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Gunslinger Girl

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Gunslinger Girl (2003-04).

Gunslinger Girl is an anime series following the tale of cybernetic girls trained by the Italian government to kill, apprehend, or stop plots by the right-wing separatist movement Five Republics Faction ( nickname: Padania), a terrorist group to the eyes of the Italian government. The show consists of five main girls, Henrietta, Rico, Triela, Angelica, and Claes; each has their own history of being there, some sad, some are best left a mystery. These girls are under the care of handlers, an agent in Section 2 of the Social Welfare Agency (SWA), who takes full responsibility of training them to kill and upbringing them to the way they should interact with the public. The team consisting of a cyborg and a handler is called "Fratello" which means "brothers and sisters" in Italian. The series story' mainly envelops the emotional and psychological relationship the cyborgs has as a Fratello and the missions they conduct against the Padania and other criminal organization.

The series has a sequel made in 2008: Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino which continues the stories of the Fratello teams against Padania.

The following weapons were used in the anime series Gunslinger Girl:


SIG -Sauer P239

Henrietta's main sidearm is a two-tone SIG-Sauer P239.

SIG-Sauer P239 with two tone finish - 9x19mm
Henrietta fires her SIG P239. (Ep.1)
Henrietta prepares to fire her SIG P239. (Ep.1)
Henrietta's disassembled SIG P239. (Ep.1)
Close-up on Henrietta's P239. (Ep.11)
A discarded SIG-Sauer P239 in the rain. (ED)

SIG-Sauer P230SL

Triela uses a SIG-Sauer P230SL as her main sidearm.

SIG-Sauer P230SL - .380 ACP
Triela apprehends a suspect with her P230SL. (Ep.4)

SIG-Sauer P229

Elsa uses a SIG-Sauer P229 as her main sidearm.

SIG-Sauer P229 - 9x19mm
Elsa's P229 on the ground. (Ep.10)
A FPS view through Elsa's P229. (Ep.11)

"Pre-B" CZ75

Rico uses a "Pre-B" CZ75 as her main weapon.

"Pre-B" CZ 75 - 9x19mm
Rico cleaning her CZ75. (Ep.3)
Rico takes out her CZ75. (Ep.3)
Rico takes out her CZ75. (Ep.3)
Rico aims her CZ75. (Ep.7)
Rico fires her CZ75 at a Padania hit man. (Ep.7)
Rico reloads her CZ75. (Ep.7)
Rico readies herself with her CZ75. (Ep.7)
Rico fires her CZ75 at a hit man trying to take a potshot at her and Filippo. (Ep.7)

Browning Hi-Power Mk III

Jean uses a Browning Hi-Power Mk III as his main sidearm.

Browning Hi-Power Mark III - 9x19mm
Jean reloads his Browning Hi-Power. (Ep.7)
Jean fires his Browning Hi-Power at Padania hit man. (Ep.7)

Heckler & Koch VP70M

Claes uses a VP70M as her main sidearm. She also uses it with the built in stock.

Heckler & Koch VP70 - 9x19mm
Claes firing her VP70. (OP)
Claes on the right fires her VP70 in bursts thanks to the stock. (OP)
Claes firing her VP70 with stock. (Ep.5)
Close-up on the VP70. (Ep.5)
Another close-up angle on the VP70, here you can see the ID engraving. (Ep.5)
A view down the VP70 sights on a crazed Henrietta. (Ep.5)
A right side view of the VP70. (Ep.5)

FN Five-seveN

Jose uses a FN Five-seveN as his sidearm.

FN Five-seveN Original Model - 5.7x28mm
Jose prepares to breach a door with his Five-seveN. (Ep.6)
Jose shoots a terrorist with his Five-seveN. (Ep.12)

Beretta 84BB

A Padania terrorist in a safehouse has a Beretta 84BB in Episode 6.

Beretta 84BB - .380 ACP
The standing Padania terrorist has a Beretta 84BB. (Ep.6)
The Padania terrorist with his Beretta 84BB. (Ep.6)

Beretta 84

Angelica also uses a Beretta 84 when she trains on the firing range.

Beretta 84 - .380 ACP
Angelica holding onto the Beretta 84. (Ep.8)
Angelica with her Beretta 84. (Ep.8)

Beretta 92FS

Hitmen targeting Filippo in Episode 7 are armed with Beretta 92FS.

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm
A Padania terrorist takes out his Beretta 92FS from his suit. (Ep.7)
Jean gives Filippo a Beretta 92FS he took from a terrorist. (Ep.7)
A hitmen takes out his Beretta 92FS to shoot out Filippo. (Ep.7)
A hitmen shoots his Beretta 92FS out of a car. (Ep.7)

Glock 17

A Padania member in a safehouse has a Glock 17 when he confronts Jose and Henrietta.

