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Spring Conscription (Vesenniy prizyv)

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Spring Conscription (Vesenniy prizyv)
Vesenniy prizyv Poster.jpg
Country SOV.jpg USSR
Directed by Pavel Lyubimov
Release Date 1977
Language Russian
Studio Gorkiy Film Studio
Main Cast
Character Actor
Sgt. Karpenko Aleksandr Fatyushin
Pvt. Alik Polukhin Igor Kostolevskiy
Irina Anna Kamenkova
Pvt. Volynets Aleksandr Postnikov
Pvt. Sergey Konov Viktor Proskurin
Sr. Lieutenant, company commander Boris Morozov
Pvt. Bordukov Mikhail Bychkov

Spring Conscription (a direct translation of the original title Vesenniy prizyv) is a Soviet 1977 (filmed 1976) movie directed by Pavel Lyubimov. A group of conscripts in the Soviet Army adapt to military service under the command of seasoned Sgt. Karpenko.

The following weapons were used in the film Spring Conscription (Vesenniy prizyv):

Assault Rifles


In most scenes, Soviet Army soldiers are armed with AK-74 assault rifles, brand new for 1976. This is possibly the first appearance of the AK-74 in popular media.

AK-74, early version with 45 degree gas block - 5.45x39mm
Soldiers with AK-74s in a lorry.
Soldiers leave the lorry, holding their AK-74s. In next scene, the unit carries AKMs instead of AK-74s (see below).
Vesenniy prizyv-AK74-3.jpg
AK-74s are seen while the unit is on rest.
The unit on march. Soldiers carry AK-74s and 6Kh4 bayonets in scabbards (these bayonets were issued for both the AKM and AK-74).
Another view of the scene.
The barrel of Sgt. Karpenko's (Aleksandr Fatyushin) AK-74.
A full view of Sgt. Karpenko's AK-74. In the next moment, his AK-74 switches to an AKM.
Soldiers march with AK-74s and an RPG-7.
Pvt. Volynets (Aleksandr Postnikov) holds an AK-74 during the military oath ceremony.


In several scenes, soldiers carry AKMs instead of AK-74s. Some are fitted with orange bakelite magazines.

AKM - 7.62x39mm
When the soldiers help to pull a car out of the water, AK-74s, seen in the previous scene, switch to AKMs.
Vesenniy prizyv-AK-3.jpg
Vesenniy prizyv-AK-4.jpg
The same scene. Most soldiers carry AKMs with orange plastic magazines.
Vesenniy prizyv-AK-6.jpg
In the scene on the training ground, Pvt. Alik Polukhin (Igor Kostolevskiy) holds an AKM, fitted with a blank firing adapter.
Vesenniy prizyv-AK-8.jpg
Polukhin holds the AKM on a shooting range.
Sgt. Karpenko's (Aleksandr Fatyushin) AK-74, seen in the previous moment, switches to an AKM.
Another view of Karpenko's AKM.

Other Weapons


An RPG-7 is seen in one scene.

RPG-7 - 40mm
A soldier at far left carries an RPG-7.
The barrel of RPG-7 with folded front sight is seen at the right.



Soviet Army officers carry Makarov PM holsters. These holsters appear to be empty.

A Captain (Vadim Kondratev) at the right carries a definitely empty PM holster.
Company commander Sr. Lt. (Boris Morozov) carries a definitely empty PM holster. A soldier next to him carries a perfectly seen 6Kh4 bayonet in scabbard.


BMP-1 AIFVs are seen in several scenes.

Vesenniy prizyv-BMP-1.jpg
A BMP-1 on the training ground.
Two BMP-1s are seen at the background.

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