martinez Milauna Jackson
Mei Foster/Li-Na Michelle Yeoh

Strike Back - Season 5 (also known as Strike Back: Legacy or Strike Back: Cinemax Season 4) is the fifth and final season of the series. Returning for the final season are Philip Winchester as Sergeant Michael Stonebridge and Sullivan Stapleton as Sergeant Damien Scott, members of a top secret British intelligence unit known as Section 20. Also returning to the cast are Robson Green as Lt. Col. Philip Locke, Section 20's commanding officer, Michelle Lukes as Section 20's Sergeant Julia Richmond and Milauna Jackson as Kim Martinez, a former DEA Special Agent who now works for Section 20. Season 5 focuses on the terrorist motives of North Korea in collaboration with the Japanese Yakuza, the Russian mafia and an Irish bombmaker. It is set in Thailand, North Korea, Russia, Austria and Switzerland. The series premiered in the UK on Sky1 on June 5, 2015 and is scheduled for release in the US on Cinemax on July 31, 2015.

The following weapons were used in Season 5 of the television series Strike Back:



Glock 17

The Glock 17 returns as Section 20's primary sidearm. A sergeant at the British Embassy in Bangkok also carries a Glock as his sidearm. Solar Privatbank guards in Vienna, Austria also carry Glocks as their sidearms in S05E07. The team employs the Walther P99 as their sidearm from S05E05 onwards. Stillwater mercenaries Mason (Leo Gregory) and Faber (Dustin Clare) also carry Glock 17's as their sidearms in S05E09.

Glock 17, 2nd generation - 9x19mm
Glock 17, 3rd generation - 9x19mm
Scott holds his Glock while checking on Richmond (S05E01).
Stonebridge holds his Glock ready while he searches a slum (S05E01).
Scott and Stonebridge search the slum with their Glocks drawn (S05E01).
An embassy security officer holds his Glock on Locke.....
...who swiftly disarms him of it (S05E01).
Richmond arrives just in time to save Stonebridge with her Glock drawn (S05E01).
Locke prepares to advance on the A26 team with his Glock drawn (S05E02). The pistol is seen as the 2nd generation.
Richmond's Glock 3rd generation runs dry during a gunfight with the Yakuza (S05E04).
A holstered Glock 17 is seen on the Solar Privatbank guard as he surrenders to Myshkin's men. (S05E07)
One of Myshkins men disguised as a bank guard is also seen with a holstered Glock 17, before he is taken down by Scott (S05E07)
Mason and Faber stand by a Whitehall SUV with their holstered Glocks (S05E09)
Mason prepares to execute Li-Na with his Glock 17 (S05E09)
Faber covers Charles Ridley's escape after Section 20 is ambushed (S05E09)

Glock 19

Kim Martinez (Milauna Jackson), a former DEA agent working for Section 20, carries the smaller Glock 19 as her sidearm. In S05E08, an officer with the Austrian Federal Police draws a Glock on Scott and Stonebridge after mistaking them for bank robbers. In the same episode, Office 39 sleeper agent Heo Gil-Rae (Christopher Goh) also uses one to execute an INRO security guard.

Glock 19, 3rd generation - 9x19mm
Martinez searches the McQueen residence with her Glock 19 (S05E02)
Martinez tries to talk down a gun-wielding Malai McQueen (S05E02)
Martinez covers Richmond and Locke as they escape from the corrupt Arintharat 26 team (S05E02)
An Austrian Federal Police officer holds his Glock 19 on Scott (S05E08)
Heo Gil-Rae aims his Glock at the INRO security guards head (S05E08)

Glock 26

In S05E09, Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) finds and takes a Glock 26 from a deceased UN security guards ankle holster. He later gives it to Carole (Anne-Solenne Hatte), a UN tour guide who turns out to be a North Korean sleeper agent, but later retreives it at the end of the same episode. He continues to use it in S05E10, as it is the only weapon that survives the helicopter crash and only has three bullets.

Glock 26 subcompact Pistol - 9x19mm
Scott removes the Glock from the deceased guards ankle holster (S05E09)
Scott with the Glock (S05E09)
Carole holds the Glock on Scott and Stonebridge (S05E09)
A good side view of the Glock as Scott talks Carole down (S05E09)
Carole takes cover in the UN Council Chamber with the Glock (S05E09)
The Glock 26 is fired by Scott at Stillwater mercenaries in an imagine spot (S05E10)

SIG-Sauer P228

Security officers who confront Lt.Col. Philip Locke (Robson Green) in the British Embassy in Bangkok are armed with SIG-Sauer P228s in S05E01.

SIG-Sauer P228- 9x19mm
Security officers hold their SIG's on Locke (S05E01).
A side view of the SIG (S05E01).

