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Never Say Die

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This article currently has one or more unidentified weapons.
If you can help identify any of the weapons labelled "unknown," please do so.

Never Say Die
Never Say Die DVD.jpg
DVD Cover
Country Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Directed by Yossi Wein
Release Date 1994
Studio Nu Image / Millennium Films
Main Cast
Character Actor
Blake Frank Zagarino
Reverend James Billy Drago
Brooke Hatfield Jenny McShane
Mike Roper Todd Jensen
Angel Robin Smith
Col. Jack Redmond Frank Notaro
Gen. Hatfield Hal Orlandini
Congressman Earl Le Roux Michael Brunner

Never Say Die is a 1994 action movie directed by Yossi Wein. Franklin James (Billy Drago), a former Sgt. of a special unit, turns a self-proclaimed prophet and gathers "Garden of Eden" cult. FBI Agent Mike Roper (Todd Jensen) investigates his suspicious activities but when the Congressman Le Roux disappears during the visit in James' estate, Roper has to act immediately. The direct action of FBI agents faces armed response. Now the only man who can deal with insane Reverend is his former comrade-in-arms Blake (Frank Zagarino) whom James considers dead.

Note: the movie was filmed in South Africa that affects the choice of screen guns.

The following weapons were used in the film Never Say Die:


Llama Comanche

Angel (Robin Smith), Reverend James' enforcer, uses a Llama Comanche revolver during the massacre of Congressman Le Roux and his accompanying. This is possibly the same gun that was hold by James Booth in American Ninja 4 as the revolvers have absolutely identical outlook, and both movies share the same armourer Stuart Wentzel.

Llama Comanche III - .357 Magnum
Angel draws the revolver.
Angel holds Le Roux at gunpoint.
A view from muzzle.

Snub nose revolver

FBI Agent Mike Roper (Todd Jensen) uses a snub nose revolver as his backup weapon, carried in leg holster. In the final scene same looking revolver is seen in hands of Reverend James (Billy Drago). It's hard to say even if this revolver is five- or six-shot that complicates the identification.

Roper draws his revolver during the encounter in the church.
Roper fires.
James holds the revolver in the final scene.


Beretta 92SB

Numerous characters, including Blake (Frank Zagarino), FBI Agent Mike Roper (Todd Jensen), Col. Jack Redmond (Frank Notaro), local sheriff (Ted Le Plat), Reverend James' henchmen Amos (John Simon Jones) and Jacob (Phillip Ferreria), Congressman Le Roux's bodyguards (Gideon Emery and uncredited one), use Beretta 92SB pistols. In several continuity errors, 92SB pistols switch to Beretta 92FS (see below).

Beretta Model 92SB - 9x19mm (note rounded trigger guard and flat bottom magazine).
Amos fires at Congressman Le Roux's bodyguards.
Jacob follows Amos.
Beretta-wielding bodyguard is shot.
An FBI agent carries a holstered Beretta during the hunt for Blake in the swamp.
The local sheriff (Ted Le Plat) holds a Beretta 92SB during hostages situation in the church.
Another view of sheriff's pistol.
Blake holds James at gunpoint.
Roper loads his pistol.
Another view of Roper's Beretta.
Col. Redmond fires.

Beretta 92FS/Vektor Z88

Beretta 92FS pistols are also used by some of abovementioned characters (as the movie was filmed in South Africa, the pistols could be local produced Vektor Z88 version).

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm
Vektor Z88 - 9x19mm
The sheriff's pistol switches from 92SB to 92SF (note the angular trigger guard).
Roper's Beretta 92SB switches to 92SF.

Submachine Guns

Walther MPK

During most of the movie Reverend James (Billy Drago) carries a Walther MPK. Possibly the same MPK, only with removed folding stock, is briefly seen in hands of an FBI commando.

Walther MPK with stock folded - 9x19mm
James takes the MPK from gun cache.
Another view of the SMG.
James holds his SMG in the scene in church.
James holds MPK during the boat chase.
A closeup.
The commando at the left holds supposed Walther MPK.
Another view of the gun.


During the shootout in "Garden of Eden" several of FBI commandos carry Uzi SMGs.

IMI Uzi with stock removed - 9x19mm
A commando with Uzi is seen at the background.
A commando with Uzi accompanies Roper. Note the strange red-painted magazine.
A commando with Uzi runs under heavy fire.

Mini Uzi

When the commandos are seen in a boat prior to attack, the supposedly same character holds a Mini Uzi.

IMI Mini Uzi with stock folded - 9x19mm
A commando in center holds an Mini Uzi.


Smith & Wesson 916

In the climactic scene on the abandoned factory Blake (Frank Zagarino) uses a Smith & Wesson 916 shotgun. Some police officers also use S&W 916s.

