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Monk - Season 5

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Monk - Season 5 (2006-2007)

The following weapons were seen in Season 5 of the television series Monk:


Beretta 92FS

The Beretta 92FS is seen used by various characters in the series including police consultant Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub), Captain Stottlemeyer (Ted Levine), and Lt. Randy Disher (Jason Gray-Stanford). The Beretta is Randy's sidearm throughout the first half of the series, before he swaps to using a Glock 17 sometime prior to the seventh season.

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm.

SIG-Sauer P226

In the season 5 episode "Mr. Monk Is At Your Service" (S05E12), Paul Buchanan (Sean Astin) shoots and kills his butler with a SIG-Sauer P226 after figuring out who has been blackmailing him for months.


SIG-Sauer P228

In Season 5's "Mr. Monk and the Really, Really Dead Guy", FBI Special Agent Thorpe (Chris Williams) carries a SIG-Sauer P228 as his sidearm. Most real life agents tend to use Glock weapons, like Glock 22s.

SIG-Sauer P228 - 9x19mm
Undercover FBI agents and SFPD officers tackle a man they suspect to be a "serial killer" targeting street musicians. He turns out to be an innocent player with a harmonica. This is supposed to represent the in-joke that the FBI and ATF are incompetent at their jobs.

Smith & Wesson 3913

Stottlemeyer uses a Smith & Wesson 3913 as his sidearm for most of the series. The size and dimensions of the pistol, as well as the diameter of the barrel, indicate the model. Various other cops and criminals use various Smith & Wesson pistols as well. In the episode "Mr. Monk Can't See A Thing" (S05E04), a blind Monk grabs Stottlemeyer's gun and uses it to shoot Peter Breen (Jamie Kaler), advancing on them with a knife.

Smith & Wesson 3913 - 9x19mm.

Smith & Wesson 6906

A Smith & Wesson 6906 appears to be the weapon utilized by Mandy Bronson (Sarah Brown) in "Mr. Monk and the Leper" (S5E10) to kill her accomplice and later when she opens fire on Monk and Natalie as they try to escape in a hot air balloon.

Smith & Wesson 6906 - 9mm
In "Mr. Monk and the Leper," (S5E10), Mandy Bronson (Sarah Brown) shoots at Monk and Natalie with a S&W 6906, blowing holes in the balloon.

Walther PPK

Hal Tucker (Andy Richter) takes Monk hostage with a Walther PPK in "Mr. Monk Makes a Friend" (S05E11).

Walther PPK- 9mm
Hal Tucker (Andy Richter) holds his Walther PPK on Monk.
Monk holds the same Walther PPK on Hal.

Vektor CP1

During a shootout with the police in Season 5's "Mr. Monk Gets a New Shrink" (S05E07), drug dealer Francis Merrigan (Gordon Clapp) shoots at Dr. Kroger (Stanley Kamel) with a Vektor CP1 handgun, but Harold Krenshaw (Tim Bagley) sees this and intercepts the bullet in the chest. Prior to this, Harold tries to sneak around Merrigan and his accomplice to get to Monk and Dr. Kroger and even picks up a spare Vektor (causing Monk and Dr. Kroger to gesture for him to shoot Merrigan), but he gives his position away when he makes a noise while reorganizing figurines on the shelf.

Francis Merrigan (Gordon Clapp) fires at Dr. Kroger with a Vektor CP1. Episode S05E07, "Mr. Monk Gets a New Shrink".
Having tracked Monk and Dr. Kroger down, Harold Krenshaw (Tim Bagley) grabs a spare Vektor while sneaking around Merrigan and his accomplice. Unfortunately, he gives himself away while reorganizing these figurines on the shelves. "Mr. Monk Gets a New Shrink," S05E07.


Smith & Wesson Model 10

In the Season Five premiere, "Mr. Monk and the Actor" (S05E01), Jack Leverett (Greg Grunberg) kills a pawn shop owner with his own weapon, which is a bright, nickel-plated snub-nosed Smith & Wesson Model 10 with a square butt and pearl grips. Disher describes it later as a "Smith & Wesson 38 with a pearl handle".

Jack Leverett (Greg Grunberg) looks at the Smith & Wesson Model 10 in his hand after accidentally shooting the pawn shop owner.

Smith & Wesson Model 19

David Ruskin (Stanley Tucci), an actor who has immersed himself in playing Monk in a role, pulls a Smith & Wesson Model 19 on Leverett during a standoff in Season 5's "Mr. Monk and the Actor".

Trivia: Tucci was one of the three final choices (along with Tony Shalhoub and Alfred Molina, who guest-starred in a season 6 episode) for the part of Monk.

Smith & Wesson Model 19 Combat Magnum - .357 magnum
Just for the record, this is not Monk, but rather, David Ruskin (Stanley Tucci) wearing a wig and dressed similarly to Monk, pulling a S&W Model 19 on Jack Leverett inside his showroom during a standoff in Season 5's "Mr. Monk and the Actor."


12 Gauge Over/Under Double Barreled Shotgun

In Season 5's "Mr. Monk Is At Your Service" (S05E12), Paul Buchanan (Sean Astin) tries to kill Natalie with an over/under 12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun, though is distracted when Monk shows up with an identical shotgun taken from one of Paul's hunting friends, and Monk shoots down a quail with a single shot. Natalie then grabs the gun from Buchanan and she and Monk train both shotguns on Buchanan.

Browning 0-U.jpg
Monk and Natalie train their over/under shotguns on Paul Buchanan. Notice that Natalie has stuffed a pillow down the front of her shirt, pretending to be pregnant in an attempt to ward off Paul's advances. When the episode was filmed in 2006, Traylor Howard was pregnant, so various hides and pretexts were necessary during the latter half of the season to conceal her stomach. ("Mr. Monk Is At Your Service," S05E12).

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