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Concorde Affaire '79

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This article currently has one or more unidentified weapons.
If you can help identify any of the weapons labelled "unknown," please do so.

Concorde Affaire '79
Concorde Affaire-Poster.jpg
Country ITA.jpg Italy
Directed by Ruggero Deodato
Release Date 1979
Language Italian
Studio Dania Film
National Cinematografica
Main Cast
Character Actor
Moses Brody James Franciscus
Jean Beneyton Mimsy Farmer
Milland Joseph Cotten
Forsythe Venantino Venantini
Captain Scott Van Johnson

Concorde Affaire '79 (original title Affare Concorde) is a 1979 Italian action thriller directed by Ruggero Deodato. An American reporter Moses Brody (James Franciscus) starts an independent investigation of the crash of supersonic passenger airliner Concorde. He soon finds that it wasn't an accident but a sabotage, and now his life is in danger.

The following weapons are seen in the movie Concorde Affaire '79:



During the shootout between Forsythe (Venantino Venantini) and his henchmen, and the Martinique local police forces both sides use pistols that can be identified as French MAB PA-15. Moses Brody (James Franciscus) takes the same pistol from a bank guard but doesn't use it in action.

French MAB PA-15 pistol - 9x19mm
Brody disarms a bank guard.
Brody holds the pistol while the bank personnel mistakes him for a robber.
The blonde henchman (Ottaviano Dell'Acqua) holds his pistol.
Another henchman fires at police.
A Martinique police officer fires his pistol at Forsythe's men.
Another police officer holds his pistol.
The same officer fires.

Luger P08

A Luger P08 is briefly seen in hands of Forsythe's blonde henchman (Ottaviano Dell'Acqua).

Luger P08 - 9x19mm. This is blank adapted movie gun.
Concorde Affaire-P08-1.jpg

Rast-Gasser 1898

Forsythe (Venantino Venantini) carries a revolver that is seen very briefly and unclearly. It has an ejector rod positioned at the side of the barrel. Due to this detale and the general outlook this revolver is supposed to be an antique (for 1979) Rast-Gasser 1898.

Austrian Rast-Gasser 1898 - 8 x 27mm Gasser.
Forsythe fires his revolver.
A side positioned ejector rod can be seen.

Unidentified revolver 2

One of Forsythe's henchmen is seen with a snub nose revolver. The shape of the barrel, the ejector rod shroud and the trigger guard resemble Astra revolvers, like the Astra Cadix, but the shape of the frame differs.

Concorde Affaire-Revolver-3.jpg

Submachine Guns


During the night scene in Rio de Janeiro airport a police officer holds a submachine gun that mostly resembles an MP40.

MP40 - 9x19mm
Concorde Affaire-SMG-1.jpg
The rear sight in the middle on the receiver, the typical 'hook' below the barrel and the stock that seems to be folded below the receiver allows to identify the SMG as MP40.


Over and Under Shotgun

In the opening scene Milland (Joseph Cotten) fires an Over and Under Shotgun on a skeet shooting range.

Browning 5.25 O/U - 12 gauge
Milland aims his shotgun.
Milland's servant loads the shotgun.


Winchester Model 1894

In one scene Forsythe's blonde henchman (Ottaviano Dell'Acqua) fires a Winchester Model 1894 at Moses Brody. Later the rifle is seen in hands of another henchman.

Winchester 1894 - .30-30
The blonde henchman fires.
He holds the rifle.
Another henchman fires during the night scene.


Bofors 40mm and Oerlikon 20mm

French Navy patrol boat P659 Canopus (former Sirius class minesweeper) is armed with two single autocannons: a Bofors 40mm and an Oerlikon 20mm.

US Navy Mark 4 single pedestal mount Oerlikon L70 Cannon with early-war eyepiece / ring antiaircraft sight - 20x110mm RB
Bofors 40mm L/60 AA gun in a Boffin mounting - 40x311mmR
The Bofors gun is seen on the bow, and the Oerlikon gun behind the funnel.

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