Smith & Wesson Model 916A - 12 gauge
A police officer holds his shotgun at the left.
The shotgun in police car.
Roper gives the shotgun to Blake.
Blake holds the shotgun.
The shotgun on the floor.
Blake holds the shotgun in the climactic scene.

Remington 870 SBS

During the shootout in "Garden of Eden" an FBI commando is armed with a pump action shotgun. It appears to be customized Remington 870 SBS, fitted with folding stock, taken from Vektor assault rifle, and saddle shell holder.

The barrel and magazine tube of the shotgun is seen at the background.
The shotgun-wielding man is seen at the left.
A closeup. The saddle shell holder and folding stock are seen.
A closup of the muzzle and magazine cap at the right.
The man in action.

Assault Rifles


During the attack on "Garden of Eden" Mike Roper (Todd Jensen) is armed with an M16, fitted with Cobray CM203 grenade launcher. This version of M16 has slickside upper receiver and full fence lower receiver, like USAF M16 (Colt Model 604) and export Model 614. In a continuity error it switches to another version of M16 with grenade launcher (see below) and then back again.

Colt Model 614 - 5.56x45mm. This is an export variant of the M16, and is equivalent to the Model 604 used by the USAF.
Roper holds his M16 with Cobray CM203 while in helicopter.
A closeup of the barrel and the launcher.
A closer view of Roper's rifle. Slickside upper and full fence lower receiver is seen.
One more view of Roper's rifle.

Colt AR-15A2 Sporter II

In a continuity error Roper's M16A1 switches to a different version of M16 that has A1 upper receiver and Sporter lower receiver so appears to be a Colt AR-15A2 Sporter II. A CM203 launcher is also mounted on this rifle but the exact item is different. The same UBGL-fitted gun is later used by a police officer. M16s of same version are used by FBI agents in several scenes.

Colt AR-15A2 Sporter II, early model with A1 upper receiver and magazine removed - 5.56x45mm
Roper holds a different M16 that has A1 upper receiver and slabside lower receiver. The grenade launcher is also different as it has the trigger guard on place.
An FBI agent aims his M16 at Blake.
A closeup of M16 in hands of FBI agent.
The same character fires his M16.
The same character aims his M16 during the hostage situation in the church. Note the strange color of the magazine.
A police officer hold the CM203-fitted M16 that appears to be the same prop, earlier used by Roper.

Customized Colt AR-15 Sporter Carbine

In the second half of the movie Mike Roper (Todd Jensen) is armed with an AR-15 carbine. Same looking gun is seen in hands of a commando during the attack on "Garden of Eden". It appears to be Colt AR-15 Sporter Carbine with custom barrel, shortened from standard 16" to about 10.5-11".

Colt Sporter I Carbine - 5.56x45mm. Colt's public offering of a lightweight carbine based on the AR-15 Platform. This rifle has been erroneously called "the M16 Shorty" for years by Law Enforcement and Firearms "authors". The "M16 Shorty" or "Shorty Carbine" have never been authorized or used names for the rifle by Colt or the Government.
A commando fires M16 carbine.
Roper aims his carbine at Blake.
Blake kicks the carbine off Roper's hands.
Roper fires after escaping Blake.
A side view of Roper's carbine.

Vektor R5 (visually modified)

Version 1

Vektor R5 assault rifles, visually modified to look like AKS-47, are used by James' henchmen, including Amos (John Simon Jones) and Jacob (Phillip Ferreria). In flashback James (at that time Sgt. Franklin James) (Billy Drago) and Blake (at that time Corp. Blake) (Frank Zagarino) both use fake AKs. Such mockups are often seen in South African films.

Vektor R5 - 5.56x45mm NATO
For comparison: AKMS - 7.62x39mm
James (at that time Sgt. Franklin James) (Billy Drago) fires his AKS in flashback scene. The quality is intentionally low as the scene appears as Blake's vague memories.
Billy Drago holds a fake AK on promotion still.
Never Say Die-AK-2.jpg
Closeups of firing fake AK in flashback scene.
A view from another side. The bolt handle is non-standard.
Angel gives fake AKs to Amos and Jacob.
Amos and Jacob fire their guns.
A closeup of Amos' fake AKS.
Jacob runs with fake AKS.
A cult member holds a fake AKS during the shootout. This gun obviously has a 7.62x39 magazine, but it is too long and skinny, and it looks like the whole weapon is curved like it is made of rubber, so this is probably a prop gun.
Amos surprises Roper in the climactic scene.
A closeup of the barrel.

Version 2

Angel's (Robin Smith) main weapon is a different version of mocked up R5, fitted with Cobray CM203 underbarrel launcher. Angel's rifle is briefly used by Amos while Angel drives a boat during the chase on the lake.

Angel holds his gun. Note that the lower handguard is replaced with what appears to be a pump of Mossberg 500.
A good view of Angel's gun.
A closeup of the barrel.
Amos holds Angel's gun.

