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Rosewood (1997)

Rosewood is a 1997 historical drama directed by John Singleton and starred Ving Rhames and Jon Voight. The film was based on the Rosewood massacre of 1923, where a white woman claimed that an African-American man had broken into her house and beat her. Due to the heightened racial tensions going on in Florida at the time, the search for the 'suspect' would turn into a week-long massacre where angry mobs of all-Whites accused African-Americans in Rosewood of hiding the suspect, burned down every African-American owned building in the town, hunted, murdered and lynched unsuspecting and innocent African-Americans that had done nothing wrong.

The following guns were used in the film Rosewood:

Winchester Model 1897 "Trench Gun"

Mann (Ving Rhames) carries Winchester Model 1897 "Trench Gun" Shotgun as his main firearm. He mainly uses it near the end of the movie.

A Winchester Model 1897 "Trench Gun" similar to the model used by Mann.
As Mann sleeps in the barn, his Model 1897 Trench is propped against the wall to the right.
Mann stays low to keep out of sight of the mobs that comb the woods for African-Americans.
During the massacre, Mann emerges from John Wrights' (Jon Voight) store after collecting some ammunition.
A startled Mann aims his Model 1897 at John Wright.
Mann fires his Model 1897 from the caboose at the pursing mobs.
Another shot of Mann firing his Model 1897 at the pursuing mobs.
Mann pumps a new round into his Model 1897.

Winchester Model 1897 Riot Gun

A few of the Lynchers carry Winchester Model 1897 Riot Models

A Winchester Model 1897 Riot Gun.
During the assault on the Carrier house, one of the shooters is using a Model 1897 Riot.
During the lynching scene, another Model 1897 Riot is seen in the hands of one of the lynchers.

Full Barrel Winchester Model 1897

Although many are seen throughout the film, one is clearly seen being wielded by Mary Wright (Kathryn Meisle) as she keeps a lynch mob from entering her house when they are searching for African-Americans.

Winchester Model 1897 Field Shotgun - 12 gauge
Mary Wright (Kathryn Meisle) points her own full barreled Model 1897 at the lynch mob that tries to search her house.
As John Wright(Jon Voight) returns home from the chaotic train ride, Mary (Kathryn Meisle) emerges from second floor with her full barreled Model 1897.

Winchester Model 1894

Many citizens of both Rosewood and Sumner carry Winchester Model 1894 Rifles, it is also the preferred gun of both John Wright (Jon Voight) and Duke Purdy (Bruce McGill)

A Winchester Model 1894 chambered in .30-30.
At the beginning the movie, Emmett Purdy (Tristan Hook) is shown taking aim with a Model 1894 at a wild hog.
Realizing that Emmett (Tristan Hook) won't shoot, Duke (Bruce McGill) impatiently grabs the Model 1894 and kills the hog.
During the interrogation of Aaron Carrier (Phil Moore) a Model 1894 is seen in the cab of the pickup truck.
Duke uses his Model 1894 to shoot Sam Carter (Kevin Jackson).
During the Assault on the Carrier house, Duke continuously fires his Model 1894.
John Wright (Jon Voight) trains his own Model 1894 rifle on Mann as he exits his store window.

Winchester Model 1892 Saddle Ring Carbine

During the assault on the Carrier house, Sylvester Carrier (Don Cheadle) uses a Winchester Model 1892 Saddle Ring Carbine.

Winchester Model 1892 Saddle Ring Carbine - .32WCF/.38-40/.44-40/.25-40
Sylvester readies himself with his Double-Barrel Shotgun in one hand, and his Model 1892 in the other.
Sylvester fires his Model 1892 Saddle Ring Carbine out the window at the attacking mob.
Here we see a good shot of Sylvester's Saddle Ring Carbine.

Colt M1911

Mann (Ving Rhames) carries two Colt M1911 pistols in a double shoulder holster. Considering the time frame of the movie, it is assumed that they are the original model 1911, not the A1 model.

Original Colt M1911 (dated 1913) - .45 ACP
During the lynching of Sam Carter (Kevin Jackson), Mann watches with his Colt 1911 in hand.
Mann sneaks through the Florida swamps with his Colt 1911 at the ready.
Mann cocks the hammers on his Colt 1911's, and keeps them at the ready when a lynch mob chases after him.
Closeup of Mann's Colt 1911 as he fires it at a shooter on horseback.
Another shot of Mann with his Colt 1911 raised after shooting a member of the mob

Coach Shotgun

One of the lynchers carries and shoots a double-barreled Coach Shotgun.

Stoger/IGA Coach imported side-by-side shotgun - 12 gauge
The guy on the right side of the screen is carrying a Coach Shotgun
During the Carrier House shootout, one of the shooters is seen shooting a Coach Shotgun.

