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Return of the Killer Tomatoes

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Return of the Killer Tomatoes
Country Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Directed by John De Bello
Release Date 1988
Studio Four Square Productions
Distributor New World Pictures
Main Cast
Character Actor
Professor Gangreen John Astin
Chad Finletter Anthony Starke
Matt Stevens George Clooney
Tara Karen Mistal
Igor Steve Lundquist
Wilbur Finletter J. Stephen Peace

Return of the Killer Tomatoes is the 1988 comedy sequel to the classic 1978 monster movie spoof Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. As with the first film, this sequel was directed by John De Bello. This time around, the film stars John Astin as a mad scientist intent on destroying the world by creating an army of tomatoes who have been genetically altered to resemble Rambo-esque human soldiers. The film also stars Anthony Starke and a young George Clooney (in one of his first-ever starring roles) as two pizza restaurant employees who must stop the evil scientist and thwart a second Tomato Uprising, and also featured co-writer/co-producer J. Stephen Peace reprising his acting role from the first film as Wilbur Finletter.

The following weapons were used in the film Return of the Killer Tomatoes:


Beretta 92F

Professor Gangreen's (John Astin's) assistant Igor (Steve Lundquist) uses a Beretta 92F as his primary weapon in the film. Another Beretta 92F is also fired at the heroes by a prison guard during the raid on the "Oliver North Maximum Security Prison". Due to a continuity error, the replica M1911 used by Wilbur Finletter (J. Stephen Peace) is also replaced by the Beretta when fired during the brief shootout at the prison.

Beretta 92F - 9x19mm
Igor pulls his Beretta 92F on Matt Stevens when Matt tries to argue with him. Note that in this picture, it is evident that the Beretta's safety is engaged -a problem that will continue later into the film.
A prison guard opens fire with his Beretta 92F on the protagonists, but fails to hit anything.
A close-up of the Beretta as it is fired by Wilbur Finletter, in place of the the replica M1911 he had been using earlier. It changes back to the M1911 as soon as the firing sequence has ended.
Igor holds his Beretta on Tara. He really should take the safety off if he intends to pose a credible threat to her (or anyone else).

(Replica) M1911

Wilbur Finletter (J. Stephen Peace) carries an M1911 as his sidearm in the film. The M1911 appears to be some sort of BB pistol or other replica, as it has an unusual shape that differs from an actual M1911. Additionally, when Wilbur fires the pistol, it becomes the Beretta 92F used by other characters in the film.

Original Colt M1911 (dated 1913) - .45 ACP
Wilbur Finletter draws his M1911, which is clearly a replica of some sort - note that the slide is too long relative to a real 1911, and the pistol has an odd-shaped ejection port and hammer.
Wilbur points his M1911, which was a Beretta 92F when he fired it just moments before, at Professor Gangreen
On the left, Wilbur holds his M1911 on Professor Gangreen.

(Replica) Colt Single Action Army

Sam Smith (Frank Davis) carries a pair of replica pistols which appear to be shrunken, crude-looking replicas of the Single Action Army "Artillery" model. These pistols are also carried by the cowboys who get into the fight at Finletter's Pizza.

An actual Colt Single Action Army 5 1/2" Artillery - .45 Long Colt.
Several cowboys - all with replica Colt Single Action Army revolvers in their holsters - prepare to fight with some ninjas in a random fight that breaks out at Finletter's Pizza restaurant.
Sam draws his two Colt SAA replicas.
A close-up of Sam's ornately engraved Colt SAA replicas in the final showdown of the film.


M1 Garand

In flashbacks to the Great Tomato Uprising of the first film, U.S. Army soldiers fighting the killer tomatoes are armed with M1 Garand rifles.

M1 Garand - .30-06.
U.S. Army personnel armed with M1 Garand rifles engage the tomatoes in a flashback to the events of the first film in 1978. (Note that the M1 would have been an anachronistic weapon for frontline U.S. military personnel - and even most Reserve/National Guard soldiers - in 1978.)

Uzi Carbine

The Uzi Carbine is the primary weapon of Professor Gangreen's (John Astin's) "tomato men" soldiers. In the post-credit closing sequence of the film, Uzi Carbines are also seen in the hands of the carrots.

Uzi "Model A" Carbine - 9x19mm
A tomato soldier guards Professor Gangreen's mansion, armed with an Uzi Carbine.
A newly created tomato warrior holds his Uzi Carbine.
Professor Gangreen's tomato soldiers confront the protagonists in the climax of the film. Three of the soldiers in front are armed with Norinco Type 56 (Chinese semi-auto AK clone) rifles, while all of the others use Uzi Carbines.
One of Professor Gangreen's tomato soldiers raises his Uzi Carbine to fire.
Three tomato soldiers point weapons at the camera - the soldier in the center has a Norinco Type 56 AK rifle, while the two on opposite sides of him have Uzi Carbines.
Carrot soldiers at the end of the film armed with Uzi Carbines.

Norinco Type 56

Another weapon used by Professor Gangreen's (John Astin's) "tomato men" soldiers is the Norinco Type 56. The weapons are only ever fired on semi-automatic in the film, suggesting that they are the civilian variant (usually sold as the "Type 56S" or "AKS-47", depending on the U.S. importer).

A Norinco AKS-47 (a U.S. import designation for the semi-automatic-only Type 56 assault rifle) - 7.62x39mm
Professor Gangreen's tomato soldiers prepare to break into the "Oliver North Maximum Security Prison". The three soldiers in front are all armed with Norinco Type 56 rifles, while the others use Uzi Carbines.
A tomato man charges into the prison armed with his Norinco Type 56.
The tomato soldiers kneel and prepare to fire; the soldiers on the left all have Norinco Type 56s.
One of the tomato men fires his Type 56.
Another extreme close-up of the muzzle of a Type 56 as the rifle is fired by a tomato man. This close-up clearly shows the "hooded" front sight, the primary distinguishing feature of the Chinese Type 56 AK-pattern rifles.


Remington Model 870

In a flashback to the helicopter crash sequence of the first film, a police officer is seen firing a Remington 870 shotgun.

Remington 870 Police Magnum Riot Shotgun - 12 gauge

At right, a police officer fires a Remington 870.

Ithaca 37

Guards at the "Oliver North Maximum Security Prison" carry Ithaca 37 shotguns with rifle sights.

Ithaca Model 37 Deer Slayer Police Special (note the rifle sights and riot-length barrel) - 12 Gauge
Prison guards watch over prisoners with Ithaca 37 shotguns.
At the end of the film, prison guards armed with Ithaca 37s detain Professor Gangreen and Igor.


Mk 2 (Training) Grenade

In the final scene of the film, Igor (Steve Lundquist) threatens the protagonists with a Mk 2 hand grenade. The grenade used in the film clearly has a hole drilled in the bottom, indicating that it is an inoperable training version.

Mk 2 training grenade
In a last-ditch effort to thwart the heroes, Igor pulls out a Mk 2 grenade.
An extreme close-up of the grenade after Igor drops it. Unfortunately for him, the hole in the bottom indicates that the grenade is inert. Between this and keeping his Beretta 92F on safe, it would seem Igor just isn't a very competent henchman...

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