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Seven Days

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Seven Days (1998-2001)

Seven Days was a science fiction television series that starred Johnathan LaPaglia as Frank Parker, a former Navy SEAL and CIA operative who is part of a secret US government program that allows him to travel back in time seven days in order to avert a disaster. The series aired in the US for three seasons on the UPN Network from 1998 to 2001.

The following weapons were used in the television series Seven Days:


Glock 19

Frank Parker (Johnathan LaPaglia) typically carried a Glock 19 as his sidearm while on assignment outside of Never Never Land. Olga Vukavitch (Justina Vail) handled Parker's Glock 19 in at least one episode, "Come Again".

Glock 19 (2nd Generation) - 9x19mm
From "Come Again"
From "Come Again". This is what Parker does to his car stereo when he hears Gloria Gaynor on the radio!
Olga Vukavitch handles Parker's Glock 19 in "Shadow Play" (with an intentionally awful grip).
From "Shadow Play"
From "Shadow Play"

Glock 17

In the second season, it appears that Parker switched to a full-size Glock 17 as his issued sidearm. Glock 17s were also used by police officers and many other characters on the show.

Glock 17 (2nd Generation) - 9x19mm

SIG-Sauer P226

Capt. Craig Donovan (Don Franklin) usually carried a SIG-Sauer P226 as his sidearm while on assignment. P226s were also used by many of the other NSA agents on the show, as well as FBI Agents, and many bad guys.

SIG-Sauer P226 - 9x19mm
From "Vegas Heist"
From "Vegas Heist"
From "Vegas Heist"
From "Mr. Donovan's Neighborhood"
From "Mr. Donovan's Neighborhood"

Beretta 92FS

The Beretta 92FS was the standard sidearm of U.S. soldiers and Never Never Land guards. Both Parker and Donovan used the 92FS on multiple occasions.

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm
From "Doppleganger, Pt. 2"
From "Doppleganger, Pt. 2"
From "HAARP Attack"
From "HAARP Attack"
From "Vegas Heist"
From "Daddy's Little Girl"
From "Mr. Donovan's Neighborhood"

Smith & Wesson 5906

Security Chief Nathan Ramsey (Nick Searcy) carried a Smith & Wesson 5906 as his sidearm on the show. This gun was also used by several other characters throughout the show, including Kasim (David Ackert) in "Love and Other Disasters" (S2E09).

Smith & Wesson 5906 - 9x19mm
From "As Time Goes By"
From "As Time Goes By"
The pistol is seen in "Love and Other Disasters" (S2E09).
Closeup of the pistol in "Love and Other Disasters" (S2E09).
Security Chief Nathan Ramsey (Nick Searcy) draws his Smith & Wesson 5906 in "Brother, Can You Spare a Bomb?" (S2E18).
Nathan with the pistol in "Brother, Can You Spare a Bomb?" (S2E18).


The M1911 is another pistol used throughout the series.

M1911 Pistol

Makarov PM

The Makarov PM also was used in several episodes. The pistol is used by Russian Submarine officers in "Last Breath" (S1E13) and by a Russian terrorist in "Pilot, Part 1" (S1E01).

Makarov PM - 9x18mm
The terrorist holds the pisotl in "Pilot, Part 1" (S1E01).



There were many milled receiver AK-47 rifles used on the show, but all of those seen appear to be Hudson Replica AK-47 rifles, used for non-firing work. All of the live-fire AK rifles in the show were Chinese Norinco Type 56s (7.62x39mm) and Type 84s (5.56x45mm).

Type III AK-47 7.62x39mm
Serb militiamen with model gun AK-47s in "Peacekeepers".
More Serbs with model gun AK-47s in "Peacekeepers".

Norinco Type 56/Type56-1

Norinco Type 56 and Type 56-1 AK rifles were a very common weapon used by the bad guys on the show in Season 1, including the Russian terrorists in the Pilot.

Norinco Type 56 (Imported into the U.S. as the Norinco AKS-47 or AKS-47 Sporter) - 7.62x39mm. Rather than having the underfolder pig sticker Bayonet assembly, this has the standard Bayonet lug underneath the gas block as the AKM and later variants.
Norinco Type 56-1 (under-folding stock variant) - 7.62x39mm
From "Daddy's Little Girl"
From "Daddy's Little Girl"
From "Daddy's Little Girl"

Norinco Type 84

The Norinco Type 84 (the 5.56x45mm version of the Chinese Type 56) was also used often - after the production moved from California to British Columbia in Season 2, the Type 84 became the most common firing AK weapon on the show. Both fixed stock and under-folder models were seen, and a few of the Type 84s seen had side-folding stocks, to emulate the AKS-74.

Norinco Type 84S - 5.56x45mm
Norinco Type 84S Underfolder Model - 5.56x45mm
Serb militiamen with Chinese Type 84s in "Peackeepers".
A Serb militiaman with Chinese Type 84 in "Peackeepers".
A Serb dies, dropping his Type 84, in "Peackeepers". Note that this one has a side-folding stock to imitate an AKS-74; it's probably one of the same guns seen in The Sum of All Fears.
From "Peackeepers".
A Somali woman fires a Chinese Type 84 during Parker's flashbacks to Mogadishu in "The Fire Last Time".

