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Shōgun (2024)

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Promotional poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Language English
Channel Hulu, FX (USA)
Disney+ (international)
Creator Rachel Kondo
Justin Marks
James Clavell (original novel)
Genre Drama
Broadcast 2024
No. of Episodes 10
Main Cast
Character Actor
Yoshii Toranaga Hiroyuki Sanada
John Blackthorne Cosmo Jarvis
Toda Mariko Anna Sawai
Kashigi Yabushige Tadanobu Asano
Ishido Kazunari Takehiro Hira
Martin Alvito / "Tsuji" Tommy Bastow
Ochiba no Kata Fumi Nikaido

Shōgun is a 2024 American historical drama television series based on the 1975 novel of the same name, which was also previously adapted as a 1980 miniseries.

The following weapons were used in the miniseries Shōgun:


Sea Service 1716 Flintlock Pistol

A Sea Service Flintlock Pistol is seen with Pilot Major John Blackthorne (Cosmo Jarvis) in "Anjin". While befitting of seamen, it's anachronistic by more than a century. A more period fitting and pragmatic choice would have been an Elizabethan era matchlock pistol and for a more fancier option, a wheellock pistol. Consort Usami Fuji (Moeka Hoshi) uses it briefly in "The Eightfold Fence".

English Sea Service 1756 Flintlock Pistol non firing replica (63P in Henry Krank catalogue). Supposed manufacturer is Rajasthan Armoury, India.
John Blackthorne (Cosmo Jarvis) shows his flintlock in "Anjin" (E01).
A shot of the flintlock, a mechanism which wouldn't exist for at least three decades more.
Blackthorne uses dual Sea Service flintlocks in "The Eightfold Fence" (E04).
Consort Usami Fuji (Moeka Hoshi) gets to aim a Sea Service flintlock at one of Yabushige's samurais.
Side angle shot.
Blackthorne readies his flintlock in "Crimson Sky" (E09).
Blackthorne fires the Sea Service 1716 flintlock at a ninja through a door.
Blackthorne firing the Sea Service 1716 flintlock at ninjas.

Queen Anne Flintlock Pistol

A Queen Anne Flintlock Pistol is used by Vasco Rodrigues (Nestor Carbonell) as his personal sidearm, it appears to be a Pedersoli replica. Like its name suggests, it is anachronistic and should be a XVI century matchlock or wheellock instead.

English "Queen Anne" breech-loading pistol with detachable barrel
The pistol aimed at Blackthorne in "Anjin" (E01).
Vasco can't help, but be cocky in this one. Understandable, given that he is a Spaniard who somehow obtained an English pistol from the future.



The Tanegashima is a recurring weapon in the show; its use in pre-Meiji Japan was recorded back from 1543 when Japan acquired arquebuses from Portuguese sailors.

Long barreled tanegashima
Ashigaru forces arrive on the beach to the shipwrecked Erasmus in "Anjin" (E01).
In "The Eighthold Fence" (E04), Yabushige's Ashigaru troops secure tanegashimas from boxes.



Cannons of what looks like Malay Archipelago types such as cetbang or lela are confiscated from John's ship, being used by Yabushige's forces. It is not specified whether these are captured by the privateers during raids in South Asia or are meant to be genuine European guns.

Porters carry the cannons seized from the Erasmus in "Anjin" (E01).
Blackthorne watche Yabushige's Ashigarus practice firing the cannon in "The Eightfold Fence" (E04).
The cannon being fired.

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