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Shatun poster.jpg
DVD Cover
Country RUS.jpg
Genre Adventure
Broadcast 2001
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episodes 4
Main Cast
Character Actor
Irina Goncharova Oksana Fandera
Sergei Zemtsov Aleksey Serebryakov
Aleksandr Pirogov Sergey Veksler
Fedya Belkin Andrey Tashkov
Nikita Kurga Aleksandr Tsurkan
Andrey Veshniy Igor Yatsko

Shatun (Шатун) is a 2001 Russian TV-series, based on the same-name novel by Andrey Dyshev.

An former school friends gathered to celebrate the anniversary - fifteen years from the date of graduation, in a suburban hotel. The rooms in the hotel itself turned out to be all occupied, and they stayed in a hunting lodge located nearby. According to the stories of Irina, there is a very dangerous woken up bear wandering around, which has already kill a person. In the evening they have a noisy party. But suddenly, near the house, that terrible bear appears. A shot is heard. But in the skin of a dead bear, characters find one of friends - actor, who has decided to josh other. Now they have to figure out if this was just a coincidence.

Word Shatun (In this context consonant with "Vagrant") named the awakened during the winter bear. It can't continue his sleep and very angry.


The following weapons were used in the television series Shatun:

Maverick 88 Field Gun

Irina Goncharova (Oksana Fandera) and Sergei Zemtsov (Aleksey Serebryakov) can be seen armed with an Maverick Model 88 pump shotgun. Aleksandr Pirogov (Sergey Veksler) also fires it. Fedya Belkin (Andrey Tashkov), Nikita Kurga (Aleksandr Tsurkan) and Andrey Veshniy (Igor Yatsko) holds Maverick 88, but had never fires it.

Mossberg Maverick 88 Field Gun - 12 gauge
Shatun shotgun 1.jpg
Sergei Zemtsov takes aim his shotgun
Shatun shotgun 3.jpg
Irina Goncharova threatens Sergei Zemtsov
Gun barrel is good seen

Unknown pistol

Irina Goncharova (Oksana Fandera) owns an unknown pistol, that also can be seen in the hands of Sergei Zemtsov (Aleksey Serebryakov) and Fedya Belkin (Andrey Tashkov). It resemble the Luger P08.

WE Luger Silver
Sergei Zemtsov fires his pistol
Fedya Belkin (Andrey Tashkov) gave pistol to Sergei Zemtsov (Aleksey Serebryakov).



One of the road policemen at the beginning of the film carries a short AK rifle. This is only visible briefly while driving, so a good screenshot cannot be made, but a good guess is the AKS-74U.

AKS-74U - 5.45x39mm

Mossberg 590

Sergei Zemtsov (Aleksey Serebryakov) holds the Mossberg 590 on the alternative movie poster and several disk covers, although instead it in the film was used the Maverick 88.

Mossberg 590 with 5-round magazine tube and speedfeed stock - 12 gauge
Alternative movie poster.
CD Video cover, with better view on typical Model 590's magazine tube.

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