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Left 4 Dead

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Left 4 Dead (2008)

The following weapons appear in the video game Left 4 Dead:


Springfield Armory M1911-A1

The Springfield Armory M1911-A1 is the backup handgun for the survivors. A second one can be found randomly in-game and dual-wielded, though the second will lack an attached flashlight. Although they have some modern modifications added, like an extended thumb safety, beaver-tail grip safety, trigger with cutouts, checkered front strip, and Colt Commander ring-hammer, they keep the small and mediocre sights of the original M1911A1.

These 1911-A1s hold 15 rounds in a single magazine even though they are modelled as standard single-stack magazines that, at most, hold 8 rounds of .45 ACP that the in-game model claims they're chambered in (see screenshot below). As a low damaging, moderate DPS weapon, the 1911-A1 have an unlimited ammo reserve.

Springfield Armory M1911-A1 "Mil-Spec" Parkerized version with Springfield logo grips - .45 ACP
The Springfield Armory M1911-A1 model as seen in-game.
Zoey fires her dual "Finleyville Armory" 1911-A1s
Louis fires his single "Finleyville Armory" 1911-A1 at a Hunter in a last-ditch attempt to kill it.
Louis reloads his M1911-A1. Note that the magazine is actually loaded with rounds.
Zoey reloads her dual pistols during a stand-off at a farmhouse. If you look at the full-size image you can clearly see it says "Finleyville Armory" on the gun held by Zoey's left hand.


High Standard Model K-1200

The pump-action shotgun in the game seems to be modelled squarely from a High Standard Model K-1200 Riot Deluxe Model, but has the trigger guard of a Remington Model 870 Shotgun and an Ithaca 37 magazine tube end. This shotgun is a Tier 1 weapon, with it appearing as early-campaign weapons. Francis uses this weapon in the intro cinematic and during the game. The receiver has inscribed the fictional make of the shotgun named as "Renegade Rangemaster". It should noted that the developers meant it to be an ambiguous pump-action shotgun.

High Standard 8113 Flite King Shotgun - 12 gauge
The composite shotgun model as seen in-game. The in-game model seems to lack any modeled action bars.
When reloading you can see "Renegade Rangemaster" written on the receiver.
Francis holds his "Renegade Rangemaster" as he looks at Bill.
Francis fires his "Renegade Rangemaster" one-handed. This is a tactic that is highly discouraged unless you're a trained professional, especially given the flame coming out of that barrel.
Bill wields a "Renegade Rangemaster" near a safe room.
Francis reloads a "Renegade Rangemaster" in the storm drain. The shotgun shells appear a bit small, the flashlight appears to be held on by some form of video game magic, and Francis displays firearms safety typical of an untrained individual.

Benelli M4 Super 90

The Benelli M4 Super 90 is a second tier weapon with a 10-round magazine (which would require an extended magazine tube; the in-game weapon is modeled with the civilian legal 5-shot tube) and a flashlight clipped to the sling loop on the fore-end. If Francis is controlled by A.I, he will always equip a Benelli M4 whenever he finds one. Interestingly, the M4 and pump-action "Rangemaster" in-game are the only weapons that have both an empty and partial reload animation. Rather accurate as to how autoloaders are operated in reality, if the player empties their Benelli and immediately tries to fire the shotgun as it is being reloaded, there will be a delay with the player character stopping to rack the gun's bolt before they can fire. However, this would be inaccurate to the Benelli M4, as the shotgun is not locked open upon empty and the first shell would need to be dropped onto the lifter or into the chamber and the bolt release button pressed before the gun would allow the user to load the magazine. Furthermore, the design of the M4 prevents shells from feeding from the magazine to the lifter without pressing the shell release lever which is not touched, which would prevent the action of the bolt rack from doing anything useful. Just like in the sequel, its draw animation features the player character extending the stock but without rotating it to do so as is required on the real shotgun.

Benelli M4 Super 90 with 5-shot tube - 12 gauge
The Benelli M4 Super 90 model as seen in-game. Note 5-shot magazine tube.
Zoey armed with a Benelli M4 in-game.
Francis reloads a Benelli M4.

Submachine Guns


A full-sized Uzi submachine gun is a first tier weapon, sporting a decent rate of fire and an incorrect 50 round capacity while the gun itself is modelled with a 32-round magazine. It also has a usable flashlight tacked onto its handguard. In the game's opening cinematic, it is Louis' main weapon.

IMI Uzi (With the buttstock collapsed) - 9x19mm
The Uzi model as seen in-game
Louis braces against the door with his Uzi.
Louis fires his Uzi to keep the attacking Witch at bay in the game's opening video.
Zoey armed with an Uzi in a greenhouse.
Louis reloads an Uzi.



