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Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom

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Requiem for the Phantom (2009)

The following weapons were used in the anime series Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom:


AMC Auto Mag Pistol

Ein uses a AMC Auto Mag once in a while.

Auto Mag Pistol - .44 AMP
The Scythe Master assembles Ein's Automag pistol. (Ep.3)
Ein aims her AutoMag at an assassin. (Ep.10)
The Scythe Master gives Ein her Automag. (Ep.10)
Ein examine's her AutoMag to find out it is jammed. (Ep.10)

AMT Backup II

Cal uses a AMT Backup when training.

AMT Backup - .45 ACP
An intermission picture of Cal and her AMT Backup, although it is poorly rendered
A FPS view of Cal's AMT Backup. (Ep.14)
Zwei showing Cal how to aim her AMT. (Ep.14)
Cal reloads her AMT. (Ep.14)
Cal firing her AMT Backup. (Ep.14)
Cal's disassembled AMT. (Ep.16)
The last shot we get of Cal's AMT. (Ep.17)

AMT Hardballer

Lizzie uses a AMT Hardballer as her main weapon.

AMT Hardballer Longslide - .45 ACP.
Lizzie with her HardBaller. (Ep.5)
Lizzie takes cover with her Hardballer. (Ep.8)
Close-up on Lizzie's Hardballer. (Ep.8)
Lizzie with her Hardballer as she works with Zwei. (Ep.10)
Lizzie aims her HardBaller at Drei. (Ep.23)
A Hardballer among other weapons when Lizzie chooses her preferred gun in a flashback. (Ep.23)
Lizzie's blood-stained Hardballer on a table. (Ep.23)

Beretta 92FS

The Beretta 92FS is Zwei's preferred handgun.

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm.
The Beretta 92 in the opening picture for the series. (Ep.1)
A Beretta 92FS can be seen between the M1911A1 and revolver. (Ep.3)
Lt. Wallace slides over his Beretta 92FS to surrender to Zwei. (Ep.3)
Zwei cocks his Beretta 92FS. (Ep.4)
Zwei's unloads his Beretta to leave one bullet in, claiming it is enough to finish his job. (Ep.10)
Zwei's empty Beretta 92FS washed up on a beach. (Ep.10)
Zwei's disassembled Beretta 92FS. (Ep.16)
Zwei takes cover with his Beretta 92FS. (Ep.17)

Beretta 93R

A Beretta 93R can be seen at some points in the series. Notable users are Daisuke Godo of the Godo clan and Drei.

Beretta 93R - 9x19mm.
The 93R can be seen far left. (Ep.3)
Daisuke place his 93R in his white suit. (Ep.15)
Daisuke aims his Beretta 93R at Zwei. (Ep.17)
Daisuke fires his Beretta 93R at a phantom sniper. (Ep.17)
Drei dual-wields Beretta 93Rs to shoot up the Chinese Mafia. (Ep.21)
Drei fires her Beretta 93R. (Ep.21)

Browning Hi-Power

Drei uses several Browning Hi-Power in a hit against the Chinese Mafia.

Browning Hi-Power Mark III - 9x19mm
Drei dual-wields her Hi-Powers in her mission. (Ep.21)
Drei draws her Hi-Power in a Western-style face off. (Ep.21)
Drei murders her target with her Hi-Power. (Ep.21)

Detonics CombatMaster

Zwei uses a Detonics CombatMaster in a hit on a mob boss.

Detonics CombatMaster - .45 ACP
Zwei examines his Detonics before starting the hit. (Ep.6)


Zwei uses a Colt M1911A1 when training. Shiga Tooru of the Godo Clan also use the M1911.

Colt M1911A1 - .45 ACP
A intermission picture of Zwei with his M1911A1.
Zwei's M1911A1 next to Ein's Python. (Ep.2)
Zwei shooting his M1911A1, note that he is using his other finger on the trigger guard to control the recoil. (Ep.2)
Ein aims Zwei's M1911A1 at him for not cooperating with Inferno once again. Since Zwei doesn't carry his 1911 in "Condition One," the hammer is not cocked, therefore it shouldn't be threatening at all. (Ep.3)
Zwei drops his M1911A1. (Ep.3)
Shiga threatens Lizzie with his M1911. (Ep.16)

Glock 17

Ein pulls a Glock 17 on Zwei when he shows doubt in cooperating with Inferno. Various mob bodyguards also use the Glock.

