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Fools Die on Friday (Duraki umirayut po pyatnitsam)

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Fools Die on Friday
(Duraki umirayut po pyatnitsam)
Duraki poster.jpg
DVD Cover
Country SOV.jpg USSR
BUL.jpg Bulgaria
Directed by Rudolf Fruntov
Release Date 1990
Language Russian
Studio Paritet, Boyana Film, Bulgaria Film
Main Cast
Character Actor
Andrey Obukhov Vasiliy Mishchenko
Yana Oksana Fandera
Anatoliy Tkachyov Igor Yankovskiy
Ryzhiy Andrey Gusev
Pavel Ivanovich Vladimir Zemlyanikin
Borenka Igor Kashintsev
Geliy Ivanovich Mikhail Kozakov
Aunt Tanya Rimma Markova
Ritka Margarita Sergeyecheva
Vasiliy Evgeniy Degtyarenko

Fools Die on Friday (Russian: Дураки умирают по пятницам; Duraki umirayut po pyatnitsam) is the 1990 Soviet-Bulgarian Crime Action Movie.

The following weapons were used in the film Fools Die on Friday (Duraki umirayut po pyatnitsam):



Makarov PM

The Makarov PM is the standard-duty sidearm of most Soviet policemen. Several criminals also use them. None of these guns are ever fired onscreen.

Russian Makarov PM - 9x18mm Makarov
Sergeev (Viktor Litvinchuk) holds his PM during the raid.
Duraki pistol 2.jpg
Duraki pistol 3.jpg
Ryzhiy (Andrey Gusev) aims his PM.
Duraki pistol 5.jpg
Anatoliy Tkachyov (Igor Yankovskiy) holds his PM.
Anatoliy holds his PM in the climax.

FN Barracuda

Andrey Obukhov (Vasiliy Mishchenko) takes an FN Barracuda from a criminal. It is unmistakable because of its semi-hooked trigger guard. How a rare Belgian revolver could appear in a Soviet movie is nothing short of inexplicable.

FN Barracuda - .357 Magnum
Andrey fires his Barracuda.
Andrey puts his revolver to Geliy Ivanovich's (Mikhail Kozakov) head.
Good view of the revolver.
FN logo is seen.

Custom ZKR 551

In continuty error, Andrey's Barracuda switches to a custom snub-nosed ZKR 551 - the barrel has been manually shortened rather than a factory short barrel (4"). In another continuity error, more than likely because of a lack of 9x18mm blanks, Anatoliy's and Ryzhiy's Makarovs switches to ZKR 551s in firing scenes. The short barrel can explain the enormous muzzle flash. Two props are used in the movie, one with and the other without a front sight. It is worth noting that there were examples of similar shortened revolvers for concealed carry (such as the SAA "Sheriff's Model").

CZ ZKR 551 sporting revolver
Andrey threatens Vasiliy. Perfect view of the revolver.
View from another side.
Duraki revolver 2 3.jpg
Duraki revolver 2 4.jpg
Anatoliy holds Andrey's revolver
Ryzhiy fires.
Anatoliy fires.
Duraki revolver 3 3.jpg
Ryzhiy fires. Cylinder is seen.
Duraki revolver 3 5.jpg
Duraki revolver 3 6.jpg
Duraki revolver 3 7.jpg
Duraki revolver 3 8.jpg
Ryzhiy holds the revolver.



Several Soviet policemen (Militiamen) are armed with AKMSs.

AKMS - 7.62x39mm
Militiaman Nikeev (Uncredited) with the AK.
The Militiaman in the front holds an AK, while his comrade behind him holds a Makarov PM.
Muzzle is seen.
Duraki rifle 6.jpg

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