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One Piece - Season 1

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One Piece (2023).

The following weapons were used in Season 1 of the television series One Piece:


Flintlock Pistol

Various pirates use a variety of flintlock pistols.

Nock Flintlock Pistol with a Duck's Foot multiple barrel attachment to fire simultaneous shots in a wide arc. The Duck's Foot attachment, named for its visual similarity to the toes and webbing of a duck's foot, was originally intended as an anti-mutiny weapon aboard wooden sailing ships, where a lone ship Captain might find himself up against numerous mutineers.
A pirate confronts Alvida in "Romance Dawn".
A dropped flintlock pistol inside the Marines' Shell Dawn map room.
One of Buggy's female circus pirates takes out her flintlock pistol in "Romance Dawn".
Screencap showing the pistol's body/trigger/trigger guard.
British Heavy Dragoon Pistol - .62 caliber
Yasoop (Steven Marc) with his holstered flintlocks in "Romance Dawn".
Yasoop goes for a trick shot in "The Man in the Straw Hat".
Closeup of Yasoop's flintlock on his right hand. The one on the left belongs to Lucky.
"Red Leg" Zeff (Craig Fairbrass) opens fire on Arlong in "The Chef and the Choir Boy".
A shot of the flintlock's rear.
Flintlock pistol with long barrel (310mm) (Left side).
Lucky Roux (Ntlanhla Morgan Kutu) takes out one of Higuma's pirates in "The Man in the Straw Hat". Note that his flintlock has a hook in the trigger guard.
You can slightly see the side of Lucky's flintlock.
Lucky reaches for his weapon in "Worst in the East".
Belgian-made flintlock with long barrel.
One of Buggy's circus pirates in "The Man with the Straw Hat" has a flintlock with a long barrel.
Small Dual flintlock pistols.
Don Krieg (Milton Schorr) fires his dual flintlock pistols in "Eat at Baratie". They have the appearance of being sawed off or just having short barrels.
Ottoman Flintlock Pistol (Left side).
Benn Beckman (Laudo Liebenberg) speaks to Shanks in "Romance Dawn".
Full shot of Benn's long flintlock pistol in "The Man in the Straw Hat".
Benn and Yasoop take down Higuma's pirates.
Brandon & Potts Flintlock pistol.
Sanji disarms a Baratie customer of his pistol in "Eat at Baratie".
A flintlcok pistol is used by Arlong (McKinley Belcher III) in "The Girl With the Sawfish Tattoo".

Queen Anne Flintlock Pistol

The Queen Anne Flintlock Pistol replica made by Pedersoli is used by Marine cadet Helmeppo (Aidan Scott) as his personal sidearm.

Queen Anne Pistol "Brass" replica by Pedersoli - .50 caliber
Helmeppo takes aim at Luffy, Zoro and Nami aka the future Straw Hat pirates in "Romance Dawn".
Helmeppo deals with anger issues thanks to Zoro.
The pistol drawn out by Helmeppo in "The Pirates are Coming".


Brown Bess Flintlock Musket

The Brown Bess Flintlock Musket and Carbines is used in most episodes by pirates and World Government Marines.

Modern reproduction Brown Bess Carbine - .75 caliber
A pirate opens fire at Alvida's ship in "Romance Dawn".
One of Buggy's circus pirates with his BB in "The Man in the Straw Hat".
A wounded Belle-Mère (Genna Galloway) walk in the battlefield in a flashback in "The Girl With the Sawfish Tattoo".
Another shot of Belle-Mère walkig with her BB.
The Brown Bess Carbine is shouldered by Belle-Mère.
Modern reproduction "Long Land Pattern" Brown Bess Infantry musket made from 1722-1768 - .75 caliber.
Nojiko (Chioma Umeala) "greets" Luffy and company with her rifle in "The Girl With the Sawfish Tattoo".
A slight shot of the ramrod.
WG Marines behind Nezumi in "Worst in the East".
WG Marine cadets behind Bogard, Garp and Koby.
WG Marine cadets standing at attention.



A Blunderbuss is seen in "Worst in the East" with one of Shank's pirates.

Blunderbuss Flintlock
It's a bit blurry since it's from the camera work, but the pirate with a stripe shirt is using the blunderbuss in "Worst in the East".


Cannon-type shoulder cannon

Swivel gun - 18th century
The swivel cannon-based shoulder cannon in "Eat at Baratie".

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