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SAS Rogue Heroes

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SAS Rogue Heroes
Country UKD.jpg UK
Channel BBC
Genre Drama, Action
Broadcast 2022
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episodes 6
Main Cast
Character Actor
David Stirling Connor Swindells
Eve Sofia Boutella
Dudley Wrangel Clarke Dominic West
Paddy Mayne Jack O'Connell
Jock Lewes Alfie Allen

SAS Rogue Heroes is a 2022 BBC drama action series, loosely based on the docu-drama book of the same name by Ben MacIntyre. The show centres on the creation of the Special Air Service by David Stirling (Connor Swindells), Lt. Jock Lewes (Alfie Allen), and Paddy Mayne (Jack O'Connell) during the North Africa campaign of the Second World War in 1941-2.

The following weapons were used in the television series SAS Rogue Heroes:



Beretta M1934

Paddy Mayne (Jack O'Connell) has a Beretta M1934 (presumably pilfered from some unfortunate Italian soldier) as a backup sidearm.

Beretta M1934 - .380 ACP
Mayne about to use pilfered Italian pistol to shoot holes in the bucket to use as a makeshift shower.
Mayne with his M1934 after a game of rugby goes tits-up. Mayne would later go on to become a professional rugby player; whether he produced a firearm at a match is unknown.

Walther P38

A Walther P38 is seen with a German soldier in one scene. David Stirling (Connor Swindells) and his men also use them when posing as Nazi soldiers to infiltrate Benghazi.

Walther P38 WWII dated with black grips - 9x19mm
German soldier with a P38 next to him.
In Nazi uniform, Stirling prepares to shoot an Italian checkpoint guard if necessary.
P38 and MP40.
Stirling firing his P38 at Nazis.


Colt New Service

Lt. Paddy Mayne (Jack O'Connell) has one of these revolvers, likely the .455 Webley variant manufactured for British troops during the First World War, although he refers to it as a "Colt .45". Capitaine Georges Bergé (Virgile Bramley) also has one, which Augustin Jordan (César Domboy) takes from his holster for a confrontation with Mayne in episode 5.

British Colt New Service (c. 1915) - .455 Webley
Mayne using the Colt to shoot a road sign.
As the British and Irish are determined to put the steering wheel on the wrong side of the vehicle, it makes riding shotgun more difficult for right-handed shooters...
Augustin Jordan with Bergé's Colt New Service.
Mayne plays Russian roulette with a Colt New Service, believing that to love life would make him a coward. Joke's on him; the author is a coward who doesn't love life.
Capitaine Bergé with his Colt New Service.

Webley .455 Mk VI

David Stirling (Connor Swindells), Jock Lewes (Alfie Allen), Johnny Cooper (Jacob McCarthy), and Lt. Col. Dudley Wrangel Clarke (Dominic West) have Webley .455 Mk VI revolvers as their sidearms.

Webley .455 Mk VI - .455 Webley
Lt. Stirling twirling the revolver around while awaiting Lewes...
...putting it away as he arrives.
Jock Lewes with a Webley.
Colonel Dudley Clarke with his Webley.
Johnny Cooper with his Webley.

Submachine guns


During the covert operation in Benghazi, Stirling and his men (dressed in Nazi uniform) have MP40s. The SAS men are also joined by Randolf Churchill (Ian Davies), son of UK prime minister Winston Churchill, who carries Stirling's MP40 during the ride into Benghazi.

MP40 - 9x19 mm
Sergeant Reg Seekings (Theo Barklam-Briggs) inspects the MP40 he'll be using during the infiltration of Benghazi.
Churchill with an MP40 and Cooper with a Webley. This shot shows clearly the bolt-shaped charging handle and lack of fluted metal on the upper receiver, the two signs that distinguish the MP40 from the MP38.
Sergeants Jim Almonds (Corin Silva), Pat Riley (Jacob Ifan), and Seekings with MP40s.


