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Money Heist - Season 3

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Money Heist - Season 3
Promotional poster for Volume 2
Country ESP.jpg Spain
Language Spanish
Channel Netflix
Creator Alex Pina
Genre Crime
Broadcast 2021
No. of Episodes 10
Main Cast
Character Actor
Silene "Tokyo" Oliveira Úrsula Corberó
Sergio "The Professor" Marquina Álvaro Morte
Raquel "Lisbon" Murillo Itziar Ituño
Alicia Sierra Najwa Nimri
Martín "Palermo" Berrote Rodrigo de la Serna
Daniel "Denver" Ramos Jaime Lorente
Mirko "Helsinki" Dragic Darko Perić
Aníbal "Rio" Cortés Miguel Herrán
Mónica "Stockholm" Gaztambide Esther Acebo
Andrés "Berlin" de Fonollosa Pedro Alonso

Note: Season 3 of Money Heist comprises of Volume 1 (5 episodes) and Volume 2 (another 5 episodes). The season serves as a continuation of Season 2 and is the final season of the mainline Money Heist series. It should be noted that some sources refer to the individual parts as separate seasons.

The following weapons were used in Season 3 of the television series Money Heist:


Colt M1911A1

Rio (Miguel Herrán) continues to primarily uses an M1911A1 variant.

Colt M1911A1 - .45 ACP.

Browning Hi-Power

Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó) uses a Browning Hi-Power.

Classic Commercial Browning Hi-Power (Belgian manufacture) - 9x19mm


Mateo Canalejas (Juan Carlos Heredia), a Special Forces operative, dual-wields CAA RONI handguns during the assault on the Bank of Spain.

Glock 19 mounted in CAA RONI-G1, with weaponlight, red dot sight, and 3x magnifier - 9x19mm

Walther PPK

Manila (Julia Martínez) is carrying a PPK, which she uses on several occasions to pacify the hostages in the Bank of Spain.

Walther PPK - .32 ACP

Beretta 92S

Beretta 92S is carried by a former Inspector, Raquel Murillo, but it gets overshadowed by the MP-5 submachine gun.

Beretta 92S - 9x19mm. This is one of the earliest Beretta 92 variants. Note the magazine release button on the bottom of the pistol grip and early-style magazine floor plate.

Submachine Guns

Heckler & Koch MP5A5

The Heckler & Koch MP5A5 continues to be one of the primary weapons used by the heist crew and is once again used by both Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó) and Lisbon (Itziar Ituño). It is also used by police and Special Forces.

Heckler & Koch MP5A5 - 9x19mm

La Coruña M41/44

For unknown reasons, Spanish Army Special Forces commander Sagasta (José Manuel Seda) uses the extremely outdated La Coruña M41/44, a Spanish copy of the Erma EMP.

La Coruña M41/44 - 9x23mm Largo. The Spanish copies are identical except for the M41/44, which has a safety plunger underneath the receiver.

Heckler & Koch MP5K-PDW

Ramiro Vázquez (Alberto Amarilla) carries a customized Heckler & Koch MP5K-PDW with an ACOG sight and foregrip.

Heckler & Koch MP5K-PDW - 9x19mm

Assault Rifles

Heckler & Koch G36KV

The heist crew continue to use the Heckler & Koch G36KV. This rifle is carried by Mirko "Helsinki" Dragic (Darko Perić) and Jakov "Marseille" (Luka Peroš). It is once again also used by police and Special Forces.

Heckler & Koch G36KV with export optical sight - 5.56x45mm

Heckler & Koch G36C

The Heckler & Koch G36C is once again carried by Palermo (Martín Berrote), Helsinki (Mirko Dragic), Denver (Daniel Ramos), his wife Stockholm (Mónica Gaztambide), Nairobi (Ágata Jiménez), and Rio (Aníbal Cortés). The rifle is also carried by the police and special forces. It is to be noted that Denver prefers to fire his G36 with a folded stock.

Heckler & Koch G36C - 5.56x45mm


Manila (Julia Martínez) continues to use the Bulgarian Arsenal AR-1F. Like Denver, Manila prefers to fire her AR-1F with a folded stock.

Arsenal AR-1F - 7.62x39mm

Machine Guns


The MG42 returns from previous seasons, once again used to defend chokepoints, although it is moved around when needed.

MG42 - 7.92x57mm Mauser


Arantxa Arteche (Jennifer Miranda) carries a CETME Ameli light machine gun, usually firing from the hip like most of the Special Forces members and robbers during the assault on the Bank of Spain.

CETME Ameli - 5.56x45mm

Sniper Rifles

Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Police

The Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Police is a sniper rifle used by the police snipers primarily through Season 3. This seems to be an airsoft-modified rifle, as real AWs have a matte or shiny black bolt. The chrome bolt is to be found in the airsoft versions.

Accuracy International AWP - 7.62x51mm NATO

Heckler & Koch G36

Along the AW, the Heckler & Koch G36 can be found in the hands of the police snipers through Season 3. Like the AW, this seems to be a heavily modified airsoft conversion.

Heckler & Koch G36E with G36C-style rail top, short barrel, and vertical foregrip - 5.56x45mm



Palermo (Martín Berrote), fires an RPG-7 into the clustered Special Forces, hiding among the rubble after the initial breach.

RPG-7 - 40mm

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