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Partners for Justice - Season 2

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This article currently has one or more unidentified weapons.
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Partners for Justice - Season 2 (2019)

The following weapons were used in Season 2 of the television series Partners for Justice:


Glock 17

The Glock 17 is seen in "Ultimatum" with a drug dealer before Cha Soo-Ho (Lee Yi-Kyung) seizes it.

Glock 17 (2nd Generation) - 9x19mm
An armed dealer is tackled by Dae-Guk in "Ultimatum" when a hotel room gets raided.
Cha celebrates seizing the Glock.

Tokarev TT-33

A Tokarev TT-33 is used in "Overdose" and "End Game" by armed Jopak gang members.

Tokarev TT-30, first version of Tokarev pistol - 7.62x25mm Tokarev.
The TT-33 aimed at Sung-Joo's face in "Overdose".
Good shot of the TT-33.
One of the Jopak gangsters aim his sidearm at his boss in "End Game".


Colt Python

What appears to be a Colt Python is used by a plainclothes officer in a raid in "Ultimatum".

Screen Used Replica Colt Python by MGC of Japan.
The Python in "Ultimatum" with an undercover anti-narcotics officer.

Sipja YSR 707

A Sipja YSR 707, standing in for the Smith & Wesson Model 36, is used by Detective Moon Dae-Guk (Kim Ki-Moo) as his sidearm with other plainclothes officers from the Gangdong Police Station. At one point, it's used briefly in "Amber Alert" by Supreme Prosecutor's Office (SPO) Investigator Kang Dong-Sik (Park Jun Gyu) to disable a moped being used by a suspect.

Sipja YSR 707 - 4mm
Dong-Sik examines the chamber in "Ambert Alert".
Dong-Sik takes aim with the air revolver.
A good closeup shot.
The air revolver fired. The bullet head was added in post-production.
Plainclothes officers take out their SIPJA revolvers in "Putrefaction".
A plainclothes officer charges to raid a house during a manhunt.


Detective Moon with his revolver out in "Contingency Plan".

Assault Rifles


An AKS-74U AEG is seen in Baek Bom's apartment.

AKS-74U with orange bakelite magazine - 5.45x39mm
The AKS-74U on the left in "Putrefaction".

Colt M4A1

The Colt M4A1 seems to be used by Korean National Police Special Operations Unit (SOU) operators, although they look like non-guns or air guns from a distance. An AEG version of the M4A1 is seen in Baek's apartment.

SOU operators raid Injoo University during an op in "End Game".
The SOU team apprehends the entire Jopak gang.
SOU operators surround a suspicious vehicle in "Contingency Plan".
The M4A1 hanging on the wall in "Putrefaction".



Remington SP-10?



The crossbow propped on the wall in "Putrefaction".

Baek's Apartment

Sung-Joo and Han Soo-Yeon visit Baek's apartment in "Putrefaction".

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