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Theatrical Poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Directed by Rob Cohen
Release Date 2005
Language English
Studio Original Film
Distributor Columbia Pictures Corporation
Main Cast
Character Actor
Lt. Ben Gannon Josh Lucas
Lt. Kara Wade Jessica Biel
Lt. Henry Purcell Jamie Foxx
Capt. George Cummings Sam Shepard
Dr. Keith Orbit Richard Roxburgh
Capt. Dick Marshfield Joe Morton
Ray David Andrews

Stealth is a 2005 action film directed by Rob Cohen (The Fast and the Furious, xXx) and distributed by Columbia Pictures. The film stars Josh Lucas, Jessica Biel, and Jamie Foxx as a trio of elite US Navy pilots flying super-advanced F/A-37 Talon fighter jets in a series of missions aimed at combating global terrorism. When an even more advanced AI-controlled fighter called EDI (voiced by Wentworth Miller) begins flying with their team, complications arise as EDI starts to become self-aware.

The following weapons were used in the film Stealth:


Beretta 92FS

The Beretta 92FS is the standard sidearm of US military personnel, standing in for the military M9.

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm
A Marine on the USS Abraham Lincoln hands over the manuals for the UCAV, with a Beretta 92FS in his holster.
A group of Marines follow Captain Dick Marshfield (Joe Morton) into one of the Abraham Lincoln's hangars, the Beretta 92FS of the one on the far left visible as he walks.

Walther P99

Near the end of the movie Captain George Cummings (Sam Shepard) draws a Walther P99 from his washbag.

Walther P99, pre-2004 model - 9x19mm
Cummings draws a Walther P99 from his washbag. Note the small slide serrations showing this to be a pre-2004 model.

Submachine Guns

Calico M-960A Submachine Gun

A Calico M960A Submachine Gun is carried by the bodyguard of a group of terrorists heading for a summit in an abandoned building in Rangoon.

Calico M960A - 9x19mm
The bodyguard comes out of a truck to clear the way for his charge, a terrorist leader attending a summit. He carries a Calico M-960A submachine gun.

Heckler & Koch PDW (MP7 Prototype)

A prototype Heckler & Koch MP7, the Heckler & Koch PDW (specifically the 2nd prototype variant), is carried and used by Lieutenant Kara Wade (Jessica Biel) when she is shot down over North Korean Territory. It seems to be the proposed personal defense weapon (PDW) for F/A-37 Talon aircraft pilots in the film. Visible differences between the prototype and final version include the arrangement of the three vent holes in the handguard (a straight line rather than a staggered), a half-length rather than full-length top rail, and a smooth pistol grip.

This is the first ever appearance of the Heckler & Koch MP7 in a motion picture.

Heckler & Koch PDW (2nd prototype) - 4.6x30mm
A compartment in the Talon's cockpit next to the pilot's left leg is used to stow a Heckler & Koch PDW.
Lieutenant Kara Wade (Jessica Biel) watches with her HK PDW.
The shot reverses to reveal someone is in turn watching Wade, giving a full view of her HK PDW.
Wade fires the HK PDW.
After running out of ammunition, Wade discards her HK PDW.

Sterling L2A3

A Sterling L2A3 can be seen in the Alaskan base's armory.

Sterling L2A3 (Mk.4) - 9x19mm
A Sterling L2A3 can be seen lying on the table near the rifle racks.

Assault & Battle Rifles

Norinco Type 56 / Type 56/1

The Chinese AK-47/AKM variant, the Norinco Type 56 (and 56-1, the folding stock version) are the most commonly seen AK variants in film and television (at least those done by U.S. Production companies). The Type 56 (full stock) version is commonly seen in the movie, usually in the hands of terrorists of many different stripes. Terrorist guards from several organizations are seen wielding the weapon in Rangoon, Islamic extremists in a mountain fortress in Tajikistan, and North Korean soldiers.

Norinco Type 56 (fixed stock variant) with under-folding bayonet ("pig sticker") which was standard on PLA-issue Type 56s - 7.62x39mm
Norinco Type 56-1 (under-folding stock variant) - 7.62x39mm
Tajikistani terrorists run with Type 56 AKs. Type 56-1 folding stock versions are also used in large numbers.


In addition to the many Chinese Type 56 rifles, terrorists are also seen wielding what looks like original milled receiver AK-47 rifles with original front sights (not the hooded Type 56 sights). However, given how 'new' they look, they may be the third pattern AK-47 "Legend Series" rifles imported by Poly Technologies Inc. between 1988 and 1989. These were high-end identical clones of the original AK-47 rifles, but very few were imported.

Poly Technologies AK-47 - 7.62x39mm. This is the commercial clone of the original Type III AK-47 and is the most used in American films and shows when showing the milled receiver AK-47
A Tajikistani terrorist fires his milled receiver AK-47 on the mountain fortress' wall.

Norinco Type 56-1 Target

Tajikistani terrorists are seen using a long barreled Norinco Type 56-1 'Target' variant. It has an underfolding stock and a long barrel but no bipod.

Norinco Type 56-1 (under-folding stock variant) - 7.62x39mm
Tajikistani terrorists uses a underfolder Type 56-1 Target long barreled AK-47 variant.

