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The Shield and the Sword (Shchit i mech)

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The Shield and the Sword (Shchit i mech)
Shchit i mech Poster.jpg
Original Theatrical Poster
Country SOV.jpg USSR
POL.jpg Poland
Directed by Vladimir Basov
Release Date 1968
Language Russian
Studio Mosfilm
Zespol Filmowy "Start"
Main Cast
Character Actor
Aleksandr Belov alias Johann Weiss Stanislav Lyubshin
Angelika Bucher Alla Demidova
Heinrich Schwarzkopf Oleg Yankovskiy
Aleksey Zubov alias Alois Hagen Georgiy Martynyuk
Bruno Vladimir Basov
Capt./Maj. von Dietrich Juozas Budraitis
Maj. Axel Steinglitz Aleksey Glazyrin
SS Standartenführer/ SS Oberführer Willy Schwarzkopf Algimantas Masiulis
Oscar Papke Nikolay Zasukhin
Von Saltz Mikhail Pogorzhelsky

The Shield and the Sword (Russian title Shchit i mech, German title Schild und Schwert, Polish title Tareza i miecz) is a Soviet-East German-Polish 1968 B&W four-part spy movie directed by Vladimir Basov and based on the novel by Vadim Kozhevnikov. In 1940 the Soviet intelligence officer Aleksandr Belov (Stanislav Lyubshin), posing as a Latvian Volksdeutsche Johann Weiss, moves to German Reich and makes a career in Abwehr and later in Sicherheitsdienst (SD). During the war he provides valuable information and also helps the anti-Nazi resistance.

Note: this movie is sometimes erroneously credited as TV mini series, but it was theatrically released in two parts, each containg two episodes ("No Right To Be Themselves" ("Bez prava byt soboy") and "Order: Survive" ("Prikazano vyzhit") in Part 1, "Without Appeal" ("Obzhalovaniyu ne podlezhit") and "The Last Frontier" ("Posledniy rubezh") in Part 2).

The following weapons were used in the film The Shield and the Sword (Shchit i mech):


Nagant M1895

Nagant M1895 revolvers are seen in several scenes, used by a Polish female fighter and by a German agent, posing as a Red Army commander (both in Ep.2). The revolver of fake Red Army commander is briefly used by Johann Weiss (Stanislav Lyubshin).

Nagant M1895 Revolver - 7.62x38R Nagant. Note the angular front sight which was used from 1930s.
Polish agents of Capt. von Dietrich ambush the car of Weiss and Heinrich Schwarzkopf. A female fighter at the right holds a Nagant.
Another view of the same scene.
Weiss gets the Nagant from the fake Red Army commander.


FN Model 1910

Throughout the movie Johann Weiss' (Stanislav Lyubshin) sidearm is an FN Model 1910. Some German officers are also seen with FN 1910s. This is a correct weapon as former Belgian, Dutch and Danish FN 1910s were issued to Wehrmacht and law enforcement agencies of Nazi Germany.

FN Model 1910 - .380 ACP
Weiss holds his FN 1910 (Ep.2).
Another view of Weiss' pistol in the same scene.
Weiss (at the right) holds his pistol in another scene (Ep.2).
Weiss cocks the pistol (Ep.3).
Soviet intelligence agent Nina Aleksandrova (Valentina Titova) carries a pistol (supposedly the same FN 1910) in holster (Ep.3). A small part of the grip can be seen.
Maj. Steinglitz (Aleksey Glazyrin) carries a pistol (supposedly the same FN 1910) in holster (Ep.3). A small part of the grip can be seen.
A perfect view of Weiss' FN 1910 when he confronts the murderers of Maj. Steinglitz (Ep.4).
A high rank Abwehr official Lansdorff (Vatslav Dvorzhetsky) draws an FN 1910.
High-ranking SS Franz (Anatoliy Kubatskiy) holds an FN 1910 in the scene in airplane.

Walther P38

Various German officers use Walther P38 pistols throughout the movie.

Walther P38 - 9x19mm
A Polish agent (uncredited) of Capt. von Dietrich holds a P38 (Ep.2).
The same character holds a P38 at the left.
Von Dietrich (Juozas Budraitis) holds a P38 (Ep.2).
Johann Weiss (Stanislav Lyubshin), disguised as an SS officer, holds a P38 (Ep.2).
Weiss with a P38 in the same scene.
A murderer confronts Maj. Steinglitz with a P38 (Ep.4).
A closer view of the P38 in the same scene.
Heinrich Schwarzkopf (Oleg Yankovskiy) holds a P38 (Ep.4).
Heinrich Schwarzkopf (Oleg Yankovskiy) holds a P38 (Ep.4).
Weiss fires at the SS Untersturmführer who is in charge of concentration camp (Ep.4).