2nd Generation Glock 17 - 9x19mm.
Ein pulls a Glock on Zwei. (Ep.2)
Zwei is threatened by a Glock 17. (Ep.2)
A Mob leader bodyguard pulls out a Glock 17 to combat the Phantoms. (Ep.4)
An Inferno member tracks Ein down with his Glock 17. (Ep.9)
An Inferno member on the right with a Glock 17. (Ep.10)
A box of Glocks for Godo's bodyguards. (Ep.15)
Godo's bodyguards pull out Glock 17s at the Infero executives. (Ep.15)
Close-up on Godo's bodyguards Glock 17s, from here its visible that it is a 2nd Gen model. (Ep.16)
A Godo Clan member readies his Glock in a mission. (Ep.25)

Heckler & Koch Mark 23

Ein uses a H&K Mark 23 with a LAM module and threaded barrel in some missions.

Airsoft Heckler & Koch Mk 23 Phase II Prototype with Tokyo Marui replica of a Knights Armament suppressor and prototype - (fake) .45 ACP
Ein fires her suppressed Mark 23. (Ep.8)
Ein shoots her suppressed Mark 23, note the LAM module attachment. (Ep.8)
Heckler & Koch Mk. 23 SOCOM with LAM Module (airsoft version) - .45 ACP.
Ein's Mark 23 with a LAM on it. (Ep.9)
Ein drops her Mark 23 LAM. (Ep.9)

Heckler & Koch USP Expert

Zwei and Ein uses the H&K USP Expert with threaded barrel on their missions.

Heckler & Koch USP Expert - 9x19mm
Zwei with his USP Expert with suppressor attached. (Ep.1)
Ein readies her USP Expert. (Ep.1)
Ein flicks the safety off of her USP Expert. (Ep.1)
Ein shoots at Zwei in midair with the USP. (Ep.1)
Zwei kills a guard with his USP Exp without glancing. (Ep.1)
Zwei aims his USP Exp at his target. (Ep.5)
Close-up on Zwei's USP Exp. (Ep.5)
Zwei pulls out his suppressed USP Exp when he enters a suspicious room. (Ep.8)

SIG-Sauer P226

Zwei uses a SIG-Sauer P226 occasionally as an alternative to his Beretta 92FS. It was meant to be for his training partner, Cal, due to its smaller build compared to his Beretta

SIG-Sauer P226 - 9x19mm.
Lizzie hands Zwei a P226, saying although it has the same magazine count as his 92FS, it has a smaller build for Cal. (Ep.14)
Zwei uses the P226 while protecting the Godo Clan representatives. (Ep.14)
Zwei aims his P226 at an assassin. (Ep.14)
Zwei's P226 in a drawer. (Ep.20)
Zwei draws his P226 in a western face-off against Drei. (Ep.25)
Zwei aims his P226 at Drei. (Ep.25)

SIG Pro SP 2340

In a test trial, Ex-Navy Seals Lt. Wallace takes a SIG Pro SP 2340 as his defense weapon.

SIG Pro SP 2340 - .40 S&W
The Sig Pro among weapons on a shelf. It is in the middle. (Ep.3)
Lt. Wallace aims at Zwei with his SIG Pro. (Ep.3)
Lt. Wallace gives us a good look at the SIG Pro barrel. (Ep.3)
Lt. Wallace gloats over Zwei with his SIG Pro. (Ep.3)
Lt. Wallace dropped SIG Pro. We can see the grip area of the SIG here clearly. (Ep.3)

LAR Grizzly Pistol

In one scene, Ein and Zwei practice with CQC with a LAR Grizzly pistol.

LAR Grizzly Pistol - .45 Win Mag
A LAR on a table. (Ep.5)
The LAR is kicked into the air by Ein. (Ep.5)
The phantom on the bottom left has a LAR pistol. (OP #2)

Desert Eagle Mark XIX

A chromed Desert Eagle Mark XIX can be seen among a collection of weapons on a shelf.

Desert Eagle Mark XIX with brushed chrome finish - .50 AE
The Desert Eagle can be seen on the right of the SIG pistol. (Ep.3)
The phantom on the bottom left has a Desert Eagle. (OP #2)

Luger P08

The Scythe Master has a Luger P08 with him.

Luger P08 - 9x19mm.
The phantom on the top left has a Luger. (OP #2)
The Scythe Master shows his Luger P08, then discards it to show he surrenders. (Ep.26)

Smith & Wesson Model 39

A mob member under Tony, Anton, uses a S&W 39 as his main sidearm.

Smith & Wesson Model 39 - 9x19mm
Anton threatens a Inferno messenger with his S&W M39. (Ep.5)
Anton gives Officer Gant his S&W M39 to show he is out of the business. (Ep.6)
An Inferno member gets shot while holding his Model 39. (Ep.10)

Smith & Wesson Model 59

Drei's signature weapon is a S&W 59.

