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Pretty Village, Pretty Flame

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Pretty Village, Pretty Flame
Pretty Village, Pretty Flame DVD cover. (Yugoslavia) (1996)
Country SCG.jpg Yugoslavia
Release Date 1996
Main Cast
Character Actor
Liza Linel Lisa Moncure

Pretty Village Pretty Flame (Lepa Sela, Lepo Gore) (1996) is a 1996 Yugoslavian Serbo-Croatian language war film about several Bosnian Serb soldiers who are trapped in a tunnel together in Bosnia during the 1992 to 1995 Bosnian Civil War, while they recount their past lives.The movie details the experiences of several Serbian soldiers and an American CBC war correspondent Liza Linel (Lisa Moncure) as they refuge in a tunnel to avoid being killed by Bosniak forces. Milan and his war buddy, the Professor, recall their war experiences as they recover from their wounds in a Belgrade military hospital. The main characters are Fork, (ViljuĆĄka), Gvozden, ("Iron" for his tough character) Halil, and Milan, and Velja. They reflect on their past lives as they are sheltered in a tunnel, while being harassed and attacked by Bosniak forces.

The following weapons were used in the 1996 movie Pretty Village, Pretty Flame:


Zastava M57

Velja (Nikola Kojo) is armed with a Zastava M57 that he carries as his personal sidearm.

Zastava M57 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev
Velja points his pistol.
Velja commits suicide in the tunnel.

Colt New Frontier Revolver

2 toy Colt Peacemaker revolvers can be seen while Brzi's friend plays a shoot 'em up cowboy at an amusement park in Yugoslavia.

Colt New Frontier with 5 1/2 Barrel - .44 Special
Playing Cowboy at a Yugoslavian amusement park.
Brzi's friend harmlessly shoots at him while playing a shoot 'em up cowboy at the amusement park.


Zastava M70B1

Some of the soldiers in the movie can be seen carrying the Zastava M70 Yugoslavian AK variant.

Zastava M70B1 fixed stock rifle - 7.62x39mm
Viljuska (Fork) shoots at the alleged female suicide bomber to make sure she won't kill them.
Enemy soldiers falling as the Professor and the squad gun them down as they are advancing toward their position.
Mascot with an M70B1 performing a room-to-room sweep.
The M70B1 depicted here is a regular wooden, non-folding regular butt stock.

Zastava M70AB2

The weapon is used as the primary weapon of Milan, Gvozden, Velja, and Laza throughout the entire film, as they are a detachment of Chetniks during the Bosnian War of 1992-1995 of the army of Republika Srpska, they would carry a weapon with a paratrooper stock.

Zastava M70AB2 folding stock rifle - 7.62x39mm
In one scene, Milan is carrying a folding-stock variant of the M70 assault rifle
Velja dancing to Igra Rock n Roll Cijela Jugoslavija while a car is burning behind him
Milan firing at enemy soldiers from behind cover in the tunnel with an M70AB2 variant.
Milan telling his father to go away while he is upset that the auto garage that he and Halil owned before the war is burned down by Bosnian Serb soldiers.
Nurse playing around with the assault rifle belonging to the guard on duty at the military hospital in Belgrade.
Serbian soldiers bringing a wounded Bosniak soldier for treatment of his wounds suffered in battle at the military hospital in Belgrade.
Laza and Viljuska jumping off the side of a hill to save themselves from being killed by a Bosniak mortar shell. Laza is seen with an M70AB2 folding stock variant.
Milan carrying a jungle-clipped M70AB2 rifle for easier reloading in the tunnel during a firefight with Bosniak soldiers in the tunnel.
Velja and the squad drinking at the table while an M-70AB2 folding stock variant is lying on the table.
Gvozden (Velimir 'Bata' Zivojinovic) is armed with an M-70
The Professor shoots at enemy soldiers entering the tunnel as Gvodzen is about to make his grand exit out of the tunnel.

H&K G3A3

The African UN peacekeepers that Viljuska is talking to are armed with G3A3 assault rifles as part of the UN peacekeeping force assigned to peacekeeping duty in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Viljuska (Milorad Mandic) talking to the African UN peacekeepers about car damage as Laza leaves the car.



As the Bosniak soldiers outside the tunnel torment and harass the Bosnian Serb squad in the tunnel with insults, an enemy soldier fires at Velja with an RPG-7 anti-tank rocket.

Bosniak soldier firing at Velja with an RPG-7.
The breach of the RPG-7 can be clearly seen as Velja kills the enemy soldier armed with the RPG.

Zastava M53 (MG42)

Fork (Viljuska) is armed with a World War II MG42 machine gun or the M53 Yugoslavian variant, as his primary weapon throughout the film.

MG42 Machine Gun - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Viljuska firing back at enemy soldiers as Bosniak mortar fire falls down around him.
Viljuska with an MG-42 as he responds to Mascot's cries for help.

M52 P3 Hand Grenade

Viljuska (Milorad Mandic) carries around two M52 P3 Hand Grenades with him for self-protection against against enemy forces.

M52 P3 Yugoslavian Hand Grenade
Viljuska carrying two hand grenades as he talks to an African UN peacekeeper assigned to protect the peace in Bosnia.

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