Luger P08

Luger P08 pistols are seen in hands of German officers and soldiers and of resistance fighters.

Luger P08 - 9x19mm
Polish agents of Capt. von Dietrich ambush the car of Weiss and Heinrich Schwarzkopf. A man in center holds a Luger (Ep.2).
Another view of the same scene.
A member of international resistance group Karl Kuhnert (Kurt Müller-Reitzner) holds a P08 (Ep.2).
Jurgen Henig (Jürgen Frohriep), another member of the resistance group, holds a P08 in the same scene.
Henig and a Czech member of the group Jaromír Drobný with P08s in the same scene.
Jaromír Drobný (at the left) holds a P08 in the same scene. Note: in most sources the actor in the role of Drobný is credited as Vladimir Brabec but it's an error.
A German soldier fires a P08 in air next to Weiss' head when he (currently under the name of Peter Kraus) is tested for neural response.
Another view of the same scene. The jointed arm is in rear position so the Luger runs out of ammo.

Pocket Pistol

In Ep.2 Soviet pilot Lt. Aleksey Zubov (Georgiy Martynyuk), posing as a German Alois Hagen, uses a pocket pistol to kill a German pilot (Uldis Dumpis). The pistol seems to lack any kind of extractor, and the slide seems to be a whole with the frame, so the gun is most likely not a genuine pistol but some kind of lighter pistol, or maybe a starter pistol.

Zubov-Hagen uses a pocket pistol.

Submachine Guns


MP40 submachine guns are widely used by German soldiers. Members of international resistance group also use MP40s. Note: see additional images on talk page.

MP40 - 9x19mm
A soldier in center carries an MP40s (Ep.1).
Soldiers in the truck hold MP40s (Ep.1).
A close view of the MP40 of a soldier on the road block (Ep.2).
Polish agents of Capt. von Dietrich ambush the car of Weiss and Heinrich Schwarzkopf. A woman in center holds an MP40 (Ep.2).
Jerzy Czyzewski (Wojciech Duryasz), a Polish member of international resistance group, carries an MP40 (Ep.2).
A sentry in Abwehr training center (Ep.2).
SS soldiers fire MP40s during the mock execution (Ep.3).
Johann Weiss (Stanislav Lyubshin) with MP40 (Ep.4).
A sentry with MP40 at the bunker of Reich Chancellery (Ep.4).
Some of Maj. Dzhalalov's soldiers are armed with MP40s.
German soldiers in battle with Soviet unit of Maj. Dzhalalov. Some are armed with MP40s.


Some German agents, disguised as Soviet soldiers, carry PPSh-41 SMGs in Ep.2. In Ep.4 Soviet soldiers of Maj. Dzhalalov's (a cameo of film director (not of this movie) Gavriil Yegiazarov) unit, including Dzhalalov himself, are mostly armed with PPSh-41s.

PPSh-41 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev
A fake Soviet soldier with a PPSh (Ep.2).
Maj. Dzhalalov's soldiers with PPSh-41s.
Maj. Dzhalalov holds a PPSh.


Karabiner 98k

German soldiers carry Karabiner 98k rifles in several scenes. In one scene in Ep.1 the patrolmen of People's Militia in Riga (Latvia) are armed with 98k rifles. Note: see additional images on talk page.

Karabiner 98k - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Patrolmen in Riga carry 98k rifles (Ep.1).
Soviet agent Bruno (Vladimir Basov) carries a 98k rifle (Ep.1).
Another view of Bruno's rifle.
A soldier on the top of tank turret holds a 98k rifle (Ep.1). What can be erroneously identified as a protruding magazine appears to be some detail of soldier's equipment.
A sentry of military commandant carries a 98k rifle (Ep.2).
Soldiers run with rifles during aerial bombardment (Ep.3).
SS soldiers guard Soviet POWs (Ep.3).
During the battle with Soviet unit of Maj. Dzhalalov many German soldiers are armed with 98k rifles (Ep.4).

Mosin Nagant M1891/30

In Ep.2 a German agent, disguised as a Soviet soldier, carries a Mosin Nagant M1891/30 rifle. In Ep.4 M91/30 rifles are seen in hands of Soviet soldiers of Maj. Dzhalalov's unit.

Mosin Nagant M1891/30 - 7.62x54mm R
The instructor of Abwehr training center Oberfeldwebel (Senior NCO rank) Hacke (Nikolay Penkov) disarms a fake Soviet soldier (Ep.2).
Soviet soldiers with M91/30 rifles (Ep.4).
Several M91/30 rifles are seen at the right.

