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The Last Dinosaur

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The Last Dinosaur (1977)

The Last Dinosaur was a 1977 American-Japanese co-production that starred Richard Boone as a tired, over-the-hill big game hunter named Masten Thrust, who goes on one final hunting expedition to kill the greatest predator that ever lived: Tyrannosaurus Rex. The film's title has a dual meaning, referring both to the T-Rex and to Thrust himself, whose breed of great white hunter adventurer is going extinct.

The following firearms were used in the film The Last Dinosaur:

Remington 700

Masten Thrust's (Richard Boone) hunting rifle of choice is a Remington 700 with added front sight. It is only carried and used briefly before jamming. Bizarrely, actor Boone continuously works the rifle's bolt for a dramatic gun cock before firing a round, something a trained hunter like Thrust shouldn't do. Strangest of all is that when the weapon finally jams up, Thrust throws it away instead of keeping it and attempting to clear the jam. Later, though, he recovers the rifle, but not to clear the jam; instead he cannibalizes the rifle's scope to use on a homemade crossbow.

Remington Model 700 (1970s Production) - .308 Winchester
"Come to me." Thrust takes aim as the Tyrannosaurus approaches.
Thrust prepares to fire.
Thrust yells and fires the rifle in the air one-handed to get the dinosaur's attention.
Thrust works the rifle's bolt.
Thrust realizes that the weapon has become jammed.

Homemade Crossbow

After throwing away his rifle, Thrust constructs a makeshift crossbow out of a piece of wood, some spring steel for the bow and various other items, using sharpened metal tent pegs for arrows. Later he augments it with the scope from his discarded rifle. He uses the crossbow to kill a caveman and later ineffectually against the Tyrannosaurus.

Chuck (Steven Keats) experimentally pulls back the bowstring on the homemade crossbow.
Chuck with the crossbow. Thrust holds up the tent peg arrows.
Thrust with the crossbow, taking aim at some troublesome cavemen.
Thrust with the crossbow after killing the caveman leader.

Bonus - Gold Bullet

At the beginning of the film, Thrust gives a solid gold bullet to a girlfriend as a present.

Thelastdinosaur bullet.jpg

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