Double Barreled Shotguns

Sylvester Carrier (Don Cheadle) as well as numerous townspeople and lynchers carry unknown model Double Barrel Shotguns with exposed hammers.

Sylvester (Don Cheadle) carries his shotgun as he goes to talk with some of residents of Rosewood.
View of the shotgun as Sylvester carries it over his shoulder.
The guy in the blue shirt is carrying a double barrel shotgun of some kind.
When the women come to comfort Fanny Taylor (Catherine Kellner) at her house, a double barrel shotgun is seen hanging on the wall in the background.
When Mann brings Sylvester to the place where the lynch mob hung Sam Carter (Kevin Jackson), Sylvester's Double-Barreled Shotgun is seen under his arm.
Sylvester shoots one of the lynchers after they kick down the door to his house.
Sylvester readies himself with his double barrel shotgun and model 1892 in the other.
During the Assault of the Carrier House, one of the lynchers is seen shooting a Double Barrel Shotgun.
Big Baby (Ken Sagoes) drops his double barrel shotgun after he gets shot through the window.

Winchester Model 12

As with most of the guns in the film, numerous characters use and carry Winchester Model 12 shotguns, it is also the primary weapon of Sheriff Walker (Michael Rooker) and Deputy Earl (Jaimz Woolvett).

Winchester Model 12 Riot Gun - 12 gauge
Sheriff Walker (Michael Rooker) loads up a Model 12 shotgun, after hearing of Fanny Taylor's (Catherine Kellner) assault.
As Sheriff Walker (Michael Rooker) comes running out of the Sheriffs Office, Deputy Earl (Jaimz Woolvett) is standing ready with his Model 12.
Deputy Earl (Jaimz Woolvett) leaves the church with his Model 12 in hand, after delivering the news of the assault.
Sheriff Walker (Michael Rooker) leans down to comfort Fanny Taylor, as his Model 12 is seen in his hand.

Colt Official Police Revolver

Jon Wright (Jon Voight) at one point keeps a Colt Official Police Revolver tucked in his waist, but he never gets to fire it. Instead, it is used as substitute counter-ballast pin to fix the train.

Colt Official Police w/ 4-inch barrel - .38 Special
The Official Police is seen tucked in John Wright's (Jon Voight) waistband.
Another shot of the Official Police is seen tucked in John Wright's (Jon Voight) waistband.
After the train breaks down the engineer takes Wright's (Jon Voight) Official Police revolver from his waistband and matches it up to make a replacement counter-ballast pin.
The Official Police acting as a counter ballast pin.

Sawed-Off Double Barreled Shotgun

Several KKK members are seen carrying Sawed Off Double Barreled Shotguns.

Remington Spartan Shotgun (sawed-off) - 12 gauge (Not the exact model used in the film, but is pictured here for comparison purposes)
The Klansman dressed in white with the sawed-off shotgun is seen to the right.
Another Klansman (presumably the same one) with his sawed-off shotgun.

Webley .455 Mk VI

When word starts spreading around about Fanny Taylor's assault and the search for the suspected African-American who committed the act, various citizens are shown arming up to join the mobs. One of them is seen loading a Webley .455 Mk VI revolver.

Webley .455 Mk VI - .445 Webley
A citizen retrieves a Webley Mk.VI from a small box.
The citizen loads the .445 Webley rounds into his Webley Mk.VI.

Unknown Revolvers

Throughout the film numerous revolvers are seen, but they are hard to identify

A revolver is seen in Sheriff Walker's (Michael Rooker) holster
The man in the doorway is clutching a revolver in his hand
Another view of Walker's (Michael Rooker) revolver
During the celebration a revolver comes into the foreground but its to blurry to identify, it looks like a Colt Peacemaker.
One of the lynchers charges towards the children with a revolver in his hand
Duke (Bruce McGill) uses a revolver to execute James Carrier (Paul Benjamin).
A young boy is seen loading up a revolver, it looks to possibly be a Colt Police Positive.
One of the lynchers is seen firing a revolver from horseback, before he is gunned down by Mann (Ving Rhames).
At the end of the movie Mann(Ving Rhames) tucks a revolver into his holster, it looks to maybe be a S&W Hand Ejector though it hard to make out.

Multiple Long Guns

Throughout the film there many different long guns can be seen being used by random mob thugs, citizens, and townsfolk from the surrounding counties and towns.

The sheriff and townsfolk of the nearby town of Bronson square off against the rampaging mobs from Rosewood with their long guns.
When Sheriff Walker first assembles the men of Rosewood to find a suspected fugitive who supposedly beat Fanny Talyor, the men are seen holding various long guns as their primary weapons.

Ammo Box

Just for fun really, Sylvester (Don Cheadle) buy some shotgun shells later in the film. Just showing the old shotgun shell box though I'm pretty sure these are not a real brand.


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