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Boundary Coverart.jpg
Release Date: April 13, 2023
Developer: Surgical Scalpels
Publisher: Skystone Games, Huya Games
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: First-Person Shooter

Boundary is a first-person tactical arena shooter that pits players in two-team low-gravity space engagements, with a somewhat similar premise to Rainbow Six Siege split character teams and round-based matches. A demo for the game was available in February 2023, and the game was fully released on April 13th, 2023.

Boundary stands out from the FPS genre as it is the first full-fledged title set in space. The players take control of several combat-ready astronauts with their dedicated strike packages, akin to the operators/heroes with unique abilities in different games. Players are divided into to two teams, the Solar System Defences and the Vacuum Exiles. The real-world firearms and custom "Generic Soldier Weapon" series are all purpose-tailored for space combat, with white anti-radiation paintjobs and typically featuring heavy-profile barrels, heat sinks, and modified triggerguards or 'D'-shaped cutlass guards on pistol grips.

Boundary functions as a six-axis shooter, with the astronaut player characters having Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU)-type thruster systems incorporated into their spacesuits. Player characters can walk and crouch on satellite surfaces when in an upright position upon them. The effects of recoil for many of the small arms are generally canceled out by the MMUs, though the machine guns and high-caliber marksman weapons will push the player character back if fired while floating stationary, and will slow down players down if they are moving forward against the projectile direction.

The following weapons appear in the video game Boundary:


Stechkin APB

A modified, white-painted Stechkin machine pistol is one of the sidearms and comes standard for Orlan. It is presumably made from the APB variant with the compensator mounted on the APB's extended barrel. There is no suppressor modification available in game, though the wire stock is. It fires in semi-auto by default, with the full auto option only available as an unlock.

Stechkin APB with detached stock - 9x18mm Makarov
A clear view of the APB, which has an added tri-rail, compensator, and competition style charging handle added to the original rear sight.
Standing along the edge of the shooting gallery with the space Stechkin. While grounded, the astronaut walks and has both of their hands on their weapon, but will hold them one-handed while using the MMU controls seen to the left.
The APB aims with illuminated sights included on the optics rail.
Reloading the Stechkin. Its magazines are limited to 15 rounds.
Mashing in a mag while empty.
Yanking the slide to release it, probably as the EVA suit gloves are too thick to properly actuate the catch.


Saiga pattern shotgun

A Saiga shotgun is available as "JUG-12" to astronaut Doc. It is a composite of the KS-K style receiver with an original Saiga shotgun barrel assembly. The JUG-12 comes with a wide range of attachments that are based on the different versions of the Saiga-12. The model has a removed trigger guard and skeletonized pistol grip that can be swapped out, custom under-folding stock, a combination heat sink/Picatinny rail handguard, and the charging handle is relocated to the left side. The choice of magazines also influences the size and type of munition fired, being able to choose between a slug and buckshot. Lastly, the JUG-12 can be modified to fire full-auto as it fires semi-automatically by default.

Izhmash KS-K - 12 gauge
Saiga-12K with raised sight rib - 12 gauge
The Saiga shotgun in the loadout menu.
And as seen inside the test range.
It aims with a front sight built into the rail.
The Saiga's reload.
From empty the character knocks aside the spent magazine...
..then racks the charging handle.


AK pattern carbine

An AKM pattern carbine is available as the "TK47" - it comes with a short AIMR-style barrel by default, but a standard length AKM barrel is an available unlock. This is a starting weapon for the cosmonaut Orlan. The AK is heavily customized for use in space - it has a coat of reflective white space paint, a fictional combination heat sink/Picatinny rail handguard, a custom wire stock. The triggerguard is also removed, and a custom pistol grip featuring a knuckle cutlass is installed for use with spacesuit gloves.

PM md. 90 AIMR - 7.62x39mm
Romanian AKM with synthetic furniture - 7.62x39mm
Something of a profile view of the TK47.
The space AK out inside the space shooting range.
It has a cropped, illuminated rear sight.
The AK reloads in the fairly ubiquitous modern tacticool style.
Flicking aside an empty mag with a fresh one.
..and right-handing the bolt.