SIG-Sauer P226

Mason (Leo Gregory), one of the CIA mercenaries pursuing Shiro, draws a SIG-Sauer P226 upon first meeting Section 20 in S05E04. Stonebridge's sidearm changes from a CZ-75 to a P226 in a continuity error in S05E05. Commander Leitner (Adrian Paul) and other Swiss ARD 10 operators also carry P226's as their sidearms in S05E09.

SIG-Sauer P226- 9x19mm
Mason draws his P226 before sitting down with Locke and Richmond (S05E04)
Mason holds his P226 on Richmond under the table (S05E04)
Stonebridge takes cover from a KPAGF search party. Note that he has the P226, which is an error since he was suppose to have the CZ-75.
Leitner reaches for his SIG when Locke announces he is planning to enter the besieged UN Headquarters (S05E09)
Locke walks away from Leitner and another ARD 10 soldier, who can't bring themselves to stop him (S05E09)

Walther P99

Replacing the Glock, members of Section 20 are seen carrying the Walther P99 as their sidearm from S05E05 onwards. Some members of the Austrian Federal Police, and security guards for the International Nuclear Research Organisation (INRO) also carry P99's as their sidearms in S05E08.

Walther P99 - 9x19mm
Locke opens fire on an Office 39 agent attacking their hotel room (S05E05).
Scott picks up his P99 after apprehending Kwon in Vienna (S05E07)
Scott prepares to enter Solar Privatbank with his P99 drawn (S05E07)
Stonebridge fires at Myshkins men with his P99 (S05E07)
Two Austrian Federal Police officers hold their P99's on Scott and Stonebridge after mistaking them for bank robbers (S05E08); this is probably an error, as AFP officers are armed with the Glock pistols instead of the Walther
Scott disarms a Federal Police officer of his P99 (S05E08)
Scott and Stonebridge disarm the Federal Police officers in a promotional still (S05E08)
Locke confronts 'Oppenheimer' with his P99 (S05E08)
An emotionally distraught Locke puts his P99 to 'Oppenheimer's head (S05E08)
A good side view of Locke's P99 (S05E08)
A P99 is briefly seen in an INRO security guards holster (S05E08)
Stonebridge aims his P99 at the exfol point in Switzerland (S05E09)
An injured Locke fires his P99 at Stillwater mercenaries during an exfol to a helicopter (S05E09)

Walther P22

Maj. Nina Pirogova (Tereza Srbova) carries a P22 during S05E07. It's seen both during the opera house shootout, and the bank robbery.

Walther P22 - .22 LR
Maj. Pirogova takes cover with her P22 when Li-Na, Kwon and Ivan Myshkin enter Solar Privatbank (S05E07)

Heckler & Koch P30

Instead of the Glock 19, security personnel guarding the UN Headquarters at Geneva are seen carrying the Heckler & Koch P30 as their standard sidearm. Both Stonebridge (Philip Winchester), Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) and Kwon (Will Yun Lee) later acquire these pistols from deceased officers.

Heckler & Koch P30 (2006-present) - 9x19mm Parabellum
A good close up of Kwon's P30 as he prepares to execute Stonebridge.
A UN security guard holds his P30 on Scott and Stonebridge when they are discovered trespassing.
A female North Korean operative disguised as UN security holds her P30 on a hostage in the Council Chamber.
Stonebridge retrieves a dead UN guard's P30.
Stonebridge moves through the UN's Geneva Headquarters, P30 in hand.
Scott and Stonebridge with their P30's in the UN cafeteria.
Scott and Stonebridge are confronted by ARD 10 soldiers.

Colt M1911A1

Various officers of the Royal Thai Police in Bangkok carry the Colt M1911A1 as their duty sidearms, including Changrok (Vithaya Pansringarm) in S05E02.

Colt M1911A1 Pistol - .45 ACP
Changrok holds his M1911 to McQueen's head (S05E02)
A side view of the M1911 (S05E02)

Browning Hi-Power

Lee Dae-Ho (Arthur Lee) and other North Korean Office 39 agents carry the Browning Hi-Power as their sidearm in S05E02.

Browning Hi-Power "Type 73" - 9x19mm.
Lee readies his Browning as he pursues Scott and Stonebridge (S05E02)
An Office 39 agent wielding a BHP is shot by Stonebridge (S05E02)
Lee and another Office 39 agent with their Hi-Powers in a promotional still (S05E02)

Beretta 92FS

Aaron McQueen uses one in S05E01 whilst escaping from Scott and Stonebridge. North Korean agents guarding the North Korean delegation in the British Embassy also appear to carry Berettas in the same episode. Also seen carried by a Yakuza wakashu and a North Korean agent that helps Mei Foster (Michelle Yeoh) to escape Section 20 in S05E03. Yakuza wakashu guarding the Vanadium in S05E04 are also seen with Berettas. Kwon (Will Yun Lee) is given a 92FS by one of Ivan Myshkin's men in S05E07, and carries it as his sidearm for the remainder of the episode. Faber has a 92FS as his sidearm in S05E10 before he's disarmed of it.

