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Glock (Manufacturer)

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In 1963, Austrian Gaston Glock, the manager of a car radiator factory outside Vienna, founded a small metalshop business, run out of the garage next to his house. The quality of his shop's steel knife blades was sufficient to win him a supply contract with the Austrian Army, and, in 1980, he overheard from his contacts in the Austrian Ministry of Defense that the Army was seeking to replace the standard-issue Walther P38 with a more modern pistol, but Steyr's candidate (the Steyr GB) had failed to meet their requirements. Despite having little experience with firearms, and none at all manufacturing them, Glock gathered a group of military and manufacturing experts to design the specifications for an ideal modern pistol. His company became best known for its striker-fired, polymer-framed pistols.

Trivia: The company's first pistol, the Glock 17, was named as such because its design was Gaston Glock's 17th patent application. The fact that it holds 17 rounds in its magazine was a coincidence.


Founded: 1963

Country: Austria

Products: Pistols



Weapon Caliber Standard Capacity Size Produced Image
Glock 17 9x19mm 17 Standard 1982-Present Glock173rdGen.jpg
Glock 18 9x19mm 17 Standard 1986-Present Glock 18C.jpg
Glock 20 10mm Auto 15 Standard 1991-Present Glock20.jpg
Glock 21 .45 ACP 13 Standard 1991-Present Glock21.jpg
Glock 22 .40 S&W 15 Standard 1990-Present Glock22.jpg
Glock 31 .357 SIG 15 Standard 1998-Present G31.jpg
Glock 37 .45 G.A.P. 10 Standard 2003-Present Glock37HQ.jpg
Glock 47 9x19mm 17 Standard 2019-Present Glock-47-MOS-4.5-9MM.jpg
Glock 19 9x19mm 15 Compact 1988-Present Glock19pistol.jpg
Glock 19X 9x19mm 17 Compact 2018-Present Glock 19X.jpg
Glock 23 .40 S&W 13 Compact 1991-Present Glock23.jpg
Glock 25 .380 Auto 15 Compact 1995-Present G25.jpg
Glock 32 .357 SIG 13 Compact 1998-Present G32.jpg
Glock 38 .45 G.A.P. 8 Compact 2005-Present G38.jpg
Glock 44 .22 LR 10 Compact 2019-Present Glock 44.jpg
Glock 45 9x19mm 17 Compact 2018-Present Glock 45.jpg
Glock 48 9x19mm 10 Compact 2019-Present Glock 48 black.jpg
Glock 26 9x19mm 10 Subcompact 1994-Present Glock 26.jpg
Glock 27 .40 S&W 9 Subcompact 1996-Present G27.jpg
Glock 28 .380 Auto 15 Subcompact 1997-Present G28.jpg
Glock 29 10mm Auto 10 Subcompact 1997-Present G29.jpg
Glock 30 .45 ACP 9 Subcompact 1997-Present Glock30.jpg
Glock 33 .357 SIG 9 Subcompact 1998-Present Glock 33.jpg
Glock 39 .45 G.A.P. 6 Subcompact 2005-Present G39.jpg
Glock 36 .45 ACP 6 Subcompact Slimline 1995-Present Glock36.jpg
Glock 42 .380 Auto 6 Subcompact Slimline 2014-Present Glock 42.JPG
Glock 43 9x19mm 6 Subcompact Slimline 2015-Present Glock-43-single-stack-92.jpg
Glock 43X 9x19mm 10 Subcompact Slimline 2019-Present Glock 43X Black.jpg
Glock 17L 9x19mm 17 Long Slide 1988-2014 G17l.jpg
Glock 24 .40 S&W 15 Long Slide 1994-1999 Glock24.jpg
Glock 40 10mm Auto 15 Long Slide 2015-Present Glock 40.jpg
Glock 34 9x19mm 17 Competition 1998-Present Glock34.jpg
Glock 35 .40 S&W 15 Competition 1996-Present G35.jpg
Glock 41 .45 ACP 13 Competition 2014-Present Glock41.jpg

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