Assault Rifles

Sturmgewehr 44

In the final scene in Ep.4 some German and Soviet soldiers are armed with Sturmgewehr 44 assault rifles.

Sturmgewehr 44 - 7.92x33mm Kurz
A German soldier with StG 44 is seen in center.
The same soldier at the left.
The barrel of StG 44 in hands of a Soviet soldier is seen at the right.
A Soviet soldier with bandaged head holds an StG 44.


In the same scene AKMs are used as a substitution for Sturmgewehrs.

AKM - 7.62x39mm
Some German soldiers hold AKMs. Slant compensators are removed for attaching of blank firing devices.

Machine Guns


MG34 machine guns are seen in several scenes, notably in Ep.4 when Zubov-Hagen (Georgiy Martynyuk) uses an MG34 against high rank Nazis in the plane.

MG34 with front and rear sights folded down - 7.92x57mm Mauser
An MG34 is seen mounted on a German motorcycle at the left (Ep.1).
An MG34 is mounted on watchtower in concentration camp (Ep.3).
Soldiers on march. MG34 is seen at the left (Ep.3).
Zubov with MG34 as a gunner in a German airpane that transports high rank officers and officials.
Zubov opens fire.
A closeup of the barrel.

MG 34 Panzerlauf

Mockups of MG 34 Panzerlauf machine guns are mounted on fake German tanks.

MG 34 Panzerlauf - 7.92x57mm Mauser
A barrel of frontal machine gun is seen. It appears to be a mockup of MG 34 Panzerlauf.

37mm 61-K

37mm 61-K automatic anti-aircraft guns stand for German AA artillery during the attack of Soviet planes on German airfield in Ep.4.

37-mm M1939 (61-K) automatic air defense gun - 37x252SR
Two 37mm AA guns are seen at the right.

Other Weapons

Model 24 Stielhandgranate

In the final scene in Ep.4 Johann Weiss (Stanislav Lyubshin) and the fighters of resistance group use several Model 24 Stielhandgranates.

Model 24 Stielhandgranate "Potato Masher" high-explosive fragmentation hand grenade
Grenades are used as a part of explosive charge.
Weiss throws a grenade.


Panzerfaust anti-tank launchers are seen in hands of German soldiers in Ep.3. The exact model is unclear, possibly these weapons are mockups.

Panzerfaust - 44mm with 149mm warhead
Soldiers carry Panzerfausts at the right.

85mm Air Defense Gun M1939 (52-K)

Several AA guns are seen on German airfield in Ep.4. They are most likely Soviet 85mm 52-K.

85mm Air Defense Gun M1939 (52-K) - 85x629mm R
One or two AA guns are seen in center in distance. They are most likely Soviet 85mm guns.

120 mm Mortar M1938

In Ep.4 Soviet troops use a 120mm regimental mortar M1938.

Soviet 120-mm regimental mortar M1938 on wheeled carriage
A truck tows a 120mm mortar.
Maj. Dzhalalov's soldiers load a 120mm mortar.
The mortar in action.



SS Standartenführer Willy Schwarzkopf (Algimantas Masiulis) and another SS officer carry Walther P38 holsters of early pattern (Ep.1).
Capt. Von Dietrich (Juozas Budraitis) carries a Walther P38 holster, Maj. Axel Steinglitz (Aleksey Glazyrin) carries an FN Model 1910 holster (Ep.2).
Oberleutnant Gerlach (Lev Polyakov) carries a Luger P08 holster, Hauptmann Gerd (Anatoliy Verbitskiy) carries a holster for some compact pistol (Ep.2).
Johann Weiss (Stanislav Lyubshin) carries an out of time Makarov PM holster (Ep.2).
A fake Red Army Politruk (a cameo of film director (not of this movie) Vasili Ordynsky) carries a universal pattern holster for Nagant M1895 and TT-33.
Maj. Dzhalalov (Gavriil Yegiazarov) carries a TT-33 holster (Ep.4).

Tanks and Armoured Vehicles

T-34 tanks, mocked up as German tanks, in Ep.1.
Such "Tigers", based on T-44, look anachronistic for Summer 1941.
Less elaborated version of German tank, based on IS-2, in same scene.
Turrets of both version of "German tanks".
An AT-P armoured artillery tractor appears as a German vehicle in the scene on airfield in Ep.4.
Soviet T-34-85 tanks in Ep.4.


Soviet 76.2mm ZiS-3 field guns on march.


Soviet Pe-2 dive bombers are seen in documentary footage in Ep.4.

A footage of Pe-2 is stretched to fit the wide screen.
A pair of Pe-2 in flight.
A footage of an airfield shows a Ju-52/3m transport plane at the right, several Bf 109 fighter planes at the left and an unknown plane (most likely a bomber) in air.

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