Smith & Wesson Model 59 - 9x19mm
An intermission image showing Drei and her signature sidearm, the S&W M59.
Drei points her Model 59 at Mio. (Ch.23)
"Reiji was the one who taught me how to use this." (Ch.23)
Drei draws her Model 59 in a western face-off with Zwei. (Ch.25)
Drei aims her Model 59 at Zwei. (Ch.23)


A TT-33 can be seen among weapons on a shelf. Romero McCunnen also uses a TT-33 in a street gang fight with Isaac as well as several other mob members.

TT-33, pre-1947 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev
A TT-33 can be seen on the far right. (Ep.3)
Romero using a TT-33. This seems to be the postwar variant. (Ep.11)
A dead Godo Clan representative with his Tokarev by his side. (Ep.12)
Xu Jian Fa prepares to draws his TT-33 in a western style face-off with Drei. (Ep.21)

Walther PPK

Ein and a Inferno-affiliated mob member uses a Walther PPK.

Walther PPK - .380 ACP
Ein fires the suppress Walther PPK. (Ep.6)
The PPK in a mob member's hands. (Ep.6)

MP-443 Grach

The Scythe Master uses a MP-443 Grach in his get away.

MP-443 Grach - 9x19mm
The Scythe Master opens a case with Ein's AutoMag and his MP-443. (Ep.10)
The front end of the MP-443. (Ep.10)
The Scythe Master prepares to shoot Zwei. (Ep.10)


Colt Python

Ein uses a Colt Python as her preferred handgun, despite a selection of many modern self-loading pistols.

Colt Python with 4" Barrel and factory wood grips - .357 Magnum
An intermission picture of Ein with her Python.
Ein with her Python in a mansion shootout. (Ep.1)
"We're Phantoms" *BANG*. (Ep.1)
A First-person view down the Python. (Ep.2)
Ein loads the Python with a speed loader. (Ep.2)
Ein shoots her Python in rapid succession. (Ep.2)
Ein's Python on a table. (Ep.4)
Ein takes up her Python again for her next mission. (Ep.17)
Ein's Python on a table with a couple of speedloaders and a Bowie knife. (Ep.24)
Ein fires her Python at attacking mob members. (Ep.25)

Mateba Autorevolver

A Zahlen Schwestern phantom in the opening has a Mateba Autorevolver.

Mateba Model 6 Unica, 4" barrel - .357 Magnum
The phantom on the very bottom has a Mateba revolver.

S&W Model 36

Zwei uses a S&W Model 36 as a backup weapon and occasionally in hits.

S&W Model 36 - .38 Special
A Model 36 can be seen right next to the Beretta 93R. (Ep.3)
Zwei drops his S&W M36 after performing his first hit. (Ep.3)
Zwei fires his S&W M36. (Ep.6)

S&W Model 29

Isaac Wisemel uses a nickel-plated S&W Model 29 back in his days in the street gang.

S&W Model 29 with nickel finish - .44 Magnum
Isaac in a shoot out with his Model 29. (Ep.11)
Isaac fires his Model 29. (Ep.11)

Submachine Guns

Steyr SPP

Mansion Guards in episode 1 are all equipped with Steyr SPPs. Same in episode 5. Inferno guards in Episode 8 also use SPPs as well.

Steyr SPP - 9x19mm
The guard on the left has a SPP on him while the guard on the right probably has glocks in his dual shoulder holsters. (Ep.1)
A guard fire his SPP at the Phantoms. (Ep.1)
A guard with a SPP tries to call for support, but gets killed by Zwei. (Ep.1)
A guard with a SPP outside of *gasp* another mansion. (Ep.5)
An Inferno member in the background with a SPP. (Ep.8)


Some Inferno members carry MP5Ks when guarding a drug shipment. Sechs and Sieben of the Zahlen Schwestern also are equipped with MP5Ks.

H&K MP5K - 9x19mm
The guy on the left has a MP5K. (Ep.8)
Sech and Sieben guard the Scyte Master with their MP5K. (Ep.26)
The two Zahlen Schwestern with their MP5Ks. (Ep.26)


The Chinese and Japanese Mafia seems to be really fond of the MAC-10.

Ingram MAC-10 - .45 ACP
Xu Jian Fa aims his MAC-10 at a dark corridor, where Drei is suspected to come through. (Ep.21)
Close-up of Xu's MAC-10. (Ep.21)
The Chinese Mafia open fire at Drei with their MAC-10s. (Ep.21)


Several mob members use the Uzi throughout the series.