MPi-AKM-K (mock-up)

In Episode 1x11, "HAARP Attack", the leader of the terrorists carried a weapon that looks similar to an East German MPi-AKM-K. This is actually a heavily modified Norinco Type 56 (as noted by the hooded front sight) that was mocked-up to look like an MPi variant - it's been fitted with an East German side-folding stock and has had the barrel and gas tube cut down. This exact same gun (same prop) was also used in Virus and JAG.

East German MPi-AKM-K - 7.62x39mm
From "HAARP Attack"
From "HAARP Attack". The front sight of the Chinese Type 56 is clearly visible here.
From "HAARP Attack"

AK47 Non-Gun

  • The electronically flashing non-guns which are proprietary props from ISS rentals were used during the shootout scene in Washington DC. A non-gun AK47 (also referred to within IMFDB as a "flash paper" gun) is used by Russian Terrorist Trotsky (Endre Hules) when he's running down Pennsylvania Avenue. Trivia: According to Hules, they really did film in front of the White House (this was before 9/11) and it was the first year of Bill Clinton's administration. The film production crew used the non-guns since they made little noise and that was the only type of weapon that would be allowed so close to the White House. According to the actor who played Trotsky, he could see the real Secret Service Sharp shooters watching his every move when they were filming, with their scoped sniper rifles in plain sight. Enough to make an actor nervous. :)
AK Non Gun

M16A1 (with M16A2 hand guards)

M16A1 rifles fitted with M16A2 hand guards were a very common weapon on the show, used by U.S. Army soldiers, Never Never Land personnel, and numerous other characters. Parker and Donovan both used these rifles in the Season 3 episode "Peacekeepers" while on deployment in Bosnia.

M16A1 with A2 handguards 5.56x45mm.
From "Peacekeepers"
From "Peacekeepers"
From "Peacekeepers"


Plenty of M16A2 rifles were also seen in the show (Parker used one in "Doppleganger, Pt. 2" when joining the assault on General Starker's base), but all of those seen appear to have been Tokyo Marui airsoft guns. This is evident from the fact that in certain lighting conditions, the weapons' receivers have a fake, plastic look. It would appear that the show used airsoft M16A2s for non-firing/background actors, and real M16A1s fitted with A2 hand guards for the firing scenes - in "Peackeepers", for instance, the M16s used by Parker, Donovan, and the other soldiers tend to be A2s when not firing, and become A1s when firing.

M16A2 - 5.56x45mm.
From "Doppleganger, Pt. 2"
Sergeant Grubbs (Rick Worthy) stands in front of Pvt. Morales (Wilmer Calderon) carrying an M16A2 rifle in (Season 3, Episode 2) "Peacekeepers". Rick Worthy is well known to sci fi fans as the Cylon Simon from Battlestar Galactica.
Capt. Craig Donovan (Don Franklin) carries an obvious AIRSOFT M16A2 (look at so called bolt carrier) in (Season 3, Episode 2) "Peacekeepers"

Olympic Arms K3B CAR

Many NNL personnel, U.S. Army soldiers, and other characters on the show used XM177-type rifles. In the episode "The Fire Last Time", Parker can be seen carrying an XM177 in flashbacks to his time serving with the U.S. Army Rangers in Somalia during the Battle of Mogadishu (shown in greater detail in Black Hawk Down).

Upon close inspection, most of the firing XM177 carbines on the show during Season 1 were actually the Olympic Arms K3B CAR, a civilian XM177 look-a-like which often features either an A1E1 or A2-style upper receiver. Rifles similar to these have appeared in many other movies and TV shows, such as The Rock. There were some genuine-looking XM177s in the show, but these appeared to have been mostly Tokyo Marui airsoft guns which were used only for non-firing scenes.

Olympic Arms K3B CAR carbine - 5.56x45mm NATO. This is Olympic Arms' XM177 look-a-like variation for the civilian market, featuring an 11.5" heavy barrel and 5.5" flash hider, and was available with either A1, A1E1, or A2-style upper receivers (the latter is shown here). This weapon is a common stand-in for the XM177 in Hollywood productions made in the 1990s.
A real XM177E2 (Colt Model 629) - 5.56x45mm
From "Doppleganger, Pt. 2". Note the double notches on the flash hider, which, combined with the M16A2-style upper receiver, identify this weapon as the Olympic Arms K3B CAR.
From "Doppleganger, Pt. 2"
From "Vegas Heist"
From "Daddy's Little Girl"
Rodriguez (Raymond Cruz) fires his fake XM177 - 5.56mm From "Daddy's Little Girl"

Colt Model 933/Olympic Arms K3B-FT

In the episode "Brother, Can You Spare a Bomb?", a Colt Model 933 was carried by an FBI HRT member arresting Ramsey's brother. The weapon had a 4-position stock, a tall flattop receiver and older-style Weaver Rail Integration System (prior to Picatinny rails), so it is most likely an 11.5" Olympic Arms K3B-FT, given Canadian armorers' apparent preference for OA rifles.