One SAS soldier uses an MP38 appropriated from Axis forces. This episode was set in 1941, compared to episode 5 being set in 1942, so it appears the producers were showing how the weapons evolved through the campaign. Having said that, MP40s (as the name suggests) were already in the hands of soldiers by 1941.

MP38 - 9x19 mm
SAS soldier with MP38, sitting behind Mayne.
Alternative view. Note the hook-shaped charging handle of the MP38.
SAS madlad raids the same airstrip he raided just two weeks ago, using the very same MP38 he stole from them first time round.

Thompson M1928A1

Various SAS members, including Lewes, Stirling, Mayne, Sgt. Reg Seekings (Theo Barklam-Briggs), and Cpl. Mike Sadler (Tom Glynn-Carney), are seen with Thompson M1928A1 submachine guns.

M1928A1 Thompson with 30-round magazine - .45 ACP. This specimen has the sling swivel relocated to the top of the stock, a modification often made to Thompsons in British service.
Lt. Jock Lewes with the Thompson M1928A1.
SAS corporal with an Thompson M1928A1.
Sergeant Reg Seekings aims down the sights of an M1928, showing the A1 rear sights.
Cpl. Mike Sadler of the Long Range Desert Group with an M1928A1.


Carcano M91/38

One Italian soldier is seen with a Carcano M91/38 Short Rifle. Other Italian soldiers have the standard-length Carcano M91/38.

Fucile di Fanteria Modello 91/38 - 6.5x52mm
Carcano M91 Long Rifle - 6.5x52mm
The Italian spots Paddy Mayne, but it's already much too late for him...
Italian soldiers with Carcano long rifles.
Italian soldier on the blower with a Carcano long rifle slung on his shoulder.

Karabiner 98k

German soldiers are equipped with Karabiner 98k rifles.

Karabiner 98k - 7.92x57mm Mauser
German soldier loading a Karabiner 98k.
Opening fire.
Nazis with Kar. 98ks.
Stirling is led off by a Nazi with a Kar. 98k.

Lee-Enfield No.1 Mk III*

The Lee-Enfield No.1 Mk III*, known as the "SMLE" (Short Magazine Lee-Enfield) by the British, is ubiquitous among Allied troops throughout the series. It is also used by Jock Lewes at the start of the first episode.

Lee-Enfield No. 1 Mk III* - .303 British
British Army base guards in Cairo with SMLEs.
Allied soldiers at the port in Tobruk with SMLEs.
Jock Lewes affixes a bayonet to his Lee-Enfield in preparation for a raid on an Italian artillery encampment.
Highland Division soldiers with SMLEs.
French Paratroopers with SMLEs.

Scoped Lee-Enfield No.1 Mk III*

In episode 5, Paddy Mayne uses an SMLE with a scope to shoot at the French paratroopers during a training exercise.

Lee-Enfield No. 1 Mk III* (HT), sniper rifle variant of the SMLE - .303 British
Paddy Mayne with a scoped SMLE.
Aiming down the sights.
View through the scope.

Machine guns

Breda Modello 37

When Lt. Lewes' men raid an Italian artillery encampment at the beginning of the first episode, sergeant Almonds appropriates their Breda Modello 37 against them.

Breda Modello 37 - 8x59mm RB Breda
Almonds shooting the Italian men with their own Breda Modello 37.

Bren gun

Bren guns are used by British soldiers (including Mike Sadler) during the series.

Bren gun - .303 British
British soldier firing at a Nazi dive bomber with his Bren gun.
Sergeants Riley and Almonds with a Bren gun.
Cpl. Mike Sadler loading up a Bren gun.
Stirling (Captain Stirling at this point) holding a Bren gun.

Browning M2 Aircraft

In the final episode, Browning M2 Aircraft heavy machine guns are given to the SAS to mount on their Jeeps. These fire incendiary ammunition, so as to destroy Nazi aircraft.

Browning M2 Aircraft, Flexible - .50 BMG
Seekings gleefully removes a Browning M2 Aircraft from its box. The pronounced mounting lug of the Aircraft version can be seen here.
SAS Soldiers admiring the .50 BMG rounds. These don't appear to be incendiary rounds, despite them being used later on in the episode.
View showing the full-length barrel shroud of the Aircraft version.
Incendiary rounds tear into the Nazi aircraft (and a number of Nazi soldiers).

