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Number Seventeen

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Number Seventeen
Number Seventeen Poster.jpg
Theatrical Poster
Country UKD.jpg UK
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Release Date 1932
Studio British International Pictures
Distributor Wardour Films
Main Cast
Character Actor
Ben Leon M. Lion
Nora Anne Grey
Barton alias Forsythe John Stuart
Brant Donald Calthrop
Henry Doyle alias "Nephew" Barry Jones
Rose Ackroyd Ann Casson
Mr. Ackroyd alias Sheldrake Henry Caine
Sheldrake Garry Marsh

Number Seventeen is a 1932 British B&W crime thriller directed by Alfred Hitchcock, adapted from the 1925 stage play by Joseph Jefferson Farjeon. A group of criminals commit a jewel robbery and hide their loot in an old unihabited house near the coastline. When they meet in the house, everyone tries to get a diamond necklace for himself or herself. Meanwhile, one of the gang members turns out to be an undercover detective, and the involvement of a tramp Ben who stays in this empty house complicates ths situtation even more.

The following weapons were used in the film Number Seventeen:

Iver Johnson American Bulldog

While searching the dead body in the empty house, Ben (Leon M. Lion) finds an Iver Johnson American Bulldog revolver. After he accidentally shoots the gun, "Nephew" (Barry Jones) disarms him. When the gang escapes via a cellar, "Nephew" leaves the gun on the table, and Forsythe (John Stuart) takes it.

Iver Johnson Bulldog Model 1900 - .32. The screen gun not exactly the same model but a similar one.
Ben finds the revolver, seaching the dead body. The "hump" on the grip can be seen.
A gun! Wonder if it's loaded.
Ben examines the revolver.
Ben looks and then even blows into the muzzle, being interested if the gun is loaded.
Ben draws the revolver from the pocket. A part of the grip with a logo is seen.
Ben tries to threaten Brand and Forsythe with the revolver but holds it a rather harmless way.
During the grapple between Ben and "Nephew", the revolver accidentally fires.
Forsythe uses the revolver when he commandeers a bus and chases after the train.
Henry Doyle alias "Nephew" (Barry Jones) holds the revolver on a promotional image.

Gerstenberger & Eberwein EM-GE Model 4

Brant (Donald Calthrop) holds a pocket pistol in several scenes. Perfect close-up reveal it as a German manufactured Gerstenberger & Eberwein EM-GE Model 4 starter pistol. This pistol is also briefly held by Nora (Anne Grey).

EM-GE Model 4 - .320 blank
When Ben draws a revolver, Brant in turn aims his pistol at the tramp. A perfect close-up allows to see even the markings on the slide. The position of the hinge and the slanted slide serration allow to differ Model 4 from a similar EM-GE Model 3.
Brant aims his pistol while "Nephew" tries to disarm Ben.
Brant holds Forsythe at gunpoint.
Brant with the pistol.
Brant gives the pistol to Nora and orders her to guard Forsythe and Rose.

FN Model 1900

The gang boss Sheldrake (Garry Marsh) carries an FN Model 1900 pistol. In the scene in the train, this pistol is seen in hands of Brant (Donald Calthrop), due to a continuity error.

FN Model 1900 - .32 ACP
Sheldrake joins the company, holding the pistol.
A view from the muzzle.
Sheldrake interrogates Forsythe.
Brant aims the FN 1900 at the train stocker while Sheldrake tries to stop him from unnecessary shooting.
Brant fires.

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