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Diamond Rush (Le Paria)

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Diamond Rush (Le Paria)
Le Paria Poster.jpg
Original French Poster
Country FRA.jpg France
ESP.jpg Spain
Directed by Claude Carliez
Release Date 1969
Language French
Studio Carlton Continental
Ceres Films
Santos Alcocer P.C.
Distributor Gaumont
Main Cast
Character Actor
Manuel Thomas aka Manu Jean Marais
Lucia Marie-José Nat
Rolf Horst Frank
Sylvia Delambre Nieves Navarro
José Enrique San Francisco
Toccelli Jaume Picas
Superintendant Walt Jacques Stany
Inspector Lara Jean Lara

Diamond Rush (original French title Le Paria, Spanish title Jaque mate) is a French-Spanish 1969 crime movie directed by Claude Carliez and starring Jean Marais as a French criminal Manuel Thomas aka Manu. The gang, lead by Manu, commits a robbery of a train near French-Spanish border to get a valuable payload of industrial diamonds. The robbery goes wrong and Manu is the only survival. He hides the plunder under the water by drowning his car and finds a shelter in the house of Lucia, the widow of a Spanish smuggler. With the help of Lucia and her son José Manu tries to establish connection with his old friends Sylvia and Rolf, while both police and mob boss Toccelli hunt for him.

The following weapons were used in the film Diamond Rush (Le Paria):


Arminius Revolver

Many characters, including Manu (Jean Marais), Sylvia (Nieves Navarro), Toccelli (Jaume Picas) and his bodyguard Turchi (Moisés Augusto Rocha), use Arminius revolvers that appear to be HW-1G or HW-10 model.

Arminius HW-1G - 9mmK blank firing
Arminius HW-10 - 9mm blank firing
Bruneau (Eric Donat), Manu's assistant, holds a revolver during the robbery.
Masked Paul (Alberto Gadea), the getaway driver, fires his revolver from below the railway carriage.
A close view of Turchi's revolver.
Turchi holds Rolf at gunpoint.
Toccelli fires his revolver in the final scene.
Sylvia fires her revolver. The muzzle is too big for .22 caliber but fits 9mm caliber of blank-firing Arminius revolvers.
Inspector Lara (Jean Lara) fires his revolver.

Astra 400

Astra 400 pistols are seen in hands of various characters, including Manu (Jean Marais), Rolf (Horst Frank) and Lucia (Marie-José Nat).

Astra 400 - 9x23mm Largo
A guard holds his Astra during the robbery. The heel mounted magazine release allows to identify the pisol as Astra 400.
The guard fires a Manu and his gang.
Rolf's pistol on the sand.
Lucia fires Rolf's pistol.
Rolf holds his pistol in the final scene.
Another view of the same scene.
Manu takes Rolf's pistol but founds it unloaded.

Astra 300

In the final scene a Spanish gendarmes officer holds a nickel plated Astra 300 pistol.

Nickel plated Astra 300 - 9mm Kurz (.380ACP)
An officer holds a nickel plated Astra 300. It is significantly smaller than Astra 400.

Submachine Guns

Parinco Model 3R

Throughout the movie Manu (Jean Marais) uses as much as four different submachine guns, switching each other due to continuity errors. The first of them, used during the robbery, is seen only in darkness but its general shape, including the thin barrel without shroud, the shape of the grip and magazine well and extendable (contrary to folding) buttstock, allows to identify it as Spanish Parinco Model 3R.

Parinco Model 3R - 9x19mm
The grip is seen.
Manu extends the buttstock.
Manu holds his SMG in darkness.
Another view of the same scene.


When the scene of the robbery continues outside the railway carriage, Manu's SMG switches to the "Naranjero", a Spanish-made copy of the MP28/II, identifiable by its enlarged cocking handle. Naranjero submachine guns are later seen in hands of Toccelli's henchmen.

Naranjero - 9x23mm Largo
Manu fires his Naranjero during the robbery.
Another view of Manu's Narenjero.
A Toccelli's henchman fires from a boat.
A Toccelli's henchman (at the background) fires his Naranjero in the final scene.

Star Z62

When Manu meets Lucia and José, his SMG switches again, this time to Star Z62. During most of the movie Manu carries this SMG that is also used by Sylvia (Nieves Navarro) during the car chase. Turchi (Moisés Augusto Rocha) and other Toccelli's henchmen also use Star Z62s.

Star Z62 - 9x23mm Largo
Manu holds a Z62 while in Lucia's house.
Manu's Z62 on the bed.
Manu fires his Z62 during the shootout on the seashore.
Turchi fires a Z62 during the attack on Lucia's house.
Sylvia fires Manu's SMG from the car.
A henchman at the background holds a Z62.
Turchi with a Z62 in the final scene.

Star Z45

In the final scene Manu's SMG switches the last time, now it is a Star Z45. Toccelli's henchmen and Spanish gendarmes also use Star Z45s.

Star Model Z-45 folding stock - 9x23mm Largo
A Toccelli's henchman fires Star Z45 in the final scene.
Toccelli (Jaume Picas) himself is briefly seen with a Z45.
Manu returns fire.
A close view of Manu's Z45.
A gendarme holds a Z45.

Other Weapons

Hand Grenade

When Toccelli's henchmen attack Manu and Rolf on the seashore, they use "pineapple" hand grenades. The grenades aren't seen close enough to be identified.

The grenade falls between Manu (armed with a Star Z62 SMG) and Rolf.

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