Lewis gun

Along with the Bren guns, British forces also use the Lewis gun. This includes 2nd Lt. Bill Fraser (Stuart Campbell) in one scene.

Lewis gun - .303 British
British soldier (far left) firing a Lewis gun at a Nazi dive bomber.
Lewis gun mounted to the rear of a Long Range Desert Group Jeep.
2nd Lt. Bill Fraser fires a Lewis gun at a Nazi BF-109 fighter plane.

MG 34

As Lewes' men raid the Mersa Brega supply depot, an Italian soldier fires an MG 34 mounted to an Sd. Kfz. 251 half-track armoured fighting vehicle. Stirling, Sadler, and Cooper are also fired upon by a Nazi with an MG34 in the final episode.

MG 34 - 7.92x57mm Mauser. With Gurttrommel 34 - 50 round belt drum magazine.
Sd. Kfz. 251 in a shot prior to battle breaking out.
MG34 firing upon Lewes' men.
The turret gets blown up by a grenade.
Nazi with MG 34 firing upon Stirling's Jeep.


A Messerschmitt BF-109E aircraft fires upon Lewes' unit with its pair of wing-mounted MG FF cannons.

MG FF - 20x80mm RB
BF-109E with the barrel of the MG FF sticking out of the port-side wing visible.
BF-109E firing its two MG FF cannons. Note the bulges under the wings to accommodate the larger MG-FF cannons, compared to the MG17s fitted to earlier BF-109s.

Vickers K

In episode 5, which is set later on in 1942, SAS Jeeps are fitted with Vickers K machine guns. These came into the hands of ground units during 1942 after being taken out of RAF aircraft in favour of Browning M1919s. Stirling mentions that they will receive Vickers machine guns in episode 6, even though they have had them since episode 5. However, they do receive additional Vickers K machine guns in double mounts this time.

Vickers K - .303 British
Jeep with the mounted Vickers K machine gun.
Vickers K machine guns on Jeeps.
Double Vickers-K machine guns mounted to a Jeep that Stirling, Cooper, and Sadler are riding in.


Fake grenade

Lt. Stirling clears a snooker room of its audience by frightening them off with a fake grenade that appears to have been adapted from a Mills Bomb, the standard-issue grenade of British forces during World War II.

No. 36M Mk 1 "Mills Bomb"
Stirling having pulled the pin...
...and throwing it onto the snooker table. For some reason, the players only seem to react once the grenade is on the table, despite Stirling clearly showing it to them before he threw it.
Having successfully performed its function of frightening everyone but Stirling and Lewes out of the room, the smoke from the "grenade" lingers in the air.

Medium guns

105 mm M68

Stirling, Cooper, and Sadler are confronted by a Nazi tank at the end of the series. Rather than finding an actual German WWII tank however, the production company managed to borrow an M48A5 Patton tank from the Moroccan military and dress it up in Nazi livery. The main gun of this tank is a 105-mm M68. Needless to say, this is not historically accurate, as the M48 wasn't introduced until the 1950s.

M48 with its 105-mm M68 cosplaying as a German WWII tank.

Field gun

In the Italian encampment in the first episode, there is a field gun. It appears to be a prop made to (somewhat) resemble the German 10.5 cm leichte FeldHaubitze 18/40.

LeFH 18/40 105-mm howitzer
Field gun.


Archive footage

Archive footage of World War II at the beginning of the series shows various weapons.

Actual German 105-mm Howitzer.
Actual German Tiger tank.
RAF Mosquito fighter-bomber.
Naval artillery guns.
British soldiers.


Painting of Jock Lewes with a Bren gun

Although Jock Lewes doesn't use a Bren gun in this series, a portrait of the real-life Lewes with a Bren gun was painted in 1940 by artist Rex Whistler (1905-1944).

Painting of Jock Lewes with a Bren gun.

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