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Princess Mononoke

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Princess Mononoke
Mononoke Hime poster.jpg
Japanese theatrical release poster
Country Japan.jpg Japan
Directed by Hayao Miyazaki
Release Date 1997
Language Japanese
Studio Studio Ghibli
Distributor Toho

The following weapons were used in the anime film Princess Mononoke:

Ishibiya Hand Cannon

Japanese Ishibiya (石火矢) hand cannons are manufactured and used by Lady Eboshi's men. It is commonly believed that the first encounter of the Japanese with firearms was with the arrival of the Portuguese in the XVI century, however, it appears that earlier and more primitive guns like the Ishibiya were also used prior to this. The Ishibiya appears to have originated from the medieval Chinese hand cannon known as Chong or Huochong.

Japanese Ishibiya hand cannons, likely XIV-XVI century.
Ishibiya Hand Cannons is uncovered...
...and aimed at wolves.
Gunmen fires their Ishibiya Hand Cannons.
A ditto.
A closer view of the same scene.
Another perspective.
A gunmen with the Ishibiya Hand Cannons after the battle ended.
Lady Eboshi's men fires at samurais.
Another perspective.

Hand-cannon Musket

A rather primitive hand-cannon musket without any kind of lock is briefly used by Lady Eboshi to shot Moro.

German XV Century Hand Cannons.
Lady Eboshi uncovers her gun...
...and raises it. Note the match in her right hand.
Lady Eboshi aims...
...and fire her gun at Moro.
The muzzle of Eboshi's gun is pointed by the red arrow.

XIV-XV Century Breech-Loading Handgonne Arquebus

Lady Eboshi and her men use early shoulder mounted handgonne matchlock arquebuses typical for XIV-XV century Europe. It also uses breech loading. While created back in the 14th century, breech loaders was not mass-produced until the mid-19th, due to the inability to produce it affordably and reliably in large quantities.

Replica of Lady Eboshi's gun.
Lady Eboshi investigate the new invented gun.
Another view pf the same scene.
Lady Eboshi loads the arquebuse.
A close view of the lock.
Lady Eboshi raises the arquebuse.
Kiyo aims the arquebuse at Ashitaka.
Lady Eboshi and her men with the arquebuses.
Lady Eboshi in ambush, gun in hands.
The lock of Eboshi's arquebuse is blocked by the woody leaves.
Toki and Osa cover with their arquebuses.

Fuse Bomb

Jigo's men uses fuse bombs against the wild boars. They appear to be hewn out of stone and filled with gunpowder.

The bombs is readied to explode.

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