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm
Aaron fires his Beretta at Scott while making his escape (S05E01).
Aaron takes cover whilst escaping from Scott (S05E01).
An Office 39 agents covers for Mei after her true allegiance is revealed.
An armed wakashu sneaks in towards S20's secondary hideout.
Two Yakuza wakashu approach Richmond with their Berettas drawn (S05E04).
Kwon aims his Beretta at Magdalena Hauser, the wife of the Solar Privatbank manager (S05E07)
Kwon aims his Beretta down a ventilation shaft whilst in pursuit of Scott and Stonebridge (S05E09).
Scott get a laugh while he carries Faber's 92FS (S05E10)

Beretta 92FS Inox

Carried by Ray McQueen (Max Beesley) as his primary sidearm in S05E01. Sgt. Janjai (Charlie Ruedpoknon) is also seen with a holstered Beretta 92FS Inox when he attempts to kidnap Ray's wife Milai in S05E02. Shiro (Masa Yamaguchi) also carries one as his sidearm in S05E04.

Beretta 92FS Inox - 9x19mm
McQueen waits with the ambassador's daughter with his Inox drawn (S05E01)
McQueen fires his Inox as Scott breaks down the door to his hideout (S05E01)
McQueen sits wounded with his Beretta, now covered in blood (S05E01)
Janjai searches the McQueen residence with a knife, his Inox holstered (S05E02)
The holstered Inox is seen as Janjai fights with Sgt. Julia Richmond (S05E02)
A Yakuza wakashu is shot by Richmond (S05E04)
Mei loads a single bullet into Shiro's Inox... (S05E04)
...and leaves it for him to commit suicide with (S05E04)
Locke holds Shiro's Inox on him (S05E04)


Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) is given a CZ-75 by Mr Park, a North Korean MI6 informant, after he and Scott were able to cross the border successfully in S05E05. Charles Ridley (James Wilby) also uses what appears to be a CZ-75 to shoot and injure Locke (Robson Green) at the end of S05E09.

"Pre-B" CZ 75 - 9x19mm.
Making contact with the hidden satphone in Pyongyang.
Stonebridge aims the CZ after their meeting with Mr Park is compromised (S05E05)
Another view of the pistol.
Charles Ridley draws his sidearm on Locke (S05E09
Ridley shoots Locke in the chest (S05E09)
A close up of the gun as Charles shoots Locke (S05E09)

CZ 83

Myshkin's men working for Li-Na (Michelle Yeoh) and Kwon (Will Yun Lee) carry CZ 83s as their sidearms in S05E08. In the same episode, Scott's Walther P99 is briefly replaced by an 83 also.

CZ 83, early model with rounded trigger guard - .32 ACP
In a continuity error, Scott's P99 changes to a CZ83 as he enters a hotel room (S05E08)
Oleg fires his CZ at the hotel room door (S05E08)
Oleg opens fire on INRO security guards with his CZ (S05E08)
Russians working for Li-Na and Kwon hold their 83's on INRO security guards (S05E08)

Tokarev TT-33

A North Korean soldier uses a Tokarev TT-33 to execute Mr Park, the North Korean MI6 informant, in S05E05. Later in the same episode, Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) disarms a Korean Worker's Party governor of his Tokarev TT-33, which is later used by Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) whilst infiltrating the factory in North Hamgyong province. The pistol is seen used by various members of the North Korean military in S05E06, including Li-Na (Michelle Yeoh), who takes one from a deceased soldier after escaping from Stonebridge and Scott. In S05E07, FSB Agent Nadia Dansky (Tieva Lovelle), an associate of Pirogova, disarms a Russian mobster of his Tokarev and uses it to escape their headquarters in Vienna.

