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Serious Sam 2

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Serious Sam 2 (2005)

The following weapons can be seen in the game Serious Sam 2:

Colt Anaconda

Dual Colt Anacondas are one of the starting weapons of Sam "Serious" Stone in the game. Have unlimited ammo, but must be reloaded after every 12 shots. Fires continuously if the fire button is held. It must be also noted that the in-game model of the revolver lacks the extractor rod and has a different cylinder latch.

Colt Anaconda with 8" barrel and Mag-n-ports - .44 Magnum
The "Dual Colts" in the game.
Sam finds the super hidden ninja chicken.
Sam holds his revolver in one of the many cut-scenes.

IMI Mini Uzi

Dual Mini Uzis are one of the few non-fictional usable weapons in the game, replacing the Thompson Submachine Gun from the previous two games. The Mini Uzis feature an unusable (but good-looking) radar-like display on the top, which obstructs the charging handle and sights. The game refers to the weapon as "Dual Uzis". The ammo cap is 1,000 bullets for this weapon. Reloading is not necessary.
At one point Sam states that the "Uzi" fires 480 rounds per minute. That is incorrect, because the Mini Uzi has a cycling rate of 950 round/minute, which is nearly double of what Sam said.

Mini Uzi - 9x19mm
Sam poses with the Mini Uzis on the menu background.
Closer look on the "Micro Suzi" aka "Serious Uzi".
Sam faces "Onan The Librarian".

IMI Micro Uzi

Sam can be seen on a photo with dual Micro Uzis.

Micro Uzi - 9x19mm
Sam with dual Micro Uzis. This image is actually the cover of Serious Sam: Next Encounter, a PS2 and GameCube exclusive Serious Sam video game.

Handheld M134 "Minigun"

Cyborg soldier enemies are seen using Miniguns in the game. A 9-barreled version is usable by Serious Sam. The Minigun shares ammo with the dual Mini Uzis. The cycling rate is surprisingly low, but the damage per bullet is high. About 200-250 low-level enemies can be killed with a fully loaded (1000 rounds) Minigun before it runs empty, making it the ultimate weapon along with the Plasma Rifle. This is one of the rarest weapons in the game.

GE M134 Minigun - 7.62x51mm
"If this is a MINI gun, I wonder what a MAXI gun is!"
"Look. It's a bug!"
"This game is full of bugs!"
Sam with the Minigun on a photo from the first game.
A Cyborg soldier opens fire with his Minigun.

Sniper Rifle

The "Sniper Rifle" is a somewhat altered Heckler & Koch HK91 civilian rifle with a shorter handguard, futuristic variable-zoom scope with built-in rangefinder, and a flash suppressor. Most enemies will die from one well-placed shot. Hilariously, it deals about three times more damage if Sam uses the scope when shooting. It is modeled with a 20-round magazine, but in fact it holds 50 rounds and doesn't need to be reloaded.

HK91A2 Rifle - 7.62x51mm NATO
"Long-range weapon for long-range relationships."
The Sniper Rifle and a pack of Sniper Bullets.
Sam battles a "T-Mech".
View through the scope as Sam tries to head-shoot an angry "Orc Football Player", who didn't make it to the NFL.

Maxim 1895

The "Machine Gun Turret" is seemingly based on the Maxim 1895, the barrels rotate like a chaingun when firing and the ammo cans say "110 mm Vulcan Turret"

Maxim 1895 on tripod - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Sam comes across a Machine Gun Turret.
Sam uses it to blast some of Mental's Airborne forces.

Mk 2 Hand Grenade

Mk 2 hand grenades appear as usable equipment with high damage and splash radius. The grenades explode on contact. Sam can carry a total of 30 grenades.

Mk 2 hand grenade
"Frag Grenade"

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