Vektor R5

Unmodified Vektor R5s are used by FBI commandos and James' henchmen during the shootout in "Garden of Eden".

Vektor R5 - 5.56x45mm NATO
An FBI commando holds an R5.
Another commando with R5.
Never Say Die-Vektor-10.jpg
Cult members fire R5s.

Customized IMI Romat

One of the FBI commandos is armed with an assault rifle that is a relatively compact weapon with handguard and forend of the stock in IMI Romat style but with a short barrel, lacking any flash hider, and with a long stick magazine, supposedly 30-round, similar in shape and size with the one of L2A1 version.

For comparison: Israeli FAL "Romat" with Wooden Furniture - 7.62x51mm NATO
Never Say Die-Unknown1-1.jpg
The gun is seen at the right.


Winchester Model 1892

During the hostage situation in church one of local police officers holds a Winchester Model 1892.

Winchester 1892 Saddle Ring Carbine - .32WCF/.38-40/.44-40/.25-20.
Never Say Die-Winchester-1.jpg
Never Say Die-Winchester-2.jpg
Never Say Die-Winchester-3.jpg

Machine Guns


During the attack on "Garden of Eden" one of FBI commandos is armed with an RPD light machine gun. When the machine gun is seen the first time, it is fitted with heat shield but when it is used in action, the heat shield disappears.

RPD Light Machine Gun - 7.62x39mm
The commando with RPD is seen in center.
The commando leaves the boat. Nore the heat shield.
Now the RPD lacks the heat shield. In this scene the machine gun fires several rounds in full auto mode, and then the actor only mimics shooting.

Other Weapons

Cobray CM79LF Launcher

A police officer fires a Cobray CM79LF 37mm Launcher during the scene on the abandoned factory. The launcher fires smoke grenades.

Cobray M79LF stand alone launcher - 37mm
The officer aims...
...and fires.

M79 Launcher

What appears to be an M79 grenade launcher is also used by police in the same scene. Like CM79, it is also used for firing smoke grenades.

M79 grenade launcher - 40x46mm
A police officer fires a supposed M79.

Cobray CM203 Launcher

Cobray CM203 launchers are used by Mike Roper (Todd Jensen) and Angel (Robin Smith). The first has the launcher mounted on M16 while the latter has it mounted on visually modified Vektor R5.

Early Model CM2037 "IMP" mounted onto M16A1 - 37mm flare. The charging handle is a simple metal pin, later models would have a rubber sleeve placed over it (for cosmetic as well as safety purposes). The Trigger guard is simply a bent piece of sheet metal pinned at only one end.
A closeup of the barrel and the launcher of Roper's M16.
A good view of the CM203. Note that it lacks the trigger guard.
A huge muzzle flash of the grenade launcher.
A police officer readies to fire CM203. This piece has the trigger guard on place.
A good view of Angel's mocked up Vektor R5 with grenade launcher.
Angel carries a bandolier of grenades that look different from ones used for CM203.
Angel fires the launcher.

Mk 2 Hand Grenade

Mk 2 hand grenades are seen in several scenes. In the flashback scene several members of Jones' unit carry Mk 2s. Mike Roper (Todd Jensen) and his subordinate use Mk 2s during the hunt for Blake in the swamp. In the final scene Reverend James (Billy Drago) uses a pair of Mk 2s.

Mk 2 "Pineapple" World War II-made High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade (sometimes written Mk II)
A special unit soldier carries a Mk 2 grenade in flashback scene.
Roper readies to throw a grenade.
James readies a grenade, performing a typical cinematic feat of pulling the pin with his teeth.
James holds a pair of grenades.

M26 Hand Grenade

During the boat chase Reverend James (Billy Drago) uses several M26 hand grenades against pursuing Blake's boat. This is possibly the South African M963 version.

M26 High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade
James readies to throw a grenade.
The shape of the body allows to identify the grenade as M26.

Mills Bomb

When James throws an M26 grenade at Blake's boat, it switches to a Mills Bomb when reaches the target.

No. 36M Mk.I "Mills Bomb" High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade.
Never Say Die-Mills-1.jpg
The grenade falls into Blake's boat.


AK Bayonets

In the flashback scene James (Billy Drago) carries a 6-Kh-2 knife bayonet, standard for AK-47 assault rifle.

James carries a bayonet for his AK in scabbard.

During the attack on "Garden of Eden" one of FBI commandos uses a 6-Kh-4 bayonet (known outside USSR as AKM Type II bayonet) as wire-cutter. The black furniture of the bayonet is typical for East German version. In the climactic scene on the abandoned factory Angel (Robin Smith) uses a 6-Kh-4 bayonet for close combat with Blake.

The commando cuts wire fence.
The bayonet lies on the floor next to Angel.

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