The M16A2 is the only full-auto second tier firearm, found in later parts of a campaign. It takes 50 round magazines which are visually identical to a 30-round STANAG magazine. The flashlight on this weapon is clipped to its foregrip. The M16A2 in this game is fully automatic, though the real US military issue M16A2 fires only in semi-auto and 3-round bursts, with the A1 or A3 being full-auto capable in actuality. This suggests that the weapon is an M16A2 with an M16A1 lower receiver although its lower receiver is inscribed with "M16A2". It should be noted that as a Colt product line, the M16A2 was offered to other military and law enforcement clients than the US military with either burst or full auto capability, or even in different barrel lengths (Colt M16A2 Carbine 723, M16A2 Commando 733), with M16A1 upper receivers (Colt M16A2 rifle 711/715), Squad Automatic Weapon LMG style variants (Colt M16A2 HBAR 741) or different calibers (Colt M16A2 9mm SMG 635) without a change in designation but with the according fire selector markings. If Bill or Louis is controlled by A.I, they will equip the rifle if found by them. Bill uses an M16A2 in the game's intro cinematic.

Colt M16A2 (Safe, Semi, 3-Round Burst) - 5.56x45mm
The M16A2 used in the game.
Bill examines a zombie corpse with his M16A2 at his side.
Bill with his M16A2 at his side when both he and Zoey discover the crying sounds coming from a Witch and not a fellow survivor in the game's intro cinematic.
Bill fires his M16A2 at the oncoming horde. Note the magazine clipping through the front of the magwell.
Zoey as seen in-game using the M16A2 rifle.
Bill reloads an M16A2 outside the airport terminal. Note that the rifle has "M16A2" stamped on the lower receiver. Conversely, it has a Safe/Semi/Auto selector switch.

Ruger Mini-14

The Ruger Mini-14 is a second tier gun that takes the "sniper" weapon role, dealing more damage than the M16 somehow despite having a shorter barrel than the M16, meaning it should realistically have lower muzzle velocity, ergo less damage per shot, although not by much. It has an ammo capacity of 15 rounds despite being modelled with a 10-round magazine. The stock design suggests that its a pre-2005 model. Strangely enough, the Ruger combines the old, single-bladed front sight with a John Masen flash-hider and the post-2005 aperture rear sight. If an A.I bot controls Zoe in-game, she will pick up a Mini-14 as her primary weapon. It should also be noted that despite being referred to as the "Hunting Rifle" in-game, it was illegal to hunt with a semi-auto rifle in Pennsylvania at the time of the game's release and setting; this law was later changed.

Ruger Mini-14 with Bushnell riflescope - 5.56x45mm
The Ruger Mini-14 used in the game.
Bill wielding a Mini-14 on the rooftop of Mercy Hospital.
Zoey reloads the Mini-14.

Mounted Weapons

GE M134 Minigun

A GE M134 Minigun, mounted on a monopod and set up behind sandbags, is usually found at the end of a campaign. It shreds almost all infected to pieces in seconds.

Despite its multi-barrel operation design to prevent this, it overheats rapidly with the barrel cluster turning red hot after only a few seconds of continuous fire, although this is presumably for game balancing purposes. It appears to be rendered with a 200-round ammo can which would empty in about four seconds in real life. In-game however, it has an infinite ammo supply and doesn't need to be reloaded.

The spade grips are mounted higher than normal in relation to the gun because they are attached to the same custom frame used for the Terminator 2 and Predator handheld Miniguns (minus the chainsaw grip/M60 handguard), rather than an actual minigun mount.

General Electric M134 with first pattern spade grip mount and crosshair sights. Note the lack of flash suppressor and three disked barrel cluster - 7.62x51mm NATO
The GE M134 Minigun used in the game. Note the Y-shaped frame on the top of the weapon that is modeled after the custom frame from the hand held Stembridge Minigun.

Browning M2

In the DLC campaign titled "The Sacrifice", a stationary Browning M2 (reused from the game's sequel) can be found on the bridge at the end of the finale map. As this campaign was released almost a year after Left 4 Dead 2, the M2 was likely placed at the end of it to maintain consistency for a different campaign in L4D2, "The Passing" which was released earlier but chronologically takes place after The Sacrifice. While the M2 Browning in-game deals more damage per-shot than the M134, it can only be briefly used due to one of the four players having to leave the bridge in order to proceed with the campaign's ending.

Browning M2HB on vehicle mount - .50 BMG

Unusable Weapons

(Art) Custom HK MP5

The Heckler & Koch MP5 with a railed handguard with rail covers, a flash hider, an Aimpoint CompM2 sight, a Navy trigger group, and a folded PDW stock appears in most loading posters and several wallpapers/concept arts in the hands of Bill and Louis (Francis has the Mk. 18 instead, which would later be used in the posters for the sequel). Interestingly, a scrapped Counter-Strike: Global Offensive MP5 model also had a railed handguard with covers and a flash hider, but it was fitted with a normal A3 stock and S-E-F trigger group.

Heckler & Koch MP5-N with Navy trigger group, threaded muzzle, railed handguard, RIS foregrip, and M68 Aimpoint red dot scope - 9x19mm
A wallpaper. The image is mirrored, and the folded PDW stock is clearly visible. Note that Zoey uses a Glock in conjuction with her M1911; she is usually depicted with a single M1911 on the posters.
A wallpaper. Also used as a default loading screen, for custom maps with no defined poster. Note the Navy trigger group, also note Francis' scoped Mk. 18 with closed scope covers.
A poster. In this and Dead Air's posters the folded PDW stock can be seen on Louis' MP5.

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