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Sherlock: Case of Evil

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Sherlock: Case of Evil
Sherlock A Case of Evil DVD.jpg
DVD Cover
Country Flag of the United States.jpg USA
UKD.jpg UK
ROM.jpg Romania
Directed by Graham Theakston
Release Date 2002
Studio Alliance Cinema
Box TV
Castel Film Romania
Main Cast
Character Actor
Sherlock Holmes James D'Arcy
Dr. Watson Roger Morlidge
Rebecca Doyle Gabrielle Anwar
Moriarty Vincent D'Onofrio
Inspector Lestrade Nicholas Gecks
Henry Coot Peter-Hugo Daly
Mycroft Holmes Richard E. Grant
Ben Harrington Struan Rodger

Sherlock: Case of Evil (also Sherlock: A Case of Evil, UK release title Sherlock) is an American-British-Romanian 2002 made for TV detective movie directed by Graham Theakston and starring James D'Arcy as Sherlock Holmes and Roger Morlidge as Dr. Watson. The movie uses Arthur Conan Doyle's characters but has original plot: Holmes, at the beginning of his crime-solving career, counters Moriarty (Vincent D'Onofrio) who is behind the drug dealing in London.

The following weapons were used in the film Sherlock: Case of Evil:


Lefaucheux Revolver

Sherlock Holmes (James D'Arcy) uses a nickel plated Lefaucheux Revolver of unclear model during his duel with Moriarty in the opening scene. A blued Lefaucheux is used by Holmes in later scene, when he searches for kidnapped Rebecca Doyle in the subway tunnel under construction. Moriarty (Vincent D'Onofrio) uses a Lefaucheux revolver as a backup gun (his main revolver is a Rast-Gasser M1898, see below).

Note: see additional images on talk page.

Lefaucheux Model 1858 - 12mm Pinfire.
Holmes fires at Moriarty during their duel in the opening scene.
Holmes holds his revolver after Moriarty falls in a sewer, supposedly dead.
Inspector Lestrade (Nicholas Gecks) arrests Holmes and confiscates his gun (and Holmes' revolver switches to another model, see below).
Moriarty's henchman carries a nickel plated tucked in his belt. This is likely same prop that Holmes used in the opening scene.
Drugged Holmes manages to get the revolver from the criminal.
Holmes holds a Lefaucheux revolver, this time a blued gun, when he searches for kidnapped Rebecca Doyle (Gabrielle Anwar).
Moriarty, disarmed from his Rast-Gasser revolver, draws a Lefaucheux, fires and wounds Holmes.
Sherlock Case of Evil-Lefaucheux-8.jpg
Moriarty holds his Lefaucheux revolver.
He picks up Holmes' revolver and throws it into a tube.

Hammerless Bulldog style revolver

When the revolver, confiscated from Holmes, is seen in hands of Inspector Lestrade (Nicholas Gecks), it is not a Lefaucheux, previously used by Holmes, but a different revolver that appears to be kind of hammerless Bulldog. Such revolvers were widely produced by Belgian and German armorers, often having folding trigger (unlike the screen gun).

Sherlock Case of Evil-HammerlessBulldog-1.jpg
Sgt. Cox hands the revolver, confiscated from Holmes, to Lestrade. It is a hammerless Bulldog, radically different from a Lefaucheux that Holmes held in previous moment.
The revolver is seen on the table. It definitly is hammerless.

Bulldog style revolver

A more common version of Bulldog is used by Lestrade's aide Police Sergeant Cox (Mihai Bisericanu) during the shootout with Moriarty's gang.

Belgian copy of a Webley Bulldog - .32
Sherlock Case of Evil-Bulldog-2.jpg
A blurry view of Cox's revolver.
Cox's revolver is seen at the far left.

Gasser M1870

During police operation against Moriarty's gang on a drug warehouse, Sherlock Holmes (James D'Arcy) is seen with a revolver that appears to be a Gasser M1870 Montenegrin. This revolver lacks the ejector rod. The usage of this model, inappropriate for Victorian Britain, is explained by the fact that the movie was filmed in Romania where former Austro-Hungarian guns were widely available for moviemakers. Same looking revolver is used by Inspector Lestrade (Nicholas Gecks) in several scenes.

Gasser M1870 Montenegrin second model - 11.25x36mmR Gasser
Holmes aims a Gasser M1870. Due to a series of continuity errors, the revolver switches to a different one, unidentified (see below), and then back to Gasser.
Holmes' revolver switches back to a Gasser. Next to him Lestrade holds a revolver that seems to be the same model.
Another view of Holmes and Lestrade firing at Moriarty's henchmen.
Lestrade fires.
Sherlock Case of Evil-Gasser1870-5.jpg
Lestrade with a Gasser M1870 and Holmes with an unidentified revolver.
Lestrade's Gasser is seen on the bottom.
Lestrade holds his Gasser.
Lestrade raises his revolver after a shot at a hiding criminal who tried to shoot Holmes in back.
Lestrade, with his revolver in hand, examines Moriarty's drag lab.

