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Flu Birds

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Flu Birds
Flu Birds poster.jpg
Movie poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpg USA
ROM.jpg Romania
GER.jpg Germany
Directed by Leigh Scott
Release Date 2008
Language English
Studio Nu Image Films
Active Entertainment
Castel Film Romania
Millennium Films
Distributor First Look International
Main Cast
Character Actor
Dr. Jacqueline Hale Clare Carey
Garrett Lance Guest
Johnson Jonathon Trent
Eva Sarah Butler
Lola Rebekah Kochan
Derrick Bill Posley
Gordon Brent Lydic
Porky Gabriel Costin
Hank Calin Stanciu
Counselor Bart Sidles

The following weapons were used in the film Flu Birds:



Beretta 92FS

Lola (Rebekah Kochan) finds a Beretta 92FS, which she uses during the second part of the movie.

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm
Lola finds the Beretta.
Lola drops the mag...
...and checks the load.
The Beretta is aimed by Lola.
Lola in cover, Beretta in hands.
A good view of Lola's Beretta.

Walther P99

What appeared to be Walther P99 can be seen used by numerous characters. A single prop was most likely used.

Walther P99 - 9x19mm. Note the ramped trigger guard, small slide serrations, closed and proprietary accessory rail, short magazine release and slightly more curved 'tail' of the pre-2004 models.
Guard Captain (Christopher Troxler) flashes his holstered sidearm.
Scott (uncredited) pulls his Walther...
...and fires it.
Rollins (Bogdan Uritescu) tries to defends himself with the pistol.

SPSh Flare Pistol

Johnson (Jonathon Trent) finds a SPSh Flare Pistol. Derrick (Bill Posley) briefly possesses this gun.

Russian SPSh Flare Pistol - 26.5mm
Johnson finds the SPSh...
...and checks the load.
Johnson pulls his SPSh...
...and threatens Derrick.
The another view of the same scene.
Derrick holds Johnson at gunpoint with his own pistol.
Johnson about to fire his SPSh at the bird.

Submachine Guns

Sadu ASALT-96

A Sadu ASALT-96s is the duty firearm of Rollins (Bogdan Uritescu) and his soldiers.

Sadu ASALT-96 - 9x19mm
The soldiers charge their Sadus.
Note the folded stock.
Rollins holds his Sadu.
A good view of Rollins' Sadu.
The mag of Rollins' Sadu is seen.
The female soldier (uncredited) raises her Sadu.
The soldiers fire their Sadus at the birds.
Another perspective.
The Sadu is fired.
Rollins and female soldier fire at the birds.


12 Gauge Over/Under Shotgun (sawn-off)

Gordon (Brent Lydic) finds a sawn-off 12 Gauge Over/Under Shotgun, which he uses during the second part of the movie.

This is a photoshopped image of what the Sawn-Off Over/Under Shotgun - 12 gauge could look like, with the exception that the foregrip is still attached.
Gordon checks the shotgun.
A good view of the sawn-off buttstock.
Gordon raises the shotgun.
The receiver of Gordon's shotgun can be seen.
Gordon fires his shotgun (at the top).
Gordon (at the left) fires his shotgun at the birds.

Fabarm SDASS

Hunter No. 1 (Cristian Motiu) and Hunter No. 2 (Mihai Verbintschi) both own Fabarm SDASS shotguns. Johnson (Jonathon Trent) finds one and uses it at one point. Policemen can be seen armed with similar looking shotguns.

Fabarm SDASS with high-capacity magazine tube and extended choke - 12 gauge
A hunter holds his shotgun.
Another hunter raises the similar shotgun...
...and fires it.
The policeman holds the shotgun.
Another policeman grabs the shotgun from the car...
...and charges it.
The shotgun lies near the hunter's corpse.
A slightly better view of the same scene.
Johnson checks the shotgun.
A good view of the shotgun in Johnson's hands.
Johnson holds Derrick at gunpoint.
Another view of the same scene.
The ejection port can be seen.
Johnson fires his shotgun (at the bottom).
A good view of Johnson's shotgun when he fires it.
Johnson (at the right) fires his shotgun at the birds.
Johnson charges his shotgun.

Mossberg 500

A Mossberg 500 is briefly held by the policeman.

Mossberg 500 "Persuader" with standard five-shot magazine tube - 12 gauge. This is the most commonly produced version of the 500 series today.
The policeman holds his shotgun.
A closer view of the tubular mag.


Bell UH-1 Iroquois

A visually modified Bell UH-1 Iroquois combat helicopter with mockup weapons is used against birds.

A good view of the helicopter.
Another perspective.
The helicopter's armament can be seen.

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