Sa vz. 58

The Sa vz. 58 is carried by Tajikistani terrorists at the mountain fortress.

Sa vz. 58 - 7.62x39mm
Tajikistani terrorists also carry Sa vz. 58 rifles.

Simonov SKS

Carried by Tajikistani terrorists, they appear to be the Russian built SKS' with laminated stocks and full blade bayonets.

Russian Simonov Type 45 aka the SKS rifle - 7.62x39mm
Tajikistani terrorists run past with SKS-45 Russian Rifles.

Colt Model 733

Though the official Colt Model 733 was 11.5 inch, 10 inch M16 shorty carbines are seen in the hands of Black Ops thugs in Alaska.

Colt Model 733 - 5.56x45mm. Note that the Colt Model 733 has the A1E1 upper receiver (A1 rear sights, but has a brass deflector, like the Model 715 or any of the Canadian M16s)
Black Ops thug with a Colt Model 733.

Zastava M70AB2

Curiously, all the North Korean troops carry the Yugoslavian-made Zastava M70AB2, with a flashlight taped to the front hand guard.

Zastava M70AB2 folding stock rifle with a replacement wood pistol grip - 7.62x39mm.
Col. Yune (Jason Lee) with a Zastava M70AB2 rifle.

Heckler & Koch G36K

Lieutenant Ben Gannon (Josh Lucas) takes a Heckler & Koch G36K fitted with a Heckler & Koch AG36 Grenade Launcher and a Bundeswehr ZF 3x4° dual optical sight from a Black Ops guard and uses it to ambush a group of thugs in the hangar. Black Ops thugs can also be seen using G36K rifles with Bundeswehr-standard sights.

Heckler & Koch G36 fitted with AG36 grenade launcher and ZF 3x4° dual optical sight - 5.56x45mm & 40x46mm
Lieutenant Ben Gannon (Josh Lucas) wields his Heckler & Koch G36K with AG36 40mm launcher.
Gannon holds his G36K with AG36 40mm launcher on Keith Orbit (Richard Roxburgh).
Gannon stands in front of the drone aircraft EDI holding his G36K with AG36 40mm launcher.
Heckler & Koch G36K with ZF 3x4° dual optical sight - 5.56x45mm
Black Ops thugs surround the hangar, one taking aim with a G36K.

Austeyr F88

One of the Black Ops thugs ambushed by Gannon in the hangar has a F88 Austeyr assault rifle, which he sets on the ground at Gannon's order, later briefly retrieving it during the shootout that follows. Austeyr F88 rifles can also be seen in the Alaskan base's hidden armory as other Black Ops thugs arm up to surround EDI's hangar.

Austeyr F-88. Note bayonet lug halfway down the projecting part of the barrel - 5.56x45mm
Guard setting down the Austeyr F-88.
Guard getting shot with the Austeyr F-88: here the bayonet lug is clearly visible.
A couple of Austeyr F-88 rifles can be seen on the left-hand side of the rifle rack as well as one Austeyr being taken off the rack by one of the Black Ops people.

Leader Dynamics T2 MK5

Leader Dynamics T2 MK5 assault rifles are seen in the Alaskan base's armory, and are handed out among the thugs being sent to surround the hangar.

Leader Dynamics T2 Mk5 Police Tactical Carbine - Short barrel - 5.56x45mm
Now we KNOW this is shot in Australia, with so many Leader T2 Mk 5 Assault rifles.
T2 Mk5 rifles can be clearly seen on the armory's gun racks; note pistol grips and the 5.56mm NATO STANAG magazines.


The Alaskan base's armory also has Australian wood-stocked L1A1 SLRs, which are seen in the gun racks and being handed out.

Lithgow L1A1 rifle - Australian Version of the British L1A1 - 7.62x51mm NATO
Mostly seen from a distance, this is the only non 'blurry' shot of the Aussie SLR side.

Colt M4A1 Carbine

An M4A1 Carbine is used by a guard to ambush Gannon. Also M4A1s are seen in the Alaskan base's armory in the gun racks and are handed out to the Black Ops thugs preparing to surround EDI's hangar.

Colt M4A1 Carbine with standard (non-LE) stock - 5.56x45mm
The Black Ops guy tries to ambush Gannon with an M4A1. Though not seen clearly here, when the bad guy falls back after being shot, a frame by frame analysis reveals that it is indeed an M4A1.

Austeyr F88S

One of the Black Ops thugs who surround the hangar is carrying an Australian Austeyr F88S.

Austeyr F-88S with integral Picatinny rail, 20-inch barrel and ELCAN scope - 5.56x45mm
Another sign of filming in Australia; this thug carries an Australian-pattern Austeyr F88S with 20-inch barrel and integral Picatinny rail mounting a standard Australian 1.5x scope.

Sniper Rifles / Designated Marksman Rifles

SVD Dragunov

A North Korean marksman with the group tasked with tracking down one of the pilots hands an SVD Dragunov to his superior Colonel Yune (Jason Lee), who uses it for the rest of the movie.