Glock 17 3rd Gen - 9x19mm
A terrorist smirks with his Glock 17 as he finds his opposition other side of the door is just a man and a small girl. Dead wrong. (Ep.1)
The terrorist tucks away his Glock 17. (Ep.1)
A mob member chases after Mario with his Glock 17. This one seems to be a 2nd Gen Glock. (Ep.4)
A female Padania terrorist has a Glock 17 ready. (Ep.6)

Glock 19

A Padania member in a safehouse has a Glock 19, which he use until he is killed.

Glock 19 - 9x19mm
A terrorist pulls his Glock 19 on Henrietta... (Ep.1)
...and gets shot in the process. Here we can see the short slide on the Glock 19.(Ep.1)

Walther PP

Members of a criminal organization trying to capture Mario are equipped with Walther PPs.

Walther PPK - .32 ACP
A suspect's Walther PP pistol on the ground. (Ep.4)
A mob member pulls out his Walther PP pistol.(Ep.4)
The head of a mob group readies his Walther PP pistol.(Ep.4)

Submachine guns

FN P90

Henrietta uses a FN P90 as her main weapon. She covertly carries it in a violin gun case.

FN P90 - 5.7x28mm
Henrietta's FN P90 in her violin case. (OP)
Henrietta fires her FN P90 at terrorists in their safehouse. (Ep.1)
Close-up on the FN P90 as Henrietta sprays away at full-auto. (Ep.1)
Henrietta reloads her FN P90 despite the fact that her previous magazine still has ammo. A good idea since you've got to make sure you have enough ammo when you storm a safehouse. (Ep.1)
Henrietta with her P90. (Ep.12)
FN P90 with suppressor - 5.7x28mm
Henrietta fires her suppressed P90. (Ep.6)

Hecker & Koch MP5K-PDW

Claes uses a H&K MP5K-PDW with a suppressor during training sessions.

H&K MP5K - 9x19mm
Claes with her MP5K-PDW suppressed. (Ep.6)


A Padania member in a safehouse has a MAC-10 with him. Jose also uses it suppressed as his weapon of choice in a raid on a mountain villa.

Ingram MAC-10 - .45 ACP
The MAC-10 on a table. (Ep.1)
The terrorist with a MAC-10 takes cover. (Ep.1)
Jose with his suppressed MAC-10. (Ep.12)

Sa. Vz. 61 Skorpion

Padania member holding a "Senator's daughter" hostage are armed with Skorpions.

Vz. 61 Skorpion - .32 ACP
A terrorists fires his Skorpion at the attacking cyborgs. (Ep.12)
A terrorists with his Skorpion. (Ep.12)
A terrorist fires his Skorpion at Angelica, which shouldn't be possible since the weapon is on safe. (Ep.12)


Steyr AUG A2

Angelica uses a Steyr AUG A2 as her main assault rifle.

Steyr AUG A2 - 5.56x45mm
Angelica on left fires her Steyr AUG A2. (OP)
Angelica firing her Steyr AUG A2 behind Henrietta. (Ep.9)
Angelica holds her Steyr AUG A2. (Ep.12)
Angelica fires her Steyr AUG A2 at Padania Terrorists. (Ep.12)
A FPS side view of the Angelica's Steyr AUG A2 as she cuts down terrorists. (Ep.12)

Beretta SCP-70/90

Rico uses a Beretta SCP-70/90 to kill Padania hitmen tailing them.

Beretta SCP-70/90 with stock folded - 5.56x45mm. SCP version (Special Carabine Paratroopers) is used by Paratroopers.
Rico readies her SCP-70/90. (Ep.7)
Rico aims her SCP-70/90 at the hitmen's car with one hand. (Ep.7)

SIG SG 551

Elsa uses a SIG SG 551 as her main weapon. She carries it covertly in a violin case like Henrietta.

SIG SG 551 - 5.56x45mm
Elsa's SIG inside a violin case. (Ep.9)
Elsa loads her SG 551. (Ep.9)
Elsa with her SG 551 in a room. (Ep.9)
Elsa aims her SG 551 at an enemy. (Ep.9)

Galil MAR

Rico uses a Galil MAR with a red dot C-More sight on it in Episode 3.

Galil MAR - 5.56x45mm
Rico fires her Galil MAR with a C-More sight on it, good idea since its the only aiming method she has since the front sight became just a block. (Ep.3)
Close-up on the Galil MAR. (Ep.3)
Rico with her Galil MAR. Firing full-auto in a training room with a semi-auto selector switch. (Ep.12)

Heckler & Koch G3A3

Triela uses a G3A3 at a firing range in Episode 3.

H&K G3A3 with slim handguards - 7.62x51mm
Triela holding up the G3A3. (Ep.3)
Triela fires her G3A3. Apparently you can aim even without a notch in the front sight... (Ep.3)
Triela with her G3A3 (Ep.12)
Triela fires her G3A3 at Padania terrorists. (Ep.12)


Padania terrorists carry AK-47s .