Tokarev TT-30, first version of Tokarev pistol - 7.62x25mm Tokarev.
The North Korean soldiers TT-33 is seen in the background as he executes Mr Park (S05E05)
The Korean Worker's Party governor aims his TT-33 at Scott (S05E05)
Scott hides in the governors Mercedes-Benz while aiming the pistol at the driver's seat.
A side view of the TT-33 (S05E05)
A soldier with the State Security Department aims his TT-33 at a hostage (S05E06).
Li-Na fires at Scott and Stonebridge as they escape State Security Department custody (S05E06).
Li-Na's superior prepares to execute her after Scott and Stonebridges escape (S05E06).
Nadia Dansky fires a Russian mobsters TT-33 during her escape (S05E07)
A Russian guarding Matthius grabs his TT after Scott and Stonebridge storm the hotel room (S05E08)

Makarov PM

Mei Foster/Li-Na (Michelle Yeoh) uses a Makarov to threaten Finn Scott in S05E06. It is later seen in the hands of Finn and Damien Scott (Sullivan Stapleton). A Russian guarding Matthius, a cryptographer, also carries a Makarov in S05E08.

Russian Makarov PM - 9x18mm.
Li-Na chambers her Makarov...
...and holds it to Finn Scott's head.
Scott holds Li's PM on her after he and Stonebridge overpower her and her guards.
Finn Scott holds the Makarov PM.
A Russian draws his Makarov after hearing noise outside the hotel room door.
Li-Na prepares to execute the American UN representative.

Stechkin APS

Ivan Myshkin (Alex Humes) carries a two-tone Stechkin APS with a gold slide as his sidearm in S05E07.

Gletcher Golden airsoft replica of Stechkin APS. The slide is the only thing used with the stainless steel frame.
Myshkin holds his APS on his henchman to encourage him to delete data faster (S05E07).
Myshkin shoots at Nadia Dansky in the opera house in Vienna (S05E07)
A side view of the suppressed APS.
A masked Myshkin enters Solar Privatbank with his APS drawn (S05E07)
A good view of the golden slide as Myshkin scans a stolen keycard.
Myshkin holds his APS on a captured Maj. Pirogova (S05E07)

Luger P08

In S05E10 Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) is given an antique Luger P08 by Oskar Steiner (Wolf Kahler), an Austrian farmer who lets them into his home in the Swiss countryside.

Luger P08 - 9x19mm
Stonebridge opens fire with the P08 at Stillwater mercenaries in an imagine spot (S05E10)


Smith & Wesson Model 36

Mei Foster (Michelle Yeoh) carries a Smith & Wesson Model 36 with pearl grips as her sidearm throughout the series, retrieving it from a hidden compartment in her closet in S05E03.

Smith & Wesson Model 36 with square butt - .38 Special
The Model 36 seen in a promotional still.
The Model 36 gripped by Mei while in hiding.
Mei holds her Model 36 on a captive Sgt. Richmond (S05E04)
Mei puts down her Model 36 whilst trying to convince Richmond to talk. (S05E04)
Mei picks up her Model 36 (S05E04)

Smith & Wesson Model 13

A North Korean agent guarding the Office 39 base in Bangkok is briefly seen handling a Smith & Wesson Model 13 revolver in S05E02.

Smith & Wesson Model 13 with 4-in barrel - .357 Magnum.
The North Korean agent with his Model 13 (S05E02).

Submachine Guns


Various gangsters in the Khlong Toei Markets in Bangkok use IMI Uzis when ambushing Scott and Stonebridge in S05E01. Yakuza wakashus who ambush Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) and his son in S05E03 and S05E04 also carry Uzis. One of Li-Na's men who takes over the UN Geneva Headquarters in S05E09 also carried an IMI Uzi.

IMI Uzi with collapsible buttstock extended - 9x19mm
An armed gangster fires his Uzi after being shot in a raid on the Khlong Toei Market.
A wakashu scans the waterfall for his target.
A Yakuza wakashu with an Uzi is shot by Scott (S05E04)
The operative in the background storms the UN Geneva Headquarters with his Uzi (S05E09)

IMI Micro Uzi

Carried by various Yakuza wakashus in S05E03 and S05E04.

Micro Uzi - 9x19mm
A Yakuza wakashu fires his Micro Uzi at Stonebridge and the CIA contractors (S05E04)

Cobray M11/9

Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) disarms a gangster of his Cobray M11/9 in the Khlong Toei Markets in S05E01, and later uses it to shoot and injure Aaron McQueen. Yakuza wakashus are also seen with them throughout S05E03 and S05E04.

Cobray M11/9 - 9x19mm
Stonebridge reloads the Cobray he just captured (S05E01).
Stonebridge stands ready with his new Cobray (S05E01).
A Yakuza wakashu opens fire at Section 20's base (S05E03)
A wakashu guarding the Vanadium stockpile stands ready with his Cobray (S05E04)

Heckler & Koch MP5K

Various Royal Thai Police Arintharat 26 officers carry the Heckler & Koch MP5K as their primary weapon.

Heckler & Koch MP5K - 9x19mm
A corrupt A26 officer fires his MP5K at Locke and Scott (S05E02).

