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Golgo 13: The Professional

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Golgo 13: The Professional (1983)

The following weapons were used in the anime film Golgo 13: The Professional:


Smith & Wesson Model 19 Snub Nose

Duke Togo (aka Golgo 13) uses a Smith & Wesson Model 19 as his main sidearm during the film. He most notably uses it to fire at Lt. Bob Bragan when Bragan attempts to run Togo down with his car. He uses it again during the Dawson Tower firefight against crazed assassins Gold and Silver.

Smith & Wesson Model 19 Snub Nose (right side) - .357 Magnum.
G13 p04.jpg

Luger P08

A Luger P08 is used by a henchman of Dr.Z.

Luger P08 with black grips - 9x19mm
A henchman tries to draw a Luger out of his suit.

Beretta M1935

A Beretta M1935 is used by Emily.

Beretta Model 1935 - .32 ACP
G13 p06.jpg

FN Model 1910

A priest uses a FN Model 1910 to commit suicide.

FN Model 1910 .380 ACP
The priest puts the gun up to his temple. The stylized "FN" logo is visible between his fingers.

Colt MK IV Series 70

Corrupt Army Special Investigator Lt. Bob Bragan uses a Colt MK IV Series 70 as his main weapon in the film. He most notably uses it to fire a single shot at Duke Togo (Golgo 13) despite being seriously wounded by Duke's revolver.

Colt MK IV Series 70 - .45 ACP
Bragan's MK IV cycles as he pulls the trigger. Note the tapered barrel that indicates that Bragan's weapon is a 9mm MK IV.

Submachine Guns


A MAC-10 is used by Bob, one of Dr. Z's henchmen.

MAC-10 with barrel extension - 9x19mm

The MAC-10's bolt being cocked.


A MP40 is used by one of Dr.Z's henchmen.

MP40 - 9x19mm
A henchman fires his MP40 at Golgo 13.


Colt Model 656

Duke Togo (aka Golgo 13) uses a semi-automatic Model 656 as his weapon of choice.

M16A1 with 20-round magazine, fitted with scope - 5.56x45mm
Golgo 13 with the M16A1.

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