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Release Date: 2022
Developer: rose-engine
Publisher: Humble Games, Playism
Series: Signalis
Platforms: Windows, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch
Genre: Survival Horror

Signalis is an isometric top down horror game developed by German indie developer duo rose-engine and published by Humble Games and Playism. The game revolves around the efforts of LSTR-512/"Elster", an android who wakes up from cryosleep within a crash landed spaceship, to find her Gestalt partner. As she explores the nearby remote mining facility, she must solve puzzles and fight enemies with a variety of firearms and tools, and further uncover the secrets surrounding the terrible events unfolding around her.

The following weapons appear in the video game Signalis:



The CZ-75 is the first firearm players will find in-game. Referred to as the "Type-75 Protektor", and chambered in a fictional 10x20mm round. Note that this is a shorter case than even .40 S&W which has a 21mm case, whereas 10mm Auto has a 25mm case.

"First Model" CZ 75 - 9x19mm
A CZ-75 and its manual found in an unlocked drawer.
The CZ-75 in the inventory menu.
Note the laser mounted in the grip panel, and the three dot night sights.
An in-game description of the CZ-75.
Elster with her newly acquired CZ-75.
Aiming with the aid of the grip panel mounted laser module.
Elster loading an empty CZ-75. Note that the CZ-75's slide locks back after depleting the magazine. Dropped magazines also persist in the game world until the player leaves the room.
Elster aims CZ-75 at an enemy, the square with a dot inside of it gets smaller the longer Elster aims at an enemy with increased damage the smaller the square is.
Elster pistol whips an enemy with her CZ-75 which does no damage but knocks them back, Elster will shove enemies back with her weapon instead of firing if they are too close.
Ammo for the CZ-75.

Chiappa Rhino 20DS

The Chiappa Rhino 20DS is the second acquirable handgun in Signalis, found in an abandoned handgun case inside a firing range. Referred to in-universe as the "Eu-K508 Einhorn", Einhorn being German for Unicorn.

Chiappa Rhino 20DS - .357 Magnum
The Chiappa Rhino seen in the inventory menu. Chambered in 12x40mm rounds, which is coincidentally the same cartridge dimensions as the rounds used in the M6 Magnum from the Halo series.
Rotated around.
Before being able to acquire the revolver, it can be seen under an X-ray machine involved in one of the puzzles.
A propaganda poster can be found with the Rhino being wielded by one of the Protektor Replika variants.
Elster holding her newly acquired Rhino at low ready.
Aiming the revolver with the use of the built in laser aiming module.
Elster opening up the cylinder and dumping the rounds.
Inserting a speed loader of 6 12x40mm hollowpoint rounds.
Ammo for the Rhino.

Leuchtpistole 42

The Leuchtpistole 42 is acquired once Elster reaches the office at the bottom of the mineshaft at Sierpinski. As well as being able to use standard pyrotechnic flare shells, it can fire explosive fragmentation rounds. Oddly the explosive fragmentation rounds are surprisingly low on self-damage to the point where Elster can fire grenades near-point blank at a wall and it'll take 4-5 grenades to have a notable impact on her health.

Leuchtpistole 42 - 26.65mm
The Leuchtpistole in the inventory menu. Note that unlike its WW2 German counterpart, it appears to be made of a high visibility orange polymer.
The extended inventory description for the LP42.
Aiming the flare gun. Unlike most other firearms in Signalis, the LP42 lacks an integrated laser aiming module.
Elster keeping her flare gun at the ready.
Elster opens the breech.
Inserts a new flare round.
Closes the breech.
Flares for the Leuchtpistole 42.
Grenades for the Leuchtpistole 42.



The SPAS-12 is the first long arm acquired by the player. Referred to in-game as the "EIN-12 Flechette", chambered in 18.5mm flechette loaded shells, which is dimensionally equivalent to 12 gauge.

Franchi SPAS-12 with butt hook attached to stock - 12 gauge
The SPAS-12 helpfully placed in front of a savefile PC in the medical wing of Sierpinski.
The SPAS-12 seen in the inventory menu. The one concession to scifi aesthetics the game gives is through the decidedly non-standard underfolding stock.
The SPAS-12 rotated in the menu inventory screen
A poster of a STORCH Protektor Replika holding a SPAS-12
Elster holding her newly acquired SPAS-12. When actively equipped in Elster's hands, the underfolding stock is swung out.
Despite the stock, Elster prefers to shoot from the hip with the help of the laser module clamped underneath the magazine tube.
Thumbing fresh 18.5mm flechette shells into the "EIN-12".
Racking the pump after topping up the magazine tube. Note the empty hull ejected, as Elster does not work the pump on the last shotshell in the magazine.
Shells for the SPAS-12.

Submachine Guns

Heckler & Koch SMG II

After completing the first playthrough of the singleplayer, starting the campaign up for a second run will grant you access to a Heckler & Koch SMG II chambered in "8x22mm Compact".

Heckler & Koch SMG II without integral suppressor - 9x19mm
The text prompt for acquiring the HK SMG II.
The SMG II being viewed via the inventory menu. Note the visible laser and green night sights, of which almost all firearms in Signalis come equipped with.
SMGII SignalisMenu2.jpg
The SMG II laid out on an office desk.
Elster holding her newly acquired best friend. Despite the relatively weak ammo, its status as the only select fire gun in-game makes it a very strong weapon against the slow and ponderous corrupted Replikas.
Like the Double Rifle, Elster will maintain cheekweld while aiming the "Type 84".
Ammo for the SMG II.


O/U Double Rifle

A double barrel rifle chambered in 16mm "Nitro Express" is the second long arm acquired by the player. Notably after a patch, this weapon now has a second spawn before the final boss for if the player missed obtaining it earlier in the game.

Blaser BB97 Luxus
The prompt to pick up the double rifle.
The rifle in the inventory menu. Note that the 16mm caliber noted in the description is about equivalent to .600 Nitro Express, although the ammunition dimensions 16x80mm don't match either .600 or. 700 nitro exactly.
Elster holds the O/U Nitro Rifle.
Aiming the O/U Nitro Rifle.
Reloading, the spent cartridges fly out of the rifle when Elster reloads it.
Ammo for the O/U Nitro Rifle

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