IMI UZI - 9x19mm.
Mob members burst into a room with their Uzis. (Ep.5)
A mob member fires at Zwei with his Uzi. (Ep.11)
The two Inferno hit men in the middle are quipped with Uzis. (Ep.21)
the mob members in the very front has an Uzi. (Ep.25)
Ein acquires an Uzi and takes cover. (Ep.25)
Ein fires at a mob member with her Uzi. (Ep.25)
Godo Clan members fire at Ein with their Uzis. (Ep.25)
An Uzi on the right by dead mob members. (Ep.25)
Ein aims her Uzi at the Zahlen Schwestern. (Ep.26)
Ein fires her Uzi for suppressing fire as Zwei runs. (Ep.26)

Assault Rifles


The Zahlen Schwestern assassins, Fünf and Neun, are equipped with AN-94s. Ein and Zwei also acquire the AN-94s to combat the other Zahlen Schwestern assassins.

Avtomat Nikonova AN-94 - 5.45x39mm.
Fünf fires her AN-94 at Zwei. (Ep.26)
Neun fires her AN-94 while Fünf reloads. (Ep.26)
Fünf aims her AN-94 at Zwei. (Ep.26)
Zwei dual-wields the captured AN-94s. (Ep.26)
Zwei drops his AN-94 in the church. (Ep.26)

M4A1 Carbine

Ein and Zwei uses the M4A1 Carbine in some of their hits.

Colt M4A1 Carbine w/ 4-position stock - 5.56x45mm
Ein rides with her M4 to perform a hit.. (Ep.6)
Ein prepares to fire her M4. (Ep.6)
Zwei takes out his M4. (Ep.12)
Zwei fires his M4 in a hit. (Ep.12)
The mob member on the left has a M4. (Ep.25)
A mob member on the left fires his M4 at Ein. (Ep.25)

H&K G36K

The Zahlen Schwestern assassins, Vier and Acht, are equipped with H&K G36K.

Heckler & Koch G36K with ZF 3x4° dual optical sight - 5.56x45mm
Vier fires at Zwei with her G36K. (Ep.26)
Vier and Acht fire at Zwei with their G36K. (Ep.26)
Vier takes aim at Zwei with her G36K in a forest. (Ep.26)
Acht searches the church for Zwei with her G36K. The carry handle animated here is a lot thinner than it should be. (Ep.26)
Vier aims her G36K at Zwei's position in the church. (Ep.26)

Steyr AUG A1

Drei's primary assault weapon is a Steyr AUG A1. Zwei also keeps one in his apartment when he is Phantom, but is never shown using it until the finale.

Steyr AUG A1 - 5.56x45mm.
Cal assembles Zwei's AUG rifle. (Ep.15)
Drei barges into a church, AUG in hand. (Ep.25)
Drei searches the church with her AUG. (Ep.25)
Zwei loads the AUG, preparing for a wave of assassins to arrive. (Ep.25)
Zwei fire his AUG at the Zahlen Schwestern. (Ep.26)

Sniper Rifles

Blaser R93 Tactical

Zwei uses the Blaser R93 Tactical on a mission to protect the Inferno executives.

Blaser R93 LRS2 Precision Sniper Rifle - .338 Lapua Magnum.
Zwei prepares to snipe a sniper with his Blaser rifle. (Ep.15)
Zwei cycles his Blaser rifle for the following shot. Note that he has the left-handed version as the bolt is on the left side, yet is firing with his right hand. (Ep.15)
Zwei drops his Blaser Rifle. (Ep.15)

Gepárd M1 Anti-materiel rifle

Ein uses a Gepárd M1 Anti-materiel rifle in a sniping mission in the city.

Gepárd M1 - 12.7x108mm.
Ein takes aim with her Gepard rifle on a sofa. (Ep.15)
Top view of the Gepard rifle. (Ep.15)

Heckler & Koch MSG90

Ein uses a H&K MSG90 in an attack on Inferno's shipping yard.

Heckler & Koch MSG90 - 7.62x51mm NATO
Ein aims her MSG90. (Ep.7)

Heckler & Koch PSG-1

Ein uses a PSG-1 on some of her assignments. Randy Weber also used a PSG-1 in a sniping mission in the city.

Heckler & Koch PSG-1 - 7.62x51mm NATO
Ein shoots her target with a PSG-1. (Ep.6)
A crosshair on Randy with his PSG-1. (Ep.15)
Randy aims with his PSG-1. (Ep.15)

Remington M24

Ein uses an Remington M24 sniper rifle with a modified stock when going on a hit. A mobster is seen using the same rifle in Episode 10.

M24 sniper rifle - 7.62x51mm NATO
Ein with the Remmington M24. (Ep.2)
A mobster with the M24. (Ep.10)

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