Taurus .357

In the said scene Holmes' Gasser switches to a different revolver. Same looking revolver is seen in hands of Moriarty's henchman. It is a K-frame revolver, very similar to Taurus Model 65 due to typical shape of ejector rod shroud and very small front sight (it is seen at first and then mysteriously disappears - possibly broken during the filming). While 6" barrel is uncommon for "true Model 65", it can be found on "pre-Model 65" .357 Taurus revolvers, produced in 1970s before Model 65 was introduced; these revolvers are referred as "Taurus .357" without any model number. Also aftermarket 6" barrels are available for Model 65. Of course, such revolver doesn't fit for 1880s.

For comparison: Taurus Model 65, early model with 4" barrel - .357 Magnum. The screen gun is very similar but has 6" barrel.
Sherlock Case of Evil-Revolver1-1.jpg
Holmes' Gasser M1870 switches to a Taurus revolver.
Sherlock Case of Evil-Gasser1870-5.jpg
Lestrade with a Gasser M1870 and Holmes with a Taurus revolver.
Holmes' revolver again switches from the Gasser, and this time it seems to lack the front sight.

Rast-Gasser M1898

Moriarty (Vincent D'Onofrio) uses a Rast-Gasser M1898 (like Gasser M1870, also widely available for Romanian film studio) during the shootout with Holmes in the opening scene and during the final confrontation (the story is set in 1886 so this revolver doesn't fit not only place but also time).

Rast-Gasser M1898 - 8x27mm Gasser
Moriarty holds a Rast-Gasser during the duel with Holmes in the opening scene.
A perfect closeup of Moriarty's revolver in another scene.
Sherlock Case of Evil-RastGasser1898-5.jpg
Sherlock Case of Evil-RastGasser1898-6.jpg
Moriarty holds a Rast-Gasser, holding kidnapped Rebecca Doyle.
He threatens to kill Rebecca.
In next moment Holmes knocks the revolver out of Moriarty's hand with a well-aimed throw of the knife.
Moriarty's revolver and Holmes' knife on the ground.
Holmes picks up the Rast-Gasser and fires at escaping Moriarty...
...until the revolver runs dry.

Various revolvers

Moriarty's henchmen carry several briefly seen revolvers.

An indefinable revolver is blurry seen at the right.
Moriarty's henchman at the left holds Holmes at gunpoint. His revolver may be a Lefaucheux but it's only a guess.
Moriarty's henchman holds a revolver during the shootout with police. This revolver may be same unidentified gun that was used by Holmes.
Sherlock Case of Evil-Revolver2-8.jpg
Moriarty's henchman fires at police. The revolver may be the same gun, mentioned above.


Mauser Karabiner 98k

During the operation against Moriarty's gang, police constables are armed with Karabiner 98k rifles, very inappropriate for Victorian England but easy to get for Romanian film studio.

Karabiner 98k - 7.92x57mm Mauser. Manufactured in Germany, 1937.
A constable holds a 98k rifle.
Two constables with 98k rifles.
A good view of a 98k. The rifle has hooded front sight.
The barrel is seen.
Constables in shootout with the gang.
A close view of the barrel. This rifle has unhooded front sight.
Sherlock Case of Evil-Mauser-7.jpg
Constables with rifles.


Double Barreled Shotgun

In one scene two police constables carry Double Barreled Shotguns. Shotguns are also used by Moriarty's gang.

A shotgun is seen in hands of a constable at the left.
Another constable hands his shotgun to Police Sgt. Cox (Mihai Bisericanu) when he has to use a door breaching ram.
Two Moriarty's henchmen with shotguns.
Sherlock Case of Evil-Shotgun-5.jpg
Moriarty's henchmen fire at police.
Sherlock Case of Evil-Shotgun-8.jpg
A henchman is shot and falls from the top floor, dropping his shotgun.
A henchman at the left holds a shotgun.
A shotgun is seen next to the body of the criminal who fell from the top floor.

Other Weapons

Cane Gun

In one scene Sherlock Holmes (James D'Arcy) uses a Cane gun, created by (surprise!) Dr. Watson (Roger Morlidge). It is described as "cane-rifle, chambered in .45 caliber, with with incredible precision", but Holmes criticizes the gun for being single-shot.

Real .38 cane gun (manufacturer unknown).
Watson demonstrates his invention to Holmes.
Sherlock Case of Evil-CaneGun-2.jpg
Sherlock Case of Evil-CaneGun-3.jpg
A close view of the firing device.
Holmes uses the can gun...
...to fire at Moriarty...
...but in vain, as the villain has a bulletproof metal cuirass under his clothes.


A poster shows Rebecca Doyle (Gabrielle Anwar) holding a kind of a Derringer that doesn't appear in the movie.

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