AK-47 - 7.62x39mm
The terrorist on the right has a AK-47. In a continuity error his AK becomes an AKS-47 in the next shot. (Ep.1)
A terrorist with an AK-47 has no idea what's behind that door... (Ep.1)
A Padania terrorist takes cover with his AK-47. (Ep.12)


Padania terrorists carry AKS-47s.

AKS-47 - 7.62x39mm
The terrorist in the middle has an AKS-47. This is a continuity error as his AKS was a regular AK in the previous shot. (Ep.1)
A terrorist with an AKS-47 on the left gets shot. (Ep.1)

Norinco Type 56

A Padania terrorist carried a Norinco Type 56 with black stock and no bayonet in Episode 6.

Type 56 assault rifle aka M22, early milled receiver model without under-folding ("pig sticker") bayonet - 7.62x39mm
A terrorist with his Norinco Type 56. Note the hooded front sight. (Ep.6)

Sniper rifles

SVD Dragunov

Rico uses a SVD Dragunov as her main weapon.

SVD Dragunov sniper rifle - 7.62x54mm R
Rico fires her Dragunov, despite the selector very obviously being on "safe". (OP)
Rico readies her Dragunov. (Ep.1)
Rico snipes some terrorists with her Dragunov. (Ep.1)
Rico in a sniper perch with her Dragunov. (Ep.6)
Rico's Dragunov now has a thermal scope on it. (Ep.12)
Rico sniping with her thermal scoped Dragunov. (Ep.12)

Beretta 501 Sniper

Henrietta trains her sniping skills (and later astronomy class) with Jose with a Beretta 501 Sniper.

Beretta 501 Sniper - 7.62x51mm
Henrietta trains her sniping skills with a Beretta 501 Sniper. (Ep.2)
Henrietta on the shooting end of the Beretta Sniper. (Ep.2)
Jose takes Henrietta's Beretta 501 Sniper. (Ep.2)
Jose with the Beretta 501 Sniper. (Ep.2)
Jose takes the scope on the Beretta 501 Sniper off. (Ep.2)
"Of course, we probably need something a bit more powerful if we're going to shoot a Venusian in the head." -Jose (Ep.2)
"Anything closer than 600 meters, you aim for the head. Anything past 600, aim for the center of the body." -Jose (Ep.2)

Walther WA 2000

Henrietta uses a Walther WA 2000 as her main sniper rifle.

Walther WA 2000 - .300 Win Mag
Henrietta fires her WA2000 on a firing range. (Ep.9)
Close-up on Henrietta's WA2000. (Ep.9)


Elsa uses a SIG SG 550 SR as her main sniper rifle.

SIG SG 550 SR - 5.56x45mm
Elsa cleaning her SIG SG 550 SR. (Ep.9)
Close-up on the SIG 550 SR. Note that safety is on. (Ep.9)
Jose with the SIG 550 SR. (Ep.9)
The SIG 550 SR on the edge after the mission is completed. (Ep.9)

PGM Hecate II

Elsa can be seen holding onto a PGM Hecate II in her sniping mission, but it is never fired.

PGM Hecate II - .50 BMG
The muzzle end of the Hecate can be seen here. (Ep.9)
Elsa sets up the Hecate. (Ep.9)
The Hecate can be seen behind the SIG 550 SR. (Ep.9)
The Hecate next to Elsa's SIG 550 SR. (Ep.9)


Winchester Model 1897 "Trench Gun"

Triela uses a Winchester Model 1897 "Trench Gun" shotgun as her main weapon, sometimes mounting an M1917 bayonet.

Winchester Model 1897 "Trench Gun" with bayonet - 12 Gauge.
Triela with her Model 1897. (Ep.1)
Triela checks out a room with her Model 1897, bayonet fixed. (Ep.1)
Close-up on the muzzle of Triela's Model 1897. (Ep.6)


MK II Hand Grenade

A Padania terrorist tries to throw a MK.II Hand Grenade at Henrietta, but gets gunned down before he pulls the pin.

MK.II Hand Grenade
A Padania about to pull the pin on a MKII grenade. (Ep.1)

M26 Hand Grenade

Enrico tries to use a M26 Hand Grenade to take out Henrietta, but fails to do so before being captured.

M26 Hand Grenade
Enrico tries to pull the pin of the M26 grenade. (Ep.6)
Enrico drops the M26 grenade to surrender. (Ep.6)

M7 CS Gas Grenade

Jean rigs a M7 CS Gas grenade as a booby-trap for Padania hitmen.

M7 CS Gas Grenade
Two Padania hitmen cause the gas grenade to fall as part of a trap. (Ep.7)


The cyborgs use a sort of flashbang grenade when they storm rooms. The grenade are noted by the black and red stripe color.

Henrietta pulls the pin on her flashbang. (Ep.12)
The flashband explodes in a room, illuminating it as well. (Ep.12)

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