Heckler & Koch MP5SD

One of the Arintharat 26 officers that apprehends Ray McQueen from Scott and Stonebridge is seen armed with a Heckler & Koch MP5SD. Another A26 officer is seen with one during the building site shootout in S05E02. A Swiss Armed Reconnaissance Detachment 10 operator is also briefly seen armed with an MP5SD in S05E09.

Heckler & Koch MP5SD - 9x19mm
The A26 officer in the background trains his MP5SD on McQueen (S05E02).
The A26 officer takes cover with his MP5SD (S05E02).
The Swiss ARD 10 operator in the background with his MP5SD (S05E09)

Heckler & Koch MP5A5

Various Royal Thai Police Arintharat 26 officers who raid Section 20's backup hideout in S05E02 carry variants of the Heckler & Koch MP5A5 as their primary weapons. In S05E07, Russian mobsters working for Li-Na (Michelle Yeoh) and Ivan Myshkin (Alex Humes) carry MP5A5's during the robbery of Solar Privatbank in Vienna. Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) and Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) later acquire them from the Russians and use them at the start of S05E08. Swiss Army Reconnaissance Detachment 10 operators who respond to the UN Geneva Headquarters takeover in S05E09 also carry MP5A5s as their standard weapons. Some Stillwater mercenaries use them in S05E10.

Heckler & Koch MP5A5 with Surefire dedicated forend weaponlight - 9x19mm
Heckler & Koch MP5A5- 9x19mm
A corrupt A26 officer with an MP5A5 takes cover from Locke's covering fire (S05E02).
A corrupt A26 officer holds his MP5A5 on an injured Ray McQueen (S05E02).
Myshkins henchman rounds up civilians in Solar Privatbank with his MP5 (S05E07)
Myshkins henchman opens fire on Scott and Stonebridge (S05E07)
Scott returns fire with a newly acquired MP5 (S05E07)
Stonebridge clears the basement underneath Solar Privatbank with an MP5 (S05E08)
Stonebridge fires at Li-Na's vehicle whilst on a motorcycle (S05E08)
An ARD 10 operator escorts Locke to his commanding officer, MP5 in hand (S05E09)
ARD 10 operators confront Scott and Stonebridge in the UN Geneva Headquarters (S05E09)
A Stillwater mercenary breaches the dam's control room (S05E10)

Heckler & Koch MP7

A member of the Swiss Army Reconnaissance Detachment 10 is briefly seen armed with an Heckler & Koch MP7 whilst outside the UN Geneva Headquarters in S05E09.

Heckler & Koch MP7A1 with Zeiss Z-Point red dot sight and 40-round magazine - 4.6x30mm
The ARD 10 operator with his MP7 in the background (S05E09)

Sa vz. 61 Škorpion

A Sa vz. 61 Škorpion is used briefly by Scott when he and Stonebridge meet up with an MI-6 informant in Pyongyang in S05E05 before he discards it. Russians working for Li-Na (Michelle Yeoh) and Kwon (Will Yun Lee) also carry Skorpions during the INRO truck ambush in S05E08.

Sa vz. 61 Škorpion with 10 round magazine and stock extended - .32 ACP
Scott hides behind an abandoned train car.
A Russian approaches the INRO security car after the ambush (S05E08)
The Russian aims his Skorpion at an INRO scientist (S05E08)
An armed man opens fire with the Skorpion to announce the takeover of the UN Geneva building.

Sa 23/25

A few North Korean operatives who take over the UN Geneva Headquarters in (S05E09) are armed with Sa 23 or possibly Sa 25 submachine guns.

Sa 23 - 9x19mm
Sa 25 - 9x19mm
The barrel of the submachine gun is seen behind Kwon in the elevator (S05E09)


Remington 870 Sawn Off

Milai McQueen uses a sawn off Remington 870 to defend herself when corrupt officers of the Royal Thai Police attempt to kidnap her.

Remington 870 with sawed off barrel and stock - 12 gauge
Milai surrenders her shotgun to Martinez (S05E02)

Remington 870 Slug Gun

Royal Thai Police Arintharat 26 officers carry Remington Model 870 Slug guns with black synthetic furniture and under barrel flashlights when removing Ray McQueen (Max Beesley) from Scott and Stonebridge's custody. Lt.Col. Philip Locke (Robson Green) later acquires one. Members of the A26 team who raid Section 20's makeshift hideout in S05E02 are also seen with the shotgun.

