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Over the Edge

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Over the Edge (1979)

The following weapons were used in the film Over The Edge:


Harrington & Richardson .22 Revolver

Ritchie White (Matt Dillon) comes into possession of a .22 Revolver, which appears to be be of a H&R (Harrington & Richardson).

Ritchie White (Matt Dillon) holding the revolver, while they interrogate Tip (Eric Lalich), you can see the small multiple number of cylinders, that show it is clearly a .22, if not another small caliber
Ritchie (Matt Dillon), now points the revolver at Tip (Eric Lalich)
Closeup on the barrel, cylinder and trigger guard, as Ritchie (Matt Dillon), tries the revolver out in a field.
One of the girls holds the revolver in her hands, as all the teens stand out in a field trying out the revolver
Carl Willat (Michael Eric Kramer) try's his luck with the revolver, and ends successfully hitting the can
While all the teens are camping out in one of the unfinished houses, Cory (Pamela Ludwig), dances around and swings the revolver around.
Ritchie (Matt Dillon) curses Sgt. Doberman and aims the gun at him.

Colt Lawman Mk III

Sgt. Doberman (Harry Northup) as well as other police officers, all carry the Colt Lawman MK III.

Sgt Doberman (Harry Northup), interrogates Ritchie (Matt Dillon) and Carl (Michael Eric Kramer), the revolver grip is seen protruding just to Dobermans' right
The officer escorting Ritchie (Matt Dillon) has his Lawman MK III on his hip
Sgt Doberman (Harry Northup) arrives at the Recreation Center and begins to question Julia(Julia Pomeroy), his Lawman MK III is seen in its holster
Good View of Dobermans' (Harry Northup) Revolver
During the school riot scene, when the kids all descend upon the school during the town meeting, one of the kids manages to pry the trunk on a squad car and retrieve a Lawman MK III
The same kid from earlier, now takes aim with the Lawman MK III.

Unknown Police Revolver

After Mark (Vincent Spano) shoots his air rifle at a random police officers windshield, the officer spins his car sideways and gets out with his revolver drawn, it could more than likely be a Colt Lawman MK III, but at this distance it is hard to identify

The officer stands at the ready with his revolver in hand.

Unknown Shotgun

During the school riot Mark (Vincent Spano) busts the windshield of Doberman's Patrol Car and retrieves a shotgun which he uses for the duration of the movie

During the riot, Mark(right) (Vincent Spano) pulls the shotgun from the cab of the patrol car, afer smashing the windshield out
Marks (Vincent Spano) rides around on his bike, toting the shotgun in one hand
While driving towards the Recreation Center, Sgt Doberman (Harry Northup) comes into view of Mark (Vincent Spano) on his bike pointing the shotgun directly at him

Lever Action Air Rifle

Mark (Vincent Spano) carries a lever action style air rifle and shoots at people and cars with it

Mark(Vincent Spano) aiming at cars, on the overpass with his air rifle
Carl (Michael Eric Kramer), prepares to shoot Mark(Vincent Spano)off his motorcycle with his own Air Rifle
Carl (Michael Eric Kramer) holds the rifle on Mark (Vincent Spano) after he approaches from the motorcycle wreck

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