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Let Them Rest

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Let Them Rest
Cinema Poster
Country ITA.jpg Italy
GER.jpg Germany
Directed by Carlo Lizzani
Release Date 1967
Language Italian
Studio Istituto Luce
Tefi Film
Distributor Wild East Productions
Main Cast
Character Actor
"Requiescant" Lou Castel
George Bellow Ferguson Mark Damon
Father Juan Pier Paolo Pasolini
Dean Light Ferruccio Viotti
Burt Franco Citti
Lottie / Lupe Rossana Martini
Clint Jacques Stany
Leonardo Marquez Massimo Sarchielli
"El Doblado" Vittorio Duse
Pilar Corinne Fontaine

Let Them Rest (Original title: Requiescant) is a 1967 Italian-German western film directed by Carlo Lizzani. Starring Lou Castel, Pier Paolo Pasolini and Mark Damon. On DVD in the US was released this movie under the title Kill and Pray.

The following weapons were used in the film Let Them Rest:



Smith & Wesson Victory Model

"Requiescant" (Lou Castel) carries the anachronistic Smith & Wesson Victory Model revolver.

Smith & Wesson Victory Model - a modified and Parkerized version of the .38 Special revolver, the Smith & Wesson Model 10 - the "Victory Model" is chambered in .38 S&W
"Requiescant" picks up a gun, which was owned by the stagecoach driver (Attilio Severini), who was killed.
It is a Smith & Wesson Victory Model, at that time anachronistic.
"Requiescant" (Lou Castel) is skilled with the revolver.

SAA "Artillery" model

Most of the characters, including George Bellow Ferguson (Mark Damon), use SAA "Artillery" model revolvers.

Colt Single Action Army barrel "Artillery" model w/ 5.5" - .45 Long Colt
Leonardo Marquez (Massimo Sarchielli) puts down his weapon ...
... then is shot by Ferguson's gunmen.
Ferguson's right-hand man is the gunman Dean Light (Carlo Palmucci).
Dean Light and "Requiescant" draw their weapons against each other at the saloon at the bar.
El mariachi - the mexican guitarist also can brilliantly handle a revolver.
Ferguson's men with SAA "Artillery" models in hand are looking for Requiescant in the burning church.
George Bellow Ferguson (Mark Damon) puts his gun to his head.

SAA "Quick-Draw" model

The SAA "Quick-Draw" model revolver is seen in hands of several characters.

Colt Single Action Army w/ 4.75" barrel, case colored and blued, referred to as "Quick-Draw" or "Civilian" model.
The gunslinger Burt (Franco Citti) tries to lift his weapon from the floor ...
.... and fires at "Requiescant".
Pilar (Corinne Fontaine) draws her SAA "Quick-Draw" model from a holster at her waist.

Remington 1875

George Bellow Ferguson (Mark Damon) when competing with "Requiescant", fires a Remington 1875 revolver.

Remington 1875 - .45 Long Colt.

Flintlock Pistol

Two flintlock pistols hang on the wall above the fireplace in Ferguson's office.

"Queen-Anne" Flintlock pistol.


Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy"

Various characters are equipped with Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy" rifles.

Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy" Carbine - .44 RF.

Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy" on the lap of one of Ferguson's men.
A killer who was hired by Ferguson also uses the same rifle.
Ferguson carries a Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy" in a scabbard.
With this weapon is armed also Mexican revolutionary called "El Doblado" (Vittorio Duse) (far left).
Former prostitute Lupe (Rossana Martini) carries her Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy" on her shoulder.

Winchester Model 1894

Some characters in the film are armed with Winchester Model 1894 rifles.

Winchester 1894 - .30-30.
Some Ferguson's gunmen waiting before the fortress are holding Winchester Model 1894s.
A driver of the postal stagecoach (Attilio Severini) has a rifle lying on his lap.
Ferguson's henchman Clint (Jacques Stany) holds his Winchester Model 1894 in hand.

Unknown percussion rifle

In the hands of Mexicans can be seen also unknown percussion rifles. These relatively short carbines are possibly Enfield Pattern 1861 Musketoons.

Modern replica of Enfield Pattern 1861 Musketoon, manufactured by Pedersoli.

Machine Guns

Prop machine gun mocked as Gatling Gun

Ferguson's men use a prop machine gun mocked as Gatling Gun.


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