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The Dictator's Guns (L'Arme à gauche)

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L'Arme à gauche
Cinema Poster
Country FRA.jpg France
ITA.jpg Italy
ESP 45-77.jpg Spain
Directed by Claude Sautet
Release Date 1965
Language French
Studio Cité Films
Vides Cinematografica
Ágata Films S.A.
Distributor Paramount Television
Main Cast
Character Actor
Jacques Cournot Lino Ventura
Rae Osborne Sylva Koscina
Morrison Leo Gordon
Hugo Hendrix Alberto de Mendoza
Avery Jean-Claude Bercq

The Dictator's Guns (Original title: L'Arme à Gauche > "The Clumsy Weapon") is a 1965 European international co-production crime drama film directed by Claude Sautet ("The Big Risk", "Max and the Junkmen").

The French title is derived from the French military term for the rifle, as the saber (the Arme Blanche or "Pure Weapon") was considered more elegant.

Captain Jacques Cournot (Lino Ventura), a freelance boat captain, arrives on the Caribbean island of Santo Domingo. He is hired by the entrepreneur Hugo Hendrix (Alberto de Mendoza) to advise him before he buys a luxury yacht. The next day, however it is revealed that the yacht was stolen overnight and Mr. Hendrix is missing. Captain Cournot becomes the prime suspect for the police because all circumstances point to him. The owner of the yacht, Mrs. Rae Osborne (Sylva Koscina), persuades the captain to help her find it. The yacht is uninsured and is the only thing her late husband left her. Cournot lets her hire him to clear his name and clear himself from suspicion. Cournot doesn't need much work to find out who was behind it. Morrison (Leo Gordon) is a thief, a murderer and an arms dealer and has a gang of rogues to help him. Jacques and Rae must find the yacht during a hurricane, defeat Morrison and his men, and rescue the captive Mr. Hendrix.

The following weapons were used in the film Dictator's Guns, The (L'Arme à gauche):

Astra 600

Some characters are seen with an Astra 600 pistol.

Astra 600 - 9x19mm.
Morison (Leo Gordon) (left) holds gun in his hand. Beside him stands his henchman Avery.
Also gunslinger Avery (Jean-Claude Bercq) carries an Astra 600 pistol.
Sometimes tucked his pistol into his belt of his trousers.
Jacques Cournot (Lino Ventura) seized Avery's gun and takes over the ship.
Rae Osborne (Sylva Koscina) with him take turns at patrols with a pistol.

Walther P38

One of thugs pulls from his breast pocket a Walther P38 pistol.

Walther P38 WWII dated with black grips - 9x19mm
Among the thugs shootout occurred.

Star Z45

Morrison (Leo Gordon) is armed with a Star Z45 submachine gun.

Star Model Z-45 folding stock - 9x23mm
Morrison aims at the captain and his entourage an submachine gun.
Morrison oversees the loading crates with weapons on an inflatable boat.

M1903 Springfield

Cargo of crates on yacht contained ammunition and M1903 Springfield rifles.

Springfield M1903 Transitional (pre-WW2) issue - .30-06
Morrison taken the rifle from a crate ...
... and began to shoot from the island into ship.

Sporterized M1903 Springfield

Among a weapons in crates was also one Sporterized M1903 Springfield sniper rifle.

Sporterized M1903 Springfield
Morrison (Leo Gordon) uses against the crew of ship also ...
... a rifle with an optical sight.

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