SVD Dragunov - 7.62x54mmR
Colonel Yune aims his SVD Dragunov (or it could be the nearly identical NDM-86 rifle, the Chinese SVD Clone) at the final night battle at the Border station.
Colonel Yune aims his SVD Dragunov on the hillside.
Detail shot of the SVD barrel.
The scope shown is not even an approximation of the Dragunov's PSO-1 reticle.

Machine Guns


An M60 machine gun is seen on the table of the Alaskan base's armory, and is grabbed by one of the thugs as they arm up to surround EDI's hangar.

M60 machine gun - 7.62x51mm NATO
The business end of an M60 Machine gun.


Heckler & Koch AG36

Mounted under Lieutenant Ben Gannon (Josh Lucas)'s Heckler & Koch G36K is a Heckler & Koch AG36 Grenade Launcher. This is one of the earliest appearances of this grenade launcher in a film. It is only fired once during the movie; for some reason, a sound like a shotgun's pump being operated is foleyed in as Gannon prepares to do so, despite that he is simply pointing the weapon rather than loading it.

Heckler & Koch AG36 grenade launcher with handguard - 40x46mm
Lieutenant Ben Gannon (Josh Lucas) wields his Heckler & Koch G36K with AG36 launcher.

SA-7 Grail

SA-7 Grail surface to air missiles are fired at EDI and the other aircraft as they attack the mountain fortress.

SA-7 Grail launcher and missile - 72mm
Along with a variety of AK and SA VZ 58 rifles, some of the Tajikistani terrorists defending the mountain fortress fire Russian-built SA-7 "Grail" surface to air missile launchers.

Mounted Weaponry

DShK Machine Gun

The DShK heavy machine gun is seen most notably at the North Korean border outpost.

DShKM on tripod - 12.7x108mm
Gunners with Soviet built DShK Machine guns.
Gunners with Soviet built DShKs.
Another shot of the DShK in the tower at the border checkpoint.

Oerlikon 20mm Cannon

At the mountain fortress, there are several gunners who are manning World War Two vintage Oerlikon 20mm Cannons.

Oerlikon Cannon - 20mm
Gunners fire their Oerlikon 20mm cannons at the Talons and the EDI fighter.
Gunners fire their Oerlikon 20mm cannons with the snail drum magazine.
Detail shot of the Oerlikon 20mm cannons.

M61 Vulcan

M61 Vulcan cannons are presumably mounted on the various US fighters seen during the movie, but are also seen clearly; several appear in the introduction in M167 Vulcan Air Defence System (VADS) towed mountings, while others are visible in Phalanx installations on the US carrier, nominally USS Abraham Lincoln. See trivia below.

M167 VADS (Vulcan Air Defence System) - 20x102mm HE. This is the towed variant; the VADS version mounted on the M113 APC is M163.
An M167 VADS with an M61 Vulcan opens fire as one of the Talon fighters passes by. It isn't particularly clear why the aircraft are practising against this obsolete system; the last M167 VADS was retired from service in 1994.
The VADS swings around, firing constantly; the fire control radar is briefly visible as it points into the camera.
Another VADS opens fire on the aircraft piloted by Lieutenant Ben Gannon (Josh Lucas). Note that the M61 is not firing blanks in this scene, as no spent casings are coming out of the chute on the side of the gun; the muzzle flashes are post-production CG additions.
GE M61 Vulcan Cannon in a Phalanx mounting - 20x102mm HE
The white fire control radars of two of the Abraham Lincoln's three Phalanx installations are visible to the left and right of her foredeck.

Bofors 40mm

During the introductory sequence, the fictional F/A-37 "Talon" fighter piloted by Lieutenant Kara Wade (Jessica Biel) is fired on by antiaircraft guns, including a Bofors 40mm gun in a single mount.

Bofors AA gun in a Boffin mounting - 40×311mmR
The Bofors gun opens up on Lieutenant Wade's Talon after she destroys the nearby radar station.
A closeup of the barrel. This appears to be a British-pattern mounting with a gunshield to protect the crew.



While the carrier in Stealth is nominally the USS Abraham Lincoln, there are actually three carriers in the movie; as well as the correct one, USS Nimitz and USS Carl Vinson are shown at various times during the movie.

Captain George Cummings (Sam Shepard) and Captain Dick Marshfield (Joe Morton) talk as the carrier crew conduct a debris check of the deck. This is the Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72).
In a pan over the carrier before the Talons go on their second mission the number "70" can be seen on the deck: this is the USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70).
A still from the movie's ending shows the number "68" on the carrier's island: this is the USS Nimitz (CVN-68).


At least one full-scale 53-foot mockup of the Talon fighter was created for filming carrier deck scenes. Photographs of this fake aircraft on the deck of the Abraham Lincoln were circulated online with claims that the F/A-37 was a new top-secret US fighter undergoing trials, despite several featuring actress Jessica Biel sitting in the cockpit. All footage of the Talons in the air is CGI.

On-set photograph of the F/A-37 Talon fighter prop. Note that despite supposedly being ready to take off, the prop is securely fastened to the deck with tie-down chains and has yellow chocks against the rear wheels; these are still visible during the first takeoff sequence in the finished movie.

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