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Contraband (1980)

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This article currently has one or more unidentified weapons.
If you can help identify any of the weapons labelled "unknown," please do so.

Luca il contrabbandiere
Luca il contrabbandiere Poster.jpg
Original Italian poster
Country ITA.jpg Italy
Directed by Lucio Fulci
Release Date 1980
Language Italian
Main Cast
Character Actor
Luca Di Ajello Fabio Testi
Adele Di Ajello Ivana Monti
"Marsigliese" Marcel Bozzuffi
Luigi Perlante Saverio Marconi
Sciarrino Ferdinando Murolo
Don Morrone Guido Alberti

Contraband (original title Luca il contrabbandiere ("Luke the Smuggler")) is a 1980 Italian crime movie directed by Lucio Fulci. Luca Di Ajello (Fabio Testi), a cigarette smuggler in Naples, finds his business under attack of a ruthless French gangster known as "Marsigliese" (Marcel Bozzuffi) who wants Luca to smuggle drugs. When Luca refuses, he and his family appear in grave danger.

The following weapons were used in the film Contraband:


Beretta M1951

Beretta M1951 pistols are used by various characters, including Luca Di Ajello (Fabio Testi) and Marsigliese (Marcel Bozzuffi).

Beretta M951 - 9x19mm
Luca Di Ajello threatens Sciarrino (Ferdinando Murolo) with his pistol.
Next moment the situation changes and now Sciarrino holds Luca at gunpoint.
A close view of the pistol.
One of Don Morrone's old buddies (Marcello Filotico) checks his pistol.
The same man with his pistol during the climactic shootout.
One of Marsigliese's henchmen fires an M1951.
Marsigliese fires his pistol.
A Guardia di Finanza captain with Beretta M1951 in the final scene.

Walther P38

Marsigliese's hitman (Romano Puppo) uses a Walther P38 in several scenes.

Walther P38 WWII dated with black grips - 9x19mm
A close view of the pistol.
The hitman kills Capece (Tommaso Palladino), Luca's friend.

Smith & Wesson Model 27

In several scenes Luca Di Ajello (Fabio Testi) is armed with a revolver that appears to be a Smith & Wesson Model 27.

Smith & Wesson Model 27-2 with 3.5" barrel - .357 magnum
Luca draws his revolver.
Luca enters the house with revolver in hand.
Luca holds his revolver in the final scene.

The similar looking revolver is used by one of Don Morrone's men during the climactical shootout.

The man in ambush.
He fires.

Unidentified Revolver 2

In the final scene one of Don Morrone's men is armed with a revolver that resembles a snub nose Smith & Wesson Model 10 but has a different, more angular shape of frame and front sight.

The revolver on the table.

Unidentified Pistol

During the shootout in Perlante's house one of Sciarrino's bodyguard drops a pistol. It is seen only in motion.

A wooden grip can be seen.

Submachine Guns

Beretta M12

Beretta M12 submachine guns are used by Marsigliese (Marcel Bozzuffi), his hitman (Romano Puppo) and some other criminals.

Beretta M12 - 9x19mm
Marsigliese holds a Beretta M12.
One of Don Morrone's old buddies clears his SMG. This role is a cameo of film director Lucio Fulci.
A close view of the gun.
The hitman with Beretta M12.
He fires.
Don Morrone (Guido Alberti) fires a Beretta M12 from the window of his car.
Don Morrone's man (Lucio Fulci) fires his M12.

Beretta Model 38/42

Police and Guardia di Finanza are armed with Beretta Model 38/42 submachine guns. Several of Marsigliese's henchmen also are seen with these SMGs.

Beretta Model 38/42 - 9x19mm
A Guardia di Finanza officer holds a Model 38/42 in the opening scene. A machine gun is seen on the foreground.
A fluted barrel of Model 38/42 can be seen.
In the same scene when a gun is seen closer, it switches to another one that has a stock of Model 38/42 but is fitted with a Beretta Model 38A-style barrel shroud.
Marsigliese's henchman (Omero Capanna) holds a Model 38/42 during the climactical shootout.
Guardia di Finanza with Model 38/42 SMGs attack Marsigliese's villa.


Sawn-off Double Barrled Shotgun

One of Don Morrone's old buddies is armed with an old-fashioned Lupara with sawn-off barrels but intact stock.

Dominion Arms Outlaw Sawed Off shotgun - 12 gauge
The old man with his old gun.
He fires.

Machine Guns

Browning M2

A Browning M2 machine gun is mounted on a patrol boat in the opening scene.

Browning M2HB - .50 BMG
The machine gun on the pivot mounting.
A close view. Note that the barrel cover differs from standard M2.


In one scene Don Morrone watches some western movie. Several characters carry rifles that appear to be Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy".


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