The A26 officer holds his shotgun on Stonebridge and Scott (S05E02)
A corrupt A26 officer fires his shotgun at the bulldozer driven by Locke (S05E02)
The A26 officer fires at the bulldozer (S05E02)
Locke keeps the A26 officers at bay with his newly acquired shotgun (S05E02)
An A26 officer advances towards Section 20's base with his shotgun (S05E02)
Ray McQueen shoots an A26 officer carrying the shotgun (S05E02)

Remington 870 Folding Stock

An officer of the Royal Thai Police Arintharat 26 that attacks Section 20 in S05E02 carries a Remington 870 with a folding stock and underbarrel flashlight. It is later used by Lt.Col. Philip Locke (Robson Green) and Ray McQueen (Max Beesley).

Remington 870 Police Magnum with stock folded - 12 gauge
Locke shoots the A26 officer holding the Remington.
Locke fires the Remington at approaching A26 officers.
Ray McQueen advances on the A26 team with the Remington.
The Remington lies next to Ray after he is shot.

Winchester Model 1887

Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) is given a Winchester Model 1887 by Benz, a Tuk-Tuk driver he befriends. He later uses it to rescue Ray McQueen (Max Beesley) from the custody of the rogue Royal Thai Police officers.

Winchester 1887/M1901 shotgun - 10 Gauge.
Benz hands Scott his shotgun (S05E02)
Scott checks the shotgun (S05E02)
Scott and Locke assess how they are going to rescue Ray McQueen from the police (S05E02)

Cobray Street Sweeper

A member of the Yakuza guarding the Vanadium stockpile in S05E04 is briefly seen using a SWD/Cobray Street Sweeper.

SWD/Cobray Street Sweeper with short barrel and top folding stock - 12 Gauge.
The Yakuza guard takes cover with his Street Sweeper (S05E04)

Assault Rifles

Colt Model 933

All operators of Section 20 use Colt Model 933s with multiple attachments, including light tan synthetic furniture and suppressors throughout the series. CIA contractors Faber (Dustin Clare) and Mason (Leo Gregory), in addition to Yakuza wakashus, use regular M933s with handguards and Aimpoint optical sights in S05E03 and S05E04. Kim Martinez (Milauna Jackson) is again seen with a custom M933 in S05E06 when she, Locke and Pirogova prepare to extract Stonebridge and Scott from the North Korea-Russia border.

Colt Model 933 with 4-position stock - 5.56x45mm NATO
Scott emerges from the water with his M933 (S05E01).
Stonebridge returns fire with his M933 (S05E01).
Martinez engages an enemy with her M933 (S05E01).
Scott and Stonebridge engage with their M933s (S05E01).
Scott and Stonebridge take cover on the roof of Office 39's Bangkok headquarters (S05E02)
A wakashu charges in at Stonebridge after Shiro is taken captive.
Locke readies his M933 before a raid on the Yakuza base (S05E04)
Richmond opens fire on Yakuza guards at the Kokura Foundation base (S05E04)
Faber takes cover from Yakuza fire (S05E04)
A Yakuza wakashu approaches Stonebridge and the CIA contractors (S05E04)
Mason, one of the CIA contractors, with his M933 during the Kokura Foundation raid (S05E04)
Martinez aims her M933 after landing at the North Korea-Russia border (S05E06)

Custom AR-15 Carbine

Lt. Col. Philip Locke (Robson Green) is seen carrying a custom carbine with an underbarrel grenade launcher in S05E06 as he, Martinez and Pirogova prepare to extract Scott and Stonebridge from the North Korean-Russia border. It looks similar to the ones carried by Scott and Stonebridge in Season 4. Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) and Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) are also seen using similar carbines when they intercept the INRO convoy ambush in S05E08. Various Stillwater mercenaries who pursue Scott and Stonebridge through the Swiss countryside in S05E10 also carry custom carbines, which the two later acquire.

The screen-used custom AR-15 carbine carried by Stonebridge - 5.56x45mm
Locke exits the helicopter with his carbine (S05E06)
Locke (left) at the North Korea-Russia border with his custom carbine (S05E06)
Locke opens fire on North Korean soldiers from the helicopter to cover Scott and Stonebridges escape (S05E06)
Scott opens fire on Kwon and his men (S05E08)
Stonebridge with his carbine inside the INRO van (S05E08)
A good side view of the carbine (S05E08)
One of the carbines seen in a promotional still (S05E10)
Faber examines the chopper crash site (S05E10)
A Stillwater mercenary secures a pathway to a cottagae (S05E10)

Norinco Type 56

Various gangsters in Bangkok are seen using the Norinco Type 56. North Korean Office 39 agents guarding their base of operations in Bangkok are also seen armed with Type 56s. A Russian working for Li-Na (Michelle Yeoh) is also seen firing what appears to be a Norinco at Scott and Stonebridge in S05E08.

