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Rail Wars!

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Rail Wars!! - Naoto Takayama (bottom), Haruka Kōmi (left), Aoi Sakurai (right), and Shō Iwaizumi (top). (July 04, 2014 - September 19, 2014)

In a modern, alternative universe from ours, the national railways of Japan was never privatized and belong to the public sector. Naoto Takayama has interests in working in the Japanese National Railways as an engineer and enrolls in the Japan's National Railway Central Academy (JNRC). He and a team of other cadets consisting of Aoi Sakurai, Haruka Kōmi, and Shō Iwaizumi are the only ones to graduate from the school. With their final test being a training-on-site, they impress their superiors by apprehending a pair of thieves. Naoto, who wanted to become an engineer, found himself instead transferred to the Public Safety Force of the railways. The story follows Naoto as he takes on the risk of the Japanese National Railways to protect the passengers of the railway.

The following weapons were used in the anime series Rail Wars!:


Beretta 92FS

The JNRC's main sidearm in the series is the Beretta 92FS. Aoi uses a BB gun version of it in episode 6. A kidnapper in episode 11 uses a Beretta in when attempting to take a hostage.

Current American made Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm. Note the slanted dust cover, recurved backstrap and hex grip screws which distinguish this from earlier versions.
Aoi with her Beretta 92FS. (Ep.2)
Aoi with her BB gun Beretta. (Ep.6)
A kidnapper with his Beretta 92FS. (Ep.11)

Heckler & Koch P2000

During the "Advanced Rail Way Security Force Training", K4 Railway Squad is seen training with H&K P2000s

H&K P2000 - 9x19mm.
Aoi with her P2000. (Ep.7)
Naoto with his P2000. (Ep.7)
Naoto pointing his P2000. The slide release lever seem to have been reversed to the right side of the gun frame in this shot. (Ep.7)
Aoi's dissassembled P2000 on a table. (Ep.10)
Aoi fires her P2000 at a gun-wielding kidnapper. (Ep.11)


In a continuity error, Aoi's Beretta become a different, M1911 pistol series. In Episode 5, Naoto and Aoi are seen practicing with paintball guns resembling M1911s.

Detailed screenshot of prewar M1911A1.
Aoi with the M1911 pistol series. (Ep.2)
Naoto with his M1911 Paintball gun. (Ep.5)
Naoto aims his M1911. (Ep.5)


Smith & Wesson Model 14

In the JNRC academy, the cadets use S&W Model 14 revolvers as training weapons.

Smith & Wesson Model 14 - .38 Special
Naoto aims his S&W Model 14. (Ep.1)
Aoi loads her S&W Model 14. Despite being loaded with six rounds, she only fires five shots. (Ep.1)
Aoi prepares to fire her S&W Model 14. (Ep.1)
Aoi aims her S&W Model 14. Continuity error as she is seen with a Colt revolver for the most part of the episode. (Ep.5)
The barrel end of the S&W Model 14. (Ep.5)

Colt Official Police

In Episode 5, Aoi has a Colt Official Police as her firearm while pursuing a suspected bomber.

Colt Official Police - 5" Barrel - .38 Special
Aoi draws her Colt Revolver. Here we can see the Colt cylinder release. (Ep.5)
Aoi with her Colt Revolver. Here we can see the unsupported ejector rod. (Ep.5)
Aoi with her Colt Revolver. (Ep.5)

Submachine Guns


A kidnapper in Episode 11 uses a suppressed MAC-10 as he fends off K4 Squad.

MAC-10 with a suppressor - .45 ACP
A kidnapper blind-fires his suppressed MAC-10 on a train. (Ep.11)
The kidnapper with his suppressed MAC-10 hiding behind the train. (Ep.11)
The kidnapper with the MAC-10 as Aoi moves in for a strike. (Ep.11)

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