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Revolt of the Fishermen (Vosstaniye rybakov)

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Revolt of the Fishermen
(Vosstaniye rybakov)
Vosstanie poster.jpg
Original Poster
Country SOV.jpg USSR
Directed by Mikhail Doller
Erwin Piscator
Release Date 1934
Language Russian
Studio Mezhrabpomfilm
Main Cast
Character Actor
Kedenek Aleksei Dikij
Hull Nikolay Gladkov
Andreas Dmitri Konsovsky
Maria Vera Yanukova
Bruyt Aleksandr Safroshin
Kerhus Vasili Kovrigin
Bredel Sergey Martinson

Revolt of the Fishermen (Восстание рыбаков; Vosstaniye rybakov) is a 1934 Soviet B&W movie directed by Mikhail Doller and Erwin Piscator, based on the novel "Revolt of the Fishermen of Santa Barbara" by Anna Seghers. The plot narrates about the strike among the impoverished fishermen of the San Sebastian city, caused by the deterioration of working conditions on the vessels of the ship owner Bredel, and its subsequent severe suppression by government troops. The movie was originally planned to be filmed in Russian and German versions, but only the first was completed. The export version of movie with subtitles was distributed in 1935 to European countries, with the exception of Germany due to well-known events.
The following weapons were used in the film Revolt of the Fishermen (Vosstaniye rybakov):


Webley .455 Mk VI

Kerhus (Vasili Kovrigin) briefly uses Webley .455 Mk VI.

Webley Mk VI - .455 Webley
A revolver is seen on the table.
Kerhus grabs the Webley...
...and puts it into his pocket.

Colt Army Special M1908

One of the rebels fires Colt Army Special M1908.

Colt Army Special M1908.
A perfect view of the Colt.

Smith & Wesson No.3 Russian Model

At least one of the rebels was armed with the Smith & Wesson No.3 Russian Model.

Smith & Wesson No.3 Russian Model - .44 Russian
A rebel fires his revolver.
A rebel fires.

Smith & Wesson .44 Double Action

One soldier uses the Smith & Wesson .44 Double Action (or perhaps other similar looking S&W DA revolver).

Spanish (Eibar) Copy S&W revolver - .455 Webley
A soldier fires his revolver.

Smith & Wesson Safety Hammerless or 4th Model

A Smith & Wesson Safety Hammerless or Smith & Wesson 4th Model can be seen in the hands of one of the rebels.

Smith & Wesson Safety Hammerless "Lemon Squeezer" - .38 S&W
Smith & Wesson 4th Model Double Action - .32 S&W
The shape is blured...
Vosstanie revolver 5 2.jpg
...but the gun is seen from the other side. Although looking at the revolver there does appear to be a hammer between the grip frame and barrel latch when looking straight down from the coats lapels which would be a Smith and Wesson 4th Model, if that is a hammer.

Unknown Revolvers

Several unknown revolvers can be seen in the several scenes.

A rebel with the revolver.
Another rebel with the revolver.
A rebel holds the revolver.

Unknown Pistol

An unknown pistol is a briefly seen in the hands of a soldier. It can be the Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammer.

Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammer with spur hammer - .38 ACP
A soldier brandishes his pistol.
A view from the other side.
A slightly better view.


Mauser Gewehr 1898

Near all soldiers were armed with the Mauser Gewehr 1898s. Captured rifles can be seen used by the rebels.

Mauser Gewehr 1898 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Rifles-wielding soldiers.
Vosstanie machine rifle 1 2.jpg
A soldier (Vladimir Uralsky) carry his rifle.
Vosstanie machine rifle 1 4.jpg
A soldier raices his rifle.
A close view of the bolt...
...and front sight.
Vosstanie machine rifle 1 8.jpg
A soldiers fires.
The rifle's muzzle can be seen.
A rifle lying near the killed rebel.


Several fishermen fires TOZ-8s at the shooting range.

TOZ-8 - .22LR
Vosstanie machine rifle 2 1.jpg
Vosstanie machine rifle 2 2.jpg
A fisherman (Daniil Vvedenskiy) with the rifle.
A bolt handle can be seen.
A numerous rifle lying on the table.
A fisherman (Daniil Vvedenskiy) hands the rifle to Kedenek (Aleksei Dikij).
Kedenek with the rifle.
Kedenek aims (the shot is mirrored).

Machine Guns

Maxim M1910

Soldiers fires Maxim M1910s at the rebels, but they captured a few of them.

Maxim 1910, simplified version with smooth water jacket - 7.62x54mmR. The shields of the screen gun were removed.
A soldier fires.
Another view of the same scene.
Vosstanie machine gun 3.jpg
Close view of the muzzle.
Vosstanie machine gun 5.jpg
A rebel captured Maxim...
...and turns it against it's former users.

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