Norinco Type 56 -7.62x39mm
Norinco Type 56 with folding stock -7.62x39mm
One of the kidnappers engages Scott and Stonebridge with his Type 56 (S05E01).
An Office 39 agent lowers his Type 56 (S05E02)
A Russian henchman opens fire on the INRO van with his Norinco (S05E08)

Unknown AK Variants

North Korean Office 39 guards carry an unknown AK variant in S05E02.


Steyr AUG A1

Yakuza wakashus are seen armed with Steyr AUG A1s in S05E04.

Steyr AUG - 5.56x45mm
A Yakuza wakashu helps an injured Shiro from his car, Steyr in hand (S05E04)
Scanning the horizon for Locke and the others.
A wakashu guarding the Vanadium stockpile opens fire on Stonebridge and Locke (S05E04)

Steyr AUG A2

Yakuza wakashus guarding compounds and pursuing Scott in S05E03 and S05E04 carry Steyr AUG A2s as their primary weapons.

Steyr AUG A2 - 5.56x45mm
Armed wakashus open fire on Richmond and Stonebridge at the Yakuza-owned auto dealership.
Scott opens fire with the Steyr (S05E04)
Scott scouts out the forest whilst escaping with Finn (S05E04)
A wakashu is shot by Locke (S05E04)
A wakashu holds his Steyr on Finn Scott before Damien attacks him. This appears to be a rubber prop (S05E04)

Heckler & Koch HK33

A Heckler & Koch HK33 is seen with a Kokura Foundation guard in S05E04.

Heckler & Koch HK33-A2 Select Fire rifle with Factory 40rd Magazine.
The HK33 slung on the guard's neck.


One of the standard weapons used by Korean People's Army soldiers throughout S05E05 is the AK-47. Various Russians working for Li-Na (Michelle Yeoh) and Kwon (Will Yun Lee) are also seen armed with AKs in S05E08.

AK-47 - 7.62x39mm
A Border Guard Bureau soldier on duty at the North Korean-Russian border.
A KPAGF soldier opens fire on Scott and Stonebridge at a disco in North Hamgyong Province.
KPAGF soldiers search for Scott and Stonebridge in the forest.
One of Li-Na's men stands guard in the basement underneath Solar Privatbank (S05E08)
Russians working for Li-Na aim their AKs at the damaged INRO van in Vienna (S05E08)


AKS-47s are seen with some Korean People's Army soldiers in S05E05. Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) and Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) take some for themselves in the same episode, as they are unable to smuggle their own weapons across the North Korean-Russian border. In S05E06, AKS's are also used by soldiers with the North Korean State Security Department, and Scott and Stonebridge. Various Stillwater mercenaries are also seen armed with AKS-47s in S05E09 and in S05E10.

AKS-47 - 7.62x39mm
Supreme Guard Command soldiers protecting a KPA officer.
Stonebridge lying prone with the AKS-47.
Scott scouts out the factory with his AKS.
Scott motions a civilian to hide as they raid the Worker's Pary governors villa.
Scott opens fire on a North Korean roadblock (S05E06).
Stonebridge eyes a mode of alternative transport with his AKS (S05E06).
A Stillwater mercenary opens fire on Scott, Stonebridge and Locke (S05E09)
Stonebridge provides cover for Scott (S05E09)
Another Stillwater mercenary opens fire on Section 20. This AK has a custom camo paint job.(S05E09)
A Stilwater mercenary engages Stone and Stonebridge. Note the M4-type stock and yellow green camo paint with a riflescope, tac light and waffle magazine. (S05E10)


A few AKMs are seen with Korean People's Army soldiers throughout S05E05.

AKM, Stamped Steel Receiver w/ slant muzzle brake 7.62x39mm
KPAFG soldiers deployed to hunt down for intruders. Note that some of the barrels have the AKM-type muzzle.

Arsenal AR-SF

Maj. Nina Pirogova (Tereza Srbova) is seen armed with what appears to be a scoped Arsenal AR-SF with a side-folding metal shoulder stock whilst extracting Scott and Stonebridge from the North Korean-Russia border in S05E06.

Arsenal AR-SF - 5.56x45mm NATO
The stock of Pirogova's Arsenal AR-SF is seen when she lands at the North Korea-Russia border with Martinez and Locke (S05E06)
Maj. Pirogova shouts orders to the helicopter pilots whilst extracting Scott and Stonebridge (S05E06)


Several Russian and North Korean operatives working for Li-Na (Michelle Yeoh) carry the AKS-74U during the siege of the UN Geneva Headquarters. Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) later acquires one, using it to take out multiple threats in the UN Council Chamber.

