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Demons of War

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Demony wojny wedlug Goi
Demony Wojny-DVD.jpg
DVD Cover
Country POL.jpg Poland
Directed by Wladyslaw Pasikowski
Release Date 1998
Language Polish
Studio Vision Film Distribution
Studio WFDIF
Main Cast
Character Actor
Maj. Edward Keller Boguslaw Linda
Lt. Czacki Olaf Lubaszenko
Maj. Czeslaw Kusz Tadeusz Huk
Sgt. Biniek Artur Zmijewski
Cichy ('The Silent') Miroslaw Baka
Cpl. 'Houdini' Moraczewski Zbigniew Zamachowski
Nicol Aleksandra Niespielak
Dano Ivanov Denis Delic
Filip Christoph Rex-Jarnot
Skija Slobodan Custic

Demons of War (original: Demony wojny wedlug Goi) is a 1998 Polish war drama set in Bosnia and Herzegovina, after the Bosnian War. In February 1996 commander of a Polish IFOR unit, Major Edward Keller (Boguslaw Linda) is put under investigation for breaking orders and instructions. His company is assigned a new commander, Major Czeslaw Kusz (Tadeusz Huk), who arrives accompanied by combat-unexperienced military prosecutor Lt. Czacki (Olaf Lubaszenko). After arrival of the two, IFOR command receives an SOS-signal from a downed chopper. Even though he's ordered to stay, Maj. Keller decides to go into action for the last time.
Polish title refers to the Spanish painter Francisco Goya and his series of prints called "The Disasters of War".

The following weapons were used in the movie Demons of War:


P-83 Wanad

The military prosecutor Lt. Czacki (Olaf Lubaszenko) carries P-83 Wanad as his sidearm.

P-83 Wanad Pistol - 9x18mm Makarov
Lt. Czacki, hiding under UAZ, holds his P-83 Wanad during a gun battle with separatists.
Lt. Czacki aims his pistol.


The mercenary Filip (Christoph Rex-Jarnot) pulls a MAG-95 pistol during the final battle.

MAG-95 - 9x19mm
Filip aims his MAG-95.

Rossi Model 971

Maj. Keller's (Boguslaw Linda) handgun-of-choice is Rossi Model 971 revolver with ported barrel. In Polish military, an officer taking his personal firearm into the fight is unlikely.

Rossi M971 with 2.5" barrel - .357 Magnum
Maj. Keller draws his Rossi Model 971 revolver.
Maj. Keller shoots his handgun with SVD lying beside him.
Close-up of revolver's barrel.

Machine Pistols

PM-84P Glauberyt

Skija (Slobodan Custic), commander of Serbian separatists, is seen with a PM-84P Glauberyt submachine gun.

PM-84P Glauberyt - 9x19mm
Skija with PM-84P in hand.
Look of the receiver cover confirms that this is PM-84P variant, not an earlier PM-84 cal. 9x18mm Makarov.

Assault Rifles


The Kbk AK with folding stock is a Polish copy of the AKS-47 rifle. These rifles are used by Polish IFOR soldiers in the movie, which is an anachronism as in 1990s all AK(S)-47 in Polish armed forces were replaced by AKM variants (with the sole exception of the Kbkg wz.60 adapted to fire rifle-grenades). This implies that the AKS-47 was used instead of the AKMS, which is evidenced by Maj. Keller who, in a memorable scene, points out to his soldiers that what they've got are not "water guns, but Kbk AKMS".
Serbian separatists are also armed with AKS-47 assault rifles.

PMKS/Kbk AKS - 7.62x39mm
Maj. Keller gives instructions to Sgt. Biniek (Artur Zmijewski), while under fire.
Close-up on the barrel of Keller's AKS-47.
The IFOR sniper "The Silent" (Miroslaw Baka) carries his two weapons on his shoulders, AKS-47 on left.
Lieutenant Czacki has to take up arms for the first time in his life.
Maj. Kusz (Tadeusz Huk) destroys an enemy firing position with his AKS-47 assault rifle.
IFOR soldier Jarek BoruĊ„ (Szymon Bobrowski) fires his AKS-47 at Skija's men ...
... with Serbians returning fire.
Sgt. Biniek aims his rifle.

Wz. 96A Beryl

One of the Serbian separatists is seen with an early variant of the Wz. 96A Beryl in hand.

Wz. 96A Beryl - 5.56x45mm NATO
A Serbian separatist with a Beryl rifle on the right

Sniper Rifles


The IFOR sniper "The Silent" (Miroslaw Baka) and the mercenary Filip are both equipped with Radom-Hunter rifles. In reality Polish army never used Radom-Hunter rifles because SVD Dragunov already fullfiled the DMR role. As SVD is also used in Demons of War (see below), reasons staying after the use of Radom-Hunter are unclear.

Radom Hunter - 7,62x39mm
The sniper called "The Silent" alongside Maj. Keller ...
... and with his two rifles. Characteristic stock of the Radom-Hunter visible.
The mercenary Filip shoots his Radom-Hunter in the night battle for the village.

SVD Dragunov

Maj. Keller takes a SVD Dragunov sniper rifle from Sgt. Biniek (Artur Zmijewski).

SVD Dragunov Sniper Rifle - 7.62x54mmR
Maj. Keller with the Dragunov.
Maj. Keller taking cover with SVD in hand.



KPVT heavy machine guns are mounted on IFOR BRDM-2 armored cars.

KPVT heavy machine gun - 14.5x114mm
"The Silent" sitting on the BRDM-2 with barrel of KPVT clearly visible.
Maj. Kusz and Lt. Czacki in front of the IFOR BRDM-2.

Unidentified Hand Grenade

Maj. Keller throws an unidentified hand grenade at a position held by separatists.

Maj. Keller arms the grenade...
...and throws it.

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