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The Devil's Rejects

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The Devils Rejects (2005)

The Devil's Rejects is a 2005 horror sequel to 2003's House of 1000 Corpses. Rob Zombie returned as writer and director. Many of the gunshots heard in the film make a realistic popping sound as opposed to the overdone KABOOMS found in mainstream Hollywood productions.

The following weapons were used in the film The Devil's Rejects:


Smith & Wesson Model 10 HB

The majority of the Rugsville Sheriff Deputies carry the Smith & Wesson Model 10HB. Mother Firefly (Leslie Easterbrook) uses a Model 10HB and a Trooper MkIII in the raid, and Otis B. Driftwood (Bill Moseley) uses a Model 10HB later in the film. Also bounty hunter Rondo (Danny Trejo) carries one.

Smith & Wesson Model 10 HB - .38 Special
Deputy takes aim.
Deputy with S&W Model 10.
Deputy with Model 10 falling down after being shot.
Bounty hunter puts Model 10 to Baby's head.
Model 10.
Otis with the S&W Model 10.

Smith & Wesson Model 15

Captain Spaulding (Sid Haig) carries a Smith & Wesson Model 15 in a shoulder holster, and also has one pointed at his face in his prostitute dream sequence. During the raid on the house a Sheriffs deputy is seen using one.

Smith & Wesson Model 15 - .38 Special
Deputy with a S&W Model 15.
Deputy with a S&W Model 15 gets shot.
Closeup of his Model 15.
The hooker points a Model 15 at Spaulding.
Spaulding takes his Model 15 and shoulder holster out of a drawer.
Spaulding's Smith & Wesson Model 15.

Colt Trooper

The Colt Trooper MK III appears in the film. During the raid on the house Mother Firefly (Leslie Easterbrook) use a Trooper MkIII and a Smith and Wesson Model 10. The MkIII is used by Baby (Sheri Moon Zombie) in the end shootout sequence.

Colt Trooper MkIII, 4" barrel -.357 Magnum
Mother Firefly with her Trooper MkIII.
Mother Firefly unsuccessfully tries to shoot herself after having used all six rounds.
Otis hands Baby a Colt Trooper MkIII.
Baby (Sheri Moon Zombie) with her revolver.

Colt Lawman

Sheriff Wydell (William Forsythe) uses a .357 magnum Colt Lawman MK III as his sidearm. It is identifiable by not having a shrouded ejector rod, and by its sights.

Colt Lawman MkIII - .357 Magnum
Wydell's Colt Lawman MkIII.
Colt Lawman MkIII pointed at Charlie.
Wydell threatens Charlie with his Colt Lawman MkIII.
Wydell aiming his Colt Lawman MkIII.


Several members of the Firefly Family use M1911A1 pistols. Most notable Otis (Bill Moseley) and Baby (Sheri Moon Zombie). At one point when Otis drops his 1911A1 the grips and lanyard make it appear to be a MGC 1911 Replica, Wydell's police buddy's Sheriff Ken Dwyer (Steve Railsback) also appears to be a MGC. Billy Ray Snapper (Diamond Dallas Page) uses a suppressed 1911A1.

1911A1 - .45 ACP
MGC M1911 Non-Firing Replica
Otis B. Driftwood (Bill Mosley) with duel 1911A1's.
Deputy with a 1911A1.
Deputy fires at the family.
Baby with a 1911A1 to a hostage's head.
Otis claps his hands while still holding his 1911A1.
Wydell's police friend (Steve Railsback) also carries a 1911A1. Possible a MGC Replica.
When Otis gets knocked down he drops his 1911A1, notice the grip and lanyard ring.
Baby taunts a hostage with her 1911A1.
Bounty hunter Billy Ray Snapper with a suppressed 1911A1.


Remington 1100

Ruggsville County Sheriff's Deputies and the Sheriff especially use the Remington 1100 Semi-automatic Shotgun against the Rejects. Spaulding also uses the Remington 1100 during the final shootout.

Remington Model 1100 Shotgun - 12 gauge
Sheriff Wydell (William Forsythe) with Remington 1100, You can see the Model 700 held by the deputy
Wydell takes aim with his shotgun.
Wydell moves and shoots with his Remington Model 1100 shotgun.
Another shot of Wydell's shotgun.
Quite a large flame coming out of the ejection port of Wydell's Remington Model 1100, this seems to happen a few times during this scene.
Wydell's Remington Model 1100 ejection port flash.
Otis hands Spaulding the Remington 1100.
The ejecting shell is CGI, the close ups of this scene where shot against green screen.
Spaulding seems happy with his Remington Model 1100.

Remington 870

During the raid scene Baby (Sheri Moon Zombie) uses a Remington 870 with the stock sawed off. A few deputies also use a 870 during the raid and final shootout. One of Charlie's men carries an 870 with him.

Remington 870 - 12 Gauge
Baby with her sawed off Remington 870.
Baby shooting at the cops.
Baby takes cover while clutching her 870 shotgun.
Baby at the window with her Remington 870.
Deputy with a Remington 870.
Deputy fires at the family.
Remington 870 being fired by a Deputy.

Remington Model 31

The Remington Model 31 shotgun appears in the film. Charlie (Ken Foree) pulls one on Otis, Spaulding, and Baby when they first arrive at the ranch. It turns out to have a hose hooked to it that squirts water.

Remington Model 31 - 12 gauge
Charlies holding his Remington Model 31.
Charlies Model 31/Squirt gun.
Charlies Model 31.



The M16A1 is used by some of the Wydell County Sheriff's Deputies and Otis in the raid shootout and the final fight.

M16A1 - 5.56x45mm NATO
Otis with his M16A1.
A M16A1 seen in the foreground as the Wydell yells commands.
A Deputy fires on full auto at the fireflies.
Otis returning fire at the police.
A Rugsville Deputy reloads his M16A1.
Otis firing on deputies inside the house.
Muzzle flash of Otis's rifle.
Deputies return fire on the family.

M16A2 with M16A1 Handguards

A Wydell County Shariff's Deputy is seen with an anachronistic M16A2 fitted with the handguards and slip ring from a M16A1 as indicated by the adjustable rear sights and thicker barrel.

Colt M16A2 - 5.56x45mm
Deputy takes aim with his mocked-up M16A2.

Winchester Model 70

Deputy Dobson (Dave Sheridan) as well as other Sheriff's Deputies use a Winchester Model 70 Rifle.

Winchester Model 70
Deputy Dobson aiming his model 70.
Dobson's Winchester Model 70.
Deputy with model 70 and the other deputy has a S&W model 10HB.

Machine Guns

Browning Automatic Rifle M1918

In the opening gun battle Rufus (Tyler Mane) in all his homemade armor glory uses a Browning Automatic Rifle against the Sheriff's department.

B.A.R. - .30-06
Rufus in his suit of armor holding the B.A.R.
Rufus holds his B.A.R. before the shootout.
Rufus returning fire.
Another shot of Rufus firing on the police.
The family spring into action.
Rufus fires his last shots.

Wydell's Gun Rack

In Wydell's office is a gun rack with several different firearms on it. The first two weapons from the top are rifles that appear to be lever actions. The third is a pump action shotgun possible a Winchester Model 1200/1300. The bottom weapon has a odd looking hooded sight so it is most likely a Remington Model 30.

Gun rack is to the right.
Gun Rack.
The unusual sight is circled in white.

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