Sniper Rifles

Dragunov SVD

An SVD heavily modified for exoatmospheric use is one of the marskman/sniper weapons available in the game. It has a standard Dragunov receiver with a ribbed topcover and Zenitco-style RIS scope mount, and a shortened carbine barrel with a combination gas block/front sight akin to the SVDM.

SVDM - 7.62x54mm R
Izhmash Tiger - 7.62x54mm R
The space Dragunov in the arsenal preview.
The SVD in the back of the "Weapon Testing Center"'s anechoic chamber.
Lining up an inflatable target through the scope.
It reloads with both mags space-sandwiched together.
From empty, the old one is knocked out.
The rechambering animation is dynamic, sometimes it's done underhanded as seen here or with the right hand.

Type 53 Mosin carbine

A heavily customized Chinese Type 53 Mosin Nagant carbine appears as the "M53" and is exclusive to the Marksman role.

Mosin Nagant M44 in a ProMag Archangel stock with 10-round detachable magazine - 7.62x54mmR
Previewing Bubba's Moon Mosin special.
Equipping the Type 53 Mosin that's been dragged into the final frontier.
The astronaut grips it by the detachable ProMag style magazine when not jetting around.
A look through the optic upon one of the targets.
Operating the downturned sniper-style bolt. The extractor still appears to kick the spent casing out as it would on terra firma.
On partial reloads, the operator holds onto it by the bolt/receiver.
Reloading from empty, with the old box mag floating away.

Machine guns


A heavily modified, white-painted RPK is one of two machine guns available to the Astronaut Fortress. It has a tubular heat sink assembly over the entire barrel assembly and handguard, and white visor-style stock attached. It also has a railed top cover with a rear aperture sight, unlike the AIMR AK carbine.

RPK with 75-round Soviet type drum magazine - 7.62x39mm
Model preview of the cosmo-RPK.
Initally-equipping the RPK involves Fortress somewhat haphazardly letting it float in her working area while right-hand charging it.
The RPK inside the space range.
Using its custom aperture sights.
From empty, the insulated Molot drum mag is knocked out with a new one.
Rechambering the RPK.

"Generic Soldier Weapon" series

The primary collection of firearms available in the Boundary are built around a fictitious "Generic Soldier Weapon" platform, which mainly consists of an IWI X95 style cutlass trigger pack and various sci-fi receiver bits. The "GSW-AR, GSW-PCC," and the "GSW-SMG" are listed here; see the talk page for the other variants that have fictional operating systems that don't match current real-world firearms. The entire family is the following:

  • GSW-AR
  • GWC-MG
  • GWC-SG


The "GSW-AR", with AR standing for Assault Rifle, is put together in a bullpup package with some resemblance to an entire IWI X95 rifle.

IWI X95R - 5.45x39mm
The GSW-AR in the weapons menu.
The GSW-AR in use, held with a high grip.
Aiming with the fairly narrow illuminated iron sights.
Reloading with a new caseless style magazine pressed against the weapon.
It has a side bolt catch that gets slapped when empty.


The "GSW-PCC" is a pistol-caliber counterpart to the -AR, and swaps the top handguard and full length Picatinny rail for a railed carry handle vaguely like that of the ShAK-12.

IWI X95 - 9x19mm Parabellum
ShAK-12 - 12.7x55mm
The GSW-PCC variant in the loadout menu.
This variant trades the top handguard for an open barrel and a sighted carry handle.
A view through this version's sights.
Pulling up a new magazine on the reload. It has a similarly filled-in look below the feed lips, so it's not evident how exactly these work.
THe second part of the reload, with the old magazine withdrawn.


The "GSW-SMG" variant is another SMG, this time in a package fairly similar to a KRISS Vector.

KRISS USA Vector SDP Gen II - .45 ACP / 9x19mm Parabellum
A somewhat lacking preview of the GSW-SMG version.
The GSW's true SMG variant out on the range. It's got a loop charging handle at the rear, not unlike a Nerf Nite Finder blaster.
The GSW-SMG's sights.
On the reload, the old straight stick magazine is pulled out, but fails to clear astronaut's working area completely...
...so it gets knocked away when shoving in the new mag. Note the straight magazines, compared to regular Glock pistol mags used in the Vector.
Actuating the bolt release.

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