Colt Model 933 with 4-position stock - 5.56x45mm
From "Brother, Can You Spare a Bomb?"
From "Brother, Can You Spare a Bomb?"
From "Brother, Can You Spare a Bomb?" Note the four-prong Phantom flash hider (common on older-model OlyArms LEO weapons).

SVD Dragunov

The SVD Dragunov) is used by a professional sniper in "Shadow Play" (S1E08) and by Serb soldiers in "Daddy's Girl" (S1E15).

SVD Dragunov Rifle

Submachine Guns

Colt RO635 9mm SMG

Parker was issued a Colt RO635 9mm SMG while on a mission in Bosnia in "Daddy's Little Girl" (S1E15).

Colt RO635 9mm SMG 9x19mm
The Colt RO635 9mm SMG in "Daddy's Little Girl" (S1E15).

Kimel Industries AP-9

The Kimel Industries AP-9 was used by many bad guys, including a gunman in "The Fire Last Time".

AA Arms/Kimel Industries AP-9 - 9x19mm
From "The Fire Last Time"

Heckler & Koch MP5A3

The Heckler & Koch MP5A3 appeared in a number of episodes, in the hands of Never Never Land security personnel and SWAT teams. Donovan also carried one in at least one episode, "Doppleganger, Part 2", which he used to disarm General Starker (Tom Amandes) by shooting a service Beretta out of his hand.

MP5s with both slimline forearms and Surefire forearms, as well as SEF and Navy trigger groups were seen. As with many of the non-firing guns on the show, Tokyo Marui airsoft MP5s were used in some scenes.

Heckler & Koch MP5A3 - 9x19mm
Heckler & Koch MP5A3 9x19mm with Surefire 628 dedicated forend weaponlight and safe-semi-two round burst trigger group
From "Pilot, Part 2"
Donovan with an H&K MP5A3 shoots the Beretta out of General Starker's hand in "Doppleganger, Part 2".
Another Never Never Land officer with an MP5A3 in "Doppleganger, Part 2".

Micro Uzi

Micro Uzi machine pistols was often used by bad guys on the show. In the episode "Love and Other Disasters", Parker used one near the end of the episode after taking it from a terrorist (he even referred to it as an "Uzi").

Micro Uzi with 32 rd magazine - 9x19mm
From "Love and Other Disasters"
From "Love and Other Disasters"
From "Love and Other Disasters"
From "Love and Other Disasters"
From "Love and Other Disasters"

FN P90

In several Season 3 episodes, FN P90s were used by Never Never Land personnel and SWAT teams.

Fabrique Nationale P90 - 5.7x28mm


Rebecca Rhodes (Gina Philips) can be seen using this after she takes it from a guard in the episode "Shadow play"

IMI Uzi - 9x19mm

Machine Guns

(Mock-up) NSV Heavy Machine Gun

In the episode "Peackeepers", a Serb militiaman was seen riding in a technical fitted with what appears to be an anti-aircraft version of the NSV heavy machine gun, but this is actually a dressed-up Browning M2HB. Such weapons have been used often in American and Canadian movies and TV shows.

Browning M2HB on vehicle mount - .50 BMG
NSV heavy machine gun 12.7x107mm (compare the receiver to the M2HB, above, and the guns seen in the movie, below.
From "Peacekeepers"
A closer view of the weapon's receiver in "Peacekeepers"


Double barreled shotgun

What appears to be a 12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun is used by Jack (Michael McShane) to shoot Olga (Justina Vail) in Season One - Episode 4: "Come Again?" (S1E04). The shotgun is seen used by frightened townsfolk in "EBEs" (S1E19) and carried by Parker and Princess Lisette in "Love and Other Disasters" (S2E09).

J. Stevens and Company Side by Side Shotgun (Circa 1878) exposed hammers and designed to fire Black Powder shotgun shells - 12 gauge


Type 69 RPG

A Chinese Type 69 RPG was used by a terrorist to kill the Vice President in "Pilot, Part 1" (S1E01).

Chinese Type 69 RPG
A Chinese Type 69 RPG was used by a terrorist to kill the Vice President in "Pilot, Part 1" (S1E01).

Cobray CM203 Launcher

In many episodes, U.S. soldiers and other characters had Cobray CM203 Flare Launchers fitted to their M16A1 rifles (standing in for the M203). These were seen most notably in "Daddy's Little Girl" (S1E15) in the hands of the U.S. Army Rangers, who are sent behind enemy lines to rescue two downed US pilots.

An M16A1 fitted with a Cobray CM203 Launcher - 37mm Flare.
Sgt. Mohmand (Gary Dourdan) wields an M16A1 with a Cobray CM203 37mm Launcher mounted to emulate an M203 in (Season 1, Episode 15) "Daddy's Little Girl"
Mohmand fires his M16A1 with a Cobray CM203 37mm Launcher mounted to emulate an M203 in (Season 1, Episode 15) "Daddy's Little Girl"
Lt. Willis (Todd Kimsey) wields an M16A1 with a Cobray CM203 37mm Launcher mounted to emulate an M203 in (Season 1, Episode 15) "Daddy's Little Girl"

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