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Theatrical release poster
Country PHL.jpg Philippines
Directed by Roderick Cabrido
Release Date 2023
Language Filipino
Studio Mentorque Productions
Clever Minds
Distributor Warner Brothers
Star Cinema
Main Cast
Character Actor
Juan Severino Mallari
Johnrey Mallari
Jonathan Mallari
Piolo Pascual
Doña Facunda Mallari Gloria Diaz
Maria Capac Ge Villamil
Felicity Mallari Elisse Joson
Conching April Sangco
Agnes Salvador Janella Salvador
Lucas Segundo JC Santos

Mallari is a 2023 Filipino supernatural horror-mystery film based on the true story of Juan Severino Mallari, a Catholic priest and the only recorded serial killer in Philippine history who reportedly murdered 57 victims from 1816 to 1826 during the Spanish colonization of the Philippines. The film stars Piolo Pascual as Mallari, following the murders that he commited and his motives for committing them. Pascual also stars as Johnrey and Jonathan Mallari, two of Mallari's fictional descendants in 1948 and 2023 respectively, as they face their own personal conflicts and the sins of their ancestor. The film was distributed locally by Warner Brothers and was an entry for the 49th Metro Manila Film Festival in 2023, eventually going on to win 3rd place in the Best Picture category.


The following weapons were used in the film Mallari:


Glock 17

Agnes Salvador (Janella Salvador) uses a Glock 17. The pistol is later taken and used by her boyfriend Jonathan Mallari (Piolo Pascual).

3rd Generation Glock 17 - 9x19mm
Agnes Salvador (Janella Salvador) and Jonathan Mallari (Piolo Pascual) celebrate in a flashback after Agnes successfully shoots a can with the Glock.
Agnes holding the pistol. Note her surprisingly decent trigger discipline.
Jonathan watches the video of him and Agnes shooting.
Agnes aims the pistol at Lucas.
Lucas puts his head to the gun's barrel.
Jonathan aims the pistol at Lucas.
The pistol on the ground.
Jonathan shoots Lucas with the pistol.

Holstered pistols

Police sergeants Sancho (Chrome Cosio) and Vizbal (Lao Rodriguez) are seen with pistols in their holsters.

PSgs. Sancho (Chrome Cosio) and Vizbal (Lao Rodriguez) talk to Lucas and Father Mac. Pistols can be seen in their holsters.


1826 rifles

Two soldiers in 1826 (Jonel Batuhan & Jay Ar Toling) are armed with anachronistic bolt-action rifles. These rifles appear to be based on the Krag-Jørgensen.

1896 US Krag-Jørgensen rifle - .30-40 Krag (for reference)
Jonathan Mallari talks to two soldiers in the past. They can be seen carrying anachronistic bolt-action rifles (which are still a relatively recent invention and a rare sight for 1826, which is when this scene is set).
The soldiers (Jonel Batuhan & Jay Ar Toling) aim their rifles at Juan Mallari.
The soldiers take Mallari away.

1948 rifles

Multiple rifles are seen throughout the film's 1948 segments. They appear to be non-firing props based on the M14, which are also anachronistic to the time period.

M14 - 7.62x51mm NATO (for reference)
Johnrey Mallari (Piolo Pascual) addresses his descendant Jonathan in a film. Multiple rifles can be seen on the wall behind him.
An American soldier holds a rifle as Johnrey films footage of mutilated corpses for a documentary.
Johnrey winding up his camera. The rifles can be seen behind him.

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