AKS-74U - 5.45x39mm
A Russian working for Li-Na, disguised as UN security, holds his AKS-74U (S05E09)
A Russian guarding the American UN representative with his AKS-74U (S05E09)
Scott opens fire on the UN Council Chamber (S05E09)

Zastava M21

Various Russian and North Korean operatives working for Li-Na (Michelle Yeoh) carry the Zastava M21 during the siege of the UN Geneva Headquarters in S05E09. Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) later acquires one and uses it for the majority of the episode.

Zastava M21C - 5.56x45mm
One of Li-Na's operatives clears a room with his M21 (S05E09)
Stonebridge opens fire with an M21 (S05E09)
Stonebridge covers Scott in a corridor of the UN building (S05E09)
Stonebridge aims the M21 at Carole (S05E09)
Stonebridge opens fire in the UN Council Chamber (S05E09)

Heckler & Koch G36C

A member of the Swiss Army Reconnaissance Detachment 10 is briefly seen with a Heckler & Koch G36C with a ZF 3x4° dual sight carry handle in S05E09 whilst outside the UN Geneva Headquarters.

Heckler & Koch G36C with an attached G36K-type carry handle - 5.56x45mm
The front of the G36C is briefly seen (S05E09).


Used by a Russian working for Li-Na (Michelle Yeoh) in S05E08.

The unknown rifle in the background

Battle Rifles


A Kokuru Foundation guard monitoring the drug transfer in S05E04 is seen in the background armed with an FN FAL variant with an extended magazine.

FN FAL with G1/StG 58 foreend, long flash hider, and wooden buttstock - 7.62x51mm NATO. Note the folded bipod.
The guard in the background with his FN (S05E04)

Machine Guns


A KPVT machine gun is used on Korean People's Army Ground Forces BTR-60 APCs throughout S05E05.

KPVT heavy machine gun - 14.5x114mm
A KPAGF BTR-60 positioned in a checkpoint.

Sniper Rifles

Accuracy International AE

An Accuracy International AE sniper rifle is used by Faber (Dustin Clare), a CIA mercenary, to assassinate Shiro near the end of S05E04.

Accuracy International AE - 7.62x51mm NATO
Faber pulls the bolt after firing a shot while under cover of a ghillie suit.



Lt. Col. Philip Locke (Robson Green) is seen with a FN MK13 grenade launcher, originally designed for the FN SCAR, attached to his Custom AR-15.

FN MK 13 grenade launcher - 40mm
Locke opens fire on North Korean soldiers from the helicopter to cover Scott and Stonebridges escape (S05E06)


Model 24 Stielhandgranate

A Model 24 Stielhandgranate is used by Stonebridge to kill some Stillwater mercenaries after he receives it from Steiner in S05E10.

Model 24 Stielhandgranate "Potato Masher" high-explosive fragmentation hand grenade
The Model 24 "conveniently left" on the dam's control room (S05E10)

M26 Hand Grenade

An M26 hand grenade is used by Faber to try and bomb Scott and Stonebridge's position in S05E10.

M26 High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade
A primed M26 grenade is hurled at Scott and Stonebridge (S05E10)

M67 Hand Grenade

Various members of Section 20 are seen using M67 hand grenades throughout the series. Kim Martinez (Milauna Jackson) uses one in S05E02 to destroy confidential information in The Crib when they have to evacuate. In the same episode, Sgt. Michael Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) uses one to escape from North Korean Office 39 agents. A wakashu uses a primed M67 to break S20's secondary hideout at the start of S05E03.

M67 fragmentation grenade
A M67 in a box with some Glock 17's in The Crib (S05E02)
Stonebridge reaches for the grenade on Scott's backpack... (S05E02)
... and throws it at the Office 39 agents (S05E02)
A primed M67 is hurled inside the hideout.

M84 Stun Grenade

A M84 stun grenade is used by a Stillwater mercenary to conduct a dynamic entry on an abandoned cottage in S05E10.

M84 stun grenade.
The primed M84 tossed inside the cottage (S05E10)

Mk 2 Hand Grenade

What appears to be the Mk 2 hand grenade is given to Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) by Mr. Park in S05E05. The same model of grenade is seen used by North Korean soldiers in S05E06.

Mk.2 hand grenade made after WWII.
Stonebridge hurls a frag grenade at KPAFG soldiers.
A KPAGF soldier drops the frag grenade after being shot by Scott.
Scott picks up a primed grenade after it is thrown into their truck by a North Korean soldier (S05E06)

Smoke Grenade

Stonebridge secures a smoke grenade from a dead Russian Mafiya soldier during the Solar Privatbank shootout in the middle of S05E07.

Stonebridge secures the smoke grenade from a duffel bag.

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