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Dog Soldiers

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Dog Soldiers (2002)

The following weapons were used in the film Dog Soldiers:



Browning Hi-Power

Captain Ryan (Liam Cunningham) keeps a Browning Hi-Power as his sidearm in the film. He wields it during Private Coopers' (Kevin McKidd) Special Ops training. When Sgt. Wells' (Sean Pertwee) team finds the remains of the Spec Ops camp, he picks up one of the Browning Hi-Powers and keeps it as his sidearm for the remainder of the film. Pvt. Cooper also takes one from the Spec Ops camp, but gives his Hi-Power to Megan (Emma Cleasby), who uses it to defend herself. Pvt. 'Spoon' Witherspoon (Darren Morfitt) also briefly handles Cooper's Hi-Power during the interrogation of Captain Ryan. Sergeant Wells later gives his Hi-Power to Cooper during the climax. An interesting point is that Ryan's pistol has no magazine in the gun at the start of the film, yet somehow he manages to chamber a round and kill a dog. Furthermore, the Mark III Hi Power has a magazine safety, which means even if there was somehow a round in the chamber, he couldn't have fired without a magazine in place.

Commercial Browning Hi Power Mark III - 9x19mm
Captain Ryan holds his Hi-Power on Private Cooper.
Ryan tilts his gun. Note the lack of a magazine.
"Shoot the dog."
Ryan pulls his sidearm on Cooper.
Megan fires her Hi-Power at a werewolf.
Sgt. Wells loads up his Hi-Power.
"I'm in the khazi!" Sgt. Wells holds his Hi-Power near the end of the film.
Wells' Hi-Power lays on the cellar floor.
"Think it's all over? It is now."

Submachine Guns

Heckler & Koch MP5A2

Most of Captain Ryan's (Liam Cunningham) Special Ops soldiers carry Heckler & Koch MP5A2s as their primary firearms. Capt. Ryan's men use their MP5A2s during Pvt. Cooper's Special Ops training. After Sgt. Wells' (Sean Pertwee) team finds the remains of the Special Ops camp during their training exercise, the team trades in their blank-firing L85A1s in favor of the MP5s. Private Cooper (Kevin McKidd), Private 'Spoon' Witherspoon (Darren Morfitt), Corporal Bruce Campbell (Thomas Lockyer), and Private Terry Milburn (Leslie Simpson) all carry the MP5s after the exercise is deemed over. Most of the MP5s are fitted with surefire weaponlights, some have dual magazines clamped together, and several seem to have mid-range scopes installed.

Heckler & Koch MP5A2 with Surefire 628 dedicated forend weaponlight - 9x19mm
The soldier on the left holds his MP5.
One of the MP5s lays on the ground.
Bruce squeezes the trigger, but the MP5A2 fails to fire.
Sgt. Wells looks for Bruce in the woods.
Cooper fires his MP5 at a werewolf in the woods.
Cooper holds his MP5A2 at the house.
"Balls of British steel."
Spoon fights off the werewolves during the first attack.
Wells fires his MP5A2 in the house.
Cooper holds one of the MP5A2s during the climax.



Sgt. Wells (Sean Pertwee) and his team, including Private Cooper (Kevin McKidd), Private 'Spoon' Witherspoon (Darren Morfitt), Private Joe Kirkley (Chris Robson), Private Terry Milburn (Leslie Simpson), and Corporal Bruce Campbell (Thomas Lockyer), all wield L85A1s during the training exercise at the start of the film. The L85A1s are fitted with military blank adapters and SUSAT sights. The team later ditches their L85A1s when they discover the destroyed Spec Ops camp, knowing that their L85A1 Rifles would be useless against a real threat, because all of the 5.56mm ammo they have are training blanks. The only live ammo available belongs to the weapons of the Spec Op team (9mm, 7.62 NATO and 12 Gauge).

L85A1 with SUSAT scope - 5.56x45mm NATO
Sgt. Wells (Sean Pertwee) disembarks the helicopter with his L85A1 in hand. Note his poor trigger discipline, one of very few times an actor commits this offence in the whole movie.
Private Witherspoon (Darren Morfitt) with his SA80. This prop is actually a spring airsoft replica, recognizable by the screw in the cocking handle, the cheap spring on the dust cover, and the holding open catch is facing the wrong way.
Bruce with his L85A1 at the ready.
Joe holds his L85A1 as the team starts marching.
Terry panic-fires his L85A1 when a dead cow falls on their campfire.
Sgt. Wells investigates a piece of meat.

Heckler & Koch HK41

Private 'Spoon' Witherspoon (Darren Morfitt) picks up a Heckler & Koch HK41 at the destroyed Special Ops camp, and uses it for a good proportion of the film. Private Terry Milburn (Leslie Simpson) also uses the Heckler & Koch HK41, as he trades his Heckler & Koch MP5A2 with Spoon. The weapon is later lost when Terry is dragged away by the werewolves. The flash hider was removed from the gun, a slimline handguard was fitted, and a block was attached to the receiver behind the ejection port, possibly to act as a brass deflector. The weapon can be identified as an HK41 by its lack of a paddle magazine release lever, and its two position fire selector. The rifle used in the movie had difficulty cycling blanks and often the bolt had to be manually worked between shots. Darren Morfitt can occasionally be seen operating the bolt in this fashion in the film.

HK41 with slimline handguard (1974 model as noted by its gloss black finish and lack of paddle magazine release or push-pin lower) - 7.62x51mm NATO
Pvt. Spoon points his HK41 at Capt. Ryan.
Spoon gives covering fire as the team escapes from the woods.
Spoon holds his HK41 at one of the werewolves at the house. The safe/semi only fire selector is also visible in this shot, and it appears that the gun was not converted to full auto, as it only fires single shots throughout the film.
Spoon holds his HK41 in the house. In this shot the lack of paddle magazine release is apparent.
Terry surverys the area with the HK41. Note the block attached to the receiver behind the ejection port.
Terry fires at the werewolves.


Mossberg 500

Private Joe Kirkley (Chris Robson) picks up a Mossberg 500 shotgun from the destroyed Special Ops camp. Kirkley uses the Mossberg as his primary firearm for the remainder of the film. On several occasions (in typical action movie fashion), he manages to fire off more rounds than the shotgun can hold.

Mossberg 500 - 12 Gauge
Joe holds the shotgun at Ryan.
"You're bloody lovin' this, aren't ya...?"Joe holds his shotgun as he converses with Spoon in the house.
Joe fires his Mossberg.
A werewolf throws Joe's shotgun on the floor.
Joe reloads the shotgun.
Joe holds the Mossberg after reloading it.
Joe hands the shotgun to Cooper.


Heckler & Koch P2A1

Captain Ryan (Liam Cunningham) briefly wields a Heckler & Koch P2A1 flare pistol, when Sgt. Wells' (Sean Pertwee) team finds the remains of the Spec Ops team.

Heckler & Koch P2A1 Flare Pistol - 26.5mm
The shocked Captain Ryan pulls the P2A1 on Sgt. Wells' team.

Stun Grenade

When Sgt. Wells (Sean Pertwee) team stumbles upon the destoyed Special Ops team, they also recover some Stun Grenades, although it is possible they may have been carrying them all along as part of the training exercise, as they are not actually seen taking from the Special Forces camp (this seems unlikely, however). Private Cooper, Private Joe Kirkland, and Private 'Spoon' Withersoon use these Stun Grenades during the film to fend off the werewolves.

Joe readies his grenade.
Spoon drops his stun grenade out the window.
Close-up of Cooper's final grenade.

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